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Newborn baby and mother care:

It’s very tough situation when woman becomes a mother and tougher situation if it’s her first time. She doesn’t know much about what to do because she hasn’t any experience. She has to do a lot of sacrifices, a lot of hard work and other things to take care of her new born baby.

Following stats are self explanatory in realizing the importance of getting knowledge about newborn and mother health.


Newborn baby and mother care 1st month

Tips for new moms with newborn :

If you are searching for advice for first time mom, you are on the right tract to get the tips and advice. Kept in my mind all the issues and problems that happened with first time mother I from my experience is going to share with you about 1st month newborn baby and mother care.

  • Don’t be quite while baby is sleeping:

You don’t need to be quite and make silence all the time when your baby is sleeping, as you may know that the womb from where the baby grows up to 9 month, he listen every type of noise.

In simple works he came out from the place which is always loud so he/she is used to noise. He/she will have good sleep if you maintain the environment before and after his/her birth. Your baby will be more peaceful if you do all the works you did before his birth when he was in the womb.

  • Relax her when she cries:

When your baby start crying and you don’t know what to do, you should pat backing a heartbeat-like rhythm, in this way your baby will get comfort.  This method relaxes him very quickly if he is crying from insecurity.

If it doesn’t work, try other things like swaddling, shushing, holding her on her side, swinging her or letting her sucking. Sometime a single method works but sometimes it takes al these to relax your baby. This is the second tip for 1st month newborn baby and mother care.

  • Use shield to help your baby in latching:

If you have a latch-on issue, use breast shield to make it easy for your baby, when breastfeeding him/her. Use those shields for the entire month till your baby can latch on the nipple by his own.

  • Get everything prepared for your baby:

Be active and try to prepare everything means food for your baby even if it is at night. After 3 weeks the days and nights of babies becomes more predictable.

If you want to be relaxed, ready everything that you will need to feed your baby.  When your baby is done with feeding; start preparing the next feeding when the previous feeding is over.

In this way you can take advantage to workout, shower or using social media while he is taking a nap.

  • Keep him alert while feeding him:

When your baby is eating slowly and sleepily, Do massage his/her cheeks to awake him/her to eat faster. In this way your baby will eat efficiently.

The reason of doing this is when the baby is full he/she fall for sleep for longer which means you and your husband can take rest too.

  • Get your baby interacted with dad:

Make sure your baby spend much time with his dad. His voice and touch are different from you and your baby will start making bond with him as well.

In this way if you are busy in something else your husband can handle the baby. Your child will learn that there is someone else from whom he can receive comfort. These were tips for 1st month newborn baby and mother care.

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