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    6 Best X Chock RV Wheel Stabilizers

    best wheel stabilizer

    wheel stabilizerYou love to have adventures like camping and spending time in your RV or motor home. Normally you want to take everything along which makes your tour enjoyable but how about safety and stability of your RV? You never know when and where you will have to park your RV or motor home on an inclined or soft surface. Do you still believe that having couple of wedged wheel chocks made of plastic or rubber will serve you in any terrain or under all circumstances? If yes you are sadly mistaken and it’s the time to think of owning a pair of strong metallic X chock wheel stabilizers.

    best rv wheel stabilizerThe gadget is equally good for parked RVs, motor homes and trailers. Wedged wheel chocks are not enough to tackle with the wiggle, wobble and lateral rocking of your vehicle and you actually need to upgrade to X chocks. Especially if you intend to stay out longer traditional wheel chocks might fail but metallic X Jacks s will surely prove to be a great addition to avoid that back and forth rocking motion. So don’t wait for a disaster and let others’ experience drive your decision of having these.

    Why X Chocks are Better than Wedge Shaped Traditional Wheel Chocks?

    Let me share a brief comparison of why X Jacks are better than traditional wedge shaped wheel chocks.

    Plastic and Rubber Withers, Metals never:

    wheel chockTraditional Wheel chocks are either made up of plastic or rubber both of which undergo wear and tear due to exposure of sun, rain, dust and periodic strains over the course of time resulting into an accidental wither and hence ruining your adventurous tour by compromising the safety and stability of your RV or might bring about a damage to your fragile electronics loaded in the parked trailer. When it comes to X Jack, metal will never let you down and will keep serving you much longer than plastic or rubber.

    Muddy parking might be problematic:

    wheel chock 2020Parking choices are normally limited and if you are forced to go for a muddy or soft parking area your wedged wheel chocks might sink into mud over the camping weekend. Not only this brings rocking motion to the RV but also it becomes very tedious to get them out. You will need a hammer to pull them out. So in such a scenario X Chocks will look you after and will get down as easily as it was to fix them.

    Graveled Parking can bring disaster:

    wheel chock to buyYou are out to enjoy and not to merely sleep in the RV. So you will roam around in your vehicle. If you have to park your motor home or RV on a graveled track, traditional wheel chocks might slip over quite easily bringing you an unplanned and unforeseen disaster. You might end up spoiling your tour or even damaging your vehicle and belongings with a serious injury. But with X chocks ground conditions rarely matter may it be gravel or anything else.

    Wet Parking can be troublesome:

    best chock for wheelPlastic and rubber can slip on wet and greasy surfaces.Even if you tried to avoid such a parking rainy terrains can always create such a situation. So relying merely on wedged wheel chocks can really put you in trouble by unwanted movement of the vehicle especially if you are putting up on an incline. X Chock wheel stabilizers will make you as much comfortable in such terrain as they were anywhere else.

    Icy tracks can never be trustworthy:

    wheel chock 2020 on iceIf you are out on a tour to an icy terrain or you park your trailer on an icy road, wedged wheel chocks are highly untrustworthy and unreliable as blizzards are a normal feature. Anytime the ice might melt or get displaced due to your in-vehicle movements hence sliding your vehicle into a place you never longed for or damaging valuables in your trailer. Once again X chocks are the solution.


    Even very smooth roads are risky:

    wheel chock 2020 on highwayMotor homes and RVs are meant to enjoy and walk around but this enjoyment nevertheless produces slight and periodic wiggles and lateral jerks and in case the road is of super good quality this may result into a crisis by slipping your traditional plastic wheel chocks. X jacks are free of such worries.



    X Chock RV Stopper is The Ultimate Solution For Best Wheel Stabilizer:

    best x cross wheel stabilizer

    Definitely who would not desire for a harmless and disaster free ride. Therefore X chock RV stabilizer brings an ultimate solution to all your worries and concerns. It will simply fit into the tyres and whatever type of terrain or conditions your vehicle is parked in you will not be bothered at all. A pair of nicely fixed X chocks will provide a firm grip and stability to your RV/ trailer hence preventing tyre shifting or rocking. You might go for a complete package by using both wheel chocks and X chocks to ensure additional safety and precautionary measure.

    How to use X Chock RV Stabilizers:

    Many think these X Jacks are tedious to assemble and loosen but actually they are not that tricky to handle. They may take a little more time to fix but your safety, stability, RV’s immobility and mainly family’s enjoyment warrants this much of effort and time.

    Let me briefly summarize how to fix these X Chocks:

    • Make sure the RV is leveled:

    Try to find as leveled and horizontal parking as possible and then ensure the rest of leveling with the help of levelers (if required) to avoid vertical rocking. Your RV is now ready to have X Chocks put on.

    • Put the X Chocks on and Stretch:

    Place the X chocks gently between the tyres of your RV/ Motor home and with the help of in-box ratchet tighten the nut on X jack’s upper edge until its gets fixed in between the tyres. Re-check to make sure it is as firm as is necessary.

    • Unscrew to disassemble:

    Once you are done with your camping tour just unscrew the jacks by turning the same nut in reverse direction and have your metallic jacks removed as good and clean as they were before.

    best wheel stabilizer

    How to Use X Chock RV Stabilizers

    But which X Chock RV stabilizer to buy?

    Let me now introduce you to the best X Chock RV stabilizers available based on the experience and recommendations on our travel and camping experts:

    Top 6 Best RV Wheel Chocks

    1. BAL – 28012-X-Chock Wheel Stabilizer – Pair – Best Overall Wheel Stabilizer
    2. BAL -28014-X-Chock Tire Lock– Extended – Best for Trailers Wheel Stabilizer
    3. BAL- 28005 Deluxe Tire Chock – Best for Medium applications
    4. Ultra-Fab -21-001095 Super Grip Chock (X-Large,2 Pack)- Best Light Weight
    5. Ultra-Fab- 21-001091 Super Grip Chock (2 Pack) – Best for Small applications
    6. Cynder- Wheel Stop Chock-N-Lock -Large 2 Pack – Best for Motor Homes


    1)- BAL – 28012-X-Chock Wheel Stabilizer – Pair – Best Overall

    best wheel stabilizerCheck Price On Amazon

    Key Features:

    • Ensures additional stability and avoids wiggles and wobbles
    • Easily fits in tightest gaps, minimum width is 1.3 inches
    • Provides stability with double natural movement of tyres unlike traditional chocks
    • Rust resistant coat
    • Single chock also available with model no 28010

    Buyer’s Feedback:

    Reviewers have simply fallen in love with the product and say they won’t be switching to anything else. Many happy campers have recommended others to buy this X Jack without any hesitation. Users found it really hard, reliable and easy to put on and off. Now campers feel trouble free with no rocking movements inspite of children running around in the RV. The back and forth shaking problems of all users have been excellently addressed by this small piece of steel. All buyers claim it to be a smart and reliable choice. Having security holes for locks is a cool added option. It is simply the best selling product of its kind with highest reviewers’ rankings.

    Product Description:

    This BAL X-Chock wheel stabilizer is smarter in performance and slimmer in size. It provides an enormous stopping force to both the tyres in contact and ensures stability and avoidance of any rocking or shifting motion of RV/ trailer. Made up of a strong metal and coated with a corrosion resistant material, this pair of X Jacks is durable till years and years. Its wide opening range makes it perfect for vehicles having as small wheel gaps as 1.3 inches and as wide as 11 inches. This BAL X Chock pair comes with a strong steel ratchet having a rubber padding providing easy, firm and harmless grip for fixing and removing the jacks. This product is simply the one you are actually looking for.


    • Brand – BAL
    • Model – 28012
    • Color – Multicolor (mainly silver)
    • Weight – 10 lbs
    • Overall Dimensions – 16×7.5×4.5 inches
    • Quantity – 2 x Jacks


    2)- BAL -28014-X-Chock Tire Lock– Extended – Best for Trailers

    x chock tire lock

    Check Price On Amazon For Best Buy

    Key Features:

    • Provides excellent stability in long trailers and other wide applications
    • No wobbling and rocking even with single Jack
    • Long yet light weight
    • Hard ratchet with rubber grip included
    • Rust free coating on hard steel
    • Pair also available as single product with model no 28024

    Buyer’s Feedback:

    Many campers and holders and trailer drivers declared this to be a must item while on a ride and rate it among best 5th wheel stabilizers. Users were found highly impressed to find it so easy to use. All reviewers found the quality of the product just as advertised. The locking feature is an added benefit for many to avoid theft. Many said to have observed a remarkable difference with this piece of metal between the tyres. In short buyers are more than happy to have this product with them and strongly recommend it for others looking for X chocks.This is winner in the category of “x chocks wheel stabilizer for travel trailers extended”.

    Product Description:

    This BAL X-Chock wheel stabilizer fits into a large number of axle applications as it can stretch upto 17 inches. It is best for larger RVs and long trailers which normally have a wheel spacing of around 15 inches and beyond. It is lockable hence giving you added security. The jack is made from solid steel and coated with rust free material to promise you durability over years to come. The handel with the chock is light weight but very hard and easy to use due its rubber padding which gives a good grip.


    • Brand – BAL
    • Model – 28014
    • Color – Multicolor (mainly metallic)
    • Weight – 8.4 lbs
    • Overall Dimensions – 22 x 5.5 x 5.5 inches
    • Quantity – 1 x Jack

    3)-BAL- 28005 Deluxe Tire Chock – Best for Medium applications

    best x chock

    Check Price On Amazon For Best Buy

    Key Features:

    • Provides reliable stability to RVs and trailers
    • Light weight and handy
    • Fits in as small application as 2.5 inches
    • Provides superior durability and longevity
    • Comes with locking feature

    Buyer’s Feedback:

    Campers said that their shaking world has come to a quiet and peaceful point with these X Chocks even with entire family on board. Almost all users grade it much better than traditional wheel chocks and are really happy to have this product. Buyers said they have observed a glaring difference after using it, the RV now feels static and one can walk around with confidence and no worries. They have strongly recommended it for others too.

    Product Description:

    This BAL X-Chock deluxe wheel stabilizer is a class in itself. It’s scissor shaped locking pads makes it perfect to give you the stability you pay for. It is such a meticulous product which you will live longer with due to high tensile steel and rust free material. Once bought, you will love to have more for your dear ones as well. A decent range of jack opening from 2.5 inches minimum to 12 inches maximum makes it an equally good choice for RVs and trailers. It is simply a smart and wise pick amongst X chock family.


    • Brand – BAL
    • Model – 28005
    • Color – Metal/ silver
    • Weight – 7.2 lbs
    • Overall Dimensions – 13.2 x 5 x 3.8 inches
    • Quantity – 1 x Jack

    4)-Ultra-Fab -21-001095 Super Grip Chock (X-Large,2 Pack)- Best Light Weight

    best chock for wheelCheck Price On Amazon To Buy

    Key Features:

    • Big yet ultra light weight
    • Excellent anchoring between tyres
    • Fits in as small application as 3.5 inches
    • Elegant design
    • Comes with locking feature
    • Equally good for medium and heavy duty vehicle

    Buyer’s Feedback:

    Camping lovers and trailer drives are both enjoying the product for its elegant design and reliability. Buyers found a dramatic difference when compared its performance with traditional wheel chocks. Their Big RVs with 6 to 7 people on board just came to its ultimate static position with no rolling movements at all. Those who drive small RVs and long trailers alternatively found it equally good for both and recommend the product with peace of mind.

    Product Description:

    These X cocks will sit in both tandem wheels to make you get rid of all those wavy and rolling vibrations of your RV or trailer at once. It has a vast adjustable range between 3.5 inches minimum to 17 inches maximum. Made from corrosion resistant material and solid steel this X chock is surely going to serve you longer than your expectation. This product is good for RVs with large wheel gaps and trailers.


    • Brand – Ultra-Fab Products
    • Model – 21-001095
    • Color – Metal/ silver
    • Weight – 5 lbs
    • Overall Dimensions – 22 x 9.5 x 5.5 inches
    • Quantity – 2 x Jacks


    5)-Ultra-Fab- 21-001091 Super Grip Chock (2 Pack) – Best for Small applications

    super grip chock

    Check Price On Amazon

    Key Features:

    • Stylish and light weight
    • Perfect for extremely small wheel gaps i-e 1 inch
    • Corrosion free coating
    • Comes with locking feature
    • Comes with easy handle to grip while fixing

    Buyer’s Feedback:

    Buyers are extremely happy to have this pair of X chocks. Those having RVs with small wheel gaps were rejoicing to have something really applicable to them now. With a minimum adjustable setting of 1 inch this product turned out to be a breathe taker for them. Compared to the standard wheel chocks users found it matchless. A few say ratchet should have been more comfortable but overall it is praised by all.

    Product Description:

    This X chock is extremely good for small applications with as small wheel gaps as 1 inch and can expand upto 10.5 inches. Made from solid and rust free metal, this is simple a wise pick up for campers. The large footpads give you a perfect grip and there is no chance of slipping. The jack is strong enough to pick a weight of 3000 pounds. Those worried for having small wheel gaps are now at their liberty to get this X chock.


    • Brand – Ultra-Fab Products
    • Model – 21-001091
    • Color – Metal/ silver
    • Weight – 11.16 lbs
    • Overall Dimensions – 16 x 8.3 x 5.3 inches
    • Quantity – 2 x Jacks

    6)- Cynder- Wheel Stop Chock-N-Lock -Large 2 Pack – Best for Motor Homes

    best wheel stopper chockCheck Price On Amazon

    Key Features:

    • Louvre body to provide additional grip
    • No rocking movements at all
    • Comes with 2 locks for extra security
    • Comes with a double sided ratchet
    • Ultra strong body
    • Fits in applications as narrow as 3 inches

    Buyer’s Feedback:

    Buyers are enjoying the stability this pair of X chocks has provided and graded it as best 5th wheel stabilizer. The price paid for it is really worth it. Some claim it to be the most stable and secure X chocks they have ever used. The difference between stability earlier and now was clearly noticeable. Usage of heavy duty metal and louvers on surface makes it have extra good grip on tyres.

    Product Description:

    This pair of X chocks provides you the stability you have always longed for in your vehicle while camping out. The jacks can provide a range of jaws openings from 3 inches minimum to 10 inches maximum. This comes with 2 locks to offer you extra security. A dual faced ratchet gives you an additional tool side if in case one gets loosened/ damaged. A strong and solid metal easily handles all those shaking movements of your motor homes.


    • Brand – Cynder
    • Model – Cynder
    • Color – Metal
    • Weight – 13.23 lbs
    • Overall Dimensions – 15 x 8.2 x 4.4 inches
    • Quantity – 2 x Jacks



    How many X Chocks do I need?
    One X Chock Wheel Stabilizer can serve the purpose but since many manufacturers offer products in pairs better go for 2 on both sides of the vehicle.

    What if I have lost my ratchet?
    No worries, you can use any wrench or spanner of required size.

    How tight can I crank the X Chocks?
    Keep rotating the ratchet till the time you observe tyres being pressed inwards. After a few hours you might re check for any further tightening cushion created.

    Can I use both wheel chocks and X Chocks simultaneously?
    “More is better” applies here too. You can have multiple safety layers by using both Wheel chocks and X chocks at a time.

    Are X Chocks really reliable?
    Since they are made of hard metals they promise you reliability and longevity.


    X Chocks have brought an ultimate and ever lasting solution to the campers and trailer drivers. Camping with safety and stability and hence peace of mind is merely possible without these. The shaking and lateral wobbling issues of RVs and motor homes with traditional wheel chocks finally found an end. All 6 models listed as best wheel stabilizer which are top selling products in this category and you have to decide on the basis of your vehicle axle spacing and definitely budget.

    Hope this best 5th wheel stabilizer guide would be very helpful for campers. Happy camping and please don’t forget to leave a feedback.

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    Top 22 Best Mother’s Day 2020 Gifts Under $30

    best gift in 30$

    Mother unquestionably deserves the unsurpassed but finding a best gift for your mother always seems very challenging, because for you she is probably the dearest of all beings on the planet and determining the most suitable present for mom definitely is a thought provoking process. But let’s think out of the box now. Moms are not always meant to be presented a bunch of flowers or kitchen wares. If you have a mother around, you stand amongst the luckiest people and its now the time to illustrate your love and affection by presenting an exquisite and memorable surprise to your mom on the forthcoming mother’s day on Sunday, May 10, 2020. The decision process is however always tedious because you have to consider the following while selecting a gift for your gorgeous mother:

    • Budget constraints
    • Mother’s and undoubtedly your age bracket
    • Utility and usefulness of the gift you are planning for
    • Uniqueness of the gift
    • Mother’s choice; a major concern
    • Something you know she needs or loves

    Although your mom will love to receive anything you present her but if you are still confused what to choose for her this year, following guide will make your decision very easy and effective.What to buy a 45,50,60 and 65 year old woman for her birthday or on mum day ?What can I buy for Mother’s Day cheap? What is best gift for Doctor? What is a good Mother’s Day gift?What is a good thank you gift for your mother doctor? These are most frequently asked questions we have from sons, daughters and husbands.So we have come up with affordable and unique presents for mom to help you out.

    Here you go with the finest yet cheap and personalized mother’s day gifts under $25 enlisted with details:

    Gifts for Mom Under $30 Dollars

    1)- I love My Gigi – Farm House Decor Vintage Photo frame:

    Mothers day gifts

    Check Deal Price On Amazon

    This is meaningful mothers day gift.A hand-made photo frame with vintage farm house decor and rustic texture having her picture fixed would be going to a lovely addition in your mom’s bed room. The frame dimensions are 8”x 8” and it can hold picture of size upto 4”x6”.

    2)- Put Away Your Laundry or I will punch U in your face- Love Mom:

    mom love gifts 2020

    Check Price On Amazon

    Meaningful mother’s day gifts from daughter.The words will surely take mom’s heart and bring a smile on her face conveying warmth of your love and affection. This hand made elegant frame is 12”x14” in size and can easily be placed on any surface. A cost effective, simple and beautiful gift to be picked up for mother’s day.


    3)-Scented Candle- Love knows no distance:

    mum love gifts 2020

    View Price On Amazon

    This would be a perfect gift for moms living away from children. It is made up of hand pour soy candle and the scent will speak your love for her and will say the unsaid. The lid is customizable and the package includes a red “LOVE” matchbox, A “Miss You” ceramic coffee mug and a “Reasons why I love you” notepad of size 4”x5.5” having 50 pages.


    4)-Laundry Room- Farm house look Home Decor:

    best mom love gifts

    Check Price On Amazon 

    Laundry is probably the most tiring and boring job for your mom right? If you cannot help her atleast make her smile while going for this chore. The article comes with a laundry sign and 2 saw tooth hangers.This is one of the trendy new mom gifts.


    5)-Dog Lover- Flower/ plant Pot:

    Mothers Day 2020

    View On Amazon

    Cheap last minute mother’s day gift.If your mom is a dog lover this handmade wool felt pot is the best you can gift her for keeping her flowers or mini succulents. It comes in 28 colors. 7 cm in diameter and 5 cm high pot of wool felt having winking puppy will definitely add a touch of fun to your table.

    6)-Wooden Cook book/ Tablet Stand:

    best gift for mom at 50Check Price On Amazon

    Now start helping your mom in kitchen with this self supported wooden cook book and tablet stand. It comes in 2 sizes i-e 12”x7” or 16”x11”. You can mention any thing to be engraved on it while placing order. It can easily carry the weight of a tablet or can keep your mom’s cook book open and upright.Enjoy this unique gifts under $20 dollars.


    7)-Glass Heart Plate:

    Gifts for Mum

    Check Price On Amazon

    This is cheap thoughtful mother’s day gift.Kitchen wares are always moms’ ultimate desire so why not add a blend of love to your mom’s crockery. A fused glass plate with red or blue hearts on it and clear background can be used as normal crockery item or as a room decore item. Rounded edges makes it an elegant piece of art and can be used to serve dry fruits or even as a soap case.

    7)-Moms Ring Dish:

    mothers gift

    Check Price On Amazon

    This is also cheap and easy mother’s day gift.This hand-made trinket dish is a marvelous gift to be picked for mother’s day. This piece of handcraft can be used a decoration or keeping jewelry/ misc items. Having a diameter of 3.25” and made with polymer clay this dish can be personalized as per your desires.

    8)-Quarantine and Chill Candle:

    funny gift

    Check Price On Amazon

    Your mom is getting bored home due to the current COVID-19 situation all around? So it’s the time to light up her mood with such a funny and excellent piece of handicraft. This 8 ounce soy candle lavender placed on your mother’s side rack will nonetheless bring a smile on her face every time she gets a sight of it.Select for unique mom gift who has everything.

    9)-Mouth Watering Desserts Candle:


    best mum gift 2021

    Check Price On Amazon

    This master piece consisting of 4 soy candle will surely be loved by any mother. A candle of 4 ounces each having a different dessert flavor will not only add color to mom’s side table but to her mood as well.This is best gift for elderly mom who has everything.


    10)-Coral Lace Photo Album:

    gift mum for 50

    Check Price On Amazon

    This soft and multicolored wooden album is a classic gift for mothers.This handicraft is made up of laces, satin flowers and beads. It has 12 pockets to accommodate 24 photos of size 4” x 6”. This is undoubtedly an eye catchy and handy album to save the captured moments of your loved ones as a gift under $20. The best is to gift this to your mom filled with her childhood pictures. In simple you will be presenting her an entire past life of your mom on mothers day.

    11)-Mom Est 2020 Candle:

    best gift for mum

    Check Price On Amazon

    This will surely turn out to be a meaningful and funny gift for someone who has or is about to become a mother in 2020. Either she is going to be a new mother or giving/ given birth to a baby in 2020 this is something really made for such a mom. This scented candle is made of 100 percent pure soy wax and is completely smoke free. It weighs 9 ounces and total burning time is 60 hours approximately. The writing on jar is customizable as per your choice.This is one of the best cheap meaningful and thoughtful mothers day gifts.


    12)-Personalized Moms’ Cushions:

    Best gifts for mother under 30

    Check Price On Amazon

    The softness and warmth of this cushion will surely make her heart beat faster for you. Made from perfect polyester and linen, these cushions are totally customizable. Size of the cushion is 18”x18”. It can speak your heart or anything funny.Best gift for mom from son and daughter.

    13)-Rose Gold Marble Water Bottle:

    gift under 30Check Price On Amazon

    A best gift for working moms and those who love to travel. Both surfaces are efficiently insulated so that the water or any drinks stays cool for longer time. The bottle can be customized according to your likings. It is made of stainless steel and weighs 20 ounces.Enjoy mother’s day gifts for mom under 10.


    14)-Flower Rose Bear:

    best gift in 30$Check Price On Amazon For Best Buy

    This handmade piece of craft is an excellent choice for your mother due to its attractive design and longliveness. This unique bear cub will add color to your mom’ side table and smile to her eyes every time she will get a sight of it. The roses are artificial so so can use it as long as you want. Height of the box is 10 inches. Various colors are available.

    15)-Heart Ring Dish:

    best gift for mum under 50

    Check Price On Amazon

    It is like a love at first sight gift for mothers. An all rounder dish made up of polymer clay with actual clay color and no paint coating is more than an awesome item to your house. It has been finished with a blend of shimmer and glitter with 18K gold lining. The size is 3.5 inches across which makes it an easy to fit item and one can put her rings, beads or dry arrangements in it. The base is engraved with word LOVE written in a heart. This dish is not microwave safe, not made for food and must not be immersed in water.

    16)-All rounder Three Tier Stand:

    gift for mum

    Check Price On Amazon

    This can really prove to be an all rounder household item for your mother.This is one of the best gifts for 50 to 60 year old mom who has everything. She can use it to put her jewelry, cake, desserts or appetizer tidbits. Size of bottom plate is 10.5”, middle 7.5” and top 6.5”. The height of the entire assembled arrangement is 15”. It can find its uses in drawing room, kitchen or even in bathroom.


    17)-Aukey Sensor Table Lamp:

    gift for mom

    Check Price On Amazon

    For moms who are fond of book reading this is one of the best gifts for the upcoming mother’s day. The lamp comes with wide range of selectable colors which makes it flexible according to your mood and interior and can be used in rooms and modern offices. The lamp has 3 adjustable illumination levels so you are free to switch between reading, relaxing and sleeping lighting conditions.


    18)- Mother of Dragons Tumbler:

    best git for mothers 2020Check Price On Amazon

    Totally customizable with names this is going to be a smart and funny choice from a mischievous child for mummy. This is made up of stainless steel and comes with a clear push up lid and matching straw. It weighs 20 ounces and has laser etched writing on it. Keeps liquids cool for 24 hours easily due to double insulation. A vast variety of colors is available.


    19)-Personalized Wooden Cutting Board:

    gifts for mum

    Check Price On Amazon For Best Buy

    Your mummy will surely love it if she is a steak or BBQ lover. You can order for any personalization on the board. This engraved board is perfect to be gifted to mothers. You can express your heart or anything funny on either or both sides of the board.


    20)-The Great Toilet Paper of 2020:

    best gift for mom

    Check Price On Amazon To Buy

    This mug will surely make you mummy laugh not only in 2020 but for many years. It Is equally good for tea, coffee or beverages. A big handle offers you an easy grip. A permanent print on both sides that will not get fade or wear out.


    21)-Nurse or Doctor Mothers Personalized Tumbler:

    mom dr gift

    Check Best Buy Price On Amazon

    This is undoubtedly made for mummy’s who are nurses or doctors. A finest quality vinyl has been used in making this stethoscope and heart label. Made of shatter and rust proof stainless steel, this tumbler weighs 20 ounces. It comes with a lid and matching straw, ideal for working ladies.

    22)- Owl Statue Decor

    best gift

    Check Price On Amazon

    Your mom can place it in lounge, besides TV, book shelf, table, kids’ room or anywhere. A best gift for bird loving mummies, this 4.5 inches tall owl ornament will surely make her smile every times she looks at it.This is really meaningful mother’s day gift from daughter.



    So these are inexpensive mother’s day gift ideas and presents.Son, daughter and husbands are loving above listed cheap mothers day gifts for wife and mum.We hope you love these, quick and cheap last minute presents for 2020. Please share your feedback on it. Stay safe and connected.

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    Propane Gas Grill vs Electric Grill Comparison Guide 2020

    electric grill vs gas grill

    Gas or electric grill? In this article, we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of gas or electric grills to help you decide which one for your patio, balcony, trailer, or wherever you need a grill.

    Before deciding on a grill, it is important to know which type is best for you and your needs.

    What is Gas Grill ?

    They run on propane or natural gas and use one or more burners to grill food over an open flame. The food rests on a grill over the flame and regulates the intensity of the fire up and down to control the temperature.

    The best gas grills offer a real flame-cooking experience without coal pollution. Instead, you just have to make sure you have a constant gas supply.

    This means buying propane tanks, usually 9-10 kilos, or connecting them to a natural gas line to ensure uninterrupted fuel flow.

    gas grill 2020

    View On Amazon

    What is Electric Grill?

    Unlike all other types of grills, electric grills do not use combustion to cook food. Grilling on one is more like using an electric grill inside.

    Simply plug the device into an electrical outlet and instead of heating the grill and the space around the food with fire, the electricity does the job.

    You will still get grilling marks from raised ridges on the surface. What you don’t get are shoots that burn your food. They are very easy to use and deliver consistent results right from the start.

    best gift for mom

    View On Amazon

    Gas Grill or Electric Grill: Comparison Table 2020

    Characteristics Electric Grill Gas Grill
    Fuel Electricity Natural Gas or Propane
    Size Small worktops or table tops are available that supply 2 to 6 people at the same time. There are also large ones available for the outdoor or inner courtyard that cater for 12 to 15 people at the same time. Gas grills are available in sizes from small, single steak grills to large ones. Industry-sized restaurant grills can feed a hundred or more people.
    Space requirements It can be used indoors or outdoors; Not much space is needed. Preferably outside; Most gas grills take up a lot of space and must not be placed too close to flammable materials.
    Temperature range About 120 ° – 260 °

    The electric grill generates intense radiant heat and then switches its heating coils off and on again after a certain time or when the temperature drops. Searing thicker foods may not be possible as this requires intense heat over a long period of time.

    About 120 ° – 260 °

    In a gas grill, you can control the heat at a constant temperature. Gas grills are difficult to maintain at low temperatures (~ 225-250F), especially over long periods of time.

    Cleaning The heating element of an electric grill cannot be immersed in water and must be disconnected from the mains when cleaning. All removable parts can be cleaned. All washable parts of the grill, including removable hot plates, grids and fat trays, can be washed thoroughly with hot water.
    User Friendliness Very easy to use; little or no learning curve It is not difficult to use, but not as easy as an electric grill.
    Weatherproof It cannot be used outdoors in rain or snow. It can be used in any weather
    Running costs Low; about 0.13 – 0.25 kWh. Depending on the local electricity tariffs Natural gas approx. 5 – 6 cents kWh; Propane approx.0.50 – 0.55 $ / hour
    Price Lowest average entry price Large price range, but more expensive averages for decent quality.
    Taste Electric grills do not offer the same authenticity as gas or coal grills. Grilled appearance; little or no smoky taste Food tastes better with gas grills than with electric grills, but not comparable to coal. Some smoke and charcoal taste possible.
    Popularity Electric grills are not very popular. Gas barbecues are very popular and there is a lot more variety.

    Gas or Electric Grill Aspects

    It is time to address some important issues to consider when choosing a perfect gas or electric grill:

    Electric or Gas Grill Ease of Use

    Electric grills are extremely user-friendly and can be configured wherever there is a power supply. Anyone who has used an electric cooker or iron will have no problem using any of these useful devices.

    The temperature can be set quickly, easily and precisely by turning the rotary knob.

    Gas grills light up immediately with a built-in ignition system (or with a match if necessary).

    As with electricity, you can set the temperature with just a few turns of a button. However, it may take some time to find the right settings for different types of grilling.

    While both offer greater ease of use and convenience in front of the charcoal grill, the electric grills gain the simplicity of the competition over gas.

    Electric or Gas Grill Versatility

    If you feel like using your grill creatively, you will find that your electric grill is very limited. Yes, you can give good security to foods with high heat capacities and they grill your food to the point you want. But that’s all.

    However, a gas grill offers many more options, especially if you have 2 or more burners available. Those who want to get the most out of their grill will soon learn how to grill with 2 zones, where your dishes are grilled in the hot zone and finished in the cooler area.

    You can also fry or add a smokehouse for smoking under the lid.

    For everything beyond the simplest grill, gas is the way to go.

    Electric or Gas Grill Temperature Range

    A wide temperature range opens up more options for grilling. A typical electric grill has a low setting of approx. 120 ° C. This is ideal for warming up food or cooking delicate items such as fish, fruits and vegetables. You can also hold it thanks to the internal thermostat.

    High temperatures on an electric grill can really vary. Some very good models reach 300 ° C or more, which is incredible for searing. However, on average, expect a temperature of 250 ° C, which is still good enough to sear meat.

    A gas grill has a similar bottom end, but it can be more difficult to keep it there because the flames keep coming up. You need to learn 2-zone grilling for good grilling at low temperature. For the lower end, expect the maximum temperature to be between 250 ° C and 290 ° C. If you want to reach the highest temperatures, you should look for a gas infrared burner that offers temperatures well over 370 ° C and even over 480 ° C and more.

    We will take advantage of electricity for constant heat, but the gas grill for the potential as we can reach higher temperatures.

    Gas or Electric Grill Size and Space Requirements

    Most electric grills are rather small, with the largest approaching the smallest gas grills. It may only take 2 square feet for one, possibly a little more to include a stand with wheels and side shelves.

    However, gas grills can range from small to monstrous. The little ones only need a few meters on each side. An average size 3-4 burner grill may take up more space. You can also opt for an outdoor kitchen appliance with a length of 2.5 m or more, which contains side burners and workstations.

    Electric or Gas Grill Capacity

    The larger electric grills are still pretty small as the grills advance. Don’t expect to find more than 240 square inches of grill space. This is fine for a couple, a very small family, or maybe a couple of friends to camp with. However, don’t expect to organize a BBQ with electricity in the neighborhood backyard.

    On the other hand, there are gas grills in different sizes, from very small to very, very large. You can get compact units or ones that are good for a small family, just like electrical ones. However, if you need more than 600 square inches of grill space (think of 20 hamburgers at the same time), gas is your grill.

    Gas or Electric Grill Reliability

    This category is reduced to “You get what you pay for”. There are some reputable companies that make electric grills, including George Foreman, Weber and Cuisinart. We don’t expect many problems with such names.

    The same applies to gas grills. Choose a good grill company and you will minimize the likelihood that something is wrong with your grill.

    If something goes wrong (and that’s always a possibility, no matter what you buy), it’s much cheaper and easier to fix your gas grill.

    The parts are easy to get and can usually be replaced by the owner. Electric grills are not that easy to repair, especially if a thermostat or electronic component is broken.

    Electric or Gas Grill Depending on Weather

    Honestly, you can’t use an outside grill in bad weather. Precipitation and electrification should not belong together and electronic components are also not designed for extreme cold.

    However, what you can do is bring your electric grill to the garage or even the kitchen as many models can be used indoors as they don’t emit harmful gases and produce a minimum of smoke.

    Gas grills can be used in any weather you want to endure. While they may have trouble warming up when the outside temperature drops, it is possible to grill all year round, except in arctic climates. The same applies to rain and snow: if you can stand it, you can grill.

    Remember to clean moisture before covering it again to avoid oxidation.

    It’s hard to say if any of them are the winners here, but in general we prefer the idea to grill outside in any weather.

    Gas or Electric Grill Maintenance

    Maintaining an electric grill is a breeze. Keep it dry and clean the grill surfaces. Many have a non-stick coating to make it easier to remove dirt and you can even completely remove the frame.

    A gas grill is not difficult to maintain, but it requires more attention. You should burn and scrape food scraps, clean the moisture, check the gas connections, make sure the burners are safe and intact, monitor the oxidation and even the spider webs in the pipes (seriously).

    It seems like a lot, but it’s not a big problem, however, it’s more than you’re dealing with an electric grill.

    Electric or Gas Grill Purchase Cost

    There are some good electric grills at really low prices, some for less than 100 euros. Even some of the best on the market will make sure it’s nothing more than a decent gas grill. There are some super high-end commercial models that cost up to $ 1000, but very few of us need this type of equipment.

    The low level for gas grills is slightly higher than that for electric grills, but there are many more options. Of course, you can spend thousands of dollars on a gas grill, but most of us don’t.

    We give the advantage for the purchase price to the electrical systems, but we will not call this a decisive factor.

    Gas or Electric Grill Running Costs

    The operating costs of your electric grill depend on how much you pay for electricity. For example, if you operate solar panels, this will cost you absolutely nothing. Very cute!

    Now we have to pay for plugging in the network. If you have an average grill and pay 15 cents per kWh (kilowatt hour), this will cost about $ 0.25 / hour. While grilling, this is not that bad.

    Depending on how far the pipe has to run, the installation of a natural gas connection can be moderate to very expensive. Once inside, the fuel doesn’t cost much. Expect to pay around 0.15 $ / hour.

    Propane is the most expensive of the three options. The actual values ​​depend on your BTUs, but are around $ 0.60 / hour. It is a reasonable estimate.

    None of this is a large sum, but natural gas is the most economical if you ignore the installation costs.

    Electric or Gas Grill Quality and Consistency of the Dishes

    Since it is easy to maintain a certain temperature and there are few or no outbreaks, grilling with an electric grill is very consistent. You can also grill any kind of food without any problems. For example, a firm and non-stick grill area is ideal for fish, so there is no need for a grill cage to protect sensitive meat.

    As soon as you master it, a gas grill also delivers consistent results. However, they require more work because the heat fluctuates and fat drops can cause breakouts.

    In terms of quality, however, there is no comparison if you enjoy the taste of the grill. A gas grill uses real and open flames to heat the grill, air, and food. Drip juices produce some smoke (not as much as coal, but something), and charred fat and sauces improve the taste significantly.

    Unfortunately, an electric model offers little or nothing of this kind of friendliness.

    For a really delicious barbecue that tastes like barbecue, a gas grill model always outperforms an electric one.

    Gas or Electric Grill Popularity

    Electric grills are on the rise thanks to their convenience and the way they fit into a modern lifestyle. No yard? No problem. However, there is almost no community or resources to support your trip. But considering how easy they are to use, maybe that doesn’t matter?

    However, gas grills are very popular. They come in all shapes and sizes and are ideal for everyone, from singles to large families. There are many groups and websites where you can find support, encouragement and advice.

    Electric Grill Summary

    indoor grill smokeless non stick electric

    View On Amazon

    Electric Grill Advantages and Disadvantages


    • Fuel never runs out (Except in the event of a power failure)
    • Running costs low
    • Easy to use and clean
    • Indoor use possible


    • You can’t grill without electricity
    • You cannot create a really smoky taste
    • A large grill area is difficult to find
    • It is not possible to grill in 2 zones

    What are Electric Grill Suitable For?

    • Casual grills
    • People with disabilities (apartments, condos, townhouses)
    • People who don’t like the taste of smoke or coal

    You May Prefer a Gas Grill if …

    • You prefer a smoky taste
    • You want more options
    • They like to grill for a crowd

    Gas Grill Summary

    best gas grill

    View On Amazon

    Gas Grill Advantages and Disadvantages


    • It heats up quickly
    • Many other grill options (e.g. grilling in 2 zones)
    • Add real smoke and grilled aroma
    • You can grill outside in any weather


    • The propane is running low and needs to be replaced
    • The connection of natural gas is expensive
    • Further maintenance is required
    • It’s not usually as portable as electric grills

    What are Gas Grills for ?

    • People with an existing gas connection
    • Who likes the real grill taste
    • Large families or groups

    You may Prefer an Electric Grill if …

    • You are not allowed to grill with gas where you live
    • You prefer a “cleaner” taste for your food
    • Sometimes like to grill indoors

    Gas Grill or Electric Grill Conclusion

    Whether gas or electric grill, both types offer a unique grill experience, but if we had the option, we would always choose gas!

    The quality of the food, which we consider the most important factor, is much better than that of an electric grill. If you are fenced and have space for safe use, we recommend a gas grill over an electric one.

    Keep in mind that an electric grill can be a worthwhile investment if gas is out of the question or if you really want to be able to grill carefree outdoors. For some, this may be the best or even the only option. Of course we choose the electric grill between the electric grill and no grill!


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    Top 7 Best Smoke Free Indoor Electric Grills 2020

    smokeless nonstick grill and griddle

    You surely want to have a BBQ grill for fulfilling your cooking needs and adding variety to your meals but so far you have been unable to own one because of one or more of the following reasons:

    • You don’t have a back yard or lawn for carrying out this outdoor smoke generating activity.
    • You are allergic to smoke and you could never meet the decision point of getting one.
    • Your children are very notorious and you are a conscious mom therefore not risking them with such a fire item at home.
    • Smoke with carbon soot generated by the grill bothers you leaving you with irritating eyes.
    • You don’t want yourself to mess up with all that time taking stuff in your lawn.
    • Your uncertain rainy and windy terrain would never let you complete your job outdoor.
    • You are a fish lover but your outdoor open BBQ grill would always splash you while doing so.
    • You love socializing and guests are always unpredictable so igniting an outdoor grill is nearly impossible every time.

    The following guide brings you with an all in one solution to your problems. All you need is an indoor electric smoke free grill. The articles listed below offer you a great deal of variety and features to address your needs in a befitting manner and will definitely make your life and kitchen trouble free. Here you go with the finest indoor smoke free non stick electric grills experienced and strongly recommended by our cooking experts for 2020:

    1. Philips HD6371/98 – Best Indoor Electric Grill Smokeless, Sear Master (2-3 Servings)
    2. Techwood LED panel – Best Indoor Grill Smokeless Non Stick Electric, All Rounder (2-3 Servings)
    3. Hamilton Beach 25361 – Best Smokeless Nonstick Electric Grill For Family Friend (7-9 Servings)
    4. PowerXL Dual Griddle Plate – Best BBQ Smokeless Grill Indoor, Steak Master (6-8 Servings)
    5. Maxi-Matic EMG-980B – Best Non Smoke Grill Indoor, BBQ Specialist (6-8Servings)
    6. Charles Oakley – Best Electric Smokeless Non-Stick Hot Dogs Expert Grill(6-8 Servings)
    7. George Foreman – Best Indoor Electric Grill Smokeless For Party Server (15+ Servings)

    1)- Philips HD6371/98 – 13”.5×7” Grill Area- Sear Master:

    indoor electric grill smokeless

    View On Amazon



    • Promptly gets to optimum temperature
    • No Temperature setting required
    • Maintains juice and tender
    • No grease or fat splattering
    • Easy to clean
    • Dishwasher safe


    No temperature adjustment which may limit the variety of foods you can cook

    Buyer’s Feedback:

    Reviewers grade this smokeless nonstick grill product really high for its almost smoke free cooking and dishwashing capability. Small families and singles living in hostels really praised its performance.You can check latest 2020 reviews on Amazon as well

    Product Description:

    The grill does not put you in a hassle of temperature adjustment and does the job by itself by promptly reaching 446 Degrees Fahrenheit. It has a non stick grill of aluminum which helps in searing chicken, fish, vegetables and bread as well. This is simple electric grill really easy to clean as it is perfectly dish wash safe. It does not leave any grease on the grill and nearly smokeless in its performance. It comes with 2 grill pieces of different sizes.One of the best buy of 2020 in the category of indoor electric, non stick, smokeless cooking and with removable plates.


    • Brand – Philips
    • Weight – 13.6 lbs
    • Overall Dimensions – 7.5”x21.9”x16.9”
    • Cooking Area – 13.5×7.5 Ft
    • Servings – 2-3
    • Power Rating – 1660W
    • Voltage – 120V

    2)- Techwood LED panel Grill- 11.4” x 8.7” Grill Area- All Rounder:

    indoor grill smokeless non stick electric

    View On Amazon


    • Efficiently drains fats into underneath tray
    • In built quiet smoke suction fan
    • Adjustable Temperature knob
    • Auto shut down to avoid overcooking
    • Dishwasher safe
    • LED user friendly panel


    A few users might not prefer LED smart panel over manual one

    Buyer’s Feedback:

    Buyers living in shared rooms, hostels and apartments loved it a lot. A silent fan with excellent smoke suction capability was heart winning. Reviewers found it efficient for all types of food.

    Product Description:

    This non stick electric indoor grill comes with an excellent smoke suction technology which leaves zero odor and smoke in your apartment/ RV. The transparent glass lid makes your wait easier. It comes with a removal drip tray to be washed and set back easily. The grill is equally good for bacon, sausages, kabobs, fish and chicken. An adjustable temperature control offers you a great degree of freedom i-e 220 0F to 450 0F to cook a vast variety of foods. Fat collection tray and both the top grill are dish wash safe so no worries of cleaning.


    • Brand – Techwood
    • Weight – 10.7 lbs
    • Overall Dimensions – 19.69”x11.81”x5.12”
    • Cooking Area – 11.4”x8.7”
    • Servings – 2-3
    • Power Rating – 1500W
    • Voltage – 120V

    3)- Hamilton Beach 25361 – 16” x 11” Grill Area- Family Friend:

    indoor grill smokeless nonstick

    View On Amazon


    • Extra large sized fat collection tray underneath
    • User friendly: Power and Temperature status lights
    • Adjustable Temperature control
    • Transparent lid to monitor your food
    • Large grill area
    • Retains juice, tender and flavor


    A very small amount of smoke almost un noticeable comes out of it

    Buyer’s Feedback:

    Buyers especially those having medium and large sized families were really happy to buy one. It proved out to be an all rounder and buyers were suggesting others to go for it. As per recent reviews of 2020 on Amazon, users loved its drip pan for not leaving the food greasing and easily washable.

    Product Description:

    It has a large cooking area and drip pan which is ideal for families and guests and collects fat very efficiently. It offers a flexible temperature to grill a variety of foods including burgers, steaks and veggies and pizza. A see through window further gives you an opportunity to monitor the status of food being grilled. A non stick and easily washable stainless steel and thermoplastic of grill adds value to its quality. One cannot distinguish the taste from that obtained by an outdoor charcoal grill.


    • Brand – Hamilton Beach
    • Weight – 8.14 lbs
    • Overall Dimensions – 12.4”x16.7”x6.8”
    • Cooking Area – 16×11”
    • Servings – 7-9
    • Power Rating – 1200W
    • Voltage – 120V

    4)- PowerXL Dual Griddle Plate 13.5″ X 8″ Grill Area- Steak Master


    smokeless nonstick grill and griddle

    View On Amazon


    • Large enough cooking area
    • Smart temperature control
    • Interchangeable dual grill plate
    • See through glass lid to determine food status
    • Excellent In built smoke extractor
    • Retains juice, tender and flavor


    Power Chord is undoubtedly of great quality but comparatively smaller in length so one may need extension lead

    Buyer’s Feedback:

    Although a few found it time taking to clean but every user is happy to buy this master piece. Reviewers said it is smokeless in performance and gives taste exactly like a charcoal grill. Users recommended its usage with glass lid on so that juice and taste is retained.

    Product Description:

    The grill has a decent sized cooking area for small and medium families and those living in hostel and dorms. An in built fan extracts all the smoke and you just cook in a smoke free environment. An adjustable temperature control allows you to make burgers, steak, kabobs and much more. It reaches its maximum temperature of 450 0F very quickly and does not let you keep waiting. Its dual and interchangeable grill plate of non stick material allows you to cook food of any king and size. Power chord is not very long but you can either place it next to power point in your kitchen or use extension lead. It is simply an awesome choice for BBQ lovers.


    • Brand – PowerXL
    • Weight – 17.5 lbs
    • Overall Dimensions – 21”x15.4”x8.1”
    • Cooking Area – 13.5″ X 8″
    • Servings – 6-8
    • Power Rating – 1500W
    • Voltage – 120V

    5)- Maxi-Matic EMG-980B -14″ Diamter Round Grill- BBQ Specialist

    smokeless bbq grill

    View On Amazon


    • Large Cooking circular top
    • 5 selectable temperature levels
    • Comes in 3 pieces Very easy to clean
    • Dish wash safe non stick material
    • Gives taste like outdoor char grill
    • Long power chord


    User manual is not provided with the item however most users find it very easy to use even without it

    Buyer’s Feedback:

    Buyers were really happy on this investment and label it as a trouble free and smoke free indoor grill. The circular design being unique and offering maximum grill area was like by many reviewers. Users have claimed to cook the whole family’s meal on it.

    Product Description:

    This 5 temperature adjustable levels (195 0F to 450 0F) grill is simply as master piece for small families and singles. A wide range of foods can be grilled with this. A circular top offers you maximum utilization of grilling area. It reaches its top temperature very quickly and due to its non stick material anything can be placed on it. The grill gives best taste and color with top lid on and transparent nature of lid helps you monitor the readiness of your food. This BBQ specialist will serve mom with veggies, dad with steak and kids with fish and pizza.


    • Brand – Maximatic
    • Weight – 6 lbs
    • Overall Dimensions – 17.2”x17”x4.1”
    • Cooking Area – 14” diameter circular top
    • Servings – 6-8
    • Power Rating – 1400W
    • Voltage – 120V

    6)- Charles Oakley -13.75” x 8” Grill Area- Hot Dogs Expert

    smokeless indoor electric grill

    View On Amazon


    • A good sized cooking area for families
    • Smoke suction technology
    • See through top lid
    • No smoke or mess
    • Double cooking surfaces
    • No grease or fat on food


    Instructions in user manual are not well drafted and some may find them difficult to understand

    Buyer’s Feedback:

    Reviewers ranked the grill really high. They said it could be used for every type of food as it offers a wide temperature range. Users said it is a great indoor grill and recommend other to buy it without hesitation.

    Product Description:

    This electric nonstick smokeless product is large sized and vast temperature range grill which allows you to grill, pork bacon, kabobs, pizza, and is extremely good for making hot dogs and hot shots. So this is an all in one solution for families and singles who want to carry out indoor grilling. Two griddle plates offer you the freedom to grill food of all sizes and types. Heat is evenly distributed to the entire food items and one cannot figure out the difference of taste when compared with an outdoor charcoal grill. The large grill surface leaves no smoke and fat and totally mess free. It is a complete package to the family. Simply a great thing to invest on.


    • Brand – Charles Oakley
    • Weight – 17.8 lbs
    • Overall Dimensions – 21 x 15 x 9 inches
    • Cooking Area – 13.75” x 8”
    • Servings – 6-8
    • Power Rating – 1200W
    • Voltage – 120V

    7)- George Foreman- GGR50B -240 Sq Inch Grill area-Big Family Server

    best electric grill 2020

    View On Amazon


    • Easily serves 15+ people due to large grill area
    • Very easy to clean
    • Can be used indoor and outdoor with removable stand
    • Gives taste like outdoor char grill
    • No smoke at all
    • 5 selectable temperature levels


    Need to pay attention to stand for placing on even surface
    Comes with single grill plate

    Buyer’s Feedback:

    Buyers label it as a real life saver and trouble solver. It is very rapid and efficient ion its action. Big families and party lovers are in love with the grill. They found it extremely easy to pull together and detach for cleaning as well.

    Product Description:

    With this huge grilling area device you need not worry about the number of guests coming. Parties can be frequently arranged if you own one. A 240 square inch grilling area is all you need being a big family. Stand can be fixed or removed as per your need. A six inch high pedestal makes it even impressive and easy to handle. 5 adjustable heat levels allow you to cook anything desire. A deep coking area does not allow juice and steam to escape from food. It can prove to be the smartest grill with a very easy washable plate. So it is a life saver for you and a worthy investment.


    • Brand – George Foreman
    • Weight – 21 lbs
    • Overall Dimensions – 22.2 x 20.5 x 13 inches
    • Cooking Area – 240 Sq inch 17 inch diameter
    • Servings – 15-18
    • Power Rating – 1400W
    • Voltage – 120V

    Outdoor grilling is not always possible for a variety of reasons, from living standards to living in apartments to limited space in the back yard. For lovers of the taste of grilled food, a smoke-free grill is a fantastic choice for indoor use. So we brought for the best of the bests smokeless grill models on the market.

    Are You In Hurry? Brief Summary of The Smoke-Free Grills


    indoor electric grill smokeless

    Check Price On Amazon

    Our best choice is the smoke-free Philips indoor grill. It’s amazingly good at keeping the ideal temperature for indoor roasting, and it’s extremely easy to clean. Its elegant design makes it look good in your kitchen.

    best indoor grill

    View Price On Amazon

    The Ninja Foodie is very similar to our best choice in terms of design and appearance. It even heats up to similar temperatures! However, its appearance is not as sophisticated and comes from a less established brand.


    best aroma grill

    View Price On Amazon

    To keep your counters clean and grill for a small group, the smoke-free Aroma grill has a good stylish design of round shape grill and a lid.

    What is a Smoke Free Grill?

    While conventional grills use fuels such as propane, coal and wood pellets for grilling, a smokeless grill works differently. Smoke-free grills that run on electricity often use infrared technology and reflective coatings. They are usually built so that grease and other drops do not fall into hot areas. And although they greatly minimize smoke, especially when compared to a conventional outdoor grill, they’re not 100% smoke-free. As with cooking on the stove, a minimum amount of smoke is inevitable.

    How Does A Smoke-Free Grill Work?

    In a typical grill, fats and other liquids cause smoke and breakouts when dripping onto the fuel source underneath. Smokeless grills fight this in two different ways. The first is through the use of infrared technology and carefully placed reflective surfaces. The heat from the infrared source is reflected towards the food instead of being placed directly below it. This allows drops of moisture to fall onto a cold collecting plate instead of onto the heating element itself. While the high-fat cuts and heavily marinated foods continue to smoke a little, this setting significantly reduces the amount of smoke produced.

    Another way how smokeless grills reduce smoke is by using an electric heating element under the grill. Carefully developed to ensure even heating. Placing the product on the grill will reduce the amount of moisture that comes into contact with the grill. This also reduces the amount of smoke generated. Some smokeless grills have a built-in hood that also helps.

    How to Select Best Non-Stick and Smokeless Indoor Electric Grill  ?

    Number of Servings:

    The most fundamental question which must be pondered upon is how many people you will be going to serve with your indoor electric grill. You need to ask yourself:

    • Being single and hostelite do I really need bigger grill?
    • Should I really pay more for a larger grill even if my family is 2+1?
    • Can a smaller grill help me welcome my very frequently visiting bulks of guests?

    So this is purely a trade off between your need and demand. Go for the size which suits your utility. A larger indoor electric grill smokeless might cost you more in money and cleaning time and a smaller one might increase your grilling time and effort. So gauge your utility and decide wisely.

    Temperature Options:

    Ask yourself who all will be using the non smoke indoor grill. Are you alone and if YES do you need it for only one type of food or you love to have versatility in your meals. If NO then do consider the choices of your family members. So you need to buy a grill offering temperature options which perfectly meets your needs. Handling a fixed and variable temperature grill is equally handy. If price does not hinder, go for a large temperature range flat grill indoor cooking and keep testing all your taste buds.

    Number of Griddle Plates:

    Check for the number and types of griddle plates with the models available in market. If you plan to cook a vast variety of foods go for multiple plates grill. Plates of different texture give different results for kabobs, pizza, hot shots, pizza etc. So decide accordingly for best fit bbq smokeless grill indoor or outdoor.

    Power Rating:

    Experts recommend a power rating of upto 1200 Watts for normal users who want to cook veggies, chicken and pizza. But those who want a quicker cooking must opt for a higher power rating i-e 1400 Watts and above. Price however may be taken into consideration then.


    Are smokeless indoor grill truly smokeless?
    Smokeless nonstick indoor grills are virtually smoke free. There is a range of models and many offer an additional in built fan to suck in smoke. Therefore they are seemingly smoke free and that little smoke is normally trouble free if they generate it at all.
    Are indoor grills good for health?
    Research and experts claim that indoor grill with almost no smoke are more healthier for users as compared to typical outdoor grill generating carbon soot.
    Is it easy to clean an indoor electric grill?
    All the models come with detachable pieces and are dish wash safe. So they are just trouble free as far as cleaning is concerned.
    Can I cook all what is cooked in an outdoor grill?
    Certainly yes. Indoor electric grills are a total replacement to outdoor grills. You can cook anything you want.
    Does food give same taste like outdoor grill?
    If you are not told prior to eating you would not be able to figure out the difference. The taste is almost exactly the same.


    When it comes to variety the decision normally becomes difficult. So your food priorities, number of servings and budget will definitely drive your decision. But this best indoor grill buying guide of 2020 would surely have helped you in making your decision wise and efficient. The models listed above have been vigorously tested and found best for you to buy under 100 Dollars & under $ 150. You may confidently pick best one for simple living advanced indoor smokeless bbq grill experience.

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    21 Best Board Games For The Family To Play At Home In 2020

    best board game 2020

    There is no question that the best board game is a matter of taste and not every good board game appeals to everyone. However, there are certain criteria that make a good game. Unfortunately, you can only find these out when you are playing. If the research is too complex for you to filter out a good game from the wide range, our purchase recommendation will surely help you further, because we have already done the research for you, so that you can find a good board game with little effort. So we can see the legends of Andor from Kosmos, we recommend as a cooperative game, because not only the detailed game material is convincing, but also the game itself, which offers many complex tasks that require strategic decisions, so that it plays like a living novel. Alternatively, the lovingly designed strategy game Kingdom Builder by Queen Games is highly recommended, in which the luck factor is pushed as far as possible into the background, which makes the game play always exciting and the fun to play.Here are the best 2-player and above board games for teenagers,couples and adults to play at home together when they are bored.


    best board game 2020
    The Legends of Andor,
    Cooperative fantasy board game from 10 years

    The legends of Andor was the best cooperative board game because it is suitable for the whole family, since children from the age of 10 can play it. The processing of the materials is very high quality, the start of the game is very easy thanks to the lottery instructions and the story that the game tells while immersing yourself in the characters is captivating and exciting.


    When playing the game, you have to be prepared for a game time of 2 hours or sometimes more. If you don’t like fantasy stories, you may not get your money’s worth in the game.


    The bottom line is an exciting and extraordinary cooperation game for families with older children or adults, which can convince with good workmanship, a beautiful story and a well thought-out concept.



    best board gamesQueen Games 6083 – Kingdom Builder, Game of the Year 2012



    Kingdom Builder is a complex and fascinating game because it tries to suppress the luck factor as much as possible so that it becomes a pure strategy game. The games are relatively fast and the rules are so simple that children can play from the age of 8. The processing of the game materials can also convince in the test, so the game is highly recommended.


    Since the factor of luck hardly plays a role and it is a pure strategy game, it is certainly not to everyone’s taste. The game does not fill the evening either, since the games are quite fast, but entertaining.


    If you are looking for a pure strateg board game that can be learned quickly and still captivating, then Kingdom Builder is the place for you. The game is well made, plays quickly and even children from 8 years old can already play.



    game of thrones the iron throne board game
    The Iron Throne, 2nd Edition



    The Iron Throne in the 2nd edition is a very successful board game for adults, which is located in the fantasy area, because it is based on the novel “the song of ice and fire”, which was filmed as a Game of Thrones. In the standard version it can already be played with up to six players and the game material is very extensive. For strategy players, the full-length game is definitely worth it.


    Due to the complex and extensive rules, it takes a little longer to learn the game and it is unsuitable for children under the age of 14. It is also not playable in pairs and you can expect a game length of up to four hours.


    Anyone looking for a Game of Thrones board game will definitely find what they are looking for with the strategy game The One Throne. The game fills an entire evening, requires a high degree of strategic thinking and is recommended for everyone who plays board games frequently.

    Board Games Buying Guide

    Which game can be described as the best board game is difficult to answer. If you are looking for a new board game, you usually have your own methods when making a purchase decision. In the test, the most popular games of the past few years were examined and evaluated in terms of complexity, game flow, simplicity of instructions and, of course, the factor “fun”. The result is the top 5 list of the best board games in 2020. However, there are a few things you should consider before comparing prices or making a purchase so that you are not disappointed with your purchase later. Therefore, below you will find a brief overview of what you should pay attention to when buying a new board game.

    board game


    Clues As To Which Games Are Worth Your Money

    The range of games is huge and new games are constantly being added. It is only possible for fans and connoisseurs to keep an overview and to be able to make solid decisions about which game suits their taste. If you only buy games occasionally, it is all the more important that you enjoy the game afterwards.

    Most people choose a game if it has been recommended to them by friends or friends. The internet makes it a little easier here, because you can quickly get a first impression of the quality of a game if you look at the reviews of other buyers. Of course, it is always a matter of taste whether a game really appeals to you in retrospect, but a cross-section of the ratings is nevertheless a fairly solid indicator of the quality and fun factor of the game.

    The price itself has very little meaning. Most of the time, newer games are a little more expensive, but a cheap board game doesn’t have to be inferior to a very expensive version in terms of features and, of course, fun. In addition to topicality, factors such as materials, scope and publisher also have an impact on the price.

    Another good clue is a game price. The prestigious “Game of the Year” industry award, which is awarded annually, does not have to mean that you really like the game, but the game has at least proven to a broad jury that it is balanced, offers a high level of fun and more than one has good facilities. As a rule, the games of the year have a very high long-term motivation and appeal to a wide range of players. They are often quick and easy to learn, but not always suitable for children. For this reason, a few years ago the “Kennerspiel des Jahres” prize was awarded, which recognizes more complex board games – usually for older children and adults – separately. The children’s game of the year award is also given to the little ones. These games have a very simple guide and a game round is usually finished relatively quickly and does not last for hours. If you choose a game with an award, chances are good that the game will deliver what it promises later.

    What You Should Pay Attention To When Buying

    In addition to ratings, an award or good equipment, you should also consider that no game is fun if you don’t have any other players. That means you should always keep your friends, family members and acquaintances in mind – so ask yourself the question: Who is playing the game with me? This sounds banal, but it should play a big role in the purchase that the game also appeals to your potential teammates.

    You should also consider factors such as game duration, minimum age and type of game. As a rule, you can assume that a board game from 12 years of age is significantly more complex than a board game from 6 years of age, has a longer game time and has a topic that is more aimed at older players and adults. If you are looking for an entertaining game in between, the game duration should be specified with a maximum of 20 minutes. Experience has shown that more complex board games in which the playing time is 45 minutes or 1.5 hours can also take several hours. Consider the well-known examples of risk or monopoly.

    You should also refrain from games in which the topic does not suit you or the basic type of game does not suit you. For example, some players generally do not like games of chance such as Humans Do Not Annoy You, or are averse to relatively simple board games such as Game of Life or Monopoly, in which the luck of the dice plays a major role. You can usually find clues about the game principle when you look at the back of the packaging. Often there are diagrams of how the game factors luck, tactics, cooperation etc. are distributed in relation to each other.

    best board game 2020


    Price Range

    As a rule, the price as well as the release date play a major role in how complex or complicated the game is. Because with complexity, the need for game material (dice, figures, cards, game plans) often increases. A cheap board game with manageable material and a relatively short game time should not cost more than 25 euros. More elaborate board games, which are extensively equipped and can sometimes last for several hours, are usually between 20 and 50 euros. Very large board games for many players and with very lush or high-quality game materials can sometimes cost over 50 euros, but this is rather the exception.

    The basic recommendation is that you shouldn’t set a fixed budget when buying games, because a pure price comparison between different types of board games makes little sense. Rather rely on ratings, recommendations, awards, and when in doubt, your own feelings when you buy a new game. A good help when making a purchase decision can be the top 5 list of the best board games. If you are new to one or more of these games, you should take a close look at them. Chances are that one of them will appeal to you.


    5 Best Board Games (Test) 2020


    You like to play board games and would like to get to know new board games again, but cannot really decide which board games for adults could captivate and inspire you?

    The most popular games of the past few years were put under the microscope in the test and rated in terms of fun, long-term motivation and price-performance ratio. The result is the top 5 best board games in 2020. These include both games of the year, fantasy board games, and strategy board games. All tested games have a complex gameplay in which not only luck is important, but also your planning skills play a major role. So if you do not know one of the test winners, it is definitely worth buying the game.



    1. The Legends of Andor Board Game 2020


    1-cosmos-691745The best board game, the Kenner game of 2013 – the legends of Andor – from KOSMOS was able to prevail.

    In the cooperative fantasy game for 2 to 4 players, all players are drawn into the game by the atmospherically designed and detailed game material. The easy entry into the game was particularly well received, so that no complicated rules have to be studied before starting the game, but entry into the game is relatively easy for newcomers. This is achieved through the “Lotspielanleitung”, which leads through the entire process in the form of a test game. The players slip into the role of different characters and have to bundle and use the respective skills to pass the upcoming adventures and trials. The players follow the story and the world of Andor continues to open up as the game progresses.

    The complex tasks require creative and strategically good decisions by the individual players so that the increasingly complex challenges can be mastered. The excellent and lovingly designed and extensive game material rounds off the entire package and makes “The Legends of Andor” a very successful fantasy game that presents the players with unusual challenges. Children from the age of 10 can also take part in the game, but plan for 1 to 2 hours of play for a complete game.

    It’s not for nothing that the test winner among the best board games of 2020 is a cooperative game, because it met all the criteria that a good board game should meet in the test. You can weigh up whether the game is interesting for you based on the advantages and disadvantages of the review.



    The game has an excellent atmosphere and has detailed and well-made game material.


    The rules are very well explained in the introductory section and have proven to be straightforward and logical.


    The game can only be won if the players play cleverly and well together. This is certainly ideal for a good board game.


    It was not without reason that the jury for the game of the year said “a game like a book”. The gameplay is told alive and interesting.

    Playing time:

    Experience with the board game has shown that a game usually does not last longer than two hours, which most find ideal.



    A fantasy game is certainly not for everyone. There should be a little enthusiasm for the topic.

    Buy from Amazon



    2. Queen Games 6083 Kingdom Builder Board Game For Family 2020


    2 queen games 6083The inexpensive board game from Queen Games particularly delights strategists. The game of the year 2012 is characterized by the fact that it works without dice and reduces the luck factor relatively far, so that there is good equality of opportunity between the players. The test was also well received by many players in the fact that the duration of the game is limited to less than an hour in most games, so that, unlike many other strategy games, it is not completely full-length or several games can be played in the evening.

    As the game progresses, players create their own kingdom of settlements and collect gold. The richest player wins the game at the end and children from the age of 8 can also play, as the instructions are clear and relatively simple.

    Between 2 and 4 players can compete against each other in Kingdom Builder. The game materials are lovingly designed, the settlement stones are made of wood, so that there is an overall very good price-performance ratio. Due to the very low price combined with the great fun and good long-term motivation that encourages you to play several games, the purchase is worthwhile for all game lovers and the game should not be missing in any collection.

    If you are still undecided whether a strategy game is the right one for you, comparing the strengths and weaknesses may help you with your decision.



    The high-quality workmanship combined with the good price structure results in a good price-performance ratio.


    The game works without dice and the luck factor plays almost no role. In addition, it is easy to play several games in a row.

    From 8 years:

    Even though it is a strategy game, it can already be played by children from the age of 8.


    The instructions are well structured and well thought out so that you can quickly find your way into the game.


    The game materials are lovingly and high quality, because many elements are made of wood.


    Short Game:

    The games are relatively short, so it is not a full-length parlor game.

    Strategy Factor high:

    The luck factor plays almost no role, so the game only makes sense for strategically interested players.

    Buy from Amazon


    3. The Iron Throne Board Game 2020 2nd Edition


    3-heidelberger-spieleverlag-he416The very complex and extensive fantasy strategy game from the Heidelberg game publisher is a real game for adults. Children over the age of 14 can follow the rules, but the moves and the whole process require a high degree of strategic thinking. The game is usually too complex for the average player. But if you are looking for a high-quality evening experience, you should definitely take a look at the iron throne in the second edition.

    The entire game is based on the novel series “The Song of Ice and Fire” by George RR Martin, on which the successful fantasy series Game of Thrones is based. The game is not only a real game enjoyment for Game of Thrones fans, but is aimed at all friends of the complex strategy game, which builds an exciting and great gaming experience over hours.

    Compared to the first edition, the game has been expanded with some innovations and previous extensions of the successful game have been integrated directly. The game material is very extensive and well processed and 3 – 6 players can take part in the game. There is also a variant for two players, but this was not really convincing, so it only pays off if there are three or more players to invest the two to four hours for a complete game. If you get involved with the game, you can fill an entire evening with the game and let yourself be captivated by this great adventure game.

    The Game of Thrones board game delighted not only die-hard fans, but also board game fans in general. You can weigh up whether the purchase is also worthwhile for your next game night by comparing the advantages and disadvantages.



    The game is very complex and requires a lot of strategic thinking.

    Gaming Experience:

    The game itself offers an evening-filling and very nice gaming experience.

    Game Material:

    The game material is very extensive and of high quality. Earlier extensions to the game are already included in the 2nd edition.


    Since it is an adventure game, it plays like a story. The game can cast a spell over you.



    The rules are relatively complex and extensive, so getting started for the first time can be difficult.

    From 14:

    The game is only partially playable for children under 14 because it is too complex.

    For die-hard board game fans only:

    The game is too extensive and complex for casual gamers, also with regard to the playing time of two to four hours.

    Buy from Amazon


    4. Catan The Board Strategy Game New edition 2020


    4-cosmos-catanWith the new edition of the game “The Settlers of Catan”, which has been translated into over 20 languages ​​and sold 22 million copies, Kosmos has a classic in its program that every board game fan should really have at home. The game thrills children from 10 years and adults alike and offers a 1 to 2 hour first-class gaming experience. Unfortunately, in the new edition, the well-known wooden figures were dispensed with and instead plastic was used. However, the game has also become cheaper, so there is no reason not to buy it.

    In the new version there is also app support for iOS, which can be used to intervene directly in the game using the robber figure, but which can also be used to start the game directly without reading the instructions beforehand. This makes entry for newcomers particularly easy and self-explanatory.

    The game, which is about conquering an island, collecting raw materials and building settlements, cities and streets, depends on trading skills, strategy and luck on the dice, so that the outcome of each game is completely open at the beginning. In the course of the game, alliances or trade contracts may even be formed between the 3 to 4 players. For anyone who doesn’t know the game yet, it’s high time to try it out. But if you already own the classic version from 1995, it is not worth buying the new edition, because it is the same game.

    If you do not yet own the Catan settlers, but are considering purchasing and are still undecided, a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of the game may help you decide.



    Catan is a classic game that every board and board game fan should know.

    Family Game:

    The game is particularly interesting as a family game with children from the age of 10.

    App Addition:

    The app compatibility brings more movement into play and it enables a quick start.

    Game Principle:

    The gameplay of conquering the island and building settlements and trade routes is still convincing in 2020.


    Game Material:

    In the new edition there are no wooden figures anymore, these have been replaced by plastic.

    Not Playable for two:

    You need at least 3 people to play.

    Buy from Amazon


    5. Civilization The Board Game For Family Friends In LockDown


    5-heidelberger-spieleverlag-335The very extensive and extremely complex game Civilization is a board game implementation of the popular and eponymous strategy game for PC.

    It is designed for two to four players and, due to its complexity, not suitable for children under the age of 14.

    The two to four hour long full board game lets players lead a complete civilization across all ages and technology, economy, culture and military of the peoples have to be used and combined cleverly to lead their own civilization to true greatness.

    Cities and buildings are erected, battles are fought and technical innovations are researched using a modular playing field.

    If you are looking for a highly complex and excellently implemented strategy game, you shouldn’t miss out on Civilization.

    Whether the purchase of the board game implementation of the PC game is worthwhile for you depends on your expectations. Possibly comparing the strengths and weaknesses can make your purchase decision easier.



    The game material is very extensive and the game itself is very complex.


    The game is very complex, the instructions are correspondingly complicated.

    Game Principle:

    Building a complete civilization across all ages is exciting and interesting and well implemented in the board game.


    14 Years and older:

    Due to the high level of complexity, it is only of limited interest for children under the age of 14.

    Playing Time:

    The game can take up to four hours, which is certainly not for everyone.

    For die-hard board game fans only:

    The highly complex strategy game is certainly only of limited use for beginners.

    See price at Amazon


    Top Rated Board Games For Family & Couples To Play

    Together at Home in 2020

    An Adult Party Game


    One of The Best Games to Play at Home When your bored

    game for 2

    Hive- A Game Crawling With Possibilities Board games for adults and family 2 players

    best party game for adults at home

    Good games to play at home when you are bored for 3 people

    catan strategy game 2020

    CATAN is best fit fun games to play at home when you are bored.
    For three to four players



    For two to six players who love classic board games.




    Top Selling Board game
    Among best rated indoor board games for adults and family.
    For two to five players


    Pandemic Board Game

    Best Board game for 2 to 4 players



    Board game sushi

    Best Board Game for Family Two To Eight Players



    Funny Board Game


    Funny Family Board Game To Play At Home For 4 to 5 Players

    Family Party Game

    For Adults & Teenagers Two Five Players of Family Friends



    Best Board Game 2020

    HASBRO Party Game For 2 to 4 Players 


    Best Fun Game

    THE AWKWARD STORYTELLER Is a Fun Game For Friends And Family To Play At Home.For four to eleven players 

    Best Fun Game

    Funny And Creative Adult Game To Play At Home in 2020.
    For four or more players




    Best Fun Game 2020

    Best Teen Game for Three and Above Players



    Best Family Games 2020

    Best Fun Game For Teens and Above 5 plus players

    best teen board game
    Entertaining and Exciting Playing Game for Kids and Teens


    best fun game for couples
    The best 2-player board games for couples to play at home together With Kids



    These were 21 best top rated board games for adults who like to party with friends and families.We hope you like this 2020 list of the best board games of all time for two players or more.Please comment below your feedback.Stay Home & Have Fun With Family.

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    7 Of The Best Air Fryers to buy in 2020

    Best Airfryer

    People love fried food especially in winters.Biggest challenge associated with fry food is the health issues. Mostly, fried food is dripping in oil, which, as we might assume, can lead to all kinds of health problems if consumed excessively. That is where air fryers come in — as a solution to “fry” food without drenching them in oil.

    The biggest benefit of Air Fryer is now known and the only thing left is to choose the one which is best in quality and performance.
    Most food lovers will tell us that air fryers can’t be close in taste or texture to typically fried food, but that not in fact true to the core.Air fryer food can still deliver a nice, crisp exterior and moist interior without the need for all that oil.

    How Air Fryer works? It circulate hot air all around the food inside of them, so they’re able to cook food at a fraction of the time that a typical oven could. Quick healthy and tasty fried food is ready 🙂

    Have you decided to want an air fryer ? What are best air fryer for 2 3 4 5 or 6 people in 2020?  What is best airfryer for chicken wings ?What is best air fryer toaster oven combo top rated ? These are very usual queries we received.There are many options to consider. That, however, is why we’re here — we’ve done the research so that you don’t have to.

    Hot Air Fryer 3.5 Liter Pan- 2.6 Liter

    Fry Basket


    • We can air fry, bake, grill, and roast with little to no oil.
    • Sleek design and modern look with advanced touch screen menu. With this XL fryer we can feed a family of 4 and more.
    • It has got non-stick FDA-certified and PFOA free pan and detachable basket equipped with a cool touch handle and button guard to prevent accidental detachment.
    • It includes recipe book! This recipe book is filled with 50 recipes specifically made for GoWISE USA Air Fryers. Choose from a variety of meals to make for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert.This brand is among top rated best airfryer to buy indeed.

    Philips HD9641/96 Airfryer

    • Philips products are famous for their quality and long lasting run.
      Easy and simple interface of the Philips HD9641/96 allow us have a Quick Control.
    • It has small dial, and features a relatively small footprint compared to many of the other air fryers out there.
    • Includes a QuickClean basket with removable non-stick mesh so cleaning is fast and easy. The removable nonstick Coated drawer and the food basket are dishwasher safe
    • It has got a great feedback from users. The device is currently sitting in with an average of 4.4/5 stars on Amazon, which is no small feat.

    Philips air Fryer


    HOLSEM Air Fryer with Rapid Air

    Circulation System, 3.4 QT Capacity


    • One of the best reviewed AirFryer with Heat Preservation Function
    • Rapid air circulation even with XXL size and capacity.
    • Perfect for family members which are up to 7-10 in numbers
    • Digital touch screen and control knob made it fit for latest digital era.

    Simple Living AirFryer

    HOLSEM Air Fryer with Rapid Air Circulation System, 3.4 QT Capacity

    OMORC Air Fryer XL

    • OMORC Air Fryer 4.8/5 star rating making this machine favorite choice when it comes to Air Fryers.
    • Best part is its durability and simple to use.
    • LCD touch screen with knob control and heat preservation system make it perfect pick.

    OMORC AirFryer

    OMORC Air Fryer

    Cuisinart TOA-60

    • This machine is more versatile in look and function than other standard air fryers.
    • Cuisinart’s TOA-60 is an air fryer, to be sure, but it’s also a toaster oven, and a convection over, all rolled into one.
    • It is a bit larger in size than other air fryers with multi functions.
    • The TOA-60 boasts a 0.6 cubic foot interior, an adjustable thermostat, 60-minute timer, and the necessary accessories to make use of all its functions. Most users love it too.
    • It is currently selected as amazon’s choice because of its reviews and customer feedback.

    Cuisinart TOA-60

    Cuisinart TOA-60 Airfryer

    Power Air Fryer XL

    • Next in line of best AirFryers is the Power Air Fryer XL, which is handy with whirl wind circulation technology.
    • It boasts a 3.4 quart basket with a non-stick coating and you can easily replace baking pans, deep fryers, a grill pan, convection toaster oven or any one of your kitchen appliances.
    • With 7 preset program features, including a roast preset, bake preset, steam preset, and more could be perfect for the vast majority of uses.
    • Accessories are dishwasher-safe — so you won’t have to worry about damaging them during cleaning.


    Power Air Fryer XL

    Tidylife 6.3 QT XL Air Fryer

    • This simple elegantly designed yet practical Airfryer.
    • 1700W Power Air Fryer basket holds up to 5.0 Liters which makes it one of the largest fryers in the market.
    • Best thing of this fryer is ALL-IN-ONE CONVENIENCE Use. It get heats up in 3 minutes.
    • FASTER, MORE ENERGY EFFICIENT, & LESS MESS – Convection technology uses rapidly circulating heated air for fast and even frying with little to no oil
    • USER-FRIENDLY, EASY-TO-READ, ADJUSTABLE CONTROLS – Temperature settings from 180° to 400° for a wide variety of recipes | 60-minute timer with auto-shut off alerts you when food is done | Power and heat indicator lights

    Best airfryer

    Best Airfryer

    Airfryer Test 2020

    The Best Airfryer Can Be Found Here

    You most likely ended up here because you are looking for an airfryer . If that is the case look no further this is the reference point for airfryers. Here you will find the best airfryer for every price range. We analyzed a large number of airfryers and also looked at the user reviews to make our choice. From there we were able to select a winner for each prize range, namely High End, Mid Range and Budget. In addition to our 3 prize class winners, we also discuss other popular alternatives that are worthwhile. And we also  discuss the best cheap airfryers extensively and are discussed here! Feel free to read on to learn all about airfryers .

    Air-Fryer For Everyone’s Budget

    Usually the choice of air fryers 2020 is so large that you literally drown in the offer, so our choice to highlight the 3 winners for each price range at the top of our website. Outside this 3 price range you will also find popular alternatives that we discuss further on this page, for people who like to find a high-quality alternative. Also with these alternatives you can be sure that they are top models and have a very positive user rating. Models of which we are not convinced are not included in Airfryer test

    best philips Airfryer 2020

    The Best Airfryer For Everyone’s Budget

    High End

    Our high end airfryer is the best model available on the market today. This top model leaves all other models far behind and has a very high durability, and a reliable brand that has more than lived up to its name. You can be sure that your fries snacks and other dishes will come out of your airfryer perfectly, beautifully roast. Ready to be eaten for a healthy fryer experience. Do you always want to enjoy healthy airfryen? Look no further this model was successfully declared the winner of the entire website, Airfryer test was impressed by the performance and we simply could not ignore the overwhelmingly positive user reviews. It would have been a shame not to have chosen this airfryer as a High end winner. With great confidence Airfryertest’s top model.

    Mid Range

    The Mid Range winner is ideal for people who want the same performance but want to have a little less money. Like the High End, this model has a super positive user rating, but doesn’t have the latest technology and performance that the High End airfryer has. Nevertheless, this model remains ideal for healthy frying in your kitchen! And all at a cheaper price than the High End winner.

    Low Budget

    Finally, we come to our Budget Airfryer. When purchasing a budget airfryer, it is usually doubtful, “is this model made of good quality?”, “Isn’t this a mess?” We also ask ourselves these questions before we can make a choice. We at Airfryertest know that the budget airfryers are usually not worth it. Yet we made this price range to declare the best Budget model available as the winner. Just like the other price range, we have analyzed a very large number of Budget airfryers and looked at the user rating. The offer was very large. And this is an important investment, so we had to be sure that this airfryer meets the high quality standard recommendation that we use on this website. After a lot of searching, we finally came to our Budget winner who simply amazed us. We did not know that this quality was possible at this price (compared to the other airfryers which are usually more expensive in price, or in the same price range but usually have poor performance)

    Healthier Frying With Air

    Do you like to fry at home, like most people, but do you recognize the disadvantages of a deep fryer? Unhealthy, unpleasant grease odors, difficult cleaning, … The Philips Airfryer is the ideal solution for this. This allows you to fry much healthier, namely … with air! 🙂 As a result, fresh fries contain up to 80% less fat than fresh fries from a conventional Philips fryer and… they taste delicious! In addition, the Airfryer is easy to clean (for example in the dishwasher) and does not cause unpleasant odors.
    airfryer reviews 2020 reddit
    Place Kettle Rating
    1 Wartmann WM930 XXL This High End Range Airfryer has a very high price / performance that can compete directly with the much more expensive Philips Avance Series Airfryers, but at a much better price. This Airfryer from Wartmann not only works like a top airfryer … The Design also looks very nice, and with the beautiful LED touchscreen display, this Airfryer really excels in your kitchen, a real eye-catcher! And that is why we declare this airfryer the High End winner of Airfryertest.be.
    2 Philips Avance Conclusion Philips Airfryer Avance: This model is the best Airfryer currently available on the market together with the Wartmann WM930 XXL in normal size. There are also other XL and XXL models that have additional Twin Turbo technology. But that top model meets all expectations
    3 Princess airfryer XL 182020 The Princess Aerofryer XL 182020 is budget-friendly and has all the qualities of the most expensive airfryers. And all at a super friendly budget price! The user reviews were very positive, we simply could not ignore this! Furthermore, this airfryer is very easy to operate compared to other airfryers.
    4 Philips Viva All in all, the Philips Viva airfryer comes out very positive, we recommend it with great confidence. Badly rated models are not considered to be recommended in this list. Airfryer test stands for: Becoming the best reference point for Airfryers. If you prefer more functions and connections, with a digital control screen it is best to go for the Philips Airfryer Avance series. This is more or less the same airfryer but with digital control.
    5 Magnani Health Fryer 10L Conclusion: This Airfryer in the Budget Price range has a very high price / performance that can compete directly with the much more expensive models. The content of this XXL airfryer is really large and unbeatable when we look at the price / performance. We are really impressed with the portion of fries that go in!
    6 Inventum GF400HL The Inventum GF400HL does what it should do, Frying without bells and whistles! This XXL airfryer is for your whole family and can easily bake fries for 6 people at the same time. Looks modern and the user reviews are also super positive. XXL budget winner.
    7 SEB Actifry Express XL FZ750000 This Airfryer in the Mid Range Price Range has a very high price / performance. This Airfryer has a very positive user rating, and bakes everything nice and fresh. It’s a really convenient and healthy way to make fries and snacks! The Design is not as nice as the Philips Airfryer, but still a sufficient one.
    8 Tefal Fry Delight XL FX1050 This Airfryer in the Mid Range Price Range has a very high price / performance. The price is okay in terms of price / performance. But there are still cheaper XL airfryers with about the same performance as the Princess airfryer XL 182020.
    9 Domo DO469FR So far we have not received any complaints about this Airfryer, but you have to keep in mind that we have not collected as many user reviews yet, but so far this Budget Airfryer is really worth its money, Top Airfryer!
    10 De’Longhi FH1394 The’Longhi FH1396 Multifryer is a superior High End Multifryer suitable for baking almost everything with air circulation ideal for healthy ‘frying’ your fries and snacks without dipping in fries. The user reviews are very positive and most people are after months hesitating and choosing to switch to this Multifryer from De’Longhi, and of course they do not regret it!


    Why choose an Airfryer ?

    aire fryer 2020

    The Advantages of an Airfryer

    An airfryer is attractive because it is easier to work with, safer and the health benefits are also a reason to switch to an airfryer. With a traditional deep fryer you have to change oil and the oil quickly gets dirty and dirty again. The fryer itself also gets dirty after some time of use. Below are some advantages of an airfryer:

    • Super healthy alternative to traditional deep fryer
    • Makes food perfectly brown and crispy
    • 80 percent less fat compared to traditional cooking methods
    • Less calories and the nutritional value of food is preserved
    • Can be used for baking, roasting and grilling.
    • Provides similar effect as a traditional deep fryer
    • Fast cooking times

    Easy to clean

    An airfryer is much easier to clean and maintain. You can easily wash the container you make the food in in a dishwasher.

    • No greasy mess to clean up
    • Easy to clean
    • No unpleasant odors
    • Safer than traditional fryer
    • Does not heat the house
    • Ease of use
    • Come in different sizes

    Safer than traditional fryer

    Safety also plays an important role in the purchase of an airfryer. If you’ve ever had a splash of cooking oil on you when using a traditional fryer, you’ll understand why an airfryer is much safer than a traditional fryer. The life-threatening burns that have already been caused by the incorrect use of a traditional fryer are one more reason to switch to an easier, safer and healthier way of frying your food.

    What is an Airfryer ?

    Airfryers are all the rage nowadays, everyone talks about them and you see advertisements everywhere. Have you ever asked yourself “How does an airfryer work?” Or do you want to know if an airfryer is a healthier alternative to normal frying? Then look no further, we will answer all questions about airfryers here for you. The name airfryer means nothing less than air fryer or air frying. Which means boiling food through a circulation of heated air. A mechanical fan circulates the hot air around the food at a high speed, cooks the food and produces a crispy layer. During normal frying, the food is completely immersed in cooking oil and thus cooked at a high temperature.

    What can I roast in an airfryer ?

    Besides fries and snacks you can also roast other things, take a look at the most popular baking times , we have also compiled a list of the most popular airfryer ingredients below:

    • French fries
    • Chicken fillet, Chicken wings
    • Steak
    • Fish
    • Cake / Muffins
    • Quiche
    • Works best with fries and frozen snacks
    • Vegetables can be cooked crispy

    As you can see, you can prepare many different snacks and dishes in a healthy way. Feel free to try other things, and you will be amazed that an airfryer is indispensable in the kitchen.

    best airfryer

    Which Airfryer to buy?

    what Airfryer to buy in 2020

    Standard size, XL or XXL?

    The size of your airfryer also plays an important role in the price. For example, if you are only with 1 person or with 2, it would be a shame to buy an XXL airfryer since you pay almost double the price. The models we selected may vary according to your needs, but our website will point you to the best Airfryer that suits you best. So if you are interested in our High End winner, but you see that this is XL, we will also put a link to the standard edition on that product page.

    The latest Philips Airfryers XXL models have the Twin TurboStar technology. So if you want the best of the best, we recommend taking the Latest New Generation Philips Avance XXL.

    Airfryers We Recommend

    You can be sure that the airfryers that are offered on airfryertest.be are only the best airfryers in their price range. We analyzed a large number of airfryers, and from there we were able to make a conclusion to choose the suitable airfryer. On top of that, we have thoughtfully read a very large number of user reviews and if they were so overwhelmingly positive. Using this method, we have confidently selected our recommendations as the winner. Save yourself the hours of searching for the suitable airfryer, we have done everything for you to make it easier for you to make the right choice. If you have any additional questions, please contact us and we will help you further and answer your question.

    Most Popular Airfryers

    In addition to our 3 price range suggestions, we also propose a few other popular top models as an alternative. These models are for people who prefer another model as an alternative. Furthermore, these are the most popular alternatives. We use the principle that we only recommend high-quality airfryers that the user reviews are positive about on our website.

    If you want a Philips Airfryer and still want to know what all the differences are and which Series are the best or best suited to you. Then look at Which Philips Airfryer to Choose . Here we discuss in detail only the Philips Airfryers. So you know which Philips Airfryer suits you best!

    Specifications that you pay extra attention to when buying

    an Airfryer

    best airfryer 2020Moving Plate:

    Rotate for food: Some airfryers are equipped with an option to move the food you are preparing to cook nicely on all sides. This is certainly not required, but only an option as your food is just as well baked without a moving pad. Usually you can also easily remove the moving plate so that you can easily bake more delicate food without the circular movements causing damage to your delicate food.

    Energy Usage: 

    This factor also plays an important role if you airfry several times, for example, your costs can increase considerably after a year. Do you choose a low energy consumption, or a stronger model that can bake larger portions but has a higher energy consumption?

    Digital Timers:

    Each airfryer can be set with a timer to determine, usually these are equipped with a digital timer. Still models such as the Philips Viva Airfryer and Russell Hobbs Purifry are equipped with a manual timer. We personally find a digital timer more convenient to read.

    Dimensions and Weight:

    Do you only have a small space available in your kitchen? Or is your countertop gigantic? There are many different sizes in airfryers, so keep this in mind, it is best not to buy an XL size if you are in a small studio with a small kitchen, otherwise the airfryer will take up your entire kitchen space. So also pay close attention when buying an airfryer! The pans can usually offer around 700 grams to 1.5 kg of content, depending on which model you choose (smaller or larger)

    Temperature Control:

    Some airfryers have a temperature control where you can easily set the temperature to bake your dishes. This is a nice option but not required as the models that don’t have this feature might as well get the job done.


    Some airfryers have an extra grill function which is extra useful if you want to prepare a lot of steaks, chicken or fish in the airfryer.

    A Few More Specifications

    • Smart control: Some models have a smart control via smartphone or tablet app where you can easily enter what you want to prepare and then the airfryer automatically does the rest, cooking time, temperature, etc.
    • Extra cooking rack: Some models have an extra cooking rack, which makes it extra easy to prepare 2 different snacks (fries, chicken or steak) without them sticking together.
    • Dishwasher:  After every use you have to clean the airfryer, most airfryers cooking baskets can easily be put in the dishwasher, but not always. Just wash by hand is also possible. (be careful that the appliance has cooled down before you do this) In any case, an airfryer is much easier to clean than it is with a traditional fryer.

    As you can read in the tabs above, the specifications we discussed above are also very important when buying an airfryer. So check carefully which specifications suit you best.

    We have answered the most frequently asked questions

    about air-fryers for you.

    Does the food stay as crispy as a traditional deep fryer?

    Yes, the food you prepare in an airfryer is just as tasty and crispy as it is with frying. One of the main reasons why an airfryer tastes delicious and crispy is because the hot air helps to keep the outer layer of the food crispy while keeping the inside soft.

    Do I have to preheat an airfryer?

    No, it is not necessary to preheat the air fryer. However, if you preheat the airfryer for 5 minutes, you will shorten the roasting process considerably.

    How many different snacks can be roasted in the airfryer at the same time?

    You can easily fry French fries and a chicken breast at the same time. Make sure you use the intermediate divider so that they are roasted separately. It all depends on the capacity of the airfryer. Most airfryers have a capacity of 500 grams and you will also see a “max” mark on the frying basket, which means that the airfryer can be filled up to this mark.

    Is it possible to use aluminum foil or baking paper in an airfryer?

    Yes, you can use aluminum foil or baking paper, but leave enough space for the steam to escape.

    Do you need a special oil user for the airfryer?

    No, there is no special oil required to cook in an airfryer. You can use any kind of oil like olive oil, peanut oil, sunflower oil, butter spray. An oil atomizer is also often used when roasting with airfryers.

    How long does the airfryer take to cook frozen food?

    As you could imagine, it takes a little longer to cook frozen food in the airfryer.
    This Post was published in November 2018 and Updated in March 29, 2020.

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    5 Best Top Loading Washing Machines to Buy in 2020

    best auto washer

    Top Rated Portable Fully Automatic Washing Machines

    You are living in 2020, the era of cutting edge technology but are you still not hauling out maximum of it and living with your semi automatic washing machine? Then either you are free enough to keep playing with your machine by visiting it number of times for separate washing and spinning cycles or you have plenty of water to waste. You have other things to do, let technology do a few for you. I know you are looking for an all in one solution for one or more of the following issues:

    • You are a working lady and don’t have much time to operate a manual or semi automatic washing machine.
    • Water being valuable, you want an efficient and minimal utilization of it.
    • You have a bad or ache prone back and can’t work harder with a manual washing machine.
    • You are fretful about your skin and don’t want a longer interaction with detergent to avoid your tone going dull.
    • You want to avoid visiting your machine multiple times to shift your load between washer and dryer and for water intakes.

    To achieve efficiency in all above fields all you need is a fully automatic machine. But which one out of many will add value to your buck? This guide will easily and straightforwardly take you to the point of decision. Let’s have an overview of the finest fully automatic washing machines around you.

    So according to our cleaning appliance experts, here is our list of best seller fully automatic washing machines in combination washers & dryers for 2020.

    1. Best Overall Washing Machine:  GIANTEX Full Automatic Washing Machine
    2. Best Top Load Washer & Dryer:  ZENSTYLE Portable Compact Washing Machine
    3. Best Compact Washing Machine:  Panda Top Load Cloth Washing Machine
    4. Best Washer & Dryer w.r.t Price-Performance Ratio:  hOmeLabs Portable Washing Machine
    5. Best Laundry Load Capacity Washer:  GIANTEX Portable Clothes Washing Machine

    1- GIANTEX 9.9 lbs Load Fully Automatic Compact Portable 8 Selectable Water levels 10 Programs Washing Machine

    best portable washer

    Key Features:

    • Portable compact with 8 user selectable water levels and 10 programs
    • Child lock on Control panel
    • Automatic feet adjustment to maintain balance
    • Adjustable detergent intake available
    • Top Load washer with see through lid
    • 2 water pipes
    • Saves water and electrical energy

    Buyers’ Feedback:

    Reviewers found the product as per their expectations and highly recommend it for those living in dorms and apartments and have small to medium sized loads. Its smooth and yet powerful spin takes care of the users peace. User adjustable water and detergent levels just added to users’ comfort. Child lock feature added further value to the product. A longer inlet hose and power chord was praised by many in 2020.

    Product Description:

    This compact, portable and fully automatic machine is best for small families and bachelors living in hostels/ dorms. With least user’s dictation and intervention it performs washing and drying job quite efficiently. A smart LED display control panel with 8 water levels and 10 user selectable programs offers you ease and comfort simultaneously. A translucent top view gives freedom to examine water level and adjust accordingly without opening the lid. 2 water pipes, automatic drainage pump and auto adjustable foot is all you need from a fully automatic machine.This washer is topping our list of small portable washing machine with spin dryer.


    • Brand – Giantex
    • Color – Gray
    • Access – Top Load
    • Tub Capacity – 9.92 lbs (washer & spinner)
    • Voltage – 110V / 60Hz
    • Inlet pipe Length – 39.4”
    • Drainage pipe Length – 78.8”
    • Water Level Options – 23 Litres to 46 Litres (8 steps)
    • Weight – 51 lbs
    • Overall Dimensions – 19.7’’x 19.8’’x 33.6’’

    2- ZENSTYLE 10 lbs Portable Compact 8 Water Levels 10 Programs Fully Automatic Washing Machine

    best auto washer

    Key Features:

    • Lightweight and compact with large tub
    • 8 user selectable water levels and 10 programs
    • Powerful 1300RPM motor
    • Efficient in space, time, energy, effort, detergent and water
    • Long power cord and inlet hose
    • Very user friendly and smart control panel

    Buyers’ Feedback:

    Buyers name it as their best recent investment. It worked outstandingly well for all types of fabrics. A super powerful and yet quiet motor with no whining noise is a heart winning feature which made it very suitable for small living areas. It proved to be a game changer for those who don’t want much time to be spent on washing chores and never compromise on quality too. Its 10 user selectable programs and 8 adjustable water levels made the buyers much comfortable and many found to recommend it to others too.

    Product Description:

    A portable, light weight and powerful fully automatic machine which comes with a powerful yet a quiet motor with no irritating noise. 10 in-built programs and 8 selectable water levels bring you the ease and freedom you actually pay for. A bigger tub of 10 lbs minimizes your effort, time and electricity consumption. The machine is ideal for small to medium sized families. A long power wire and inlet hose offer you freedom of placement in your bathroom or laundry line. It is simply the smartest solution to your problems.


    • Brand – ZENSTYLE
    • Color – Off White/ Gray
    • Access – Top Load
    • Tub Capacity – 10 lbs (washer & spinner)
    • Voltage – 110V / 60Hz
    • Power Rating – Washer 240W, Spinner 210 W
    • Water Level Options – 16 Litre, 23 Litres to 30 Litres
    • Inlet Pipe Length – 6.57 Ft
    • Power Wire Length – 5.74 Ft
    • Weight – 48.5 lbs
    • Overall Dimensions – 33.58″x19.80″x19.69″

    3- Panda PAN56MGP3 10 lbs Portable Compact 5 Water Levels 10 Programs Fully Automatic Washing Machine

    best port able washer

    Key Features:

    • Perfect for apartment or dorms
    • Best for a second machine to your house
    • 5 user selectable water levels and 10 programs
    • Stainless steel rust free drum
    • Very easy and smart control panel
    • Noiseless Motor
    • Small washing machine fully automatic top load

    Buyers’ Feedback:

    Reviewers were happy for its compactness and space efficient nature especially those having space constraints. Many buyers were found contended for its funky colors and compact size. Others just labeled this washing machine as an awesome product and excellent investment. A few claimed that you need to pay attention to confirm its working as its motor is nearly soundless. The dryer does maximum of the job leaving a minimum of moisture to be hung later on.Over all it is declared best cheap portable washer and dryer combo for apartments

    Product Description:

    An awesome product to be added to your home inventory if you are living in small areas i-e dorms or studio apartment. Panda washing machine is very economical in running cost with minimal electricity consumption. A nearly transparent top lid gives you freedom of monitoring the water levels and cleaning status of load while it is working. One may choose it as a second washing machine for smaller loads on need basis. 10 user selectable programs meets your choice effectively. One might find a small plastic piece in the package which is just to safeguard the motor in shipment and that is not part of the machine.


    • Brand – Panda
    • Color – Light Gray & Purple
    • Access – Top Load
    • Tub Capacity – 10 lbs (washer & spinner)
    • Voltage – 110V / 60Hz
    • Power Rating – 310W
    • Inlet Pipe Length – 3.3 Ft
    • Power Wire Length – 4.6 Ft
    • Weight – 59 lbs
    • Overall Dimensions – 20”x19”x34”

    4- GIANTEX 8 lbs Compact Portable 3 Water levels 5 programs Fully Automatic Washing Machine

    best cheap washer

    Key Features:

    • Portable compact and light weight
    • 3 user selectable water levels and 5 programs
    • Automatic Drainage with built in pump
    • Fully autonomous cleaning
    • Smart control panel

    Buyers’ Feedback:

    Those who bought the product have fallen in love with it and strongly recommend others to go for it. Reviewers grade it very high for its powerful and quiet washer / spinner motor and price compatibility. Many have plans to buy another unit for future use. A number of users are happy for its minimal usage of detergent/ soap. In simple it is a complete package for small families and singles.Indeed it is best portable small washing machine and spinner dryer.

    Product Description:

    This washing machine is cheap in price, light weight, portable and compact automatic machine is a best choice for singles and small families having small to medium sized loads. It facilitates users with 5 programs of washing and drying sequences and 3 selectable water levels according to the targeted loads. It needs everything in small quantities may it be space in your washroom or laundry line, detergent, water, your time or intervention. An automatic drainage pump makes your job even easier. It is very easy to operate and does not require any sort of pre installation.We receive queries about “What is the best cheapest washing machine of 2020 but having quality at the same time?”. So this washing machine is the answer.


    • Brand – Giantex
    • Color – White
    • Tub Capacity – 8 lbs (washer & spinner)
    • Access – Top Load
    • Voltage – 110V / 60Hz
    • Water Level Options – 16 Litre, 23 Litres to 30 Litres
    • Weight – 37.4 lbs
    • Overall Dimensions – 31.5”x19.2”x18.9”

    5- hOmelabs 6 lbs Portable Compact 5 Wash Cycles Fully Automatic Washing Machine

    best washer of 2020

    Key Features:

    • Ideal for small livings i-e RVs, hostels, apartments
    • Rust free stainless steel drum
    • 5 wash cycles and 3 water levels
    • Lightweight and easy to carry
    • Adjustable legs and carry handle
    • Electricity efficient and quiet motor

    Buyers’ Feedback:

    Buyer’s were found more than satisfied to have this compact and powerful fully automatic machine especially those living in small areas label it a perfect item. A few however expected a longer inlet pipe but that is a replaceable item therefore overall it was graded high by them. All the functions wash, rinse and soak are excellent. User’s have tried it for jeans and comforters and found it quite good for all types of loads.

    Product Description:

    This is a compact, lightweight and yet powerful machine which works equally good for all types of loads. It is most suitable for singles and small families. 3 selectable water levels give a freedom to opt according to your load. A top load 6 lbs tub size machine equipped with a strong and energy efficient motor. A transparent top lid clearly helps to monitor water and detergent levels along with an idea of its cleaning power. Adjustable legs and carry handle further gives you flexibility to operate and commute. It is simply a smart solution to your washing chores.


    • Brand – hOmelabs
    • Color – White
    • Access – Top Load
    • Tub Capacity – 6 lbs (washer & spinner)
    • Voltage – 110V / 60Hz
    • Power Rating – 200W
    • Weight – 44.1 lbs
    • Overall Dimensions – 17.7”x18.1”x31.5”

    How to select best portable fully automatic washing machine?

    Load/ Tub Capacity:

    You are looking for an all in one package in the form of a portable, compact and fully automatic washing machine. But when it comes to portability, tub size or capacity is of primary concern. You need to ask yourselves how big or how small will serve you according to your domestic needs. Is tub size really your actual worry or you a bachelor who needs a smaller and quieter machine with efficient washer and dryer. So the decision must be taken wisely keeping in consideration all the features offered by the machine along with the tub size.

    Selectable Water Levels:

    You are the best judge of how much and what type of loads you are going to put in your desired fully automated washing machine. A smaller number of water levels may do better for you if cost and variability of loads suit you more relevantly.

    Selectable Programs:

    A higher number of available programs never means a better choice. You need to think over it with respect to your utility. The versatility of your loads will definitely drive this decision.

    Noise Level:

    You have all the rights to enjoy your efficient washing machine but ask yourself if that enjoyment is at the cost of yours and your side neighbor’s peace. People living in close areas i-e dorms and hostels need to make this decision very carefully. A powerful motor may serve you better but having headache pills after washing chores or cutting on social relations is never advisable.

    Detergent efficient:

    Fully automatic machines are of vast variety but all does not offer this feature. You have to cut your cost not only in terms of time, effort and electricity but also detergent/ soap. So you need to read the description for this feature before you opt one.

    Access Location:

    If you have a bad back or often suffer from backaches consider this feature before you actually decide for buying a machine. A top load machine in such a scenario will serve you better with such a medical condition.


    What should be the size and weight of a portable fully automatic washing machine?

    It normally weighs upto 60 lbs and dimensions are around 30”x 20” x 20”.

    Why a newly delivered machine is often wet?

    Good manufacturers normally try the machine to check for any manufacturing faults and this quality checks definitely needs water to be poured in. So if you get a slightly wet machine you should be rather happy to have one.

    Do automatic washing machines consume larger quantities of water?

    The answer in precision is YES, they do take in more water as compared to a semi automatic washing machine. But wait. Aren’t you comparing between two different species? A fully automatic washing machine is always to be compared with its competitors from within the same species and yes different machines come with different water level options. So you are to decide amongst the options available.

    Do automatic machines really save time and effort?

    Yes, they definitely do. All you need is to select the water level and program in the very beginning and leave rest of it to the master piece you have paid for.

    Are top loaders better than front loaders?

    There is a trade off. If you are healthy enough to bend and pour in your loads you may opt a front load machine but those having poor backs and aged ladies must opt for top load machines. Front load machines normally consume comparatively less water but they are price wise on higher side.


    You are going to pay your hard earned buck for a fully automatic washing machine. So this investment must be done very wisely. When it says auto it must offer something to cut your effort and time. Our top 5 list of the best top-loading washing machines of 2020 offers you an overview of recommended models from different price ranges,features and sizes.Buy one to serve you rather than making you busy.
    We are quite hopeful that this best washing machine buying guide would have helped you in making your decision easier in adding the best suitable item in your inventory list.

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    Best Vacuum Cleaners For Animal Hair 2020

    top rated vacuum cleaner

    Animal Hair Vacuum Cleaners – Comparison & Buying Guide

    If you are looking for the best vacuum cleaner for animal hair, you will find that the selection is not only very large, but that the models also differ in essential features such as suction power, functions and features. In order to be able to make a good purchase decision, you have to do extensive research, because not all essential properties are immediately recognizable. If you do not have the time, but still want to make a good decision, you can also follow our recommendation, because we have already done the research for you. So we can use the Shark APEX Upright Vacuum cleaner recommend because it not only convinces with very good cleaning results and easy handling, but also with good performance and universal usability. Alternatively, we can also recommend the model BISSELL Cleanview Vacuum Cleaner. Because the compact teat is very suitable for allergy sufferers, offers good performance and has useful extras.

    Best Animal Hair Vacuum Cleaner Comparison: 


    Shark APEX Upright Vacuum Cleaner:

    best vaccum cleaner

    • DuoClean for Carpet and HardFloor Cleaning 
    • Zero-M Anti-Hair Wrap,
    • Powered Lift-Away with Hand Vacuum (AZ1002)
    • LED Light
    • 30ft cord length
    • Dust cup capacity 1.5 quarts

    The shark vacuum cleaner was able to convince across the board with the good cleaning results. Thanks to the HEPA filter, the exhaust air is also very clean and it is equally suitable for hard floors and carpets. The handling is comfortable, the performance is good and thanks to the advanced system there are no follow-up costs.Best cat dog hair vacuum cleaner for couch, carpet and wood.


    The price of the model is at a high level. As a result, the price-performance ratio is certainly not perfect and, of course, not everyone is willing to invest so much money for a vacuum cleaner.


    If you are looking for an excellent animal hair teat that is also suitable for allergy sufferers, you will find it here. The cleaning results are equally impressive on carpets and smooth floors, performance and handling are also good, and he also works with a HEPA filter.The Best Vacuum cleaner under $300

    • Swivel Steering
    • Upright Bagless
    • Dirt Cup Capacity 1.0L
    • Auto cord rewind
    • Smartseal Allergen System

    The model is an efficient and powerful bagless cyclone vacuum cleaner, which thanks to the good filters is also ideal for allergy sufferers. The included nozzles are very good, the cleaning performance is very neat and the price-performance ratio is very good due to the low price.


    The maneuvering options are somewhat limited due to the large roles.


    Overall, the model convinces in terms of price-performance, efficiency and workmanship across the board. The cleaning performance is very good thanks to the excellent nozzles, the exhaust air is very clean and the construction is solid, so it is worth buying.The best vacuum cleaner under $150.


    Eureka PowerSpeed Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

    best vacuum cleaner

    View On Amazon



    • Bagless
    • Upright
    • Dust Cup Capacity 2.7L
    • Cord Length 18ft
    • Auto Cord Rewind
    • LED Headlight

    The animal hair teat by Eureka and Family works with water or anther, which is particularly interesting for allergy sufferers. Despite the very strong power of 1,700 watts, it remains relatively quiet and at the same time ensures very good cleaning results. The scope of delivery is also convincing, because there are many different nozzles included.


    Cord length is short as compared to top rated vacuum cleaners under $100.


    Overall, the vacuum cleaner can convince with good cleaning results, a good scope of delivery and a very clean exhaust air during water operation, making it particularly interesting for allergy sufferers. Despite its high performance, it works relatively quietly and the bottom line is highly recommended.Best priced pet hair vacuum cleaner under 100.

    Buying Guide For Animal Hair Vacuum Cleaner 

    The best vacuum cleaners for pet hair in 2020 are, of course, sometimes not special vacuums, but household vacuum cleaners that have proven particularly efficient against pet hair in the test. This applies in particular to vacuuming on carpets, because the test winners achieve all very good recommendations on smooth floors. Therefore, before buying, you should note that the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair should be ahead of a conventional model in terms of suction power and the filter system used. The various models that manufacturers offer specifically for the removal of animal hair also often offer useful attachments and accessories that make it easier to vacuum up hair.

    Both factors should play a primary role in the buying decision before comparing the suction cups.

    Suction Power and Filter Technology

    In terms of suction power, the cyclone vacuum cleaners did the best in the test. In comparison, a cheap vacuum cleaner for pet hair creates stubborn dirt worse and significantly more hair remains with a suction movement. However, models with cyclone technology are also significantly more expensive than conventional vacuum cleaners with dust bags.

    The cyclone models also perform significantly better in a direct comparison of the suction power in relation to the wattage. A cyclone vacuum cleaner could keep up to 600 to 800 watts in terms of suction power with a conventional 2,000 watt model, but it was significantly quieter, more energy efficient and more efficient. Certainly, this does not apply to every cyclone vacuum cleaner model, because here too there are cheap variants that do worse in terms of performance.

    When it comes to filter technology, both designs don’t take much. If you are sensitive to house dust, it is worth using a HEPA 13 filter if you want to buy a vacuum cleaner. This recommendation also applies to conventional vacuum cleaners, since you remove a large part of the fine particles from the sucked-in air.

    However, models with a water filter were also tested in the test, which also performed well when it comes to the emission of allergens and small dust particles in the exhaust air. The advantage of this technology is that there is no need for time-consuming cleaning or the subsequent purchase of a corresponding filter, which significantly reduces the follow-up costs. However, these models are also significantly more expensive than conventional vacuum cleaners.

    Salient Features

    Models that are explicitly advertised as animal hair teats often have specially tailored attachments that are intended to make it easier to vacuum hair in hard-to-reach places. This is particularly useful if brushes are included in the scope of delivery that are suitable for cleaning upholstered furniture. Because there, in particular, normal vacuum cleaners have big problems. Combined with good suction power, these jets can work wonders. But also a special animal hair attachment for the floor can be useful, because the usual attachments are mostly combination models for hard and carpeted floors, which do not work perfectly on both surfaces, but offer a good compromise. But since especially fine animal hair is a real challenge for a vacuum cleaner, the brush and the filter, all components should work in harmony and be well coordinated. Only then can good results be achieved. Special turbo busts for animal hair not only suck better, they also don’t clog as easily as simple floor nozzles.

    Of course, you can also prevent something and comb the pets regularly and thus reduce the hair in the apartment. This also makes sense insofar as many models tend to cope less well with large amounts of hair than with isolated ones. For this reason, you should, if necessary, vacuum the appropriate places where there is a lot of hair several times a week.

    Since you tend to use a pet hair model more often than a regular vacuum cleaner, you should also make sure when buying that the model is agile and light. Optimally, it still has a correspondingly long cable, so that you do not have to constantly switch back and forth between different sockets. The maneuverability and ease of use largely result from the processing of the rollers and the structure of the handpiece or flexible hose. If you suck with a long attachment, you should be able to do it standing up. In addition, as with a normal vacuum cleaner, the flexible hose should be long enough and not too thick so that you can easily clean hard-to-reach areas.



    Prices and Budget

    If you are looking for a simple vacuum cleaner that should not be too expensive, but copes well with animal hair, then you should rely on a vacuum cleaner with a bag that has a decent suction power of at least 1,200 watts and has good nozzles. A corresponding device with good suction power for animal hair costs around $100.

    The more you want to use the model or if you want it to replace your normal vacuum cleaner entirely, the higher the vacuum cleaner should be. This is where all criteria such as filter technology, suction power and quality of the floor nozzles come into play. The better the device performs in all categories, the sooner you can use it for all other household cleaning tasks. The test winners in particular are also suitable for all other suction work and at the same time offer maximum flexibility and cleaning performance. However, for a correspondingly high-quality model, you also have to quickly dig deeper into your pocket and invest between 150 – 320 USD. However, you also have a real all-rounder in the house.

    Types of Vacuum Cleaners and Their Advantages

    There are a variety of different models on the market, all of which have both advantages and disadvantages. Below you will find a brief overview of the available offer. However, it must be anticipated that there is no model that, as the best vacuum cleaner, is always perfectly suitable for all purposes. You should therefore choose the perfect vacuum cleaner for your needs carefully according to your requirements and your budget.

    There are essentially two variants of the best-selling models for the household. Bagless canister and bagged vacuums The advantages and disadvantages of these variants are therefore discussed separately in the second section. You should also consider in advance whether you want to buy a device with or without a battery. This criterion is also examined in more detail in the second section.

    In addition to these main categories, you can buy many other special models that are better adapted to different requirements. These include the following models:

    Handheld vacuum cleaner

    These are compact, portable models that are well suited, among other things, to clean upholstery sets or cars quickly and quickly. Within this group there are various sub-groups such as special car vacuums, animal hair vacuums, table vacuum cleaners or cordless compact vacuums .

    Water filter vacuum cleaner

    These models work with a water filter system that filters the dust through a water tank. This leads to a very clean exhaust air, however, the models are usually quite expensive and somewhat impractical to use. An overturn is sometimes a moderate disaster if the water tanks are not completely sealed. This filter category should not be confused with wet vacuum cleaners that are also able to absorb water.

    Allergy-free vacuum cleaner

    There are several different variants in this category. It is more a question of equipment than of category. Allergy-free vacuum cleaners generally have a better filter system and let fewer particles escape, so that the exhaust air is very clean.

    Industrial vacuum cleaners

    These are stronger devices mostly with a large container. Also fireplace suckers fall into this category. There are also many different versions here. Within this group there are both wet vacuum cleaners and bagless vacuum cleaners or vacuum cleaners with bags.

    Vacuum cleaner robot

    The self-steering small robots are actually not a separate sub-group of vacuum cleaners, but belong to a separate category. Most of the time they work like a mixture of sweeper and vacuum. They work autonomously and can therefore independently vacuum areas of the apartment.


    Bagless Vacuum Cleaner  Vs Bag Vacuum Cleaner – Wired Vacuum Cleaner Vs Battery Operated Vacuum Cleaner

    Ideally, a vacuum cleaner should be cheap, efficient, absorbent, and also energy-saving and compact. But there is no such vacuum cleaner. When it comes to a low purchase price, vacuum cleaners with bags are clearly ahead. However, these are associated with higher follow-up costs, since bags always have to be bought later. Bagless vacuum cleaners (cyclone vacuum cleaners are most often used here) are more expensive to buy, however – with the exception of electricity costs for operation – there are no further follow-up costs. Therefore, with bagless models, you save money in the long run.

    In terms of cleaning, the devices with a bag are also at the front, since removing the bag is more hygienic and easier than cleaning the filter with a bagless system. Therefore, as an allergy sufferer, you should tend to use a bagged system. The exception to this are special bagless allergy-free vacuum cleaners. Here the problems of cleaning and filter performance are better solved and adapted to the needs of allergy sufferers. However, a simple and inexpensive vacuum cleaner without a bag usually does not meet this criterion.

    With regard to the nominal suction power, vacuum cleaners with bags are also at the front, but they usually work somewhat less efficiently than bagless models and therefore require more electricity. The bags also have the disadvantage that the suction power increases with increasing filling.

    When deciding between a battery-operated and a wired model, you should orientate yourself to your needs. Wired devices are stronger and thus achieve a better cleaning effect. Devices equipped with a rechargeable battery, on the other hand, are more compact and practical because they are not tied to an electrical outlet. Deep-seated dirt is sometimes more difficult to remove. It can also happen that the battery is empty while vacuuming and you have to take a break. But if you are looking for a model that is quickly ready for use and is not tied to sockets, buying a cordless vacuum can be worthwhile. Especially if you want to vacuum more often, but have less stubborn dirt to remove. Battery-operated variants are also popular in the field of compact vacuum cleaners.





    6 Best Vacuum Cleaners For Pet Hair (Test) 2020


    Everyone who keeps animals at home in the home knows the problem of removing pet hair. Long-haired animals in particular can lead to considerable additional effort when cleaning the floor. The worst thing is: Not all vacuum cleaners have enough power to reliably remove hair – especially from carpets. Therefore, the best models have been extensively tested for you and summarized in the form of the top 5 best vacuum cleaners for pet hair in 2020. The test winners have particularly strong turbo nozzles that are able to remove animal hair much better than conventional vacuum cleaners.


    1. Philips FC9922 / 09 bagless vacuum cleaner PowerPro Ultimate


    1.Philips PowerProUltimate Animal FC9922 09The FC9922 / 09 from Philips was the best vacuum cleaner for animal hair. At the same time, the vacuum cleaner was also the most expensive in the test. But rightly so, because he achieved the best cleaning results and was able to reliably remove stubborn hair. In addition, he achieved very good results on hard floors and got all his hair in one go without having to be vacuumed over one spot several times.

    The HEPA 13 filter also ensures good air filtering and the integrated AirSeal ensures very good dust absorption. This makes the exhaust air allergy-friendly. The radius of action is very generously dimensioned at approx. 10 meters, which in combination with the large rubberized rollers leads to an overall very good handling.

    Buy from Amazon

    With a weight of 6 kg and dimensions of 60 x 40 x 35 cm, the vacuum cleaner is very compact and easy to handle. It works with 650 watts and has a capacity of 2.2 liters. This means that the vacuum cleaner can easily go through several cleaning processes without having to be emptied. It works without a vacuum cleaner bag and emptying is very quick and easy. The control from the handle also turned out to be very comfortable in the test, because the suction power can be regulated without having to bend down and the device can be switched on and off.

    The bottom line was that the device was convincing across the board, as it not only achieves very good suction power, but also runs very economically and quietly at 650 watts. The Philips model was able to top the list despite the relatively high price.

    The test winner among the best vacuum cleaners for pet hair 2020 convinced with a good performance, but it is also in the upper price range, so that it is certainly not for everyone. The following comparison shows how the advantages and disadvantages are.

    Cleaning results:

    The cleaning is very good and reliable and animal hair can also be removed from carpets. Good air filtering is achieved with the HEPA filter.

    For hard floors and carpets:

    Good results can be achieved on both hard floors and carpets.


    Thanks to rubberized wheels and a good working radius, handling is very good overall.


    With 650 watts and good efficiency, the overall performance is good and it also works very economically.


    Thanks to the bagless technology, there are no follow-up costs apart from the electricity costs.


    Due to the relatively high price, the overall price-performance ratio is not optimal, but due to the good overall package it is still at an acceptable level.


    2.Philips bagless vacuum cleaner PowerPro Compact FC9332 / 09


    The FC9332 / 09 from Philips is a relatively inexpensive cyclone vacuum cleaner without a bag. It convinces with a very good floor nozzle, which was able to achieve very good results in the test, especially on hard floors. It is individually adjustable and removes even fine dust and animal hair very well. The vacuum cleaner is economical and therefore very efficient (efficiency class A). It has a compact design and thanks to an additional allergy filter, the exhaust air is also very clean, because 99.9% of all particles are caught by the filter. The collecting container is very easy to remove and clean and the long handle allows you to work ergonomically with the device.

    In addition to the 3-in-1 multi-function nozzle, an additional hard floor nozzle is also included. There is also an upholstery nozzle on the handle, which is always ready to hand. In addition, a small additional nozzle can be attached to the handle to clean narrow gaps. The wheels are very large and equipped with rubber so that they roll very well. The radius of action is also very neat at 9 meters. Although the device is not explicitly designed as an animal hair vacuum cleaner, the test achieved excellent results overall, so that it was still one of the best vacuum cleaners against animal hair. However, it works relatively loud and can reach up to 76 dB. This is significantly more than some other models. In addition, it is not always ideally ranked,

    The bottom line is the FC9332 / 09 is a very good vacuum cleaner for animal hair, which was particularly convincing due to the very good price-performance ratio. We have summarized the advantages and disadvantages of the test report for you again below.


    Despite the supposedly low output of 600 watts, the device works very efficiently and well. Thanks to energy efficiency class A, the device works very efficiently.

    Suitable for allergy sufferers:

    Thanks to the good filter technology and clean exhaust air, the device is also ideal for allergy sufferers.


    The construction is solid, the castors roll very well on hard floors and carpeting and the device is very durable overall.


    The device is very well equipped, because it comes with a hard floor nozzle and an upholstery nozzle is attached to the handle, which is always ready to hand. In addition, the cyclone vacuum works without a bag.

    Cleaning performance:

    Thanks to the very good nozzle and the additional brush, the cleaning performance is very good.


    The vacuum cleaner is relatively cheap and therefore offers a very good price-performance ratio.


    The device is relatively loud with up to 76 dB.


    Due to the larger rollers and the design, it is not always so easy to pull the vacuum cleaner behind you.


    3. Thomas Pet and Family Aqua + dust and washing vacuum cleaner


    3. Thomas Pet and Family AquaThe very quiet vacuum cleaner from Thomas with 72 dB was able to convince with a very good filter system, which binds dust either in the water or in the dust bag. In addition, the vacuum cleaner allows you to vacuum both wet and dry, the accessories for both versions are included.

    The Aqua + system allows additional cleaning of the air when vacuuming dry without a bag, since all dust is bound in the water with no odor.

    For the removal of animal hair, he has a special animal hair nozzle, which was able to bring very good results in the test with the 1,700 watt device. With a weight of 8 kilograms and a size of 48.6 x 31.8 x 30.6 cm, it is somewhat unwieldy than most other devices, but can be moved very well thanks to the good, large wheels. Thanks to the almost 11 meter radius of action, it is still very flexible and easy to use.

    In addition to the carpet nozzle, the scope of delivery also includes a turbo nozzle, a special pet hair nozzle, a special carpet and hard floor nozzle and an upholstery nozzle. Thanks to this extensive package and the option of wet and dry vacuuming, the Pet and Family is a real all-rounder with very good suction and cleaning properties thanks to the option of vacuum cleaning. Unfortunately, this makes the model a little more expensive and it copes with a lot of animal hair a little less well than the competition, as these sometimes get caught in the nozzle and have to be removed manually. It is also a little inconvenient that when wiping, the container spills over if you want to carry the vacuum up stairs and don’t pay attention.

    The model specially designed for pets by Thomas offers many advantages, but also has a few weaknesses. You can quickly weigh up whether the purchase is worthwhile for your purposes by comparing the advantages and disadvantages:


    The motor works with only 72 dB and is therefore very quiet.

    Filter system:

    The vacuum cleaner can be operated with water or an anther. The water filter is particularly beneficial for allergy sufferers.


    The performance is very good thanks to 1,700 watts in connection with the many different nozzles overall on different surfaces.

    Scope of delivery:

    In addition to the main nozzle, there is also a turbo nozzle and a special animal hair nozzle as well as a carpet and hard floor nozzle and an upholstery nozzle.


    Compared to other models, the suction cup is slightly larger and heavier, which makes handling a little more difficult.


    Especially when the water filter is used, handling is more cumbersome than with a conventional vacuum cleaner.

    Animal hair removal:

    Compared to other animal hair suckers, the model works a little good


    Check Price On Amazon


    4. Eureka NEN110A Whirlwind Bagless  Vacuum Cleaner:

    top rated vacuum cleanerAs a cheap vacuum cleaner for animal hair, the device from Eureka NEN110A was able to collect points in the test. Thanks to the extensive accessories such as upholstery brush, mattress nozzle, crevice nozzle and drilling nozzle, the device is equipped for many areas of application. The HEPA filter works well and provides clean exhaust air.

    The radius of action of the 7lbs, 1,400 watt device is just under 10 meters. The vacuum cleaner is operated with dust bags with a large volume of 4 liters. The overall performance is very good and the removal of animal hair worked reliably and well. Only the overall processing of the device is somewhat weaker than that of the competition and the handling itself is not quite as pleasant, since the nozzles and the device are somewhat bulky and sometimes difficult to move. At around 77dB, the volume is still at a good level, so the VSZ31455 was convincing overall due to the good price structure.

    The cheap vacuum cleaner from Eureka NEN110A offers a good price-performance ratio and convinced with a good suction power, especially for animal hair. However, you also have to accept one or two weaknesses if you decide on the cheap model. You can weigh up whether the vacuum cleaner is still an option for you by comparing the strengths and weaknesses.


    In terms of price, the model is in the entry-level area and is therefore very suitable as an everyday device.

    Action radius:

    With 10 meters, the model offers a large radius of action and is therefore easy to handle.


    With 1,400 watts, the device offers good performance and has proven to be very effective, especially when vacuuming animal hair.Best for dog hair vacuum for couch and carpet.

    Scope of delivery:

    The scope of delivery is very good overall, because in addition to the device itself, many additional nozzles and a HEPA filter are included.


    Very Light weight of 7lbs


    Buy from Amazon


    5. Bissell Zing Canister Vacuum Cleaner bagless


    best vacuum cleaner

    The very cheap vacuum cleaner without bag from Bissell Zing works with 1,200 watts and was able to show quite good results in the removal of animal hair with the turbo nozzle.

    There is also a crevice and upholstery nozzle in addition to the standard attachment so that the device is well equipped overall. It is also very handy and light with less than 1 kg, but with 82 dB the loudest vacuum cleaner among the top models.

    In the case of carpets heavily covered with animal hair, the nozzle became blocked very quickly, so it is advisable to sweep the carpet first. Unfortunately, the suction power cannot be regulated, so that light carpets are difficult to suck due to the suction.

    Overall, the device convinced as an all-rounder with still good suction power and operation at a good price-performance ratio.

    The Vampyr model from Bissell Zing has a fairly balanced ratio of strengths and weaknesses. Depending on your requirements, the purchase can be worthwhile for you. Below you will find a comparison of the strengths and weaknesses.


    Since the device does not require a bag, there are no follow-up costs.

    Turbo nozzle:

    The nozzle was able to convince in the test with a good performance in the removal of animal hair.One of the best electric pet cat dog vacuum fur cleaner hair remover available in 2020.

    Very compact:

    With a weight of only about one kilogram, the device is very compact and handy.


    Overall, the processing of the device and the supplied accessories are good, which results in a long shelf life.

    As compared to other features like suction power, working on wooden floor etc, its versatility has less rating.

    See price at Amazon


    6. Bissell Deluxe Canister Vacuum – 1161


    best vacuum cleaner to buy


    View On Amazon

    The Bissell Deluxe vacuum cleaner was able to assert itself in the medium price range, because it was able to achieve very good results for the animal hair removal with the testers thanks to the mini turbo nozzle. In conjunction with the very good filter, it is also ideal for allergy sufferers and, thanks to the soft rollers and 360 ° motion technology, was very easy and comfortable to handle and move. The device works with bags that have to be purchased, the volume of 3.5 liters per bag being generous.

    The construction is very compact at 43.8 x 29.3 x 23.8 cm with a weight of only 4 kg. The device works with only 600 watts and is therefore very economical in use, but with 77 dB it is somewhat louder than most expensive models.

    Compared to conventional vacuum cleaners, the PowerForce from Bissell Deluxe can easily keep up with the suction power even with devices with significantly higher output (2000 watts and more), so that overall very good results can be achieved.

    Weaknesses were only apparent in the model with the hard floor nozzle, because it does not always glide 100% scratch-free over sensitive floors. You should definitely consider this before you buy the vacuum cleaner. Otherwise, it offers a good price-performance structure with an action radius of approx. 9 meters, low noise emissions and overall very good results on in category of cat hair vacuum cleaner.

    As a good vacuum cleaner for animal hair in the medium price range, the Bissell Deluxe model was able to place high up in the ranking. In the test, it convinced with a good price-performance ratio, but you also have to accept one or the other disadvantage if you choose the model. You can quickly weigh up whether the purchase is worthwhile for you by comparing the advantages and disadvantages.


    With 600 watts and the mini turbo nozzle, the device achieves good results in removing animal hair and offers good suction power overall.

    Suitable for allergy sufferers:

    The filter works well so that the exhaust air is almost free of allergenic substances.

    Compact Design:

    With a weight of only 4 kilograms and a size of 43.8 x 29.3 x 23.8 centimeters, the device is small and compact.


    Thanks to the large operating radius and 360 ° motion technology, the vacuum cleaner can be easily operated and handled.

    Hard Floor Nozzle:

    Experience with the vacuum cleaner for animal hair has shown that the hard floor nozzle is not well suited for sensitive floors.

    So these are overall 8 best selling and top rated vacuum cleaner pet hair carpet and wood floor, with bag and bagless with cord and cordless under $100, under $150 and upto $400.

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    Top 5 Best Portable Semi Automatic Washing Machines

    Best washing machine to buy

    Fed up of your aged, slothful, dawdling and worn out washing machine? So you are at the right place then. You have just landed into a dome of washing machines which you have ever longed for. The items listed below will not only aid your washing chores but also add value to your hard earned buck by promising efficiency in terms of time and effort and quality in terms of robustness and healthiness. Here you go with the finest portable and semi automatic washing machines available in 2020:

    1)- GIANTEX 17.6lbs Washer & Spinner Compact Dual Tub portable Washing Machine


    • Portable, compact and easy to use
    • Large Tubs: Washer->11 lbs, Dryer ->6.6 lbs
    • Powerful motors: Washer->300W, Dryer ->110W
    • Environment friendly and Energy efficient


    • Relatively smaller drainage pipe 20.5”

    Buyers’ Feedback:

    Reviewers graded the product very high. Almost all were more than satisfied by its compactness and user friendliness. A few were contended due its cost and power efficient nature. Rest were found praising its tub size and motor performance. In general it proved to be a game changer for almost all.

    Product Description:

    This dual tub, top load machine is ideal for compact living areas including dorms, apartments, motor homes and condos. Separate and user adjustable timing controls for washer and dryer offer you a great degree of freedom. It comes with a 1.7 ft drainage pipe to withdraw dirty/used water. Its large tubs and energy efficient motors help you cut on your effort and running cost.


      • Brand – Giantex
      • Color – Blue, White
      • Tub Capacity – Washer->11lbs Dryer->6.6lbs
      • Power Rating – 410 W- Washer->300W Dryer->110W
      • Voltage – 110V / 60Hz
      • Drainage pipe Length – 20.5”
      • Weight – 23.9lbs
      • Overall Dimensions – 24.8’’x 14.8’’x 28.4’’

    best washing machine


    View On Amazon

    2)- SUPER DEAL 13lbs Washer & Spinner Mini Twin Tub portable Washing Machine


    • Portable and light weight
    • Translucent top view of clothes being washed/dried
    • Powerful Washer motor ->1300 RPM
    • Large water bang to generate less twisting and better cleaning
    • Energy efficient


    • Small tub capacity : Washer-> 8 lbs, Dryer -> 5 lbs.

    Buyers’ Feedback:

    Users, especially those living in small apartments/ dorms were found extremely happy to have this corner fitted washing machine. Many claimed it to be better than a large tub washing machine due to its powerful motor with greater RPM. Dryer’s performance is also heart winning. It is simply an awesome product for a small family having a limited space.

    Product Description:

    This machine due to its compact nature is best for apartments and motor homes. Less twisting nature of water pulses keeps the fabric live longer. The machine is equipped with a strong motor which not only makes it work better than a large tub machine and that too with minimal energy consumption. The translucent nature of plastic gives a sense of relief while watching the clothes getting cleaned.


      • Brand – Super Deal
      • Color – White
      • Tub Capacity – Washer-> 8 lbs, Dryer -> 5 lbs.
      • Weight – 26.5 lbs
      • Overall Dimensions – 23” x 13.5” x 26”


    Best washing machine to buy

    View On Amazon


    3)- SUPER DEAL 17.6lbs Washer & Spinner 2IN1 Combo Twin Tub Washing Machine


    • Portable and minimal space occupying
    • High quality (long life) plastic and aluminum pump
    • Light in weight and energy consumption
    • Excellent rinsing with no water waste
    • Extra long Inlet hose and Chord


    • It has a smaller sink but that is not a problem as drain pump is accordingly designed to never let the pipe overflow.

    Buyers’ Feedback:

    Reviewers were found exited to use this mini twin tub combo machine for having offered them a great value for money. A few however graded its drainage hose to be off average quality but were still happy with the overall performance. Many were glad to see the performance of small spinner.It is good semi automatic washing machine with stainless steel drum and dryer.

    Product Description:

    Super Deal has brought an excellent, portable and compact dual tub washing machine which is perfect for small families and those having space constraints in dorms, apartments, RVs etc. With an upgraded motor, aluminum pump and outclass plastic it proves to be a best investment. Though compact in nature the washer tub can accommodate 11lbs of load. The upgraded motor generates 2 deep rinses per washer cycle to ensure thorough cleaning of the clothes. The smaller sink and smart drainage pump has been excellently designed to let out water with gentle pauses. Efficient in terms of performance and money this is a good package for those looking to lodge a smart machine in corner of bathroom/ laundry line.


      • Brand – Super Deal
      • Tub Capacity – Washer->11lbs Dryer->6.6lbs
      • Longer Inlet Hose – 50”
      • Weight – 23.9lbs
      • Overall Dimensions – 24.8’’x 14.8’’x 28.4’’


    best washing machine

    View On Amazon


    4)- KUPPET 26lbs Washer & Spinner Dual Tub 2IN1 Combo Washing Machine



    • Portable and supports bigger loads
    • Large tubs: Washer->18 lbs, Dryer ->8 lbs
    • Single cycle can do the whole washing job of entire family
    • Powerful motors: Washer->280W, Dryer ->140W
    • Longer Drainage hose ->56.3”


    • The instructions are poorly drafted and not well explained.

    Buyers’ Feedback:

    Reviewers grade this machine really good for having a large tub which can wash upto 7 pieces simultaneously in a single cycle. The powerful motor has met buyers’ satisfaction. A comparatively smaller spinner with respect to washer tub has however been a point of concern but due to an efficient motor the spinner never keeps user waiting long for the next cycle. Users found it energy efficient strongly recommended others to get one.

    Product Description:

    KUPPET has come up with a great 2 in 1 washing machine for small to medium sized families. Its larger washing tub of 18lbs load and still light weight body with a compact look is undoubtedly a temptation for the buyer. Strong motors and longer drainage pipe both features add value to your bucks. An easy to handle control panel and noiseless run is another beauty of the product.
    A 1300 RPM motor gives an unprecedented wash and whirls the water efficiently through the loads.


      • Brand – KUPPET
      • Color – White and Blue
      • Tub Capacity – Washer->11lbs Dryer->6.6lbs
      • Longer Inlet Hose – 56.3”
      • Weight – 37.5 lbs
      • Overall Dimensions – 33.5” x 27.9” x 17.3”
      • Power Rating – 420 W- Washer->280W Dryer->140W
      • Voltage – 110V


    View On Amazon


    5)- SUPER DEAL 9.9lbs Washer & Spinner Portable mini Washing Machine


    • Minimal in size and weight:
    • Excellent for smaller loads i-e singles or couples
    • Gentle whirls can helps you use clothes longer
    • Easy to move and use
    • No winning noise at all


    • Not designed for families, being smaller in size
    • Small drainage pipe but still works fine with such small washer tub

    Buyers’ Feedback:

    Buyers’ experience after using the product was much better than expectation. Guys living in single rooms graded it to be an awesome machine being silent in its action and very less space consuming item. They further comment on its stability while washing and drying though much lighter in weight. This mini machine has won hearts of all users. Neither of the reviewers was found dissatisfied with its performance. The contentment of buyers is reflected by the fact that it persuaded those to put a review who have never written one before for any product.

    Product Description:

    This 9.9 lbs load mini washing machine is all a bachelor needs in a hostel’s dorm, apartment or while camping. Smaller in size, easy to handle and carry this machine actually adds color to your room and comfort to your life. Although smaller in size both the washer and dryer motors are terrible in performance and never let you down. It is simply much more than a large sized washing machine. The translucent material actually makes you believe that it is working as per your expectations.


      • Brand – Super Deal
      • Color – Blue
      • Tub Capacity – Washer->5.5 lbs Dryer->4.4 lbs
      • Operating time – Washer->15 minutes Dryer->5 minutes
      • Overall Dimensions – 21.9”x14.8”x23.2”
      • Power Rating – 360 W- Washer->240W Dryer->120W
      • Voltage – 110V


    best selling machine

    View On Amazon


    How to select best portable washing machine?

    Load/ Tub Capacity:
    There always exists a trade-off between portability and size and same is applied here. While selecting a portable washing machine one must keep in mind that size should not be a primary concern and so is tub capacity of both washer and spinner/ dryer.
    So all you need to decide is which tub size meets your utility. You need to ask yourself if there is a mismatch in your desired larger/smaller tub size and your loads. So go for the size which meets your requirements.

    Operating Time:
    Although most of the modern machines come with user adjustable washer and dryer time controls upto a maximum of 15 minutes for washer and 5 minutes for dryer respectively, one must take this feature into consideration prior to making a decision. If a machine does not offer flexible time controls you may be actually compromising on your time, effort and ultimately the life of your clothes.

    Environment Friendliness:
    Whining noise of washer and dryer motors may not be a problem in separate houses but when it comes to compact sized washing machines the buyers are most probably living in apartments, motor homes or dorms where noisy motors can pose an additional condition of selecting a silent and noise free machine. You must enjoy your machine but not at the cost of your neighbors’ comfort.


    What should be the size and weight of a dual tub portable washing machine?
    It normally weighs upto 35 lbs and dimensions are around 30”x 15” x 25”.

    What causes leakage in drainage hose?
    If you don’t empty the hose after every time you use the machine it may lead to such a problem.

    How to enhance life of a portable washing machine?
    You have purchased a portable machine. Now is the time to enjoy its portability. Place it in a roofed environment if you use it outdoors. Excessive exposure to sunlight may turn it shabby and cause unwanted wear and tear.

    What causes malfunctioning in drainage pipe control knob?
    Always turn the control knob back to Drain Off position after use. Leaving at Drain On position withers it metallic wire due to prolonged extension.

    Adding a portable washing machine to your home inventory is an important decision especially for bachelors and new couples. The choice therefore must be exercised wisely and effectively. Tub size, weight, dimensions and operating time options must be considered while making this decision. I hope this guide proved to be helpful in taking your decision. Best of luck for the right pick up among these best semi automatic washing machine of 2020.

    https://momydady.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.

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    Current Teenage Slangs Words 2020 Decoded & Infographic

    Latest Teen Slangs

    Most Common Teenage Slang Words [Updated

    for 2020]

    Slang is the informal teenage language that is more popular in speaking than in writing.  It is the new way of speaking of the young that has been quite a trend for a few decades. It consists of a vocabulary often times unknown to the elders.The slang terms created by sometimes recycling the old words, making abbreviations or giving new meaning to the already existing words. Some of these slang examples have found their way into the English dictionaries. There are also dictionaries for slang language available online. This is the way languages are revolutionized. Who knows that the words we call slang today may become part of the regular English someday and may come into writing as well.

    Here is a list of some most common slang words used everyday and also trending among teens nowadays. This may help the parents to decipher the foreign language of their teenagers and not be in a state of total disillusionment.

    Teenage 2020 Slang Words New List:

    Teen slang

      1. Sus: means suspect or suspicious.
      2. Fam: This slang is shorter form of word family. Mostly used represent close friends and family.
      3. Bruh: It is a slang to call bro or brother.
      4. Glow Up It means upgrade appearance to a better version and enhance looks.
      5. OG: it means original gangsta. But it is used for someone who is quite popular and famous among the group or at school. It is used in a positive way as a sign of respect.
      6. Throw shade: its meaning is quite opposite from its literal one. It means to disrespect someone.
      7. Jelly: it is to say “jealous.” not in a negative way but said as a compliment. It is quite outdated but still in.
      8. Bop It is typically used for good song like “jam.”
      9. Finna: it is a replacement for fixing to or going to.
      10. Roasted: this means to argue with someone verbally to the extent that they are somewhat defeated in your quick tongue battle.
      11. Lit: this means amazing or awesome, something that is exciting and wild.
      12. Thirst/ Thirsty It is to represent “wanting to have s**” Like: “Sara is so thirsty for Jack it’s weird.”
      13. Fierce When someone is looking so beautiful and powerful at the same time then this word is used to describe that feeling. Like “Oh my gosh Amy was so fierce in the concert”
      14. Thicc It is latest slang came up and used to describe people having bigger body parts that are bigger than usual. Normally describes someone’s b**ty.
      15. Get Lit  It is used to say “party hard”.
      16. QQ  It is used to express crying. To show sarcastic expression.
      17. Finsta This is slang for “Fake account of Instagram”.
      18. YAAAS: An overwhelming or excited way to say “YES”. Like OMG this pizza yaaas. Its amazing.
      19. Is That A Thing:This is a teen expression to confirm something is taking place. Like, I heard that john has started playing football again after retirement, is that a thing ?
      20. FAM JAM: Shorter form of family get together. We are having lil fam jam on coming weekend.
      21. Can I Get An Amen:It is and expression where teenagers ask for appreciation for what they have said or done.Means they are asking for good response on their awesome thing.
      22. Sorry But Not Sorry:It is used by teens when they don’t mean to say sorry.
      23. Killing It: Teens Love this phrase nowadays which means to express something doing awesome.
      24. TURNT: It means excited and having great time
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    Teen Slang

    Victorian Slang Terms:

    • Gigglemug: It is to refer someone who is always smiling
    • Sauce box: Victorian slang for mouth
    • Got the morbs: It is to express temporary sadness
    • Poked Up: It means embarrassed
    • Tight as a boiled owl: To refer a drunk person
    • B*tch the pot: It means pour the tea

    So from this list and info graphics, Parents need to know the trends in 2020 for Teen Slang Terms to Keep an Eye on. Fun and Harmless Teenage Slang are good but hurtful and personality destructive slang phrases should be checked.

    Adam Sandler and Idina Menzel challenge each other’s knowledge of teenage slang. From “bodega” to “yooz,” the stars of ‘Uncut Gems’ share some of their favorite hometown phrases.


    “Hello we’re from New York City my name is Adam Sandler and yours is Anita.We are gonna teach you US teen slang.I don’t know how good we’re gonna do.Do you feel like you know what we were saying at all Anita ? Yeah I do. Oh well why do you do ? okay first one up is Oh Bodega about a guy like Adam Adam you got a hang-up about again but I’ll tell you. What but I’ve got God that’s good that’s good this is a store like that like a little grocery store right ? I call it a bodega yeah and you love it I got to tell you that. That wasn’t around when I was at, you know. And because it really doesn’t feel like a total oh yeah you’re right. There we go oh you know what that is me I should me oh god it’s me a cream cheese it’s not yet it should be but is this a real word in the dictionary it’s it’s like a pop Schmear ha ha Bridget tunnel which is what you are that I think that’s a little bit derogatory I think it’s fine. You do. Do you take a bridge to get to the city I need to take the tunnel the Midtown Tunnel you through the Midtown Tunnel but I feel like they sometimes refer to Bridge and Tunnel people a little bit they can be a little c-o-c-k-y attitude towards the bridge city.
    yeah yeah no but you got a respect to Bridge and Tunnel from everybody oh well go on in the city oh yeah the city doesn’t want to do a whole thing on that. I don’t know you don’t care about other I don’t know if you’re in Long Island go to the city. Yes a big city how about this you’ve got to say on Long Island if that’s done that’s it Joe yeah this I don’t know what you do I never heard
    that my life Beibei like oh god that’s what it is Oh God Oy Vey mere is Oh God in heaven isn’t it?  I think so yeah are you vote okay Bob maybe that’s okay is that you – yes certainly doesn’t sound Irish all right.Pie a slice would have been worse yeah but that’s if you grew up with a lot of money we could all get a slice my family so let’s go to slice and that’s all we got. I’ll see you out on the stoop will place – Paul no I didn’t say Stoop that much. I mean I know what it is stupid no memory you said. I’ll do a movie with that I’m saying I’ll stoop down to that level. Hey use how he’s doing how he’s doing it’s just doing a YooZ onto a thing that’s if there’s a couple of guys around, you don’t want to shake its use not youths not like not like what Joe Pesci do youths. So all we’ve been there SOHO sets out the Houston. Yeah I lived there on Thompson and prints for a while you did that was where all the models always when I was really, no they really ran for the a year and a half I lived in their. Like let’s get out of here court Oh Bed-stuy that’s pepper stiverson and, I haven’t been there in a long time. I know that my friend Chris Rock used to live there as the village I lived there. You lived there ? yeah the village is Greenwich Village yeah Downtown 14th Street. Anything below 14th Street is now jump dude is 82 booting da Boa he’s like like I’m gonna be baking something Queens Brooklyn Queens Expressway said so much traffic. Whenever I did his head to the BQE to get some gigs. Yeah that’s a tough, it’s hot I broke down on the BQE old Underberg. Gotham got the Marne girl, I worked at that restaurant. Yeah I took reservation that’s good evening Gotham our own Grillo may I help you and then you just put them on home. SCHVITZ Sweating ? no that’s like a sieve that’s your own what is it it’s all juice and eat Alan really that’s the only yogurt – Ritz steel a wet fish yeah toilet and you take out what does not admit that okay that’s a shot this is yeah forget about it that’s right just forget about it yeah yeah oh yeah you Buggin but you’re running out by guys like you’re just freaking out no hey what’s up baby that’s before my time yeah but you’re cool with all the robbers I certainly ice we have to know what that is oh yeah I mean just admit this to the world that until recently I thought bumper-to-bumper traffic which is like Archie Bunker okay yeah was bumper-to-bumper traffic spell be um a da bumper da I totally thought this was city slang we know we did not do too well at this but I know deep in your heart while sitting in bumper-to-bumper the job that’s good.”

    This slang trend has been there since the 80’s. Teens are always known to invent their own code words and phrases that have today become slang and later added in urban dictionary. Some are abbreviations like LOL or YOLO whereas others are small phrases that have very different meanings like ‘eat my shorts’ or ‘kill me’. These practices are how the languages are revolutionized and progress.[Wiki source]


    Slang Sources:

    Slang words are being updated so frequently and new words become popular in communication on daily basis,so it is better to get more updated info regarding slang ghetto words from online dictionaryslang dictionary , Merriam-Webster Dictionary  , Slang word list and Oxford.

    Also check these videos here and here for more slang references.

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