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    Latest Teenage Quotes About Life and Love 2022

    best quotes about life and love

    Teenage time is very precious.In these 7 years, parents must let their kids enjoy the most and help them how to celebrate each and every moment of it with full swing.It comes once in a lifetime like childhood and old age. So why not to make it such a memorable time span of 2022.   […]

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    2020 Cute Love Friendship Quotes on Best Teen Friends

    Freinds quotes

    Friendship Day 2020 Entire World celebrate Friendship Day on 30th July or on 1st week of August i.e 5th August 2020. Freind ship day celebration is remembrance and revival of relationship of mutual affection between people. First World Friendship Day or International Friendship Day was celebrated in 1958.   Definition of True Friendship ?   […]

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    Parenting Advice For Adolescent Raising | How To Deal With Teenagers

    Raising a teenage

      Raising Teenagers Why Teenagers Shouldn’t Compare Themselves to Their Parents? It is a very natural behavior for our teenagers to compare themselves to parents. Parents act as a guide for adolescent in new situations. This is true and fruitful for happy families. But unfortunately, when neglected or abused teenagers grow up to be parents, […]

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    The Best Way to Deal with Curse of Cyber-bullying in 2018

    suggestions for victims of cyberbullying

    How can you help prevent cyberbullying? How can cyberbullies be caught? What should you not do when cyberbullied? What you can do if you see someone being cyberbullied? How to help someone who is being cyberbullied? What to do if you are being cyber bullied? Suggestions for victims of cyberbullying.   Cyberbullying means harassment by […]