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We all know raising toddlers is a full time job that requires mom to be equipped herself all the time with enough necessary resources. A selection of trendy bag full of baby’s accessories is big challenge that mums have to overcome when going out for the day with toddlers. How could that even be possible for working mum going to work, having a baby and without a cool baby diaper bag?

Do you know before writing this article we have gone to expert moms and also to Reddit community. We have discussed in detail there for What diaper bags (backpack style) do you guys recommend beyondthebump – Reddit Your thoughts on the backpack leash?.Then we came up with this top rated and recommended list of best diaper backpacks for mums.

So 2020 new moms are great working ladies and being active mothers having kids, they need to possess many featured diaper bags.

Stylish baby bags with decent colors and multiple features define mother’s choice plus personality.

Most of the times we need to perform an emergency diaper change and then we realize its importance.

Now question here is why mom bags so… lack of features like less elegant less cool less trendy less beautiful? It’s true, they may be practical, but not every mum wants to move with a baseball bag that guises like it might have been passed down from your grandma.


It doesn’t need to be so!

Why not go for WOW Factored by MOM for MOM baby care bags ?

That’s why we bring you Stylish and Practical new mom bags after scanning 100 plus reviews. Want to know more about cool bags,large weekenders, beautiful purses and best backpacks for working moms with toddlers? Read on for a full and honest guide then please.

Moms have some built in hidden feature in their eyes when it comes to shopping and selecting the best piece out of the thousand trendy backpacks. Thanks to our mom that we are able to get some tips and tricks of selecting top quality best backpack diaper bags.

Buying Guide of Best Diaper Bag Backpack for New Mom by Moms – Infographics 

All top rated selected backpacks goes under strict assessment criteria of moms.

Following discreet points mothers look in before going for any decision:

best diaper bags backpack

Fasten your seat belts Mums 🙂

 SoHo tote diaper bag

Why Mom Love it?

  • It is incredibly durable along with 7 pieces set and nappy tote.
  • This cute cheap diaper bags set comes with 6 pieces of accessories and 1 diaper bag with textured fabrics in versatile neutral hues and stylish.
  • It covers with all the functionality mothers need in a bag for toddlers.
  • 11 pockets for organization
  • Spacious Wide opening to make packing unpacking easier.
  • Front pockets have great organization enable to consolidate small yet important accessories of babies.
  • Zipper quality is great as per mom’s feedback and matching international manufacturing standards
  • It can be carried in hand , shoulder or can be hanged on stroller which is good example of using a backpack as a diaper bag

Lekebaby Large Diaper Bag Tote

Why Mom Love it?

  • This pretty diaper bag is very functional and more fashionable.It won the hearts of mum with its style, quality and functionality finish.
  • Its elegant look doesn’t make people think that you are carrying diaper bag.
  • Plenty of space with lots of pockets to carry all essentials.  17 pockets, 9 exterior pockets and 8 interior pockets
  • Practicality adjust ability fashion and style in one 5 star rating product
  • Quality zipper and roomy with stroller straps increase its usability even with working moms that make it best crossbody backpack diaper bag.
  • One of the most appreciated toddler caring bag for mums

Stylish Designer Tote for Moms by Maman

Why Mom Love it?

  • When it comes to classic decent fashion with functionality, this is mom’s choice.
  • 10 compartments with multiple sizes and one secure small inside zipper pocket
  • Include stroller straps to make it more useable on a go.
  • Mums are also making this designer diaper bag as a work bag in offices.
  • It’s flexibility is really tested by moms in the reviews and quality is proven.
  • Bag is cost affective with matching changing pads and having magnetic front pockets
  • Elegant design and handy pick really make it mother’s choice with high satisfaction
  • Best diaper backpack for twins diaper with insulated bottle pockets.

Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack


Why Moms Love it ?

  • One of the top rated large diaper bags moms admire. It has tons of pockets & holds everything you need
  • Outer wipe magnetic flapped pockets with LIFETIME WARRANTY and outstanding customer support.
  • 14 pockets with high rated durability, versatility and best quality baby care gear.
  • Even have pockets for mums that make it quality backpack cum baby trend diaper bag
  • Multiple usage modes hand free, stroller straps and backpacks
  • Ideal for rainy days out with water resistant quality.
  • Mums with toddlers who owned this bag are not looking further diaper bags for two.

Navy and White Stripe Designer Diaper Bag by

Hip Cub

Why Mom Love it?

  • The most comfortable diaper bag with attractive color, perfect designer mom tote plus having matching baby changing pad.
  •  This bag makes FASHION and PRACTICALITY meets together
  • Diaper bag that is very much in from fashion point of view and practical enough for an everyday Mom usage.
  • It is SPACIOUS with 7 pockets and having a moderate size
  • It has luxury touch and trendy which is more loved by working mamas.
  • Mom loves its comfort and insulation for baby bottles. Happy satisfied best mom backpack choice

Multi-Function Stylish Backpack MAKALOO

Why Mom Love It ?

  • Decent, Stylish and very unique Pink Grey color combination Diaper Backpack
  • Bag is fit for multi-function application mode for girls, working women and mom day out with babies
  • It has large capacity and trendy color blend.
  • It has got 17 apartments of different sizes with versatility which makes it ever fashionable lady’s choice.
  • Elegant backpack has so many features that it has got so far 100% 5 star reviews.
  • It is near to matchless in cuteness, convenience, style and quality.
  • Reasonable sized but can accommodate enough toddler accessories that make it stand in the top of the line

Elegant Baby Changing Bag Backpack- MomMore

Why Mum Love it ?

  • This stylish MomMore changing bag is best recommended by mums for Air Travel with baby.
  • Totally opened make it easy to use, waterproof,  portable and Insulated.
  • Have stroller hooks to make it very comfortable in changing on the go.
  • Shoulder straps can be hidden in the side pockets and bag can be used as diaper handbag
  • It is sophisticated and spacious baby diaper bag backpacks which is more than regular purse for mom
  • Quality material and size is best fit that is recommended by many traveler moms
  • It is one of the best mommy’s vacation pick backpack bags

Hafmall Multifunction Bag Backpack for Mom

Dad & Teens

Why Mom Love it ?


  • This heavy duty multifunction and aligned with 2019 fashion trends is top notch choice in the bags for mummy daddy and traveler teenagers.
  • Available in 5 different yet decent color combinations
  • It has multiple compartments of different sizes, waterproofed and durability tested
  • Very easy to carry due to its shape either use it as handbag, backpack or fix on the stroller
  •  Owing to elegant design trend and practicality it can be used on many occasions and top pick in functional purses for moms
  •  Its unbiased design and style made it being used as a best gift to thanksgiving or christmas.

Affordable Luxury Family Tote

Why Mom Love it ?

  • Looking for best weekender bag with cute look as per 2019 fashion trend ? Look no further
  • Mums love it because it is extra-large multifunction diaper Bag with trendy color combination.
  • Top rated cheap weekender bags with 11 pockets and multi activity usage mode
  • Mom’s choice is “convenient in handling for entire family tote”
  • Perfect fit for mom’s selection criteria of durability luxury easy to clean and multifunctional usage.
  • It is much suitable for best baby shower gifts from mom
  • 5 star rated piece is perfect family travel tote and weekender in short

Zicac Working Mom Genuine Leather


Why Mom Love it ?

  • Mums especially working women having toddlers need to have elegant medium size purse or backpack bag. Multi-function and multi-purpose bags are always what we choose
  • We love to have it to be spacious, functional, good-looking, and stylish.
  • Working Mom’s top pick is leather bag backpack cum side shoulder hanging purse with a lot of room
  • This convertible backpack crossbody bag makes your perfect bag search complete with all your bases and looks lovely on the go.
  • Soft durable with great genuine leather quality which worth each penny

Best Backpack Purse for Mom at Work – PU Soft

Why Mom Love it ?

  • If you are looking for more reasonable priced trendy medium bags at work then this purse can be your choice.
  • Working mom with luxurious and fashionable trendy bags should look no further after this satchel.
  • Cute soft and multi pocket convertible backpack tote lightweight can be used as office purse, college university book bag, shopping bag and travel day pack.
  • Quality of the product and trendy stylish look is what making this bag mom’s choice with high positive feedback rate

Best Mom Bag Backpack for Baby -Anti Theft

Why Mom Love it ?

  • Looking for Latest baby shower gift for boys and girls? Then this best diaper bags backpack can be your top choice.
  • This baby bag with travel and portable changing mat set makes mum’s life easy.
  • Convertible backpack tote with multi functionality that can be used for both boys and girls as a portable, travel, toddler, grocery and beach backpack
  •  Triple stitching breathable fabric compact design and hassle free zipper makes it best convertible backpack shoulder bag for mommy.

Designer Diaper Bag Backpack by MB Krauss

Why Mom Love it?

  • Mom loving designer backpack with multi-function and different size pockets then this luxurious family tote is going to be your top pick.
  • This is one of the stylish diaper bag back packs that carry around babies essentials in decent way.
  • Roomy design, space and place mixture of beautiful beige and gold-colored accents make it luxurious best mom backpack.
  •  Mums working and living stylish lifestyle don’t like classic diaper backpacks which are more than just carry bags
  • Style with 3 carry options is another great plus for this diaper tote bag to make moms life hassle free.
  • Looking for the perfect cute cheap diaper bags as a gift for new mom (From August , 2018 on wards 2019 ) ? This new top rated diaper bag is going to be an awesome treat.
  • Its neutral design made it cool diaper bag for dad as well.

Ju-Ju-Be Convertible Diaper Bag

Mom’s Reason of Top Pick ?

Nice good looking diaper bag and top choice for glamorous mom with little legacy touch.

It is convertible, flexible in use and great in quality. Mom can use it either way as a best diaper bag back packs or messenger style of carrying.

Spacious with tons of pockets and 3 modes of carrying i.e shoulder, hand carry and stroller mount

It is quite easy to clean due to polyester material quality. Plus point its machine washable bag.

Lovely choice for traveler baby diaper bag backpack in any season

Its compact design allows mum to carry their own essentials along with toddlers.

Practical Baby Diaper Bag backpack

Why Mom Pick it ?

  • Mums who wants super chic and stylish features of a diaper bag but without classic heavy look? This beautiful best rated nice diaper bag is what they are looking for.
  • One of the cute yet decent purses for moms with twins or older children since it functions like a diaper bag but looks like a designer purse
  • Huge space inside with 3 compartments but with sophisticated design perfect for organization with style
  • Multi featured vegan leather, luxurious tote nappy backpack with purse feel would be the best gift for new moms
  • Adjustable shoulder strap making this purse fit for all moms with different heights
  • In short best fit for fashion savvy new working moms.

S-ZONE Women’s Vintage Genuine Leather Tote

Handbag Purse Upgraded Version


Reason of Mom’s Love ?

  • This gorgeous leather tote is Moms top pick for the best purses with toddlers. Purse has so many functions which give it extra edge to be  diaper bags that look like purse
  • New upgraded version has adjustable double handles plus shoulder straps to make its design further efficient to carry over the shoulder or by hand.
  • Moms who are bored with their messenger bags, this purse would be the answer to their purse wishes!
  • Best thing about it, is LOOK which is nothing like a diaper bag. Instead, its features and square design shape put it in to the top line of fashionable luxurious working mom choice.
  • Affordability is another plus of this purse as compared to other same quality and featured leather diaper bags.
  • In fact mom can pay half for a designer diaper bag in this case as compared to other leather designer diaper bag backpacks.
  • Well stitched and quality leather make this purse fit in mom picking criteria along with super luxurious design.
Latest 2020 reviews are added here. I’m gonna do something a little
bit unconventional for this segment on
my channel usually what I like to do on
Wednesday is pick one diaper
bag and pack it up five different ways
so that you can see how versatile or not
versatile that bag is but I’ve had a lot
of requests to compare five different
diaper bag backpacks along a whole bunch
of different features like pack ability
comfort bottle pockets and more so I
thought today that I would go ahead and
do that for you since it is so highly
requested and since to be honest I could
use a break from packing up one bag five
different ways and cleaning up after it
so I have pulled the top five best
selling bags from the sensible mama calm
these are the bags that are always
flying off the shelf with us that we
just cannot keep in stock so I thought
these would be the best five to review
and compare for you so that you can get
a sense for which one of these bags
might work best so I think the best way
to do this is to pick one feature at a
time and then talk about how each bag
stacks up according to that feature and
I think the best place to start first is
the weight of each bag so what I have
here is a five-pound scale we’re gonna
put each one of these bags on the scale
and see exactly how much it weighs and
I’m gonna start with the itsy bitsy boss
because I know
due to the rubberized bottom this right
here a lot of people worry about the
weight of this bag so all these bags are
completely unpacked and we’re just going
to weigh them based on what they weigh
empty ok the itsy bitsy boss comes in at
two point one five pounds totally
unpacked the jew’s be forever backpack
is another one that I get a lot of
questions about is it heavy due to the
vegan leather so we’ll do that one next
and this one comes in at 2.41
so pretty similar to the itsy bitsy boss
here we have a twelve little on the go
and it’s 1.15 which really surprises me
here because this is a pretty big diaper
bag so to only be a little bit over a
pound is pretty impressive next up is
the jujube it be right back and this one
is right at two slightly over and here we have b-12
little companion and it’s at right at
1.1 so pretty similar to the 12 little
on the go actually which really
surprises me given the difference in
their size and we’ll get into this later
but just take a look at that
so you’re getting a lot of bag for not a
lot of extra weight with the on-the-go
which is pretty nice now that we’ve gone
over the weight of these bags let’s talk
about the comfort of the backpack straps
just to give you kind of a comparison of
what kind of straps we’re working with
here some of these bags have a soft
padded backpack strap with an ergonomic
shape like you see here on the lju to be
be right back these have memory foam on
the inside which make them super
comfortable you then have some backpacks
that are more like this this is a vegan
leather strap that has less of an
ergonomic shape to it it’s much thicker
and I think that that’s why they get
away with having a little bit less
padding they’ve spread that strap out
further so that the weight is
distributed more across your shoulders
and it’s supposed to give less pain to
the shoulders um and then you have
straps like this one on the boss and
these are a vegan leather strap but
still have that memory foam style of
material on the inside for comfort now
when you compare these three just styles
of backpack straps I’m gonna go ahead
and tell you that this to me is the
least comfortable I do like my forever
backpack but I will say that these
straps start to get uncomfortable on me
and I think it’s less about the weight
and it’s more about the fact that this
material here if you’re wearing a tank
top or just a thinner shirt it starts to
touch your skin and the vegan leather
can get a little hot in my opinion and
because the straps are just so thick
there’s kind of like a hot mass sitting
on your shoulders so I’m gonna say that
this is my least favorite style when it
comes down to these two different styles
of straps I will say that I tend to
prefer the jujube style memory foam
strap these are made a hundred percent
of fabric which means they’re nice and
cool and breathable and although I find
the twelve little boss backpack to be
just as comfortable in terms of how it
wears on the shoulders I do feel that
these can get a little sweaty on the
body I just feel like over time you do
start to feel a little bit more
when you have a vegan leather strap
compared to a cloth strap like this one
so when it comes down to these two I
would pick the jujube be right back in
terms of comfort on the shoulders as far
as the two twelve little diaper bags we
have the companion backpack that has a
skinnier strap that is not economically
shaped at least not as much as the
jujube be right back
it does have memory foam on the inside
so it’s nice and comfortable and a plus
for this one is that you do have the
fabric material so it is nice and cool
and breathable comparing that to the
twelve little on the go you do have
straps that are very close together here
at the top I don’t find this to be a
problem but I do think that some people
might prefer the little bit of space
that’s here in the jujube be right back
it just separates these straps a little
bit further so you don’t have any
pressure points here on the back of your
neck again this doesn’t bother me on the
12 little on the go but I do think if
you’re somebody who has really sensitive
neck or shoulders I don’t know this
might be of concern for you the other
thing that I might point out about the
12 little on the go is although it is
extremely comfortable this material on
the on the go is just I feel like this
one can create a little bit of that
sweaty feeling as well it does not have
any cloth mesh on the backside like the
jujube be right back does and I should
have shown you this earlier I don’t know
how well you can see but this is a
breathable mesh on the back of this bag
so if you’re somebody who lives in
California or Las Vegas or Florida you
might find that a bag like this with
that breathable mesh on the back would
be really nice I want to say that all of
these bags wear comfortably on me but I
do have to say that if you’re the kind
of person who has any kind of neck or
shoulder troubles you might find that
the Jujubee be right back is gonna be
the most comfortable next we’re going to
talk about bottle pockets and for this
experiment I’m going to use a swell
bottle and a 10 ounce event bottle I
know that everybody has their own
desired preferences of bottles and water
bottles here but I don’t have every kind
known to man so I’m going to show you
what I have and then you can extrapolate
from there about whether or not your
preferred bottles will fit in these bags
one thing you do need to know about the
itsy-bitsy boss is that there is only
one external bottle pocket you have one
on this side which I was just showing
then over here you actually have an
insulated snack pocket and this is not a
great place to try to put a bottle you
do have a bottle pocket on the inside as
well so I’ll show you that in just a
second but just for the sake of our
experiment we’re going to put in a swell
bottle it’s great no problem getting it
in or out in and here’s my ten ounce
Avent goes in and out no problem on the
inside of the bag you have a drawstring
right here that pulls out for you to put
another bottle if you wish and as you
can see my swell bottle fits in there
just fine and so does be a bit and
what’s kind of cool about this feature
is that you can pull this drawstring
tight so that you can have a drink in
here and not worry about it spilling
over which for me is fantastic I’m just
gonna be honest I have no love for the
bottle pockets on this bag here this is
the jujube forever backpack and even
when you do get your bottle in the
pockets a you have this flap that sticks
up and what I do usually is I’ll tuck it
down behind my bottle because I can’t
stand it sticking up like that and B it
just doesn’t fit very much and I’ve been
meaning to ask them if this was actually
meant to be a bottle pocket but as you
can see I’m having to really work to get
that bottle in there and even when you
do get that flap down it’s just
unsightliness not my favorite thing and
you really can’t even use any of the
internal structure of this bag for your
bottles as well so all around I don’t
recommend this bag if you are very very
serious about getting to your bottles
quickly it’s just it’s not going to work
that well for you here is the jujube be
right back which does have two bottle
pockets one on either side one of my
favorite things about the be right back
is that bottles go in and out so easily
and these bottle pockets are the kind
that are stretchy which means that no
matter really how full you have this bag
packed up you’re still going to have
lots of access to your bottle pockets
because the bag doesn’t like come into
your space here if you know what I mean
there were lots of concerns about the
original twelve little on-the-go bag
because the bottle pockets admittedly
want grapes but they have done
major revamp on these bottle pockets and
look at how easily everything goes in
and out it’s fantastic now the one thing
about this bag is that if you fill it
really really full I’m talking all the
way to the brim it does get a little bit
harder to get your bottles in and out
but for me it’s not bad enough for it to
be a showstopper especially since I
don’t typically you will have a very
hard time packing this bag really full
it is a big bag so it’s not something I
think is a really big deal at all
lastly we have the 12 little companion I
do like the bottle pockets on this bag
but I’ll admit that they can be a little
hard to get things in and out of when
the bag is fully packed right now this
one is empty and as you can see things
go in and out really easily but I will
say that because this bag is a little
bit smaller than the twelve little
on-the-go it fills up a lot faster it’s
easier to over pack it and then it does
get slightly harder to get your bottles
in and out one of the interesting things
that you guys told me on Instagram that
you want to know about is how do these
bags stand up on their own so I’m gonna
line them all up totally empty and let
you see how they all stand when they’re
not packed now even if I screw something
up I’m not going to edit this part of
the video because I don’t want anybody
to think there was any trickery going on
so we’re just gonna roll with it if I
mess up it’s a ritzy boss as you can see
it sits up pretty well on its own when
it’s empty it is prone to sort of
starting to slouch a little bit and
that’s only because you’ve got these
stroller Clips up top and you’ve just
got some heavier stuff going on on the
top of the bag but I will say that once
you have this totally packed up
it does not tip and I think a lot of
that has to do with the rubberized
bottom here you could throw a bowling
ball at this bag and it’s not going to
tip over so here again here it is
sitting on its side and I’m gonna give
it a little nudge just to show you that
it will start to do this when it’s empty
here’s the jujube be right back
this bag stands up really great when
it’s empty however when it’s packed up
full it will tend to be top-heavy and
this is one of the problems that I’ve
had with the jujube be right back is
that you have to be kind of clever about
how you pack it up because if it gets
packed up to full if you have tall
things like a laptop in here it’s prone
to tipping forward but it does stand up
really nice
when it’s empty and and I’m gonna be
honest that’s a nice thing I can’t stand
it even when an empty bag is tipping
over I’m sure all of you remember the
infamous tip forward of the original
on-the-go diaper bag backpack this one
does not tip over at all it does not
tilt forward
mine rocks forward just the tiniest bit
when it’s empty as you can see here but
it’s nothing like the 1.0 version and
once I get this packed up it stands
fully erect just something about it
being empty makes the top part cave over.
The slightest bit but it stands great on
its own and it stands even better when
it’s full here is the jujube forever
backpack and I gotta say one of my
favorite things about this bag is how
well it stands just like the jujube be
right back it is prone to getting
top-heavy and I will talk about the
internal structure more in a minute but
one of the things that can make this
top-heavy is if you have a laptop in
this slit pocket and you have things
packed up in these top pockets here it
can cause the bag to start running
forward but overall it stands pretty
well lastly here is the twelve little
companion and I will say I have to give
credit to this bag for being as
lightweight as it is and being fully
fabric you would think this bag would
just collapse in on itself when it’s
empty but it holds its shape really well
again this is a completely empty
backpack and it stands just fine on its
own I have not personally found it to be
top-heavy or to tip over but that may
just be the way that I pack I have a
feeling this would be a bag that would
be easy to tip over when it’s full but
I’ve never had that problem so I’ll
leave that to you to kind of figure out
for yourself
next I’m gonna talk about internal
structure now I’m not gonna be packing
any of these bags because like I said
this is just going to get way too
intense and way too long but I do want
to show you just some of the features of
the inside and outside of each bag so as
I mentioned earlier the itsy-bitsy boss
does have one external bottle pocket as
well as one insulated snap pocket you
have two magnetic closure pockets here
on the front which are great for just
tossing things inside of like if you
have mommy things like your phone and
your keys these are great however they
are a little small but the upside is
that you have huge huge slip pocket right here on the
front of the bag where I toss anything
that comes into my hands while I’m out
that I just need to stash somewhere you
also have a little tech pocket up here
on the top of the bag which I don’t know
maybe it would fit a camera I tend to
put my keys in there though it’s just
for really quick access and then you
have a very long zip pocket here across
the back that’s where the change pad
goes but you can also fit books and
little activities back there as well
moving on to the inside of the bag you
have one long zip pocket that goes all
the way across the back of the bag and
only goes down to about the end of my
palm so it’s not very deep but it is
very very wide you have two very big
slip pockets here attached to the back
of the bag these two pockets can hold
either two Jujubee medium set pieces in
each pocket or one do to be a large set
piece what I think is absolutely the
most genius thing about this bag is that
you do have three upper pockets you have
two mesh pockets up here in the top that
are very skinny and you have one really
wide slit pocket over here on the top so
that you can really take advantage of
all that space in the top of the diaper
bag as I mentioned before you also have
a drawstring pocket here where you can
put bottles or water bottles and things
like that and another great thing about
this bag is that it comes with a mesh
cargo net here which kind of helps keep
all of your stuff from just tipping
right out of the bag when you open it
and I think that is fantastic and lastly
you have two zipper pockets surrounded
by mesh here on the front of the bag the
GPB right back is a little bit smaller
than the boss in my opinion you do have
to external bottle pockets as well as a
zip pocket here on the back for the
change pad you also have a very wide
zipper pocket all the way across the top
this is a great place for putting
sunscreen keys phone
mommy things that you just don’t want to
have in your hands I actually find this
to be one of the most useful pockets all
to be right back
now you cannot be Jujubee for it’s mommy
pocket it’s just one of the best places
for putting your mommy things you have
in the front just a really skinny slip
pocket that goes almost halfway up my
arms so that’s a pretty deep pocket and
then you also have this really smartly
designed mommy pocket here with a
sunglass pocket a little slip pocket
here a large mesh pocket that goes all
the way across the bottom and a key
leash for attaching your keys and
there’s also tons of space in the front
part of the mommy pocket again for
throwing extra little things that might
be in your hands there’s another zip
pocket here which is technically the
tech pocket it’s a great place for
putting your phone because it is felt
line I also like to put my sunglasses in
there sometimes as well now as much as I
love the external structure of the be
right back
I’m not the biggest fan of its internal
structure it does have this really nice
elastic section right here which is
great for putting a wipes pouch so that
you can get to your wipes really fast
it’s also a great place to put changes
of clothes and things like that and
again it does help take up some of the
space at the top that often can be left
unused but then really the only internal
structure here is this one mesh pocket
here as well as a really long wardrobe
pocket here on the front flap now I will
say that I think this wardrobe pocket is
really functional and useful but as you
can see there’s just not a lot of stuff
here to help you organize your bag and
that’s why I feel like with the be right
back in particular you have to be
committed to pouch packing if you really
want to make this bag feel organized the
Gigi be forever backpack has two bottle
pockets like I showed you earlier but as
I mentioned I don’t find these to be
overly useful bottle pockets but you can
use them for other things for sure you
have a small bucket style pocket here on
the front just for throwing quick grab
things but there’s no internal structure
in there at all it’s just a cavernous
hits you have a very long zip pocket
here on the front which is again felt
line so this is kind of like a tech
pocket but one thing that I don’t like
just from an aesthetic perspective is
that often when I put my phone in here
you can see the outline of the phone and
it bothers me a little bit not that it
changes the function of the bag in any
way but it’s just something that gets
under my skin again and you do have a
long zip pocket here in the back where
the change pad goes and that’s pretty
much it for the outside of the bag now
I’m a big fan of the internal structure
of this bag hands down I think it’s very
very smartly designed even though I
don’t like many of the other features of
the bag first of all it’s just big and
deep and cavernous you can see
everything down in there which I love
you have two slit pockets here on the
backside which is a little bit hard to
show you but diapers fit really nicely
in there wipes pouches fit nice um you
can get medium set pieces it’s just and
if you’re not pouch packing you can just
toss stuff in there which is great you
also have a really long slit pocket back
here which is great for tossing books or
a laptop on either side of the bag you
have two drawback of this bag the flap
so on either side of the bag you do have
two elastic pockets and I find these to
be really really helpful actually you
might be asking yourself what can you do
with four tiny pockets and I’m here to
tell you a lot but paste fits nicely in
there medical gear band-aids supplies
things like that they just fit really
really nice and the last bit of internal
structure is here on the bottom front
okay right here this bag is really hard
to show you what the inside looks like
you have one final slip pocket right
here which is great for tossing other
little quick grab things I would say
that if you are not a pouch packer you
would really like this bag because
there’s just so much internal
organization the twelve little on the go
is another one of my favorites in fact
all of the twelve little bags are
fantastic for internal organization this
one and the companion which I’ll show
you in a minute
are laid out very very similarly again
to bottle pockets on the outside you
have a very scant mami pocket here and
what I mean by that is it’s already very
skin it just gets skinnier as the main part
of your bag gets packed up so this is a
great place to put a wallet and a phone
other little small things like band-aids
or a pill case but you don’t get the
kind of like big mommy pocket that you
might get on the Jujubee be right back
and other bags like if that one one of
the really clever things about this
twelve little on-the-go is this extra
storage space back here this is big
enough to hold a LeapPad a laptop books
changes of clothes anything that you
might not be grabbing for often when
you’re getting into your diaper bag that
you want kind of out of the way but that
you want to have quick access to goes
really really great right here and the
last piece of structure on this bag is
this back zipper pocket there’s actually
two zippers here one on the bottom and
one that I just opened up right here you
can leave the bottom zipper shut and
this just becomes an extra pocket for
your diaper bag or you can unzip the
bottom zipper and this becomes a way for
you to put your bag over the roller bar
handles of your luggage so if you’re
going through an airport or taking a
train or something like that you can
actually put this bag on your luggage
and not have to carry it on your back
another thing that I love about this bag
is that they change how far down the
zippers go this bag actually feels like
a gusseted backpack and if you don’t
know what gussets are there are
basically little pieces of fabric that
sit right here that stop the bag from
flopping all the way open so whereas the
itsy-bitsy boss and the Jujubee be right
back do not have gussets and they will
flop all the way open and sometimes your
things can fall out that does not happen
with this bag because you have a zipper
that stops right here you can still get
your bag open nice and full but things
aren’t going to tip out so on this bag
you have two slit pockets here on the
front this is where I love putting
diapers and wipes because they fit great
in there you have a mesh slip pocket
right here just like the itsy-bitsy boss
you do have two little pockets up here
at the top for storing smaller items and
really helping you use up that space in
the top of the bag and finally you have
a big zipper pocket up here as well this
is the twelve little companion backpack
again its laid out very similarly to the
on the go you do have this really cool
magnetic closure here on the front where
you can leave the Magnus shut and you have two little
pockets or you can pry it open and put
something wider and long in there like a
wallet and it’s it becomes one big
pocket I do really like the mommy pocket
on this bag simply because it’s actually
really really spacious you can poof this out quite a bit and
get lots of things in there you can toss
things in there throughout your day that
you don’t want to have in your hands and
it doesn’t tend to fill up really fast
you also have another zipper pocket here
on the front which goes right about to
the top of my wrist and lastly you have
one zipper pocket at the bottom now this
is not the same zipper pocket as you
have on the on-the-go which has two
zippers so you can put it over your
handles of your luggage this is just one
pocket on the back and this is where I
love to put changes of clothes and wet
bags and things like that so that
they’re out of the way but really easy
to access when I need them onto the
inside of the bag we have one long a
zipper pocket here that goes down again
right to the top of my wrist just like
the on the go we have two slit pockets
here on the front one is slightly bigger
it holds about the size of a large set
piece by ggb and you have one skinny one
that holds about the size of a medium
set piece then you have two elastic
pockets here on the back and that is
pretty much all of your internal
structure on the inside of this bag now
while I have this bag out another
question was do all the bags have
d-rings all of the bags that I’ve shown you
today have their own d-rings except for
the companion this is the only bag that
does not have d-rings on it so you
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