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    Effects of Parental Separation on Child and Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

    What are the negative effects of divorce on children?

    Separation or divorce is a life changing step of couples but with negative effects on families especially when kids are associated with them. It is strongly recommended to seek therapist or expert advice before pursuing for divorce. If finally both have decided then must go through all the study cases or meet couples or read […]

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    10 Tips to Make Kids Holidays Peaceful and Full of Fun | MomyDady

    peaceful parent happy kids

    Peaceful parent happy kids In both the U.S. and the U.K., the first Monday after the holidays is called the ‘Divorce Day’, and January is called as the “Divorce Month”. The pressures of making multiple decisions related to finances, travel plans, get-togethers, meal planning, family and sometimes difference in religious, cultural and spiritual practices between […]

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    Unhealthy Mother Daughter Relationships and Conflict Resolution 2018

    mother daughter relationship

    Mother Daughter Relationships Gone Bad It is true to say that like the mother, so is daughter. The behavior of the mother unknowingly affects that of the daughter. Even of the daughter disagrees with the mother at some points, she will eventually do what her mother did in a given situation. It is observed that […]

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    5 Most Common Parenting Mistakes Even Good Mom & Dad Make | MomyDady

    parenting mistakes

    5 Most Common Parenting Mistakes: Parenting is never easy and never comes with instruction manual. These words are hardly ever used in the same sentence. Similarly there is no definition of a perfect parent or a perfect child. Despite of this, the parent child relationship is a journey full of thankful moments, fun and unlimited […]

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    6 Untold Advices for First Time Mom | MomyDady

    First Time Mom advises

    First time mom advice: It’s very hard being a first time mom. You will enter a life-changing stage without knowing your life is actually changing. You have to prepare yourself to accept those changes. You have to sacrifices and do a lot of care and hard work for the sake of your first baby. If […]

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    4 Expert Parenting Tips to Groom Children Bully-Resilient | MomyDady

    4 Parenting Tips to raise Bully-Proof children

    Bullying is annoying, violent conduct among school aged children that includes real or perceived power unevenness. The behavior is recurrent, or has the probability to be repetitive, over time. Both kids who bully others and who are bullied may have severe problems with long term effects. Nationwide, about 21% of students ages 12-18 experienced bullying […]