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We all know raising toddlers is a full time job that requires mom to be equipped herself all the time with enough necessary resources. A selection of trendy bag full of baby’s accessories is big challenge that mums have to overcome when going out for the day with toddlers. How could that even be possible for working mum going to work, having a baby and without a cool baby diaper bag?

Do you know before writing this article we have gone to expert moms and also to Reddit community. We have discussed in detail there for What diaper bags (backpack style) do you guys recommend beyondthebump – Reddit Your thoughts on the backpack leash?.Then we came up with this top rated and recommended list of best diaper backpacks for mums.

So 2021 new moms are great working ladies and being active mothers having kids, they need to possess many featured diaper bags.

Stylish baby bags with decent colors and multiple features define mother’s choice plus personality.

Most of the times we need to perform an emergency diaper change and then we realize its importance.

Now question here is why mom bags so… lack of features like less elegant less cool less trendy less beautiful? It’s true, they may be practical, but not every mum wants to move with a baseball bag that guises like it might have been passed down from your grandma.

It doesn’t need to be so!

Why not go for WOW Factored by MOM for MOM baby care bags ?

That’s why we bring you Stylish and Practical new mom bags after scanning 100 plus reviews. Want to know more about cool bags,large weekenders, beautiful purses and best backpacks for working moms with toddlers? Read on for a full and honest guide then please.

Moms have some built in hidden feature in their eyes when it comes to shopping and selecting the best piece out of the thousand trendy backpacks. Thanks to our mom that we are able to get some tips and tricks of selecting top quality best backpack diaper bags.

Why Mom Should Have A Diaper Bag Backpack?

Everything for the baby plus a lot of the advantages of a diaper bag backpack.

In the diaper bag you always have everything with you No matter whether you just go shopping travel or go for a walk with your baby the diaper bag is simply part of it. It offers enough storage space to carry all everyday utensils but at the same time it is so handy that it can easily be taken anywhere. It doesn’t matter whether the baby is hungry needs a fresh diaper or wants something to play with. High-quality diaper backpack bags can be found below.

Is a backpack better than a diaper bag?

In our changing diaper backpack test , we took a look at the advantages and disadvantages of a diaper backpack bag. What are the differences from a classic diaper bag and for whom backpack is more suitable?

Diaper backpack test diaper bag

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Changing bag or changing backpack?

With baby you need a lot on the go! As soon as you leave the house, you are often packed like for a short vacation. After all, towels, vials, diapers, cuddly toys & Co. must always be there.
There are practical and spacious diaper bags that offer space for everything. In addition to the classic bags, you can also find more and more changing backpacks in the range.

Backpacks have been experiencing a revival in the fashion world for some time, but many parents probably had their last own backpack when they were at school. For hiking enthusiasts, things should look different again: the backpack is almost standard equipment here.

But is diaper backpack has more worth than diaper bag ? We compared handbag and backpack for you!

The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Diaper Backpack

The most obvious benefit of a winding backpack is probably the carrying method . As the name suggests, it is carried on the back – so you have both arms free at all times.
Two risers ensure that the changing backpack stays on your back and does not slip .

The straps should be easily, quickly and continuously adjustable to your size. This way, the weight of the diaper backpack is evenly distributed on your shoulders and not on one side, as with a diaper bag.

Diaper backpack test diaper bag

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Infinitely adjustable shoulder straps

Changing bags usually include, like diaper bags, a stroller attachment with which you can quickly and securely attach the bag to your stroller or buggy.

Diaper backpack test diaper bag

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Stroller and buggy attachment for changing backpacks

For longer walks or excursions on which you cannot attach the diaper bag to the stroller, a diaper backpack is the right alternative. So you have both hands free at all times and no shoulder bag that constantly slips off your shoulder.

If you need something out of the backpack quickly, you have to take it off your back first to get to the items out . A diaper bag is usually easily accessible at all times if it hangs over your shoulder. Some changing backpacks have practical outer compartments and access on the back, so that you can still get to the content quickly and easily.

Diaper backpack test diaper bag

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Basically, changing diaper backpacks are structured and divided just as well as changing bags , so that everything you need for your little darling has its place and you don’t lose track. Also winding accessories such as a changing mat, an insulated bottle holder, stroller attachment etc. is usually included.

What is better for the back?

The comfort and especially the back health are two other important and not to be underestimated points. Many women should know the problem if you have a shoulder bag with you all day long: your back hurts at some point.

A backpack relieves your back and distributes the weight of the bag and its contents evenly over your shoulders. In this way, one-sided loading and the resulting tension are avoided. A backpack is definitely the better choice for your back!

Diaper backpack test diaper bag

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A Backpack Bag For Mom and Dad

Many men prefer a backpack to a handbag or shoulder bag. A diaper backpack that you both like can be a good compromise . So dad will definitely carry the backpack more often and you can protect your back.

The designs of the changing backpacks range from sporty to elegant and also in color everything your heart desires. In addition, many changing backpacks do not look like any, but like a normal backpack. Therefore, you can continue to use it long after your baby’s changing time .

Our conclusion

In many ways, a backpack is more practical and better than a handbag. The weight is distributed evenly on your shoulders , so that one-sided stress on the back is prevented. You can also move more freely with a diaper backpack and it doesn’t slip off your shoulder all the time. Most dads also find a backpack better than a diaper bag and prefer to carry it.

But classic diaper bags can with included strap on two or even three types supported are: as a handbag at the top handles, a shoulder as a shoulder bag or across the body as a cross body bag. So you can vary here and shift the weight from one shoulder to the other.

Diaper backpack test diaper bag crossbody bag

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With a diaper bag, you also get to the baby accessories faster , because you carry it on the side or in front of you and can access it directly. You don’t have to take it off your back and put it down like a diaper backpack.

Visually, as always in fashion, it is a matter of taste , whether you prefer a diaper bag or a backpack. Both versions are available in different shapes and colors – from sporty to elegant . We present our hottest changing backpacks here:

Buying Guide of Best Diaper Bags and Backpack for New Mom by Moms – Infographics 

All top rated selected backpacks goes under strict assessment criteria of moms.

Following discreet points mothers look in before going for any decision:

Some of the key features of the changing backpack are:

  • Does the baby backpack come with a changing mat?
  • Is a stroller attachment included in the price?
  • How many pockets does the changing backpack have?
  • How big is the backpack?
  • How many insulated milk bottle bags does the baby backpack offer?
  • Is there a compartment for wet and dirty clothes?
  • Is there an anti-thief bag?
  • Does the backpack have an easy wipes bag?
  • Does the backpack have a key or pacifier hanger?
  • Is there a cell phone pocket for mom or dad?
  • Can the baby backpack be opened from the back by a zipper?
  • What colors can you get the changing backpack in?
  • How much does the diaper backpack cost?

Choose a right diaper bag backpack means that spread out the load in an ergonomic way. Ease your your shoulder and neck muscles from the weight of carrying a purse-style shoulder diaper bag.[Backpack Ergonomics]

Best Diaper Bags Backpack 2024 by Reddit Experts

  • Best All Around Diaper Bag Backpack : Skip Hop Forma.
  • Our Editors’ Favorite Diaper Bag Backpack : JuJuBe BFF Convertible Diaper Bag.
  • Best Convertible Backpack Diaper Bag : Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack.
  • Best Small Diaper Bag Backpack : Carter’s The Commuter Diaper Bag Mini Backpack.

What is the best backpack to use as diaper bag ?

  • Marmot Salt Point Daypack.
  • Adidas Banner Backpack.
  • LL Bean Continental Travel Pack.
  • Patagonia Refugio Backpack, 28L.
  • REI Co-op Trail 40 Pack.
best diaper bags backpack

Fasten your seat belts Mums 🙂

 SoHo tote diaper bag

Why Mom Love it?

  • It is incredibly durable along with 7 pieces set and nappy tote.
  • This cute cheap diaper bags set comes with 6 pieces of accessories and 1 diaper bag with textured fabrics in versatile neutral hues and stylish.
  • It covers with all the functionality mothers need in a bag for toddlers.
  • 11 pockets for organization
  • Spacious Wide opening to make packing unpacking easier.
  • Front pockets have great organization enable to consolidate small yet important accessories of babies.
  • Zipper quality is great as per mom’s feedback and matching international manufacturing standards.One of the best normal backpack for diaper bag.
  • It can be carried in hand , shoulder or can be hanged on stroller which is good example of using a backpack as a diaper bag

Lekebaby Large Diaper Bag Tote

Why Mom Love it?

  • This pretty diaper bag is very functional and more fashionable.It won the hearts of mum with its style, quality and functionality finish.
  • Its elegant look doesn’t make people think that you are carrying diaper bag.
  • Plenty of space with lots of pockets to carry all essentials.  17 pockets, 9 exterior pockets and 8 interior pockets
  • Practicality adjust ability fashion and style in one 5 star rating product
  • Quality zipper and roomy with stroller straps increase its usability even with working moms that make it best crossbody backpack diaper bag.
  • One of the most appreciated toddler caring bag for mums

Stylish Designer Tote for Moms by Maman

Why Mom Love it?

  • When it comes to classic decent fashion with functionality, this is mom’s choice.
  • 10 compartments with multiple sizes and one secure small inside zipper pocket
  • Include stroller straps to make it more useable on a go.
  • Mums are also making this designer diaper bag as a work bag in offices.
  • It’s flexibility is really tested by moms in the reviews and quality is proven.
  • Bag is cost affective with matching changing pads and having magnetic front pockets
  • Elegant design and handy pick really make it mother’s choice with high satisfaction
  • Best diaper backpack for twins diaper with insulated bottle pockets.

Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack


Why Moms Love it ?

  • One of the top rated large diaper bags moms admire. It has tons of pockets & holds everything you need
  • Outer wipe magnetic flapped pockets with LIFETIME WARRANTY and outstanding customer support.
  • 14 pockets with high rated durability, versatility and best quality baby care gear.
  • Even have pockets for mums that make it quality backpack cum baby trend diaper bag
  • Multiple usage modes hand free, stroller straps and backpacks
  • Ideal for rainy days out with water resistant quality.
  • Mums with toddlers who owned this bag are not looking further diaper bags for two.

Navy and White Stripe Designer Diaper Bag by

Hip Cub

Why Mom Love it?

  • The most comfortable diaper bag with attractive color, perfect designer mom tote plus having matching baby changing pad.
  •  This bag makes FASHION and PRACTICALITY meets together
  • Diaper bag that is very much in from fashion point of view and practical enough for an everyday Mom usage.
  • It is SPACIOUS with 7 pockets and having a moderate size
  • It has luxury touch and trendy which is more loved by working mamas.
  • Mom loves its comfort and insulation for baby bottles. Happy satisfied best mom backpack choice

Multi-Function Stylish Backpack MAKALOO

Why Mom Love It ?

  • Decent, Stylish and very unique Pink Grey color combination Diaper Backpack
  • Bag is fit for multi-function application mode for girls, working women and mom day out with babies
  • It has large capacity and trendy color blend.
  • It has got 17 apartments of different sizes with versatility which makes it ever fashionable lady’s choice.
  • Elegant backpack has so many features that it has got so far 100% 5 star reviews.
  • It is near to matchless in cuteness, convenience, style and quality.
  • Reasonable sized but can accommodate enough toddler accessories that make it stand in the top of the line

Elegant Baby Changing Bag Backpack- MomMore

Why Mum Love it ?

  • This stylish MomMore changing bag is best recommended by mums for Air Travel with baby.
  • Totally opened make it easy to use, waterproof,  portable and Insulated.
  • Have stroller hooks to make it very comfortable in changing on the go.
  • Shoulder straps can be hidden in the side pockets and bag can be used as diaper handbag
  • It is sophisticated and spacious baby diaper bag backpacks which is more than regular purse for mom
  • Quality material and size is best fit that is recommended by many traveler moms
  • It is one of the best mommy’s vacation pick backpack bags

Hafmall Multifunction Bag Backpack for Mom

Dad & Teens

Why Mom Love it ?


  • This heavy duty multifunction and aligned with 2019 fashion trends is top notch choice in the bags for mummy daddy and traveler teenagers.
  • Available in 5 different yet decent color combinations
  • It has multiple compartments of different sizes, waterproofed and durability tested
  • Very easy to carry due to its shape either use it as handbag, backpack or fix on the stroller
  •  Owing to elegant design trend and practicality it can be used on many occasions and top pick in functional purses for moms
  •  Its unbiased design and style made it being used as a best gift to thanksgiving or christmas.

Affordable Luxury Family Tote

Why Mom Love it ?

  • Looking for best weekender bag with cute look as per 2019 fashion trend ? Look no further
  • Mums love it because it is extra-large multifunction diaper Bag with trendy color combination.
  • Top rated cheap weekender bags with 11 pockets and multi activity usage mode
  • Mom’s choice is “convenient in handling for entire family tote”
  • Perfect fit for mom’s selection criteria of durability luxury easy to clean and multifunctional usage.
  • It is much suitable for best baby shower gifts from mom
  • 5 star rated piece is perfect family travel tote and weekender in short

Zicac Working Mom Genuine Leather


Why Mom Love it ?

  • Mums especially working women having toddlers need to have elegant medium size purse or backpack bag. Multi-function and multi-purpose bags are always what we choose
  • We love to have it to be spacious, functional, good-looking, and stylish.
  • Working Mom’s top pick is leather bag backpack cum side shoulder hanging purse with a lot of room
  • This convertible backpack crossbody bag makes your perfect bag search complete with all your bases and looks lovely on the go.
  • Soft durable with great genuine leather quality which worth each penny

Best Backpack Purse for Mom at Work – PU Soft

Why Mom Love it ?

  • If you are looking for more reasonable priced trendy medium bags at work then this purse can be your choice.
  • Working mom with luxurious and fashionable trendy bags should look no further after this satchel.
  • Cute soft and multi pocket convertible backpack tote lightweight can be used as office purse, college university book bag, shopping bag and travel day pack.
  • Quality of the product and trendy stylish look is what making this bag mom’s choice with high positive feedback rate

Best Mom Bag Backpack for Baby -Anti Theft

Why Mom Love it ?

  • Looking for Latest baby shower gift for boys and girls? Then this best diaper bags backpack can be your top choice.
  • This baby bag with travel and portable changing mat set makes mum’s life easy.
  • Convertible backpack tote with multi functionality that can be used for both boys and girls as a portable, travel, toddler, grocery and beach backpack
  •  Triple stitching breathable fabric compact design and hassle free zipper makes it best convertible backpack shoulder bag for mommy.

Designer Diaper Bag Backpack by MB Krauss

Why Mom Love it?

  • Mom loving designer backpack with multi-function and different size pockets then this luxurious family tote is going to be your top pick.
  • This is one of the stylish diaper bag back packs that carry around babies essentials in decent way.
  • Roomy design, space and place mixture of beautiful beige and gold-colored accents make it luxurious best mom backpack.
  •  Mums working and living stylish lifestyle don’t like classic diaper backpacks which are more than just carry bags
  • Style with 3 carry options is another great plus for this diaper tote bag to make moms life hassle free.
  • Looking for the perfect cute cheap diaper bags as a gift for new mom (From August , 2018 on wards 2019 ) ? This new top rated diaper bag is going to be an awesome treat.
  • Its neutral design made it cool diaper bag for dad as well.

Ju-Ju-Be Convertible Diaper Bag

Mom’s Reason of Top Pick ?

Nice good looking diaper bag and top choice for glamorous mom with little legacy touch.

It is convertible, flexible in use and great in quality. Mom can use it either way as a best diaper bag back packs or messenger style of carrying.

Spacious with tons of pockets and 3 modes of carrying i.e shoulder, hand carry and stroller mount

It is quite easy to clean due to polyester material quality. Plus point its machine washable bag.

Lovely choice for traveler baby diaper bag backpack in any season

Its compact design allows mum to carry their own essentials along with toddlers.

Practical Baby Diaper Bag backpack

Why Mom Pick it ?

  • Mums who wants super chic and stylish features of a diaper bag but without classic heavy look? This beautiful best rated nice diaper bag is what they are looking for.
  • One of the cute yet decent purses for moms with twins or older children since it functions like a diaper bag but looks like a designer purse
  • Huge space inside with 3 compartments but with sophisticated design perfect for organization with style
  • Multi featured vegan leather, luxurious tote nappy backpack with purse feel would be the best gift for new moms
  • Adjustable shoulder strap making this purse fit for all moms with different heights
  • In short best fit for fashion savvy new working moms.

S-ZONE Women’s Vintage Genuine Leather Tote

Handbag Purse Upgraded Version


Reason of Mom’s Love ?

  • This gorgeous leather tote is Moms top pick for the best purses with toddlers. Purse has so many functions which give it extra edge to be  diaper bags that look like purse
  • New upgraded version has adjustable double handles plus shoulder straps to make its design further efficient to carry over the shoulder or by hand.
  • Moms who are bored with their messenger bags, this purse would be the answer to their purse wishes!
  • Best thing about it, is LOOK which is nothing like a diaper bag. Instead, its features and square design shape put it in to the top line of fashionable luxurious working mom choice.
  • Affordability is another plus of this purse as compared to other same quality and featured leather diaper bags.
  • In fact mom can pay half for a designer diaper bag in this case as compared to other leather designer diaper bag backpacks.
  • Well stitched and quality leather make this purse fit in mom picking criteria along with super luxurious design.

Babymoov Essential Diaper Bag Best of 2024


stylish baby bag

Check Best Price On Amazon

The 25 x 35 x 24.5 cm diaper bag by Babymoov is also made of fabric and available in four colors. Babymoov provides a lifelong guarantee of durability when used properly. The inside is also very clearly designed and the diaper bag has several outside and inside pockets.

In terms of price, it is slightly below the test winner from Lässig, if not much. Due to the thickness of the bag, it offers enough space for the necessary equipment for two children and the scope of delivery is also quite ample. The bag also contains a changing mat, an insulating bag, a transparent bag for medication, diapers or dirty laundry and a pacifier bag.

Babymoov has a product on offer that is in no way inferior to the Läß model. Merely the fact that it is also quite large for a diaper bag – which is not optimal for everyone – and is only available in four variants, did it cost the test victory of the best diaper bags in 2024. However, if you want to buy an extra large diaper bag, the Babymoov model can be absolutely recommended. Otherwise there are no points of criticism – apart from the quite high price.

The 25 x 35 x 24.5 cm bag by Babymoov has a modern design and convinces with a sensible and good division. You can quickly weigh up whether the purchase is worthwhile for you by comparing the advantages and disadvantages.


Internal division:

The interior is very good and the size gives you plenty of space and storage space, even for changing utensils for two children.


Overall, the workmanship is very good and the bag has held up well in the long-term test even under heavy use.

Scope of delivery:

The scope of delivery is very large, because next to the bag there is also a changing mat, an insulating bag as well as a pacifier bag and a transparent bag.


Thanks to the robust and not too thin handles, the overall comfort is very high.


Due to its size, the bag is a bit more bulky than other models and is only worth it if you really need the large storage space.

Kinds of diaper bags

Basically, diaper bags can be divided into three categories according to their shape.

Changing Backpacks:

This is a bag that can be carried on the back, but usually also has a handle. The advantage of the backpack variant is certainly that it is very comfortable to carry and you always have both hands free. Therefore, you can also carry heavier loads comfortably, which makes a backpack also suitable for storing things for two children or older children. Depending on the equipment, backpacks also offer a variety of side and inside pockets, which you can access quickly and everything stays well organized.

Mini diaper bags:

The small-sized bags offer relatively little space, but mostly have a wet compartment, some have an integrated changing mat and offer enough space for 1-2 diapers and some accessories. This makes them very suitable for short trips while remaining discreet and unobtrusive and can also be easily stowed away anywhere. Of course, small models also perform well in the price comparison. Of course, you have to decide for yourself whether such a variant is suitable for you.

Pipi Stylish Cheap Waterproof Diaper Bag 

pipi bear diaper bag backpack for mom

Check Price On Amazon

Messanger Bags:

This is the most popular and best-selling type. The best diaper bag for everyday life is usually also a messanger bag, because it is available in many shapes, colors and layout variants. It is characterized by a compact shape, plenty of storage space with several inner compartments and a shoulder strap. Most of the bags are designed relatively simple, so that they can also be used as a regular handbag and do not immediately reveal themselves as a diaper bag.

Comfort And Material Properties

The straps themselves play a major role in comfort. Therefore, pay attention to the padding of the straps or the width. Carriers who are too tight tend to pinch the skin if they are heavy. In addition, the material quality plays a major role so that the straps do not wear out even if the bag is a bit overloaded.

Compared to a bag, a backpack usually offers the best comfort, but of course not everyone wants to carry a backpack all the time. For larger excursions, this is indeed the most practical option.

If you buy a cheap diaper bag, you should still pay attention to the good workmanship of the seams. Because here the weak point is often lurking. In case of overloading and heavy weight, the seams of the bag are put under heavy strain. You should also pay attention to the material composition itself. Even if the bag is used by you, you should keep in mind that toddlers in particular like to rummage around in the bag and come into direct contact with the material. Therefore, it should consist of absolutely harmless materials.

Leather and cotton in particular are particularly practical because they counteract sweating in summer. However, synthetic materials also lend themselves, especially since some cheap materials such as polyester have good dirt-repellent properties, which is also a great advantage for a diaper bag. If you are looking for a practical and easy-care diaper bag, the recommendation is to make sure that it can also be washed in the washing machine.

Stylish Diaper Bag Backpack, RUVALINO Multifunction


Best Diaper bag

Check Price On Amazon


Price range and additional functions

The price of diaper bags is similar to that of handbags. There are both very cheap and quite functional and good models, but also diaper bags for several hundred euros. Basically, you can assume that a diaper bag in the range between 50 and 100 euros already offers everything you hope for from a good bag. This includes several large compartments, a good division, ideally a wet compartment and easy access to all compartments, as well as a high quality and robust material. Ultimately, the decision as to which diaper bag it will ultimately be is, of course, largely a matter of taste. In the test, most testers chose a messanger bag,

In addition to the standard compartments, some bags also offer special compartments for mobile phones, pens, bottles or diapers. An integrated changing mat or an isolation compartment are extras that were well received by the testers. Since the offer is very confusing and extensive, it is definitely worth taking a look at the test winners, because they combine good value for money with good functionality and good workmanship. Since different styles are represented among the test winners, there is a high probability that a suitable model will be there for you.

Diaper Bag Backpack Bamomby Multi-Function Waterproof Large

best diaper bag

Check Price On Amazon


More details on best backpack diaper bag reddit here

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