The Best Way to Deal with Curse of Cyber-bullying in 2018

suggestions for victims of cyberbullying
  • How can you help prevent cyberbullying?

  • How can cyberbullies be caught?

  • What should you not do when cyberbullied?

  • What you can do if you see someone being cyberbullied?

  • How to help someone who is being cyberbullied?

  • What to do if you are being cyber bullied?

  • Suggestions for victims of cyberbullying.


Cyberbullying means harassment by the use of electronic devices. It is also known as online bullying. With the increased use of technology and electronic devices, people have become brave and bold behind the screens. People do things in the cover of these electronics that they will never do in public. Due to this harassment, a lot of people have lost their lives. This is known as bullycide. Not only the young but the adults are also a victim of this cyberbullying.

Due to increase in online harassment cases, the social media companies and law makers are finding ways to contain this foul trend. The easy access of technology has led an increase in the number of uncivil acts in the society. People take shameful pictures of others and post it online. Children have learned a disrespectful way of digital discourse that leads to an increase in conflict. All this is due to the internet and social media. There are incidences of acts of disrespect from people you least expected. Students take pictures of their teachers, nurses of the old home take pictures of their old subjects, and the hospital staff takes pictures of their patients in humiliating and compromising situations and post it online just for the sake of fun. The new trend of horrible memes and trolls has got so out of hand that it is affecting the lives of many people around the globe.

[su_highlight]The best way to deal with this curse of cyberbullying[/su_highlight] is to be kind to one another. This will certainly take a lot of time. But as long as there is technology there will be crimes associated with it.

[su_highlight]The most favorable solution is that people who are aware of the menace of cyberbullying must condemn it at all levels[/su_highlight].

Build a digital resilience and block and mute trolls. Avoid sharing unethical memes. Report abusive content. [su_highlight]Prepare yourself for online hate [/su_highlight]and know that everything that is shown online is not real.

There are impostors and abusers who take advantage of the weak and promote bullying. Be socially responsible online. Use words that show kindness and compassion towards others. [su_highlight]Make use of private messages in case of an argument or disagreement. Do not show your resentment in public where others can read it too and get aggravated.[/su_highlight]

Start with yourself and others will follow. It is always easier for hatred and curse to spread faster than goodness. But goodness is always heavier in reward.

So the next time you see a horrible tweet, or an abusive post, try your best to not share it any further. Report it and never underestimate the power of your words or positive initiative. A good deed is never small. By doing so you may help a grief stricken person or an old grand pa sitting alone in an old home. Make a difference on your part and see how that small gesture makes a big difference. [su_highlight]Always be kind to others, you do not know what others are going through.[/su_highlight]

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