10 Simple Random Acts of Kindness Ideas

Acts of kindness activities for preschoolers

Let’s do something good. What about kicking off “Random Acts of Kindness” with a positive vibe to change the way we are living our daily life! Join us in 10 acts of kindness. It would be great initiative to share a new idea every day and would love to have you share your stories, photos and kindness with us!

Here we go with exciting acts of kindness ideas:

  1. Smile at everyone you see today
  2. Compliment kids their friends their parents
  3. Encourage a new mom dad, one kind gesture will go a long way
  4. Surprise someone with freshly baked your favorite recipe
  5. Play extra time with your kids
  6. Help our kids write a hand written note to a family member and then give surprise gift
  7. Text a Friend ” Can I pick something to eat for you ? “
  8. Pay for the person behind you in the line
  9. Leave dirty dishes on the sink and watch your favorite show
  10. Acknowledge and say thanks to the ones who supported you in your life.

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