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    Prime Kitchen Appliances Deals

    best airfryer

    Best Prime Day Deals On Kitchen Appliances

    Save Upto 53%

    33% off Instant Pot Products
    Prime Day deal
    Price: $179.95 (33% off)
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    Up to 40% off Kitchen Essentials from Goodful, Contigo, Stasher and More
    Prime Day deal
    $6.99 – $149.99
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    Over 50% off on Cuisinart Rotisserie Deep Fryer
    Prime Day deal
    List: $249.95 (52% off)
    Ends in 6:52:56
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    Up to 40% on SodaStream Sparkling Water Maker Machines
    Prime Day deal
    $47.99 – $95.99
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    Up to 48% off on select Calphalon Products
    Prime Day deal
    $48.74 – $389.99
    Ends in 4:52:56
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    30% off Cosori 5.8qt WiFi Air Fryer
    Prime Day deal
    List: $119.99 (30% off)
    Ends in 12:22:56
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    Up to 40% off AmazonBasics Kitchen Essentials
    Prime Day deal
    $10.17 – $44.26
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    Up to 53% off on Zojirushi Appliances
    Prime Day deal
    $84.99 – $129.99
    Ends in 11:22:56
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    Prime Members Save $49.99 on AmazonBasics Microwave with Echo Dot (3rd Gen)
    Prime Day deal
    List: $109.98 (45% off)
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    Up to 34% off Select Vitamix products
    Prime Day deal
    $179.00 – $349.99
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    43% off Le Creuset Chef Oven with Trivet
    Prime Day deal
    List: $315.95 (43% off)
    Ends in 9:22:14
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    35% off Dash Kitchen Appliances
    Prime Day deal
    $39.99 – $129.99
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    Best Battery and Self Propelled Lawn Mower

    best lawn mover 2021

    Best Cordless Lawn Mower Under $200,  $300 & $500

    Having a lawn or backyard garden with velvety green grass always has a relaxing and soothing effect and adds grace to your home. This undoubtedly is one of the easiest and coolest ways to showcase your aesthetic sense. But when it comes to maintaining a lawn only the smarter people look for smarter and readily available solutions. The days find existence in history when trimming grasses and weeds had been a time taking chore for the manual or gas driven mechanism of lawn mowers which not only required a lot of efforts but also had cumbersome fix on procedures. Today cordless lawn mowers have made the job smarter and quicker. With battery powered lawn movers your steps won’t be dependent on the cord length of typical electric lawn mowers which always need a nearby power switch to operate.

    Although cordless lawn mowers deliver comparatively lesser power than gasoline or electric mowers but for home users their advantages are much more than this sole shortcoming. Maintaining a lawn with the gadget at home is effortlessly easy and those having an area of upto 1/3rd of acre or approximately a tennis court can confidently buy one for them. Typically battery lasts for 30 to 90 minutes in single charge and you may have extra battery if the lawn size is bigger.

    Why Cordless Lawn Mowers are Better?

    No hasstle of wire or Gasoline:


    With cordless lawn mowers there are no worries of wire entanglements causing injuries and irritation and no gasoline monitoring tensions like those in gas mowers. Just mow around freely in the entire lawn till the last corner and let cords not limit your steps.


    No gasoline storage and fillings:

    With cordless lawn mower you are neither required to keep gasoline at home which itself is always dangerous nor there are any worries of getting it filled from the fuel station. All you need is to charge up the battery and get going with the mowing chore.



    Cordless lawn mowers are smaller in size and due to their light weight body they are easily portable. You can easily keep it in the boot of your car and lift it single handedly which makes them a perfect choice for household users.

    Environment friendly:

    lawn mover 2021Gasoline driven mowers always produce smoke and are very noisy. This way they contribute towards noise and gas pollution. Cordless lawn mowers are free of such issues. They are quieter to operate and environment friendly.


    User friendly:


    Unpleasant gasoline smell from petrol driven lawn mowers is not irritating but can also create serious problems for asthmatic people. A cordless lawn mower is the best solution to all such problems. It is easy to use and does not bother the user with tedious maintenance procedures.

    Anyone can use:

    best lawn mover under 300Since cordless lawn mower does not need any maintenance and wire handling practices even the kids and ladies can use it without any technical knowledge. It works like breeze with user interventions.

    Cost effective:

    Cordless lawn mowers are much cheaper than their corded or gasoline counter parts. This gives them an added benefit over other types of lawn mowers.

    Things to consider before buying an electric lawn mower

    Battery Type:

    When it comes to cordless gadgetry the very first features to be taken care of is the battery. For lawn mowers Nickel Cadmium NiCd and Lithium Ion batteries have proven to be the best amongst competitors. They can handle the strenuous jobs easily and hence prove to be cost effective in terms of their longevity.

    Battery Voltage and AH:

    Definitely A bigger battery and higher value of ampere hours AH means you the mower will serve you longer. But there is always a tradeoff between your need and cost. So decide smartly and pick the best within your budget yet fulfilling your battery needs.

    Cutting deck & Bag size:

    Cutting deck and bag size is an important feature to be taken care of as a smaller deck and bag size will make you carry out multiple passes to finish your mowing job. Compare your needs with the model available in terms of lawn area and mower deck and bag size and then decide accordingly to pick the best fit machine for you.

    Adjustable height:

    Don’t forget to look for the operating handle height of the mower or you may end up with a severe backache. It is always advisable to go for adjustable height machine so that any of the family members can adjust and operate it.

    User Friendliness:

    Look for the most user friendly mowers which need minimal user intervention and maintenance. Your preference should be based on the availability of control buttons at or near the driving handle to offer ease of operability.


    Try to go for a lawn mower having bigger wheels and lighter in weight so that you can enjoy better maneuverability and optimal performance.


    Self propelled mowers are always better than manually propelled variants as you are not required to exert any force. Evaluate your utility and see if your budget does not pose any constraints to go for self propelled models.

    But Which Cordless Mower to Pick?

    After detailed working and analysis we have listed best cordless lawn mowers for you. The model below have been shortlisted after checking them all for different types of mowing jobs including, grasses, weeds and small bushes. All of them are recommended but you may compare the features with your need and budget and pick one for you.

    When do lawn mowers go on sale at amazon ?

    Amazon Prime Day 2020 Lawn Mower Deals

    • Greenworks-25302-Cordless Twin Force Lawn Mower
    • Sun Joe iON16LM Cordless Lawn Mower:
    • Makita-XML03PT1-Cordless Lawn Mower kit:
    • DEWALT DCMW220P2 Cordless Lawn Mower:
    • BLACK+DECKER CM1640 Cordless Lawn Mower:

    Greenworks-25302-Cordless Twin Force Lawn Mower:

    Best Walk Behind Lawn Mower under $300

    best walk behind lawn mover

    Check Latest Price 


    ·         2 batteries and charger included

    ·         Dual blades for better cut quality

    ·         Smart cut technology

    ·         Dual battery for longer run time

    ·         Light weight


    ·         Tricky to use in thick weeds


    The model works best for lawns having areas upto 1/3rd of an acre grass height ranging from 1-3/4 inch to 3-3/8 inches. The batteries can uninterruptedly work for 70 minutes although the time varies with the type of mowing jobs.  Dual blade performs flawlessly to give you better mulching and cutting. Rear bag helps you contain all the cut material so no mess is left in the lawn.

    Brand                                      –                       Greenworks

    Battery Voltage                       –                       40volts

    Run Time                                –                       70 minutes

    Deck size                                –                       20 inch

    Deck material                          –                       Plastic

    Deck type                                –                       Stamped

    Blade Type                              –                       Dual

    Front Wheels                           –                       7 inch

    Rear wheels                             –                       10 inch

    Height adjustment                    –                       Yes (5 levels)

    Maximum Cutting Area             –                       1/3rd of Acre

    Battery            included              –                       Yes(2)

    Charger Included                        –                      Yes

    Weight                                        –                      37 pounds

    Color                                           –                       Green

    Dimensions                                 –                       29.2 x 20.66 x 19.5 inches

    Material                                       –                       metal, plastic

    Warranty                                     –                       4 years

    Buyers’ Feedback:

    The cut quality of this mower is great and it is very light weight. The machine is quiet and batteries get charged up very quickly. The performance is awesome in thick grass and weeds. Batteries are compatible with all models of Greenworks which gives you an extra relief. The handling is super easy as there is no vibration while operating it. This mower works better than many of the gas mowers. The larger rear wheels give better handling in case of uneven lawns. The mower is feather light and even kids can handle them quite easily.  In simple it has proved to be a great investment and mowing lawn grass had never been this easy. Strongly recommended for the reviewers.

    Sun Joe iON16LM Cordless Lawn Mower:

    Best 16 Inch LawnMower Under $200

    View Latest Price 


    ·         Powerful brushless motor

    ·         Compact and light weight

    ·         ETL approved & Energy Star certified

    ·         Cost effective

    ·         Good for tight spaces


    Very light as compared to other brands


    This cordless mower is equipped with a powerful brushless DC motor with ensures long battery life and optimal performance. It has 6 height adjustment levels and is best for grass heights ranging from 1.18 to 3.15 Inches. 16 inch deck size is decent enough for small to medium sized home lawns. Noise level of the mower is even lesser than that of a vacuum cleaner. It has a strong Lithium ion 40 volts battery which offers you a quiet run time of 50 minutes in a single charge. A 9.25 gallons capacity grass bag is there to collect all your cutting stuff and is easily detachable.

    Brand                                      –                       Sun Joe

    Battery Voltage                       –                       40volts

    Run Time                                 –                       50 minutes

    Deck size                                 –                       16 inch

    Deck material                         –                       Abs / Plastic

    Deck type                                –                       Stamped

    Height adjustment                  –                       Yes (6 levels)

    Maximum Cutting Area          –                       Tennis Court

    Battery            included           –                       Yes(1)

    Charger Included                    –                       Yes

    RPM                                        –                       3500

    Grass bag capacity                  –                       9.25 pounds

    Weight                                      –                       32 pounds

    Color                                        –                       Green

    Dimensions                              –                       48.4 x 17.7 x 42.9 inches

    Material                                    –                       metal, plastic

    Warranty                                  –                       2 years

    Buyers’ Feedback:

    This is simply an amazing mower for small lawn keepers. You can mow 4 to 5 times in a single charge. It is super fast in action and quieter than a regular vacuum cleaner in sound. Its compactness allows it to work in tight corners. Although not that much effective for very big area the mower is certainly perfect for small to medium sized home lawns. The height adjustment feature offers you a degree of freedom that any one at home can use the machine. In fact this has turned out to be one of the finest investments and a must buy product for al lawn keepers.

    Makita-XML03PT1-Cordless Lawn Mower kit:

    Best walk Behind LawnMower Under $500

    best lawnmower

    Buy On Amazon


    ·         Heavy duty steel deck

    ·         4 batteries and charger included

    ·         Foldable handle

    ·         Weather resistant body


    ·         A little bit pricey


    This model by Makita works best for lawns having areas upto 7300 square feet and grass height ranging from 13/16 inch to 2-15/16 inches. It is equipped with a powerful brushless DC motor which delivers torque from 2500 to 3300 RPM. The handle is foldable which makes it portable and easily storable item. It runs with 2 batteries of 18 volts and Makita offers you a complete kit having 4 batteries and a super fast charger. It has 18 inch deck size but with its powerful motor and batteries it can be used for heavy duty jobs quite effectively.

    Brand                                      –                       Makita

    Battery Voltage                       –                        36 volts

    Run Time                                 –                       60-90  minutes

    Deck size                                 –                       18 inch

    Deck material                         –                       Steel

    Height adjustment                  –                       Yes (10 levels)

    Maximum Cutting Area          –                       7300 square feet

    Battery            included          –                       Yes(4)

    Charger Included                    –                       Yes

    RPM                                       –                       3300

    Grass bag capacity                –                       16 gallons

    Weight                                    –                       43 pounds

    Color                                      –                       Blue , black

    Dimensions                            –                       24.8 x 35.24 x 23.47 inches

    Material                                  –                       metal, plastic

    Buyers’ Feedback:

    It is one of the best cordless mowers available in market. Although smaller in size it can surely be labeled as a heavy duty mower. It has 10 height adjustment levels and a bigger 16 gallons grass bag which makes it even more attractive. The motor surpasses gasoline or electric mowers in performance. A pool of interchangeable batteries does not make you wait for the charging and you can just finish a bigger job in one go. The mower is actually not 93 pounds as mentioned in description by Makita and it is excellent in maneuverability. Reviewers are recommended to go for the model without any reluctance.

    DEWALT DCMW220P2 Cordless Lawn Mower:

    Best LawnMower For Money 2021

    best battery lawnmower

    Check Latest Price On Amazon


    • ·         Powerful brushless motor
    • ·         Provides 3 in 1 features
    • ·         20 inch heavy duty deck
    • ·         Foldable handle


    • A bit pricey though Dewalt is name of quality


    Dewalt brings you a heavy duty cordless mower with a powerful brushless DC motor. It can easily mow an area of ¼ acres in single charge and cut grass height levels ranging from 1.5 to 3.5 quite effectively. The mower is compatible with Dewalt 20 volts and Flexvolt 60 volts batteries. The handle not only provides you a strong and comfortable grip but is also foldable for storage or portability.

    Brand                                      –                       Dewalt

    Battery Voltage                       –                        40 volts

    Run Time                                 –                       90 minutes

    Deck size                                 –                       20 inch

    Deck material                         –                       Plastic and metal

    Height adjustment                  –                       Yes (3 levels)

    Battery            included           –                       Yes (2)

    Charger Included                    –                       Yes

    Weight                                     –                       55 pounds

    Color                                       –                       yellow & black

    Dimensions                             –                       48 x 22 x 20 inches

    Material                                   –                       metal, plastic

    Warranty                                 –                       3 years

    Buyers’ Feedback:

    This mower by Dewalt is sturdy, robust and highly reliable in terms of performance and longevity. The mower is good for heavy duty jobs for its powerful motor. It offers all features that is mulching, bagging and dragging aside. Many found it even better than advertised in terms of battery up time and lawn size it can withstand. This mower is simply having all the aspects you need for self mowing and is flawlessly perfect. Reviewers must go for it if price does not bother them. You will love to have it.


    BLACK+DECKER CM1640 Cordless Lawn Mower:

    Best Walk Behind LawnMower Under $300

    best lawn mower under 500

    View Price On Amazon


    • ·         2 batteries and charger included
    • ·         Foldable handle for storage and portability
    • ·         6 height adjustments
    • ·         Light weight


    • Battery drains quickly on weeds


    Black + Decker brings an excellent mower at a very reasonable price. The package includes 2 batteries and a super fast charger. It has 6 height adjustment options and can cut grass of height ranging from 1-1/0 to 3-1/10.  Foldable handle and 9.5 gallon bag makes it a smarter choice.

    Brand                                      –                       Black + Decker

    Battery Voltage                       –                        40 volts

    Run Time                                 –                       40 minutes

    Deck size                                 –                       16 inch

    Deck material                          –                       Plastic and metal

    Height adjustment                   –                       Yes (6 levels)

    Battery            included           –                       Yes (2)

    Charger Included                     –                       Yes

    Weight                                      –                       38 pounds

    Color                                        –                       Orange & black

    Dimensions                              –                       28 x 19 x 16 inches

    Material                                   –                       metal, plastic

    Buyers’ Feedback:

    It is an awesome mower for it light weight body and super cool performance. It is much quieter than our expectations. It is very easy to assemble and operate. The machine is perfect for small lawns and tight corners for its compact and small deck. The mower is best suitable for lawn sizes of 1200 square feet and less. The manufacturer provides 2 batteries one of which can always be kept ready to continue mowing job without any breaks. It is simply a worth spending house hold tool and free of maintenance.


    Is a cordless lawn mower worth buying?

    For regular home users having medium sized lawns, cordless lawn mower is the best cutting machine. The performance and reliability is worth spending on.

    Can I use cordless mower for weeds?

    Cordless lawn mowers are equally good for lawn weeds like grasses. They are available in vast variety of battery voltage and blade and deck size to meet your exact requirements.

    What is the maximum charging lasting time offered by cordless mowers?

    Generally a battery powered mowers can serve you for 30 to 90 minutes before starting to lose power.

    Do I need any extra accessories with my cordless lawn mower?

    You may keep an extra battery with you if you don’t want to wait for the charging time. No other accessories are required.

    Are cordless lawn mowers maintenance free?

    Cordless lawn mowers are definitely maintenance free. You may clean the deck and blade after a few passes and that is it.

    What is Best lawnmower Reddit?

    As per Reddit community following are the best lawn mowers:

    • Greenworks-25302-Cordless Twin Force Lawn Mower
    • Sun Joe iON16LM Cordless Lawn Mower:
    • Makita-XML03PT1-Cordless Lawn Mower kit:
    • DEWALT DCMW220P2 Cordless Lawn Mower:
    • BLACK+DECKER CM1640 Cordless Lawn Mower:



    Cordless lawn mowers have drastically gained significance over the recent years for their compactness; performance and cost effectiveness in contrast with their competitor counter parts gasoline or electric mowers. The ease of use and maintenance free nature of this gadget are added benefits. All the models listed above are good for house hold mowing jobs but you can choose in accordance with your need that is lawn size, height options and battery time. Budget is however another constraint which may dictate your choice primarily. Good luck! Have a good purchase.


    Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase, I’ll earn a commission, at no additional cost to you. Read our full disclosure here.

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    Most Powerful And Best Budget Cordless Drill 2020

    Best Cordless Drill Reddit

    The rapid evolution in technology has addressed every field of life to bring smarter solutions to daily life problems. May it be mechanical or electrical industry or even if you are a DIY (Do it Yourself) or a hobbyist an electric drill machine is one of the most fundamental power tools which must find an existence in your arsenal. One of the challenges of AC driven power tools like drill machine are the availability of power sockets in the range of its power cord so if you intend spending your bucks, better go for a cordless drill which offers you ease of use and better maneuverability. Battery driven drills can do every type of heavy duty job for you in a single charging. An 18 volts battery can serve you longer than your expectations.
    Cordless drills are of different sizes and accordingly battery of 12 volts, 18 volts and 20 volts are used with them. Your utility and field of application must drive the decision of choosing the best size for you. A cordless drill has a brushless DC motor which makes it serve you longer as BLDC (brushless DC) motors always have a longer life and minimal wear and tear.

    Who all need a Cordless Drill?

    Although the gadget is made for almost everyone but people belonging to following groups should be having battery driven drill machine:


    For electricians cordless drills is like their parts and parcel. May it be fixing small to medium screws in different parts or boring heavy duty Rawal Bolts in walls, a cordless drill is the sole smart solution to all these needs.


    Life of a carpenter is just incomplete without a cordless drill. It is good for making holes in wood and fixing them against walls. With the gadget in his tool bag, power socket availability is no more an issue and he can work anywhere with this power tool

    Construction Industry Workers:

    If you are a mechanical or civil worker in the construction or metallurgical industry then fixing pylons, beams or different parts together is a routine work for you. Cordless Drill will bring you a smarter and portable solution for making holes for the job. Battery driven drill can easily make holes in thick metallic parts.

    DIYers (Do it yourself):

    If you love to do things by yourselves holes making comes in the way somehow. With cordless drill there is no need to pick heavy duty conevnetional drill machines. Even kids and ladies can easily pick this power tool and comfortably carry out home decore or educational projects.

    best cordless grill for craftman

    Things to consider before buying a cordless drill:

    For cordless drill the very first question which comes to your mind is the battery performance and life. A cordless drill with poor battery means no drill. A traditional cordless drill works for 6 to 7 hours if used continuously and applied on various types of loads. This is an important parameter and must be taken care of while choosing the tool for you. Evaluate it according to your utility as batteries of 12 volts to 36 volts are available in market.
    Chuck size and type:
    This is the part of drill which actually holds and rotates the bit. It is one of the most important parts as bad chuck can create wobble in your work hence affecting precision and wasting your time. Usually 13 mm chuck is good to hold all types of medium to heavy duty bits. Also pay heed to type of the chuck as they are available in hex and key less type. Hex types can hold hexagonal bits which are most common in market whereas keyless chucks don’t need a key to fix and remove the bit.
    Although most cordless drills have a brushless DC motor you must evaluate this feature. A brushless DC motor serves you longer and that too without any maintenance needs. There is no need to change carbon brushes like brushed motors. Brushless motors produce more power and with little friction between the parts which makes them work longer and smarter for you.
    Rotations per minute are another important aspect to be taken care of. Higher the number of RPM, quicker will be the job done. RPM in simple words is the speed of the tool. Usually all models have various RPM options to switch between. So give it a look and choose the most suitable cordless drill for you.
    Cordless drills are always lighter than conventional AC drills. However depending upon the work load type they also have vast weight variability amongst them. Most of the models vary between 2 pounds to 9 pounds. Choose according to your wrist and application.
    Price always matter and one needs to trade off between price and features. If you are just a hobbyist or DIYer you may opt for a 12 Volts cordless drill as you would be using it for small or medium sized loads. Pend your precious bucks according to your utility. A pricier machine does not always mean a better machine.

    best DIY cordless drill reddit

    Most Powerful & Best Budget Cordless Drills

    After hours and hours of aggressive testing here is a list of best cordless drills based on the experience of our drilling experts and assistance from best reddit tool communities. All of these models are best amongst the family of cordless drills available in the market. The models listed below were subjected to same types of loads ranging from light to medium to heavy duty jobs and a comprehensive buy guide has been compiled. Read on!

    Most Powerful Cordless Drill For Home Use Under $100 2020


    DEWALT- DCD771C2-Cordless Drill / Driver Kit:

    Best Cordless Power Drill For Metal, Wookwork and Concrete.

    Best compact cordless drill

    Check Latest Price On Amazon


    +Compact and lightweight
    +Comfortable and strong handle
    +High performance motor
    +Can carry out range of applications
    +Battery, charger and bag included
    +LED light


    -Bit set not included
    -No spare bit holder


    This cordless has been designed to fit in tight and compact areas. It is equipped with a powerful motor which can deliver out 300 watts of power allowing you to utilize it for a large number of applications. Single sleeve ratchet has good strength to hold the bit in place. The handle is very comfortable and vibration free. It has a good battery of 20 volts and 1.3 Ampere hours.This is indeed best cordless power drill for home use and every puspose.

    • Brand – Dewalt
    • Voltage – 20volts
    • Power – 300 Watts
    • Chuck size – 1/2 inch
    • Chuck type – Keyless
    • Motor – Brushless
    • RPM – 450, 1500
    • Speed Variations – 2 options
    • Torque – 530 Inch Pounds
    • LED – Yes
    • Battery included – Yes
    • Weight – 3.64 pounds
    • Color – Yellow
    • Dimensions – 13.88 x 9.88 x 4.25 inches
    • Material – Steel
    • Warranty – 3 years


    Buyers’ Feedback

    The 20 volts battery is more than enough for medium to heavy duty jobs. The drill is not only outclassed in performance but one of the finest features is that it is feather light in its weight which makes it a best choice for the hobbyists. The grip is very comfortable and sturdy and what to talk of Lithium battery, it is simply a bomb. Dewalt offers a complete package of tool, battery and bag which makes it a perfect choice at this affordable price. Its compact size and LED offers you to work in tight and dark places. The only problem is it should be having a spare bit holder. The motor is very powerful and has multiple speed options to deliver the amount of power you need. In totality, this is an awesome cordless drill and those who are planning to buy one this model of Dewalt is strongly and highly recommended.

    Bosch -PS31-2A – Cordless Drill Kit:

    Best Reliable Cordless Drill Brand

    best cordless grill.

    Check Latest Price On Amazon


    +A complete package tool, bit set, 2 batteries, charger and bag
    +Very light weight
    +Great performance to weight ratio
    +20 plus clutch settings for large number of applications
    +LED for improved visibilty


    -Chuck is at times hard to open

    Bosch has designed this tool in such an apt manner that performance to weight ratio is very good making it a nice choice equally for professionals and DIYers/ hobbyists. It delivers high power and has two speed/ torque options to best suit the types of application. 21 clutch settings is another added features with which you can fit the most accurate bit to complete your job with accuracy and precision. The 2 lithium batteries provided with the tool are very robust and durable in performance.

    • Brand – Bosch
    • Voltage – 12 volts
    • Chuck size – 3/8 inch
    • Chuck type – 3 Jaws
    • Motor – Brushless
    • RPM – 350, 1300
    • Speed Variations – 2 options
    • LED – Yes
    • Battery included – Yes (2 lithium batteries)
    • Weight – 4.73 pounds
    • Color – Blue
    • Material – Composite
    • Warranty – 1 year

    Buyers’ Feedback:
    The tool is strong and robust with reliable and durable batteries. It works even better than some of the larger drills. What else would you need if you get power and handiness simultaneously with this drill. The power is surprisingly good though it has a 12 volt battery. It is a perfect tool and almost surpasses its 18 volts counter parts. Bosch is offering a complete cool package if tool, charger, bits and a soft bag so no need to look for accessories after buying the tool. It has almost zero trigger pull. The bag has straps to nicely fix your spares and bits in it. It is a nice tool which is equally good for professionals and home experts.

    BLACK+DECKER LD120VA Cordless Drill Set:

    Best Drill For Home use Reddit

    best cordless grill

    View On Amazon


    +30 accessories to meet any application
    +Ideal for all types of loads
    +Battery included
    +24 Clutch Settings


    -Bag not included


    This is not a tool only. Black and Decker has offered you a complete package with 30 accessories to meet any application and a lithium battery as well. A 20 volts battery is powerful enough to execute all your needs. 24 settings of chuck gives an extra freedom of setting bit of any size to meet the precision you have paid for. A firm and comfortable grip provides vibration free operation for any type of loads including plastic, wood and metals.

    • Brand – Black & Decker
    • Voltage – 20 volts
    • Chuck size – 3/8 inch
    • Chuck type – 3 Jaws
    • Motor – Brushless
    • Torque – 300 inch pound
    • RPM – 750
    • Speed Variations – 2 options
    • Battery included – Yes (1 lithium batteries)
    • Weight – 4.25 pounds
    • Dimensions – 8.94 x 4 x 7.75 inches
    • Color – Orange
    • Material – Metal and Rubber
    • Warranty – 2 year

    Buyers’ Feedback:

    It is a lightweight tool yet works like breeze. 24 settings of chuck helps to prevent stripping and overdriving screws. 1 lithium battery and 30 necessary accessories make it a complete deal for all types of jobs. Drilling had never been this easy and comprehensive before having this power tool kit. It is simply a great addition to our tools inventory. The drill is perfect for ladies and home experts who love correcting things themselves. Many have bought a second for their partners after buying this power tool and recommend this for reviewers based on their experience.

    KIMO 48pcs Cordless Drill Kit:

    Best Cordless Drill For The Money

    best cordless grill

    View On Amazon


    +Exceptionally good and powerful battery
    +18 Clutch settings
    +Light Weight
    +Good performance to weight ratio
    +48 pieces ; complete package


    -User manual is not well drafted


    This power tool by KIMO is as light as feather. 1.8 pounds in weight and excellent in performance this 12 volts drill comes with a complete package of 48 accessories to serve in all types of loads plastic, wood, walls and metal. With 18 clutch settings and 2 RPM variations, you can carry out any type of application. LED light adds to your confidence and precision working in shady areas. The package includes 1 shaft, 3 drill bits, 3 brushes, 6 twist drill bits, 33 screwdriver bits, 1 bag, 1 fast charger, 1 battery, 1 tape measure.It is best budget cordless drill in a nutshell.

    • Brand – KIMO
    • Voltage – 12 volts
    • Chuck size – 3/8 inch
    • Chuck type – Keyless
    • Motor – Brushless
    • Torque – 280 inch pound
    • RPM – 350, 1350
    • Speed Variations – 2 options
    • Battery included – Yes (1 lithium batteries)
    • Weight – 5.16 pounds
    • Dimensions – 12.2 x 7.8 x 6.8 inches
    • Color – Green
    • Material – Metal and Rubber

    Buyers’ Feedback:

    KIMO has manufactured this ultimate power tool for DIYers and professionals. It is compact yet heavy duty drill. One of the best things is the provision of complete accessories in 48 pieces which makes it a combo deal. The maneuverability of drill due its compactness and light weight body makes a perfect tool for precise results. The keyless bit function is worth praising. Battery works for extended hours and gives as good performance as 18 volts. KIMO has surpassed many of the more famous brands and that too at a lesser price. Loved to have such an impressive tool in our arsenal and wish others to like it too. It is good purchase indeed.

    CRAFTSMAN CMCD700C1 Cordless Drill Kit:

    Best Budget And Powerful Cordless Drill

    best cordless grill

    Buy On Amazon


    +Battery included
    +LED light
    +Super fast charger included
    +Compatible with Versatrack hang hook


    -Bit set not included
    -No space for bit storage


    • Brand – Craftsman
    • Voltage – 20 volts
    • Power – 280 Watts
    • Chuck size – 1/2 inch
    • Chuck type – Keyless
    • Motor – Brushless
    • RPM – 350, 1500
    • Speed Variations – 2 options
    • LED – Yes
    • Battery included – Yes
    • Weight – 5.02 pounds
    • Color – Red
    • Dimensions – 10.88 x 2.75 x 10 inches
    • Material – Steel and Rubber
    • Warranty – 3 years

    Buyers’ Feedback:

    It is an awesome combination of 280 watts power and 3.8 pounds weight with this power tool. It has good range of clutch settings to fix the most appropriate tool. Battery is equipped with charge indication to give you a prior alert of charging. Cheap in price but this undoubtedly competes with the well known brands. The charger is super fast and makes it ready after a short break in your work if it runs out of battery at all for long jobs. It is overall excellent in performance and durability. It turned out to be a good purchase and worth recommending for others.

    Makita CT225R Compact Cordless Combo Kit(Drill + Impact Driver)

    Best Drill For Women

    best cordless grill reddit

    Buy From Amazon


    +Powerful 4 pole motor
    +1 impact wrench included
    +Super light just 2.8 pounds
    +Battery gives 50 percent enhanced time
    +Superfast charger and 2 batteries included
    +Carrying Bag included


    -Bit set not included
    -Clutch settings needs practice


    Makita has prepared this super cool power tool for all types of jobs that is plastic, wood and walls drilling and fastening. Makita brings you fastest charger and extra performance battery included in the package. The kit includes 1 impact wrench having 1460 in-lbs of torque, weighing 3.3 pounds, for fastening jobs which makes it a great deal in this price.This is best cordless drill with battery and charger for women to use at home or DIY purpose.

    • Brand – Makita
    • Voltage – 18 volts
    • Power – 360 Watts
    • Chuck size – 1/2 inch
    • Motor – Brushless
    • Drill RPM – 400, 1500
    • Impact Wrench RPM – 2300, 3200
    • Speed Variations – 2 options
    • Torque – 1460 Inch Pounds
    • LED – Yes
    • Battery included – Yes
    • Weight – 5 pounds
    • Color – Teal
    • Dimensions – 12 x 12 x 11.1 inches
    • Material – Steel and rubber
    • Warranty – 3 years

    Buyers’ Feedback:

    Makita has outperformed all competitors by offering 2 power tools in this cool price. Who would not prefer buying this complete package having drill and impact wrench in such attractive deal instead of buying them separately. As far as performance is concerned the drill is feather light and good for all types of loads. Even within the two tools it is hard to mention which is better in performance, the drill is terrific and impact driver is awesome. Batteries get charged in 25 minutes and stay up for longer time than typical 18 volt variants. It is simply a fall in love deal and there is not a single issue with any of the items. It is strongly recommended for the readers. Go grab it before you are late.

    PORTER-CABLE PCCK604L2 Cordless Combo Kit (Drill + Impact Driver)

    Best Powerful Cordless Drill Under $100

    best cordless grill 2021


    Buy From Amazon


    +1 impact driver included
    +2 batteries included
    +Charger and bag included
    +Light weight
    +Robust for all jobs


    -Clutch is tricky to undo


    This is a great deal offered by manufacturer which includes 1 impact driver for free. The package includes a ½ inch drill having two speed variations of 350 and 1500 RPM and 283 output power and ¼ impact driver which delivers 1450 inch pounds torque with speed variations of 2800 and 3100 RPM. Both the tools are feather light and compact making them perfect for tight spaces.

    • Brand – PORTER CABLE
    • Voltage – 20 volts
    • Power – 283 Watts
    • Chuck size – 1/2 inch
    • Motor – Brushless
    • Drill RPM – 350, 1500
    • Impact Wrench RPM – 2800, 3100
    • Speed Variations – 2 options
    • Torque – 1460 Inch Pounds
    • LED – Yes
    • Battery included – Yes (2)
    • Weight – 3.5(drill) and 3.3 (Impact driver)pounds
    • Color – Red and White
    • Dimensions – 12.5 x 7.5 x 8.88 inches
    • Material – Steel and rubber
    • Warranty – 3 years

    Buyers’ Feedback:

    This is simply an awesome and wholesome deal by Porter Cable. Both the tools are too good in performance and reliability. This turned out to be a great deal for the money. The quality of drill is mind blowing and is equally good for all types of jobs. This is probably the best drill in the market as far as price and performance are concerned. Both tools work like breeze so if are looking for a drill and also need an impact driver you must go for this model by Porter Cable without any hesitation.

    What is the battery life of a cordless drill?
    Cordless drill usually lasts for 6 to 7 hours on battery. An 18 volts battery works for 3 to 6 hours and 20 volts battery lasts for 4 to 7 hours depending on the nature of work. Complete life of these batteries is normally estimated between 3 to 6 years depending on how good they have been maintained.
    Which battery voltage should I choose?
    A higher voltage better definitely means more and long timed power. For miniature or small duty types which are normally tasked by hobbyists, a 12 volts battery would serve the purpose. For medium to heavy duty type loads 18 to 20 volts battery would be good enough. 18 volts battery usually works fine for almost all types of jobs.
    What does “ah” mean in battery?
    Ah means amperes hours of a battery. It reflects the battery capacity. The higher the “ah” value the better the battery is but similarly the longer it takes to charge. So evaluate your needs and then pick the best battery for you.


    All of the above mentioned tools have been listed after a lot of research and you will find them all good but better evaluate your needs before picking one for you. Are you just looking for a cordless drill or a combo attracts you more, being comprehensive in its nature? Does bare tool will do for you or you need a complete package? Prices of all items have minor variations but technical specifications and utility must drive your decision. Good luck. Have a great buying experience!

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    Top 7 Best Cordless Impact Wrenches Under 100

    Best Impact Wrench

    Best Cordless Impact Wrench

    The rapid and enormous advancements in mechanical industry have brought about numerous solutions to save time and energy of which powerful cordless impact wrench is an example. If you are a mechanical professional, a DIYer(do it yourself) or a hobbyist; a cordless impact wrench is a must in your tools inventory as manual and pneumatic torque wrenches will not only make your job tiresome but they are also a costlier and lengthier option to go for. Suppose if you are car mechanic then you are meant to focus on the main job for which nut opening and closing is just an intermediate step. Therefore you must opt for a smarter solution to meet this extra step and utilize your time and effort for the main issue you are trying to fix. Let technology assist you in the most befitting manner.

    Cordless impact wrenches have a half inch square driving mechanism which is compatible with common impact sockets available in market. They produce huge torque and you just need to confirm the nut tightness afterwards with a manual wrench. A brushless DC motor makes it serve you longer as BLDC (brushless DC) motors always have a longer life and minimal wear and tear. Being wireless and portable is another great feature which makes it a must buy power tool.  

    Who all Need Cordless Impact Wrench?   

    Although the gadget is made for almost everyone but for people belonging to following groups should be having battery driven impact switches: 

    Auto Mechanics:

    A lot of car’s issues need removing the wheels for which nuts opening and tightening is a routine job for them. Either it is the suspension, shocks or wheel nuts they need enormous amount of torque is required to open and tighten them completely. So cordless impact wrench is a power tool they should have. 

    impact wrench 2021


    Fixing nuts in huge logs of wood with a cordless impact switch makes the job easier many folds so carpenters normally have a battery driven impact wrench to fulfill their bolting and screwing needs.

    impact wrench

    Construction Workers:

    If you are a mechanical worker in the construction industry then fixing pylons and huge beams is a routine work for you. Cordless impact wrench will bring you a smarter and portable solution. 

    impact wrench half inch 2021

    Electricians & AC Mechanics:

    If you are an electrician or AC mechanic you need an impact wrench to fix large rawal plugs into wall or roof for installing a ceiling fan or outer unit of Air conditioner. 

    impact wrench half inch 


    DIYers (Do it yourself)

    Those who love doing house hold repairs by themselves without help of professionals must have this power tool because they are not used to doing such heavy duty jobs and manual wrenches might take longer and end into some injuries. 

    Thinks to consider before buying a cordless impact wrench under under $100:

    Battery (volts and Ah):

    Battery options for the machine available in market range from 12 volts to 36 volts. Although 12 or 18 volts battery would serve you quite decently but for intense nature of jobs one must go for a bigger battery of 20 or 36 volts to avoid quick draining and recharging. Battery Ah(ampere hours) is another feature to be considered. The higher the Ah value, the powerful the motor will be. 

    RPM (Rotation per minute) and IPM(impacts per minute):

    A higher RPM definitely means a higher IPM and less human effort. RPM of this machine goes upto 3000. Compare your needs and available RPM options and then decide which wrench to pick.


    Cordless impact wrenches come with both types of motors, Brushed and Brushless DC motor. Brushless DC motor has a longer life but might be a bit higher in price. So give it a heed before placing order.  


    Torque of cordless impact wrenches normally ranges from 200 ft-lbs to 1200 ft-lbs. You need to evaluate your needs and then place an order accordingly.

    Drive Size:

    The machine has drive options of ¼, 3/8 and ½ inches. The larger the drive size, the higher the torque it can deliver. So if you have to do heavy duty jobs pick a bigger drive size.


    Cordless impact wrenches come in huge variety of sizes and weights. If you are a hobbyist or DIYer a heavy machine might just bring extra botheration for you and you might end up with using your manual wrenches ultimately. So be wise to read the specifications.


    Price always matters. You need to compare your wrenching needs with the available models in market along with their prices. Although this product is worth spending and will serve you for years but you have to chose the best within your budget constraints. Try to consider the most required feature and let the un required ones go to get a wrench in lower price.    

    Top 7 Best Cordless Impact Wrenches Selected by Experts 

    We have picked 7 best cordless impact wrenches after complete testing from the long list compiled after research especially from reddit communities. Based on the experience and aggressive testing of our mechanical experts on medium duty, high torque and heavy duty subjects, these models have been short listed for you. Read on!

    1. DEWALT -DCF899HB- MAX XR Impact Wrench Kit
    2. Milwaukee 2767-20 M18 Impact Wrench with Friction Ring
    3. Makita XWT08Z LXT Square Drive Impact Wrench
    4. Avid Power Cordless Impact Wrench 
    5. Ingersoll Rand W7150 Cordless Torque Wrench
    6. Neiko 10878A 20 V Lithium-Ion Cordless Impact Wrench 
    7. Best Over All Bosch Cordless Impact Driver


    DEWALT -DCF899HB- MAX XR Impact Wrench Kit

    best impact wrenche 2021

    Check Latest Price On Amazon


    • Light weight
    • 3 years warranty
    • Variable speed option
    • Fall resistant


    • Battery not included
    • Charger not included


    This impact wrench by Dewalt is best for heavy duty jobs. A brushless DC motor makes it serve you longer without any wear and that too with excellent performance. It can easily handle a fall of 6 feet. A variable speed option offers you flexibility of utilization as per your application and ultimately adds value to your bucks.  It has hog ring which gives you an easier socket swapping.  

    Brand Dewalt

    Voltage 20volts

    Drive size 1/2 inch

    Motor Brushless

    Rpm 400/1200/1900

    IPM 2400

    Speed Variations 3 options

    Torque Max 700 ft-lbs, Breakaway torque 1000 ft-lbs

    LED Yes

    Battery included No

    Weight 5.8 pounds

    Color Yellow

    Dimensions 9.94 x 4.25 x 10.63 inches

    Material metal, plastic, rubber

    Warranty 3 years

    Buyers’ Feedback:

    This impact wrench is simply a powerful beast. Any rusty or stuck nut fixed into a lug or metallic assembly would just come off in no time with this gadget. It is equally good for medium and heavy duty jobs. The machine is good for professionals and DIYers due its versatility of operating options. LED offers you precision and confidence in dim areas. Since it has a brushless DC motor so there is no worry of changing carbon brushes making it maintenance free power tool. It delivers awesome torque and demands minimal human effort to perform it job. It is simply a great tool and all mechanical professionals and hobbyists are strongly recommended to buy one.

    Milwaukee 2767-20 M18 Impact Wrench with Friction Ring

    best impact wrench reddit

    View On Amazon


    • 2 times faster than competitors
    • Smart protection system against overloading and over heating
    • Firm rubber grip


    • A bit noisy in operation
    • Battery not included


    Milwuakee brings you a powerful toll to remove stubborn nuts and bolts 2 times faster than its competitors. Its 4 mode drive operation allows you to carry out any type of job with a comfortable rubber grip. Lithium battery delivers higher work per unit charge and friction ring ensures easy socket switching. A height of 8.39 inches offers you a strong and dual handed hold if needed.It is indeed best cordless impact wrench for removing lug nuts and automotive.  

    Brand Milwuakee

    Voltage 20volts

    Drive size 1/2 inch

    Motor Brushless

    Speed Variations 4 options

    Torque Max 1000 ft-lbs, Breakaway torque 1400 ft-lbs

    LED Yes

    Battery included No

    Weight 5.91 pounds

    Color Red

    Dimensions 3.46 x 10.23 x 9.05 inches

    Material metal, plastic, rubber

    Warranty 5 years

    Buyers’ Feedback:

    Those who have used the tool say they won’t be ever switching to any other brand as this machine is a very powerful and reliable to have. It is almost unbelievable that a battery operated tool delivers this much of power. It is totally trouble free and maintenance free. It is an awesome tool and should have been picked earlier. It easily performs job unable to do with 1 inch pneumatic wrenches. It simply surprises the new users and makes them fall in love with the product. No more torque or pneumatic wrenching in life after getting this beast. If you are planning to buy this don’t waste a moment and grab the gun right now.It is also rated as best for the search “best impact wrench reddit

    Makita XWT08Z LXT Square Drive Impact Wrench

    best impact wrench reddit 2020

    Buy On Amazon


    • Ensures longer battery life
    • Fastest charging Lithium battery
    • Exemplary durability


    • A bit heavier
    • Battery not included


    Makita brings you an awesome power tool which runs on a Lithium battery which gives you extended ON time and needs minimal charging time. It has unmatched fastening performance and brushless DC motor makes it totally maintenance free as there is no need to change carbon brushes time and again. 3 speed power options give a freedom of force needed to carry out different types of works.One of the best cordless impact wrenches under 100 dollars.

    Brand Makita

    Voltage 18 volts

    Drive size 1/2 inch

    Motor Brushless

    RPM 900/1000/1800 

    IPM 1800/2000/2200

    Speed Variations 3 options

    Torque Max 740 ft-lbs, Breakaway torque 1180 ft-lbs

    LED Yes

    Battery included No

    Weight 7 pounds

    Color Green

    Dimensions 10 x 10.3 x 3.9 inches

    Material metal, plastic, rubber

    Warranty 3 years

    Buyers’ Feedback:

    Many say this model by Makita is far better in performance and durability than all other competitors of this price range. This is a power pack which will open big lugs and wheel nuts like a breeze. This tool is incredibly powerful. Even at 1st and 2nd stage of speed it ensures super tightening and 3rd stage might even break your nut and axle. After trying it on rusty nuts, old calipers, auctioned machines and what not, buyers strongly recommend others to go for this tool as it will never let them down and it surely is a best choice for their hard earned bucks. 

    DEWALT DCF890B Cordless Impact Wrench 

    best impact wrenchPros:

    • Very light weight just 2 lbs
    • Compact
    • 3 LEDs to lit the target area


    • Not good for heavy duty jobs
    • Battery not included



    This power tool by Dewalt is best for small and medium duty jobs. It has 3/8 inch drive easily compatible with sockets available in market. Equipped with 3 LED lights it illuminates the dark areas of the target to give you confidence and quality. Variable speed features gives you precision in your work and freedom of action. It is very handy and easy to use. A lightweight tool with reasonably small size makes it a perfect choice for hobbyists and DIYers.We can rate it as a best cordless impact wrench for changing tires as well.

    Brand Dewalt

    Voltage 20 volts

    Drive size 3/8 inch

    Motor Brushless

    Speed Variations Yes

    Torque 150 ft-lbs

    LED Yes 3 LEDs

    Battery included No

    Weight 2 pounds

    Color Yellow

    Dimensions 2.5 x 6 x 5.5 inches

    Material metal, plastic, rubber

    Warranty 3 years

    Buyers’ Feedback:

    The tool works perfectly fine and delivers enormous power although smaller in size. It can easily do maximum number of jobs with exceptions of very heavy duty tasks. It is almost unable to find such a classic and powerful tool at this price.  The tool itself seems far better in torque and power than advertised.  It is fall proof and doesn’t misbehave upon contamination with oil and grease. It delivers well balanced and adequate tasks for everyday tasks. In simple this dandy and compact tool is breeze in performance and a must include in your tool kit. You will love this impressive master piece.

    Avid Power Cordless Impact Wrench 

    best cordless impact wrench

    View On Amazon


    • Super fast charger
    • Excellent battery
    • Complete package of cordless impact wrench, 4 driver impact sockets, tool bag, 20V Lithium-ion battery, fast charger, user manual.



    • Heavier in weight
    • Outer casing could better 


    Avid Power has brought a super beast power tool in such a reasonable price. It can do any kind of heavy duty job with no human effort and in minimal time. One of the best things is that buyers are offered a complete package at such a nominal price which includes a cordless  impact wrench, a battery, 4 driver sockets, a tool bag, a fast charger and a user manual. Its variable speed allows you to utilize it for any type of application. It is best cordless impact driver under $100.

    Brand Avid Power

    Voltage 20 volts

    Drive size 1/2 inch

    Motor Brushless

    Speed Variations Yes

    Torque 330 ft-lbs

    LED Yes 

    Battery included Yes (1 Lithium ion battery)

    Weight 9.73 pounds

    Color Red, black

    Dimensions 14 x 10.4 x 3.8 inches

    Material ABS

    Package includes                       –                         1 x Avid Power Impact Wrench, 1 x 20V 3.0Ah Battery, 

    1 x 11/16″ Socket (17mm), 1 x 3/4″ Socket (19mm), 

    1 x 15/16″ Socket (24mm), 1 x 13/16″ Socket (20mm), 

    1 x Fast Charger, 1 x Sturdy Tool Bag

    Buyers’ Feedback:

    The manufacturer has offered a great deal having all the required items in a single package and that too at such a reasonable price. The motor is so powerful that it can handle any type of heavy duty tasks. The tool is worth spending and is an all in one solution to all your mechanical turning issues. Many users have bought 2nd after satisfactory performance of their 1st wrench. In simple Avid Power has made this life changing power tool for professionals who face challenges of opening rusty and old big nuts in daily routine. 

    Ingersoll Rand W7150 Cordless Torque Wrench

    best impact tool

    Buy From Amazon


    • Light weight
    • Excellent grip
    • Great durability


    • Battery not included



    This power tool has great durability. The steel lined aluminum hammer case is not only strong but light weight as well. The motor is very powerful but soft and firm grip lets you do your job without any vibrations. LED light offers you to carry out your job even in the shady corners or attics. Whatever is the nature of job this beast will make you feel wow. So we can rate it as a best cordless impact wrench for the money. 

    Brand Ingersoll Rand

    Voltage 20 volts

    Drive size 1/2 inch

    Speed Variations Yes

    RPM 1900

    Torque 780 ft-lbs and 1100 ft-lbs break away

    LED Yes

    Battery included No

    Weight 6.38 pounds

    Color gray

    Dimensions 9.4 x 3 x 8.75 inches

    Material metal, rubber

    Warranty 2 years

    Buyers’ Feedback:

    The product is as good as advertized. Whether it is lug nuts or old rusty stubborn machine nuts, it will take off the target like breeze. You can say it is one of the best garage inventory tools. The tool has been tested on various types of jobs and found equally good. LED lights give you confidence and accuracy in your job. The tool has earned its keep for years and years for its awesome performance. A few having thin wrists found it a bit heavy but that is no problem as the handle height allows you to grab it with both hands. So go and buy this tool without any hesitation. You will surely love it.

    DEWALT DC825B Impact Driver

    best impact wrench

    View On Amazon


    • Fits in tight spaces
    • Excellent grip
    • Very light weight


    • Battery not included



    It is a very light weight and compact tool which can help you work in tight areas. The grip is very comfortable and brushed DC motor has great power. The motor is designed to be frame less so that you can enjoy durability of the machine. The RPM goes upto 2400 to allow you handle a large number of applications. LED light makes your work even easier and precise. 

    Brand Dewalt

    Voltage 18 volts

    Drive size 1/4 inch

    Speed Variations Yes

    RPM 2400

    Motor Brushed

    Torque 1330 ft-lbs

    LED Yes

    Battery included No

    Weight 2.2 pounds

    Color yellow

    Dimensions 5.75 x 6.69 x 4.13 inches

    Material metal, rubber

    Warranty 3 years

    Buyers’ Feedback:

    Buyers are amazed to see such a light weight tool performing like a breeze. Even ladies can use it quite easily. DIYers have fallen in love with the impact wrench for its compact size and handiness. This is equally good for light and heavy duty jobs for its RPM variations upto 2400. It is great tool for mechanical work and hobbyists. The grip does not produce any kick back and lets you do your job with precision. There is no point in thinking to buy this master piece before it goes unavailable. Just grab it and enjoy your life. It is simply one of the best investments you can do to buy your power tools. 

    Neiko 10878A 20 V Lithium-Ion Cordless Impact Wrench 

    best impact wrench

    Purchase From Amazon

    With Li-Ion Battery, Fast Charger and Socket Adapters Set | 1/2-Inch Square Drive

    Best Over All Bosch Cordless Impact Driver

    best cordless wrench reddit 2020

    View On Amazon

    Bosch IDH182-02 Cordless Impact Driver – 18-Volt Lithium Ion Brushless Tool Kit with (2) 2.0Ah Lithium Ion Batteries, Charger and Carrying Case


    Are cordless impact wrenches worth buying?

    Cordless impact wrenches have brought a drastic improvement in mechanical industry due to their portability, performance, reliability and affordability. 

    Is power of Cordless impact wrench comparable to torque wrench?

    Yes they are a very powerful tool. You can comfortably rely on their effectiveness. In most of the time additional manual tightening is not required after using it.

    Can anyone use cordless impact wrench?

    Using this machine very easy and no training is required. All you need is to read the user manual or a YouTube video would be enough to help you once forever. 

    Do I still need manual torque wrench?

    You can re confirm the nut tightening with a manual or torque wrench afterwards but usually that is not required in most of the cases. 

    What is RPM, IPM and torque?

    RPM stands for rotation per minute and IPM stands for impact per minute. RPM means how many times the wrench rotates in a minute’s time duration and IPM means how many impacts it has transferred in a minute. Torque is the ultimate force exerted or work done on the target subject. So higher the RPM, higher the IPM and larger will be the torque.

    Which battery voltage should I choose?

    For home based works a battery of 12 or 18 volts would be enough but for heavy duty jobs one must pick a battery of 20 or 36 volts.


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    Top 6 Best Sliding Compound Miter Saws Under $200

    best miter saw to buy.JPG

    If you are a craftsman or a hobbyist and still performing your miter edge cutting wood works with a miter box and a handheld saw you are definitely saving some bucks but at the cost of your time, effort and quality and what to talk of the frustration you end up with. So it is really the time to give it a thought and go smarter with a compound sliding miter saw which will not only save your time and effort but will bring you precision and quality. Miter saws are available both in static and sliding variants. A sliding miter saw with compound features of cutting straight, miter and bevel should be your ultimate choice as it offers an all in one solution and serves you for a lifetime.

    As compared to a fixed or standard compound miter saw a sliding compound miter saw offers a great deal of additional features. The sliding feature handles thick work pieces like lumbers and logs of upto 16 inches width more efficiently and provides a larger cutting capacity which undoubtedly makes it a better choice.

    Best Sliding Compound Miter Saws

    best miter saw 2020Features to Consider before Buying a Compound Sliding Miter Saw

    There is a vast variety of compound sliding miter saws and you must pick the best after considering the following features to find the most suitable brand and model:


    Greater the power of a miter saw earlier will you finish your job and that too with minimum effort. A powerful motor brings you convenience of cutting thick loads with perfection. So this is must to be considered feature while making a decision.

    Single or Dual Bevel:

    See if your nature of work demands for a dual bevel miter saw or single sided will serve you. A single bevel saw can tilt on one of the sides but a dual bevel can twist on both sides.  A single sided miter might work well for hobbyists working on minor work pieces which can be inverted and placed back for another bevel; but for professionals a dual bevel level compound miter saw is a must especially with thicker loads.

    best miter saw


    best miter saws 2020


    Is it too heavy to pick? Miter saws weigh between 20 to 60 pounds normally. You often will have to move the saw from onsite to offsite. So mobility and hence the weight of the machine must be pre checked before giving a final call. The bigger machine might offer a quicker end product but at the cost of mobility.

    best miter saw to buyBlade Size:

    The thickness of the work piece you can cut with the miter saw depends on the blade size. Miter saw blades vary between 7.25 to 12 inches diameter and amongst all 12 inch blade is most commonly used as it is effective in handling wooden logs, poles and pipes. So choose the miter saw of appropriate blade size.

    best miter saw 12 inch


    If you got the precision you got the value for your bucks. So this is one of the most important features to be considered. Try to pick a miter saw which claims maximum precision and minimum blade wobbling so that you might not have to bear overhead cost of in accurate miter cuttings.

    best miter saw 8 inch

    User friendliness:

    The compound sliding miter saw is intended to make your life easy and not to put you in hassle. So pick the most user friendly machine which needs minimum time and effort in maintenance and calibration


    Who would not try to buy the top of the line miter saw but your budget drives your decisions very often. So be wise in picking the most suitable miter saw which meets your needs efficiently and is not too much heavy as well. Remember most expensive does not always mean perfect. Look if you really want to have a miter with bigger blade and dual bevels, if not you must go for simpler variants.Craftsman 12 inch sliding compound miter saw with laser trac will be slightly expensive but worth your hard earn money.

    Which Compound Sliding Miter Saw I should Buy?

    Let me now list down the finest of all compound sliding miter saws purely based on research and experience of our wood woks experts. Read on!

    Best 12-inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw

    Top 6 Best Sliding Compound Miter Saws with 12 inch Blade:

    These are Best 12 inch sliding compound miter saw with laser guide light to buy in 2020.

    1. DEWALT                       –          DWS779-Sliding Compound Miter Saw
    2. Metabo HPT                 –          C12RSH2S- Sliding Compound Miter Saw
    3. DEWALT                      –           DWS716XPS-Compound Miter Saw
    4. Bosch Power Tools      –           GCM12SD -Sliding Compound Miter saw
    5. DEWALT                      –           DWS780-Sliding Compound Miter Saw
    6. TACKLIFE                    –           PMS03A-Sliding Compound Miter Saw


    1)- DEWALT-DWS779-Sliding Compound Miter Saw, 12-Inch

    best miter saw to buy.JPG

    Check Price on Amazon


    • Very powerful and durable motor; 15 A and 800 RPM
    • Dual bevel miter saw
    • 3 years’ warranty
    • Clamps to ensure stability
    • In package dust collection bag


    • No laser light to highlight the area to cut
    • No Depth stop attached
    • Heavy machine

    Buyer’s Feedback:

    Users say they found as good as advertised. Any type of miter cutting jobs can easily be carried out even on the hardest wood as it has a very powerful motor and 12 inch blade. If laser light does not bother you go for it and save your extra bucks to buy other accessories. It is quiet and super smooth. Sawdust catching feature is really impressive. Its dual bevel adjustability and ease of calibration is really commendable.  It is simply a great product in this price. Users say that it cuts through the hardest woods like a knife cutting through piece of butter. The only problem faced by a few is that it is heavy to carry.

    Product Description:

    This compound sliding miter saw has a very powerful 15 amperes motor with 800 RPMs to promise you quality and durability simultaneously. It is double bevel miter saw having a 12 inch blade which can easily cut thick and strapping woods. The miter saw has a strong steel detent plate and locks to provide stability while cutting job is on.  It is equipped with an excellent dust collection bag which can carry 75 percent of the dust hence avoiding its access into machine’s narrow joints and also keeping the working environment more welcoming. The design of back fence can cut 2 x 16 sized lumber at an angle of 90 degrees and 2 x 12 sized lumber at 45 degrees. In simple this robust machine can help you in all types of miter cutting jobs.


    Brand                                      –           Dewalt

    Model                                      –           DWS779

    Color                                       –           Yellow/ Silver Miter Saw

    Speed                                      –           3800 RPM

    Weight                                    –           56 lbs

    Overall Dimensions                 –           2x23x18.5 inches

    Power Source                          –           AC/ DC

    Warranty                                 –           3 Years

    Package Includes                     –           1 miter saw, 1 blade wrench, 1 carbide blade, 1 bag


    2)- Metabo HPT- C12RSH2S- Sliding Compound Miter Saw, 12 Inch


    best 12 inch saw

    View On Amazon to Shop


    • Powerful motor 15 A
    • Double Bevel
    • Laser Marker
    • Large Sliding Fences
    • 5 years’ Warranty


    • No hooks for crown holding
    • Does not work on DC power

    Buyer’s Feedback:

    Buyers found as good as advertised. They did not find any play in any sawing direction. It offers great value to money. It cuts woods like it is cutting tomatoes. It surpasses many of the well known competitors in accuracy. A few users found it heavy to be carried. It has flexible angles ranges for miters and bevels which allows you to carry out all of your wood works.  Every buyer is extremely happy and strongly recommends others to go for it.


    Product Description:

    This sliding compound miter saw has a powerful motor of 15 amps and a blade of 12 inches which makes it equally good for all types of tough jobs. A double bevel feature surely adds value to your money. It has compact sliding rails due to which it does not require any rear clearances. A sawdust bag is provided by the manufacturer to avoid mess around. A 17 inch wrench is also included in the package. Having a good fence height of 5-1/8 inches it can easily cut crown moldings of 7-1/2 inches vertically. It is a great product for carpenters who want precision and accuracy along with reliability. Laser light gives a confidence to be cutting the actually desired area. It offers a miter angle of upto 57 degrees to right and 45 degrees to left and a bevel angle of 45 degrees to left and right.


    Brand                                      –           Hitachi(Metabo HPT : New Name)

    Model                                      –           C12RSH2S

    Color                                       –           Silver Miter Saw

    Weight                                    –           78 lbs

    Overall Dimensions                 –           36.6 x 24 x 23.4 inches

    Power Source                          –           AC

    Warranty                                 –           5 Years

    Package Includes                     –           1 miter saw, 1 blade wrench, 1 Dust bag, 1 user manual


    3)- DEWALT-DWS716XPS-Compound Miter Saw, 12 inch

    best 12 inch miter saw

    Check Best Price On Amazon 


    • Very robust and powerful motor; 15 A, 3800 RPM
    • Double Bevel
    • XPS LED Cutline for better precision
    • 14 Stop points Miter Detent plate
    • Tall fences for crown cutting
    • Lightweight


    • Only work on AC power
    • Table clamps not included

    Buyer’s Feedback:

    Users say they achieved precise, tight and accurate miters. It is a very attractive and efficient machine.  It has a comparatively larger saw storage bag. It is not only good in performance but also easy to move. The shadow casting LED light adds to your confidence and lets you achieve the desired results. It is a good flexible range of miter and bevel angles and tall fences. It is simply a game changer for carpenters and hobbyists.

    Product Description:

    A powerful, robust and highly reliable motor of 15 amps and 3800 RPM and a 12 inch blade provides you an all in one solution with which you can cut the hardest woods with minimal effort. XPS cut line position indication having an LED guides you to achieve the desired precision. The detent plate is made from stainless steel and it has 14 stop points. It has an additional feature of miter stops override calibration to desired settings and that too with no saw slipping issue. A double bevel offers you great degree of ease to create any type of master piece. Its tall sliding fences can easily create vertical crown molding of upto 6-5/8 inches and base molding of upto 6-1/2 inches. It can do you a cross cut of 2”x8” lumber at an angle of 90 degrees and 2”x6” lumber at an angle of 45 degrees. Double bevel features offers you a freedom to flip the saw and not the load underneath with both left and right ways tilting of upto 45 degrees. It comes with a saw dust bag to facilitate you keep your work place clean.


    Brand                                      –           Dewalt

    Model                                      –           DWS716XPS

    Color                                       –           Silver Miter Saw

    Weight                                    –           49 lbs

    Speed                                      –           3800 RPM

    Overall Dimensions                 –           26.5 x 22.5 x 19.5 inches

    Power Source                          –           AC

    Package Includes                     –           1 miter saw, 1 blade wrench, 1 Dust bag, 1 vertical clamp


    4)- Bosch Power Tools-GCM12SD -Sliding Compound Miter saw, 12 inch

    best miter saws 2020

    Check Price On Amazon


    • Axial Gliding system
    • Enhanced cutting capacity
    • Very user friendly
    • Unmatched precision
    • Takes less work space
    • Double bevel
    • Tall fences with locks


    • High price
    • No laser light

    Buyer’s Feedback:

    Buyers say that it is simply a beast for the experts. Any type of miter job on any type of material is easily carried out by this saw. It cuts the work piece like butter. Its axial glide system makes it dust free and comfortable for the carpenters, so no more finger cuttings with stuck sliding parts due to dust. It is simply the perfect thing to cut squares. It offers you zero clearance in small spaces. This saw is simply flawless any one not giving 5 stars would be dodging himself. It is very much user friendly as it takes minimum calibration and adjustment time. It is simply a mind blowing product by Bosch.

    Product Description:

    It is a robust, heavy duty and all rounder compound sliding miter saw which is not only beast in performance but also very user friendly as it takes minimum calibration and adjustment efforts. It is equipped with an axial gliding assembly which not only gives good alignment but also saves 12 inches of precious work space which can be utilized to keep other bench tools. The saw with its 60 tooth blade has an extended cutting capacity that is 14 inches horizontally, 6.5 inches vertically and 6.5 crown cutting against the fence. No rear clearance is required as there is no rail sticking at the back. There is no need to reach behind the saw for any calibration as it is very easy and user friendly having upfront bevel settings.


    Brand                                      –           Bosch Power Tools

    Model                                      –           GCM12SD

    Color                                       –           Blue

    Weight                                    –           65 lbs

    Speed                                      –           3800 RPM

    Overall Dimensions                 –           33.2 x 26.5 x 22.8 inches

    Power Source                          –           AC

    Warranty                                 –           30 Days money warranty, 1 year warranty


    5)- DEWALT-DWS780-Sliding Compound Miter Saw, 12-Inch

    best 12 inch miter saw to buy

    Check Best Price On Amazon


    • Enhanced vertical cutting capacity
    • XPS cut positioning system
    • Double bevel
    • Powerful motor; 15 amps and 3800 RPM
    • Excellent dust collection system


    • Only works on AC power

    Buyer’s Feedback:

    Buyers were quite happy to experience this robust and efficient saw. Its ability to cut a depth of 16 inches really makes it effective on a large range of wider boards. It works very quietly and smoothly in an area of 1/64” under the XPS indication light.  The dust collection system is simply awesome. Although it is heavy but being a beast it kills anything coming under it and that too with precision and accuracy. It is simply a great investment.Pick this one of the best rated 12 inch compound sliding miter saws.

    Product Description:

    This sliding compound miter saw is equipped with a super powerful motor and 12 inch balde. Due to its innovative belt and gearbox design it promises you increased vertical cutting capacity. XPS cut indication is really a value for your money and ensures desired and accurate results. Back fence can cut 2”x16” lumber at an angle of 90 degrees and 2”x12” lumber at an angle of 45 degrees. A quality saw dust collection system can easily collect 3/4th of the total dust thereby maintaining a clean and conducive environment.  It has a cross cut capacity of 16 inches width and miter cut capacity of 4”x8” at an angle of 45 degrees.


    Brand                                      –           Dewalt

    Model                                      –           DWS780

    Color                                       –           Yellow

    Weight                                    –           56 lbs

    Speed                                      –           3800 RPM

    Overall Dimensions                 –           21.5 x 17.7 x 17.1 inches

    Power Source                          –           AC

    Warranty                                 –           3 years


    6)- TACKLIFE-PMS03A- Sliding Compound Miter Saw, 12-Inch

    best miter saw 12 inch.JPG

    Best Price On Amazon To Buy


    • Laser guided cutting line
    • Double bevel
    • Efficient dust collection system
    • Powerful motor 15 Amps and high RPM 3800
    • Extensible support table


    • Dust bag is tricky to handle
    • Works on AC only

    Buyer’s Feedback:

    Buyers were quite happy to have extensions on each side due which the saw can easy lodge a wider and larger board to be cut. The laser guided cutting line feature is commendable. Clamps down arms make this machine special amongst the competitors. One cannot get a better option in this price. This saw is terrible on all sturdy woods and is a great value for money. The cutting is very smooth and quiet and machine needs minimum calibration efforts.

    Product Description:

    It is a fairly priced and powerful miter saw having 15 amperes and 3800 RPM motor and a 12 inch blade. Electrically powered laser light assists you in cutting at the desired line and without any errors. Its double bevel features allows you to tilt the machine towards left and right upto an angle of 45 degrees.  Dust collection bag easily accommodates 70 percent of the total dust and can be connected with a vacuum cleaner through its 35 mm cleaning duct for 100 percent cleaning. It offers great cutting capacity in all directions.  An additional feature is that it has an extendable platform of upto 8 inches which allows you to place large loads flat instead of hanging in air which will definitely bring you ease and quality. A 305 mm and 40 tooth blade gives you the results you have ever desired. The machine comes with calibration allen wrenches, 1 set of clamping system, 1 set of carbon brushes and 2 extension rods.



    Brand                                      –           Tacklife

    Model                                      –           PMS03A

    Color                                       –           Silver and black

    Weight                                    –           55 lbs

    Speed                                      –           3800 RPM

    Overall Dimensions                 –           28.9 x 13.7 x 17.3 inches

    Power Source                          –           AC

    Warranty                                 –           2 years

    Package includes                     –           Miter saw, 40 Tooth TCT Blade, 1 Set Carbon Brush, 2  Extension Rods, Allen Wrenches, Dust Bag, 1 Set Clamping System, User Manual, 24 Months Card

    Our best Choice:

    best miter daw 2020 review

    DEWALT DWS 779 Sliding Compound Miter is our best choice. This miter saw is simply a beast and will never let you down whatever type of wood works you intend doing with this. It is durable, reliable, and smooth in its working and trouble free. Our wood works experts have tried and tested and then recommended this all in one solution for you. It is simply the one you are actually looking.You can check best sliding miter saw reddit for more details.


    Whether you are a professional or a hobbyist, if you are looking for a powerful and reliable 12 inch blade sliding compound miter saw to accomplish your jobs this guide has summarized the best available options. The smart control and calibration options provided by the above mentioned manufacturers will definitely bring your life to peace. I am quite hopeful that by now this guide would have made you comfortable in picking the best suitable saw for you. Good luck and happy buying.


    For more about tools on Momydady

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    Top 7 Best Rear Steps For Trucks in 2020

    best rear step of truck to buy 2020

    Do you always find it tiresome to get into and out of your truck or commercial wagon just because stretching your legs to reach the height of your vehicle’s tail gate bothers you a lot? If you are looking for a smarter solution for stepping in and out of your truck then you are certainly at the right platform. All you need is a rear step for your truck or cargo wagon. A large variety of back steps are available in market and this guide will assist you pick the best one as per your needs and suitability. Read on!

    best rear step of truck

    Why Should I have rear mount truck step?

    Trucks are heighted and approaching them in single step is never easy. Most of the trucks have an inbuilt platform with holes already made to fix an aftermarket rear step with them however a few require additional drilling effort. Let me first list down a few of the benefits of having a rear step on your truck. Here you go:

    Ease of Access:

    Having a rear step for your truck will definitely bring a degree of ease and freedom every time you need to step into the rear or cargo cabin or pick anything out of it.

    best truck rear step 2020 

    Rear Bumpers’ Protection:

    Not only this rear step offers you an ease of access it also gives an additional safety cushion while reversing your vehicle to avoid rear bumper collision and damage by an obstacle behind or beneath.

    best truck rear bumper protection 2020

    Improved Rear Look:

    A truck with rear step undoubtedly looks stylish and if you plan buying a retractable step you can fold and open as per your requirements.

    best rear step of truck to buy

    Long Standings:

    A back step on truck is a must for those providing delivery services and spending much of their time stepping in and out of their trucks especially if they love their legs.

    best rear step of truck to buy 2020

    Short heighted and those in 50s:

    For short heighted people and those in above 45 years of age, rear step proves to be a life saver. Having one installed in your truck will simply bring you to peace.

    best rear step for truck

    Icy or Wet Conditions won’t Matter:

    Thinking of climbing a truck in icy or wet conditions normally makes you think twice. Right? The chances of slippage are efficiently addressed by having a rear step with rugged and textured rubber coat on it hence offering you a gentle shoe grip even in wet and icy terrains.

    best rear step for truck 2020

    Helps with Tail Gate down:

    When tail gate of a truck is opened you cannot easily step onto the rear bumper and chances of slipping and getting injuries are raised. With a back step installed on your vehicle no such worries would exist in your life.

    best rear step for truck to buy
    Best Rear Mount Truck Step


    But Which Rear Step to Buy for Your Truck?

    Let me now list down the best rear steps for your trucks based on the experience and recommendations of our travel experts.

    Here is a top rated rear step list compiled by expert truckers based on buyers feedback and extensive testing.

    Best Rear Steps For Pickup Trucks

    1)- AMP Research-75306-01A-     Retractable Bumper Step-    Best for Ram
    2)- Bestop-7530815-     Trekstep Rear Mount-       Best for Ford 150
    3)- Bestop-7530615-    Rear Mount Trekstep-      Best for Dodge Ram
    4)- AMP Research-75312-01A-  Retractable Bumper Step-    Best for Ford F-150
    5)- AMP Research-75313-01A-     Bumper Step-      Best for 4×4 Vehicles
    6)- Bully BBS-      Heavy Duty Hitch Step Protector-        Best Universal
    7)- Go Rhino-D360T-    Universal Dominator Hitch Step-   Best in 2 Step Hitch


    1)- AMP Research-75306-01A-Retractable Bumper Step- Best for Ram

    best rear step of truck to buy

    Check Price On Amazon

    Key Features:

    • Stainless steel and bombproof pivot pins
    • Corrosion resistant coating
    • Non Slip composite material step pad
    • Simple bolt on (no drill) solution for Ram
    • 300 pounds load capacity

    Buyer’s Feedback:

    Reviewers grade the product very high for its quality, reliability and ease of installation. A smart solution to enter the truck with a gentle retractable option. It works great with a large variety of lifted trucks. Users say this step provides a comfortable and firm foot grip as it has a reasonable length and stays at good distance from rear bumper even if tail gate is opened. This proved to be a good investment for all.Pick this top rated rear steps for vans.

    Product Description:

    This is one of the best retractable steps for lifted trucks.Simply the best choice for Rams 1500 and 2500/ 3500 without dual exhausts and eco diesel engines as it is a simple bolt on solution. It can fit in other models too but with some drilling job. The step has a composite and no slip material which makes it a good choice in mud, ice and wet conditions. Having solid steel pivot pins and die cast aluminum alloys linkage components; this step can easily withstand a load of 300 pounds. For Ram models mentioned above, all it takes is a 10 minutes’ bolt on effort to fit on driver’s side. It is simply a rugged, strong, reliable and maintenance free item for your vehicle. Fitted under rear bumper this step works equally good when tail gate is opened or you are towing.


    Brand                                      –           AMP Research

    Model                                      –           75306-01A

    Color                                       –           Black

    Weight                                    –           10 lbs

    Overall Dimensions                 –           8.2”x18”x8.5”

    Retractable                             –           Yes


    2)- Bestop-7530815- Trekstep Rear Mount- Best for Ford 150

    best truck rear step

    Check Price On Amazon To Buy

    Key Features:

    • Strong, die cast aluminum alloy linkages
    • Fits on either side of your vehicle
    • Powder coated non slip step
    • Simple bolt on solution for Ford 150
    • 300 pounds load capacity 

    Buyer’s Feedback:

    Users found it to be a great accessory for their truck and claim it to be a solid, well made and reliable product. With tail gate down or up this rear step is equally good and offers and ease of access. Buyers say this is exactly what they were looking for. This is 6 inches below the rear bumper which made them comfortable to step up. Old and bulky drivers were really exited to own it and strongly recommend others to buy in the category of rear mount truck step.

    Product Description:

    Stepping in and out of Ford 150 has always been a tedious and tiresome job but with this rear step the problem is no more. Offering you a 6 to 8 inch extension this rear step can fit on driver or passenger side of your vehicle under the rear bumper. Made up of die cast aluminum alloy, having strong linkages and brackets, this rear step is a simple 15 minutes bolt on solution for Ford 150 and can fit other trucks with drilling. A gentle push of foot will open it and you have no more hassles to get into your truck. It has a powdered non slip material and can easily carry a load of upto 300 pounds. The manufacturer also offers a 3 years/ 100000 miles warranty of the product.


    Brand                                      –           Bestop

    Model                                      –           7530815

    Color                                       –           Black

    Weight                                    –           11 lbs

    Overall Dimensions                 –           18”x9.5”x7.5”

    Retractable                             –           Yes


    3)- Bestop-7530615-Rear-Mount Trekstep –       Best for Dodge Ram

    best truck rear step

    View on Amazon

    Key Features:

    • Made of strong, die cast aluminum alloy
    • Non slip aluminum extruded step
    • Simple bolt on solution for most rides
    • 300 pounds load capacity
    • Good ground clearance 

    Buyer’s Feedback:

    Happy reviewers say tailgate never cuts it and the step remains effective even with gate open. Users who were short heighted or aged were very excited to have it. Buyers say it is very easy to install and also the instruction are very well explained.  Many say this product is a must for the people who are now unable to climb into their truck bed easily.  Some however say that when closed it bounces back on bumper unlike other competitors but they are overall very happy with its reliability and comfort. In short this gives a tremendous aid getting in and out of the truck as casually as you walk around.

    Product Description:

    This spring loaded and retractable back step is simply the best choice for Dodge Rams 1500 and 2500/ 3500 without dual exhausts. It is very simple to install in 15 minutes as no drilling is involved in most of the applications. It is made up of die cast aluminum alloy which makes it strong and reliable. It provides you a 6 inch retractable drop to easily get into a heighted truck bed. Its powder coated finish makes it a non slip step in any weather conditions.  The manufacturer offers a 3 years’ / 36000 miles warranty of the product.Best option in the category of rear steps for vans.


    Brand                                      –           Bestop

    Model                                      –           7530615

    Color                                       –           Black

    Weight                                    –           11 lbs

    Overall Dimensions                 –           18.2”x9.6”x7.7”

    Retractable                             –           Yes


    4)- AMP Research-75312-01A-Retractable Bumper Step- Best for Ford F-150

    best rear step to buy

    Shop on Amazon

    Key Features:

    • Stainless steel pivot pins and die cast aluminum alloy components
    • Self lubricating bushes in all weathers
    • Can withhold upto 300 pounds
    • Easy flip up and down and good ground clearance
    • Offers universal fit with little drilling
    • Corrosion resistant coating

    Buyer’s Feedback:

    Users found its installation in Ford 150 quite easy and with this step on even little kids can easily get into the high truck. A few faced difficulty installing the bracket because according to them instructions were not clear. A reasonable height of 18 inches from ground and 15 inches from bed offers ease of stepping and good ground clearance. Since it deploys out of the line of bed, opened tailgate never becomes a problem. It is a fantastic product which is a must for truck owners.

    Product Description:

    This is a maintenance free step with self lubricating bushes which makes it equally good for all weathers. It is a rock solid item made up of hard steel and die cast aluminum alloy. Anodized and corrosion resistant coating further adds value to your buck. A non slip surface of the step adds to your confidence and increases your frequency of work. It fits best in Ford 150 but can be drilled and fixed with driver side of other trucks as well. All it needs is a nudge of your foot to get opened and closed. A highly reliable product which can last till decades.One of the top options of 2020 in the category of best retractable steps for lifted trucks.


    Brand                                      –           AMP Research

    Model                                      –           75312-01A

    Color                                       –           Black

    Weight                                    –           10 lbs

    Overall Dimensions                 –           18”x8.5”x8.2”

    Retractable                             –           Yes


    5)- AMP Research-75313-01A-Bumper Step- Best for 4×4 Vehicles

    best rear step

    Check Price On Amazon To Buy

    Key Features:

    • Stainless steel hinges and strengthened alloy body
    • Maintenance free bushes and long lasting design
    • Hinged and non slippery material on the step
    • Good with tail gate opened and towing
    • 10 minutes easy bolt on
    • 300 pounds load capacity

    Buyer’s Feedback:

    Users who were previously disappointed by other steps which couldn’t work well with tail gate open were quite happy to have this rear step as it works with gate open and close. With this strong and highly reliable step it is breeze to jump into your high truck. A few users found the installation slightly difficult but once installed they were happy with its performance. Those having bad knees and people having shins broken previously without such a gadget are extremely happy to have this installed. Truck drivers and cargo people found peace of mins after having bought this product.

    Product Description:

    This light weight but rock solid step is the ultimate solution for truck owners who feel difficulty climbing the bed from tail gate.  Made from die cast aluminum alloy and hard steel it can easily last for decades. It has self lubricating steel hinges and is totally maintenance and trouble free. The step works good with a large number of vehicles and in all terrains. It can easily withstand weight upto 300 pounds which makes it a good choice for long standings while loading and unloading cargos. The step is covered with slip free resin and metallic part is coated with a corrosion resistant layer which enhances its working life.


    Brand                                      –           AMP Research

    Model                                      –           75313-01A

    Color                                       –           Black

    Weight                                    –           12 lbs

    Overall Dimensions                 –           18” x 8.5” x 8.2”

    Retractable                             –           Yes


    6)- Bully BBS- Heavy-Duty Hitch Step Protector- Best Universal

    best rear step truck

    View On Amazon

    Key Features:

    • An all rounder for Truck, jeep, Toyota, GMC, SUV and Ram
    • Works as bumper protector and tow jack as well
    • Made from hardened steel to with stand large compressions
    • A rubber grip on step makes it a reliable and firm step
    • Stylish in look and long lasting in performance

    Buyer’s Feedback:

    Users are extremely happy to have it installed due to its universal nature of getting fixed to any vehicle and providing a 3 in 1 utility of serving them as a rear step, a tow stand and safeguard for rear bumper against collision. Having a decent rubber coat on it not only makes it stylish in look but also reliable in grip.  Some users complained its limited effectiveness with tail gate opened as in that case it is completely covered under the gate. But overall the step is liked by the majority by providing a complete solution to their multiple problems.

    Product Description:

    This sturdy hitch step is a complete package in itself as it can not only be used as a rear step but also for towing and as a safeguard for the rear bumper especially while reversing. Its universal nature makes it one of the best and flexible picks as it can be fitted to jeep, SUV, truck, GMC, Ram and what not. A 16 gauge steel body gives a decades of life and rubber shield on the metal offers a strong and slip free grip. It is 18 inches in length and 3 inches in diameter. Its heavy duty design and construction makes it a good choice for sport utilities as well.


    Brand                                      –           Bully

    Model                                      –           BBS-1102

    Color                                       –           Black

    Weight                                    –           5.4 lbs

    Overall Dimensions                 –           19” x 11.2” x 3.8”

    Retractable                             –           No

    7)- Go Rhino-D360T-Universal Dominator Hitch Step –Best in 2 Step Hitch

    top rear step

    View Price On Amazon 

    Key Features:

    • Elegant in design and very comfortable to use
    • Perfect choice for little kids and oldies
    • Made from strong and durable steel
    • Textured and powder coated firm grip
    • 5 years warranty
    • Package includes anti rattle device and bag

    Buyer’s Feedback:

    People used to driving in thickly trafficked areas are extremely happy for having an additional collision preventive feature in this rear step. Many have mentioned to have escaped huge losses even with worst rear collisions. Many liked its stylish look. In simple buyers are more than happy to have this 3 in 1 universal type rear step and recommend it for those who often receive rear collisions and have bad knee joints.

    Product Description:

    This universal dominator hitch can be fitted with any vehicle and provides an additional ease of accessing the back bed with its 2 step design. It serves you simultaneously as a rear step, a tow stand and a rear bumper safeguard against collisions. Made from strong and durable steel and covered with a powder coated material adds value to your bucks. A bag and anti rattle device is also included in the package. Its 2 step design does not only make it a good choice for little kids and old people but also to the cargo guys in accessing far placed things in trailers and vans. The product can be fixed with any of the 2 inch hitch receivers.Perfect for truckers who want rear step bumper for truck.


    Brand                                      –           Go Rhino

    Model                                      –           D360T

    Color                                       –           Black

    Weight                                    –           11 lbs

    Overall Dimensions                 –           38.5” x 13.8” x 5.8”

    Retractable                             –           No


    Latest 2020 Rear Bumper Steps For Pickup Truck

    Tyger Auto TG-HS8U81238 

    Very high Hitch Armor Fits Vehicles with 2″ Hitch Receiver.Rear Bumper Guard Protector


    rear mount truck step

    Shop On Amazon

    Why is it top pick ? Pictures will show its power:

    rear step for trucks


    rear step power 2020

    rear step power 2021

    rear step power real

    rear step power protection

    View On Amazon

    If you love Truck Bed Side Step then here is top pick.

    AMP Research 76151-01A

    Best Retractable Steps For Lifted Trucks.Automatic, electric-powered.High-strength, die-cast aluminum alloy components and Weatherproof.

    truck bed side step

    Check Price On Amazon

    Features to be considered before buying rear step for your



    The first thing to be considered before placing your order is to check whether the desired back step is compatible with model of your vehicle or not. Normally rear steps can be fitted to large variety of vehicles but definitely not all. So be careful in choosing one for you.


    The height of your truck bed and your height both are to be considered while selecting the step.

    The height of step in open position is always mentioned in the product description which one must check prior to making a final decision.

    Installation Side:

    Many of the steps can only be installed on driver side of the rear bumper so look careful if this will serve you. You might have to go for a step which comes in pairs to be installed on both sides or those fitted in center of the bumper. Your utility will drive your decision.


    Width of the vehicle and hence the rear step are important to be considered especially when you are about to opt for centrally fixed long back steps which provide additional safety feature to rear bumper in case of collisions. In that case you have to pick the longest step to protect maximum of the vehicles area.


    You would definitely desire to use it as long as possible. So reading the description carefully to know the material used in the steps’ construction is a must.

    Pad Material:

    Not only the metallic part but also the top covering pad is an important consideration. You must go for a slip free and textured pad preferably made from rugged rubber as plastic tops are always prone to hardening wears.


    Who does not want to go for top of the line product but budget constraints are nevertheless to be taken care of. So make your decision as wise and budget efficient as possible.


    You are no doubt looking for an easy access into the truck’s bed but that should never be on the cost of your vehicle’s look. Go stylish and elegant in your choice.Above listed best retractable steps for lifted trucks is providing top rated choice options for truckers.



    Rear step offers you ease of accessing the rear bed of your truck. You are looking for the best but give a thought to your utility and budget before your order one. Strength is offered in almost all the models but looks, design, versatility, compatibility and 3 in 1 features (step + tow + safeguard) might take a lead.I am quite hopeful that this guide would make your decision easier and smarter. Good luck with your pick.


    Check out more on Momydady here.

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    Best Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment Hot And Cold 2020

    best bedit 2020

    Best Bidet Toilet Spray Seat Attachment – Test 2020

    If you are looking for the best bidet sprayer toilet seat of 2020, you should consider some important criteria before buying, because the quality and function differences are sometimes considerable. We recommend that you first think about the respective areas of application before buying, before you deal with the different types of bidets (health faucet) and the features or functions. If this is too time-consuming for you and you prefer to make a quick, yet good decision, you can follow our buy recommendation, because we have already done the research for you. The Veken Non-Electric Bidet Self-Cleaning in particular is highly recommended because the hot water bidet is cheap, does not require electricity and is easy to use. Alternatively we can give you the model Highly recommend BioBidet and Boss because the powerful bidet has many programs, is comfortable, heated and easy to install.

    Comparison Among Best Toilet Bidet 2020



    The easy-to-clean and made of ABS plastic from Veken does not need a power supply because it is connected directly to the hot and cold water supply. Overall, the processing is solid, the operation is uncomplicated and the price-performance ratio is very good due to the low price.


    A pipe or system separator should definitely be retrofitted.


    If you are looking for a cheap bidet that can be connected directly to the hot water, you will get your money’s worth with the model.Dual Nozzle (Frontal /Feminine Wash), Fresh Water Spray Bidet for Toilet with Adjustable Water Pressure Switch.


    best bedit toilet seat 2020

    View On Amazon

    Luxe Bidet Neo Non-Electric Bidet Toilet Attachment


    The luxe bidet is supplied with glasses and a lid and offers extensive setting and adjustment options. The performance is very decent, there are various programs and a drying system is included with the integrated hair dryer. Installation is very simple and the price-performance ratio is very good.


    Need care full installation to work properly.


    If you are looking for a very good and individually adjustable complete bidet system including a lid, you will get your money’s worth with the easy-to-use model.Self-cleaning Dual Nozzle and Easy Water Pressure Adjustment for Sanitary and Feminine Wash.


    best bedit seat hot cold 2020

    View On Amazon

    BioBidet Bliss BB2000 Elongated White Bidet Smart Toilet Seat


    The model is a very affordable bidet that is simply installed under the toilet seat. Thanks to the self-cleaning function and hot water connection, the equipment is good and of course there are various setting options for the intensity and temperature. The price performance ratio is very good.


    The processing is quite simple and the hoses are not ideally made.


    If you are looking for a cheap bidet that can still convince with good functionality and features, you will get your money’s worth with the model.

    Best Bidets Buying Guide 2020 (Step By Step) 

    If you want to buy a french bidet for your bathroom, our recommendation is to look at the different types of bidets before comparing them before making a decision. Since the offer is so large, it makes sense to first check whether a bidet is the right one for the particular area of ​​application. Because even the best bidet will bring you little benefit if you expected something different. You should also choose a design and only then compare the equipment and functionality. In order to make decision-making even easier for you, we finally summarized the best bidets of 2020, which we determined in the test.

    Benefits and Scope

    Ultimately, a bidet is nothing more than a seat washbasin that is installed relatively low. Compared to the shower toilet, a bidet is traditionally a tool used separately in the bathroom, which is installed in addition to the toilet or shower. However, there are now supplementary sets for the toilet, so you can also use it as a bidet.

    Basically, a bidet is used to wash the intimate area and the anus comfortably, quickly and easily. In a permanently installed bidet, for example, the feet can also be washed very well, so that it is ultimately a multifunctional bathroom accessory that is being installed in more and more households and new properties. Visually, most of the permanently installed models resemble a mixture of toilet and sink. The shape comes from the toilet bowl, but there is a drain like in the sink. It is a bit different with the supplementary sets, which can be integrated into the toilet as a cheap bidet.

    By the Way:

    While the bidet is very common in countries like Italy or France, it is still a rarity in US today, although it is being used more and more. Many Americans still don’t know how to use a bidet. But that will change in the next few years, because in terms of personal hygiene it is a very sensible and above all practical sanitary facility for your bathroom.

    Types of Bidets

    First of all, you should choose one that you prefer as a bidet. First of all, consider whether you prefer a bidet that works like a bowl and is used to wash the external genitals, or whether you prefer a variant that works more like the shower principle, where the water sprays from below. In addition, you should know the three basic types of construction between which you can choose. With this pre-selection, the total range of bidets on the market can be narrowed down quickly so that you can make a decision more quickly.

    Bidet Extension For The Toilet:

    This inexpensive variant is particularly suitable if you have little space in the bathroom. But with such a supplementary set you save not only space, but also money, because the installation is much easier than the installation of a fixed bidet. Depending on the model, the connection is either only via cold water and electricity or a battery is required for operation; Or there are models that have a hot and cold water connection.

    Fixed Bidet:

    These models are connected directly to the water pipe and are often freely suspended on the wall, like many toilets or wash basins. However, the installation effort is much greater here than with supplementary sets or with seated bathrooms that do not have to be installed at all. Here you need a hot and cold water connection for most models.

    Hip Bath:

    A hip bath is basically a very cheap bidet that works without a water connection and without electricity. Ultimately, it’s a bowl that works as a simple bidet. It is portable and can therefore be used in different bathrooms or in the shower.


    Equipment And Accessories

    Depending on the model, the equipment can be very different. So there are classic bidets that are very rudimentary and only offer a spout and a tap to let water run. They only fulfill the function of a hip bath, but otherwise offer no further comfort. There are also variants here that are also equipped with a pull-out hose shower. This makes cleaning very easy and is also felt by most to be more pleasant.

    In particular, the extension sets for mounting under the toilet seat or under the toilet seat are often equipped with various extras. Different settings can be made, there are sometimes additional wellness functions such as an integrated hair dryer or self-cleaning. Some models have a separate toilet lid, while others have to be installed under the existing lid.

    Which cleaning options you can use with the bidet also depends on the model. In some variants, you can set the intensity, temperature and type of water jet precisely, while in other models there are no setting options. Therefore, take a close look at the various functions before buying and only then make your decision. Ultimately, of course, personal preference also plays a major role in decision-making.

    Top 6 Bidet Test Winners

    Not every household in US has a bidet, but in France and other European countries the pool for intimate hygiene is common. And with us, too, the market in the area of ​​sanitary facilities offers several options so that you too can install self-cleaning with water in your bathroom. The bidet is often used for the toilet and sometimes comes with a flexible hand shower or other practical extras.

    If you want to buy a bidet, take a look at the five products on our leader board and make your selection using our comparison test of the best bidets of 2020.

    Best Rated Suggested Products By Experts:

    Here is 6 Best Bidet Toilet Seats Of 2020 – Bidet Reviews:

    1)-Veken Non-Electric Bidet Self-Cleaning
    2)-Luxe Bidet Neo Series
    3)-BioBidet Bliss BB2000 Elongated White Bidet Smart Toilet Seat
    4)-Tibbers Self-Cleaning Nozzle and Non-Electric Bidet Toilet Attachment
    5)-Bio Bidet Ultimate BB-600 Advanced Bidet Toilet Seat
    6)-Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment by BOSS

    1)-Veken Non-Electric Bidet Self-Cleaning


    best toildet bidet seat 2020

    Check Price On Amazon

    The hot water bidet from Veken Non-Electric Bidet Self-Cleaning won the test and was therefore the best bidet. It is very cheap, can be connected directly to the hot water connection and does not require electricity. The cleaning results are very good, the product itself is also easy to clean because it can be easily removed from the toilet seat and it is also made from a robust ABS plastic.

    Due to the low price, the price-performance ratio is very good, it is completely leak-proof, since the entire inner mechanism consists of one piece of brass. The matching stainless steel hoses are already included in the delivery and they also make the entire model very durable. Operation is convenient and uncomplicated, because the temperature can be continuously adjusted on one controller and the other controller is used to adjust the amount of water. The attachment under the toilet seat is very easy, the connections are 3/8 inch thread and the matching hoses also have a proper length of 2 meters.

    In addition, two T-pieces and good instructions are included. The model works with micro air bubbles, which further improves the cleaning effect and the nozzle always remained clean and free even in the long-term test. However, what is a sticking point is the fact that this type of connection to drinking water is actually not permitted in US, because there is no intermediate valve. It is therefore strongly recommended to install such a system separator or pipe separator to prevent bacteria from spreading!This is in a nutshell best bidet toilet seat on the market.

    2)-Luxe Bidet Neo Series

    best bedit 2020

    Check Best Price On Amazon 

    Thanks to a decent output of 850 watts, three different washing programs and even an integrated seat heater, this bidet is also highly recommended. It is a modern Japanese style toilet that belongs to the newer generation of toilets and always ensures fresh cleanliness and intimate hygiene.

    The toilet seat has a comfortable seat with heated seats. The water temperature can be set in three levels, whereby the highest level is almost too warm for daily use. The integrated hair dryer then ensures reliable drying – with 250 watts, of course, maximum performance should not be expected, but the use of dry toilet paper is unnecessary. It is definitely a feature that not every bidet can offer. Therefore, we still give full marks.Installation is very easy and you can use the many functions immediately. However, you should take a look at the dimensions beforehand and, for example, make sure that the control is permanently installed in the housing, so it cannot be built on the other side for reasons of space.

    And the price is also unbeatable for a new sanitary technology like the Luxe- all in all a clear purchase recommendation.

    3)-BioBidet Bliss BB2000 Elongated White Bidet Smart Toilet Seat


    best bedit


    Check Best Price To Buy

    This is Premier Class, Unlimited Warm Water, Self Cleaning Hydroflush and Hybrid Heating smart seat. With wireless remote control inviting nightlight vortex wash model is easily attached under the toilet seat and can already score with its easy assembly.

    There is an additional water jet for feminine intimate hygiene. No electricity is required to heat the water, which significantly reduces the continuous cost factor for this bidet. A self-cleaning function, in which both water jet attachments are rinsed with clear water, is also integrated. The only drawback is that the bidet is not designed for longevity and in the long term there were also leaks in the test. Especially the plastic hoses are rather thin and have to be shortened and plugged in again with the knife included in the scope of delivery.

    It’s not the best bidet, but for a mid-range model, the BioBidet comes with all the criteria – and a little more. So a really good average product made of sturdy plastic that was convincing in almost all respects.

    4)-Tibbers Self-Cleaning Nozzle and Non-Electric Bidet Toilet Attachment

    best bidet for healthy ladies 2020

    Check Best Price On Amazon To Buy

    The manufacturer Tibbers offers the affordable bidet or hip bath with a very good price-performance ratio. With dimensions L x W x H: 42 x 36 x 11 cm, the plastic insert fits into almost every toilet and fulfills its purpose in an uncomplicated manner. No attachment is required. Unfortunately, the buyer has to pay for a possible return, so you should inform yourself in advance about the dimensions of your toilet. The product can hardly be used without a toilet, as it is designed to rest on the edge of the toilet and thus only maintains its stability.

    Impact-resistant plastic (polypropylene) is used as the material, which makes the model very robust. You can use the pool not only for intimate hygiene, but also for healing hip baths. Little extra: an integrated soap dish.

    By the way, you protect the environment because you use a lot less water for your hip bath than in a conventional bathtub – a maximum of 2-3 liters fit in the bidet, but this is completely sufficient for maintenance.

    5)-Bio Bidet Ultimate BB-600 Advanced Bidet Toilet Seat

    best bio bedit of 2020


    Check Best Price On Amazon To Buy

    Bio Bidet Ultimate BB-600 is advanced bidet toilet seat.It is elongated white with elegant look. Easy DIY Installation with luxury features from side panel.This smart toilet seat bidet has adjustable heated water. Prefect with dual nozzle and has Posterior and Feminine Wash.

    This high-quality bidet, which comes closest to the original from France, has also made it into our top 5. With its simple look, the coated surface and the practical installation on the wall, it was convincing across the board.

    In comparison to other models, such as the toilet attachments or a plastic hip bath, the price is many times higher. Best in case you know exactly what you expect from a bidet and don’t want to compromise on quality, functionality and appearance. Of course, you also invest long-term with such a model.

    Maybe you want to replace an old, broken wall bidet? Then the Bio Bidet model is just right for you. When it comes to installation, you may need to call in a specialist if you yourself have no manual experience in the field of sanitary facilities. Once everything is properly attached, however, this bidet qualitatively meets the expectations of most test subjects.This is best bidet toilet seat in smart category for smart homes.

    6)-Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment by BOSS


    best bidet toilet seat 2020

    Check Best Price On Amazon

    The intelligent model from Boss has everything you need for intimate hygiene. Nevertheless, it is a very cheap bidet that can be placed on almost every toilet. So you can also bring the “French bidet” into your rental apartment. The test subjects were largely very satisfied and we can recommend the product without reservation and at a low price.

    An additional hand shower enables flexible cleaning and a retractable nozzle ensures that this bidet also cleans itself with clear water. Water pressure and temperature can be easily adjusted and adapted to individual needs.

    The assembly is very simple and can be done in a few minutes and without manual knowledge. When buying, however, you should make sure that you have the right connections to use the bidet and not to be disappointed with the delivery. However, you can send the product back without restriction if you don’t like it.

    For more details on MomyDady

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    6 Of The Best X Chock RV Wheel Stabilizers

    best wheel stabilizer

    wheel stabilizerYou love to have adventures like camping and spending time in your RV or motor home. Normally you want to take everything along which makes your tour enjoyable but how about safety and stability of your RV? You never know when and where you will have to park your RV or motor home on an inclined or soft surface. Do you still believe that having couple of wedged wheel chocks made of plastic or rubber will serve you in any terrain or under all circumstances? If yes you are sadly mistaken and it’s the time to think of owning a pair of strong metallic X chock wheel stabilizers.

    best rv wheel stabilizerThe gadget is equally good for parked RVs, motor homes and trailers. Wedged wheel chocks are not enough to tackle with the wiggle, wobble and lateral rocking of your vehicle and you actually need to upgrade to X chocks. Especially if you intend to stay out longer traditional wheel chocks might fail but metallic X Jacks s will surely prove to be a great addition to avoid that back and forth rocking motion. So don’t wait for a disaster and let others’ experience drive your decision of having these.

    Why X Chocks are Better than Wedge Shaped Traditional Wheel Chocks?

    Let me share a brief comparison of why X Jacks are better than traditional wedge shaped wheel chocks.

    Plastic and Rubber Withers, Metals never:

    wheel chockTraditional Wheel chocks are either made up of plastic or rubber both of which undergo wear and tear due to exposure of sun, rain, dust and periodic strains over the course of time resulting into an accidental wither and hence ruining your adventurous tour by compromising the safety and stability of your RV or might bring about a damage to your fragile electronics loaded in the parked trailer. When it comes to X Jack, metal will never let you down and will keep serving you much longer than plastic or rubber.

    Muddy parking might be problematic:

    wheel chock 2020Parking choices are normally limited and if you are forced to go for a muddy or soft parking area your wedged wheel chocks might sink into mud over the camping weekend. Not only this brings rocking motion to the RV but also it becomes very tedious to get them out. You will need a hammer to pull them out. So in such a scenario X Chocks will look you after and will get down as easily as it was to fix them.

    Graveled Parking can bring disaster:

    wheel chock to buyYou are out to enjoy and not to merely sleep in the RV. So you will roam around in your vehicle. If you have to park your motor home or RV on a graveled track, traditional wheel chocks might slip over quite easily bringing you an unplanned and unforeseen disaster. You might end up spoiling your tour or even damaging your vehicle and belongings with a serious injury. But with X chocks ground conditions rarely matter may it be gravel or anything else.

    Wet Parking can be troublesome:

    best chock for wheelPlastic and rubber can slip on wet and greasy surfaces.Even if you tried to avoid such a parking rainy terrains can always create such a situation. So relying merely on wedged wheel chocks can really put you in trouble by unwanted movement of the vehicle especially if you are putting up on an incline. X Chock wheel stabilizers will make you as much comfortable in such terrain as they were anywhere else.

    Icy tracks can never be trustworthy:

    wheel chock 2020 on iceIf you are out on a tour to an icy terrain or you park your trailer on an icy road, wedged wheel chocks are highly untrustworthy and unreliable as blizzards are a normal feature. Anytime the ice might melt or get displaced due to your in-vehicle movements hence sliding your vehicle into a place you never longed for or damaging valuables in your trailer. Once again X chocks are the solution.


    Even very smooth roads are risky:

    wheel chock 2020 on highwayMotor homes and RVs are meant to enjoy and walk around but this enjoyment nevertheless produces slight and periodic wiggles and lateral jerks and in case the road is of super good quality this may result into a crisis by slipping your traditional plastic wheel chocks. X jacks are free of such worries and best rated among solutions of wheel immobilizers & chocks.


    X Chock RV Stopper is The Ultimate Solution For Best Wheel Stabilizer:

    best x cross wheel stabilizer

    Definitely who would not desire for a harmless and disaster free ride. Therefore X chock RV stabilizer brings an ultimate solution to all your worries and concerns.It is one of the best wheel immobilizer & chock solutions. It will simply fit into the tyres and whatever type of terrain or conditions your vehicle is parked in you will not be bothered at all. A pair of nicely fixed X chocks will provide a firm grip and stability to your RV/ trailer hence preventing tyre shifting or rocking. You might go for a complete package by using both wheel chocks and X chocks to ensure additional safety and precautionary measure.

    How to use X Chock RV Stabilizers:

    Many think these X Jacks are tedious to assemble and loosen but actually they are not that tricky to handle. They may take a little more time to fix but your safety, stability, RV’s immobility and mainly family’s enjoyment warrants this much of effort and time.

    Let me briefly summarize how to fix these X Chocks:

    • Make sure the RV is leveled:

    Try to find as leveled and horizontal parking as possible and then ensure the rest of leveling with the help of levelers (if required) to avoid vertical rocking. Your RV is now ready to have X Chocks put on.

    • Put the X Chocks on and Stretch:

    Place the X chocks gently between the tyres of your RV/ Motor home and with the help of in-box ratchet tighten the nut on X jack’s upper edge until its gets fixed in between the tyres. Re-check to make sure it is as firm as is necessary.

    • Unscrew to disassemble:

    Once you are done with your camping tour just unscrew the jacks by turning the same nut in reverse direction and have your metallic jacks removed as good and clean as they were before.

    best wheel stabilizer

    How to Use X Chock RV Stabilizers

    But which X Chock RV stabilizer to buy?

    Let me now introduce you to the best X Chock RV stabilizers available based on the experience and recommendations on our travel and camping experts:

    Top 6 Best RV Wheel Chocks

    1. BAL – 28012-X-Chock Wheel Stabilizer – Pair – Best Overall Wheel Stabilizer
    2. BAL -28014-X-Chock Tire Lock– Extended – Best for Trailers Wheel Stabilizer
    3. BAL- 28005 Deluxe Tire Chock – Best for Medium applications
    4. Ultra-Fab -21-001095 Super Grip Chock (X-Large,2 Pack)- Best Light Weight
    5. Ultra-Fab- 21-001091 Super Grip Chock (2 Pack) – Best for Small applications
    6. Cynder- Wheel Stop Chock-N-Lock -Large 2 Pack – Best for Motor Homes


    1)- BAL – 28012-X-Chock Wheel Stabilizer – Pair – Best Overall

    best wheel stabilizerCheck Price On Amazon

    Key Features:

    • Ensures additional stability and avoids wiggles and wobbles
    • Easily fits in tightest gaps, minimum width is 1.3 inches
    • Provides stability with double natural movement of tyres unlike traditional chocks
    • Rust resistant coat
    • Single chock also available with model no 28010

    Buyer’s Feedback:

    Reviewers have simply fallen in love with the product and say they won’t be switching to anything else. Many happy campers have recommended others to buy this X Jack without any hesitation. Users found it really hard, reliable and easy to put on and off. Now campers feel trouble free with no rocking movements inspite of children running around in the RV. The back and forth shaking problems of all users have been excellently addressed by this small piece of steel. All buyers claim it to be a smart and reliable choice. Having security holes for locks is a cool added option. It is simply the best selling product of its kind with highest reviewers’ rankings.

    Product Description:

    This BAL X-Chock wheel stabilizer is smarter in performance and slimmer in size. It provides an enormous stopping force to both the tyres in contact and ensures stability and avoidance of any rocking or shifting motion of RV/ trailer. Made up of a strong metal and coated with a corrosion resistant material, this pair of X Jacks is durable till years and years. Its wide opening range makes it perfect for vehicles having as small wheel gaps as 1.3 inches and as wide as 11 inches. This BAL X Chock pair comes with a strong steel ratchet having a rubber padding providing easy, firm and harmless grip for fixing and removing the jacks. This product is simply the one you are actually looking for.


    • Brand – BAL
    • Model – 28012
    • Color – Multicolor (mainly silver)
    • Weight – 10 lbs
    • Overall Dimensions – 16×7.5×4.5 inches
    • Quantity – 2 x Jacks


    2)- BAL -28014-X-Chock Tire Lock– Extended – Best for Trailers

    x chock tire lock

    Check Price On Amazon For Best Buy

    Key Features:

    • Provides excellent stability in long trailers and other wide applications
    • No wobbling and rocking even with single Jack
    • Long yet light weight
    • Hard ratchet with rubber grip included
    • Rust free coating on hard steel
    • Pair also available as single product with model no 28024

    Buyer’s Feedback:

    Many campers and holders and trailer drivers declared this to be a must item while on a ride and rate it among best 5th wheel stabilizers. Users were found highly impressed to find it so easy to use. All reviewers found the quality of the product just as advertised. The locking feature is an added benefit for many to avoid theft. Many said to have observed a remarkable difference with this piece of metal between the tyres. In short buyers are more than happy to have this product with them and strongly recommend it for others looking for X chocks.This is winner in the category of “x chocks wheel stabilizer for travel trailers extended”.

    Product Description:

    This BAL X-Chock wheel stabilizer fits into a large number of axle applications as it can stretch upto 17 inches. It is best for larger RVs and long trailers which normally have a wheel spacing of around 15 inches and beyond. It is lockable hence giving you added security. The jack is made from solid steel and coated with rust free material to promise you durability over years to come. The handel with the chock is light weight but very hard and easy to use due its rubber padding which gives a good grip.


    • Brand – BAL
    • Model – 28014
    • Color – Multicolor (mainly metallic)
    • Weight – 8.4 lbs
    • Overall Dimensions – 22 x 5.5 x 5.5 inches
    • Quantity – 1 x Jack

    3)-BAL- 28005 Deluxe Tire Chock – Best for Medium applications

    best x chock

    Check Price On Amazon For Best Buy

    Key Features:

    • Provides reliable stability to RVs and trailers
    • Light weight and handy
    • Fits in as small application as 2.5 inches
    • Provides superior durability and longevity
    • Comes with locking feature

    Buyer’s Feedback:

    Campers said that their shaking world has come to a quiet and peaceful point with these X Chocks even with entire family on board. Almost all users grade it much better than traditional wheel chocks and are really happy to have this product. Buyers said they have observed a glaring difference after using it, the RV now feels static and one can walk around with confidence and no worries. They have strongly recommended it for others too.

    Product Description:

    This BAL X-Chock deluxe wheel stabilizer is a class in itself. It’s scissor shaped locking pads makes it perfect to give you the stability you pay for. It is such a meticulous product which you will live longer with due to high tensile steel and rust free material. Once bought, you will love to have more for your dear ones as well. A decent range of jack opening from 2.5 inches minimum to 12 inches maximum makes it an equally good choice for RVs and trailers. It is simply a smart and wise pick amongst X chock family.


    • Brand – BAL
    • Model – 28005
    • Color – Metal/ silver
    • Weight – 7.2 lbs
    • Overall Dimensions – 13.2 x 5 x 3.8 inches
    • Quantity – 1 x Jack

    4)-Ultra-Fab -21-001095 Super Grip Chock (X-Large,2 Pack)- Best Light Weight

    best chock for wheelCheck Price On Amazon To Buy

    Key Features:

    • Big yet ultra light weight
    • Excellent anchoring between tyres
    • Fits in as small application as 3.5 inches
    • Elegant design
    • Comes with locking feature
    • Equally good for medium and heavy duty vehicle

    Buyer’s Feedback:

    Camping lovers and trailer drives are both enjoying the product for its elegant design and reliability. Buyers found a dramatic difference when compared its performance with traditional wheel chocks. Their Big RVs with 6 to 7 people on board just came to its ultimate static position with no rolling movements at all. Those who drive small RVs and long trailers alternatively found it equally good for both and recommend the product with peace of mind.

    Product Description:

    These X cocks will sit in both tandem wheels to make you get rid of all those wavy and rolling vibrations of your RV or trailer at once. It has a vast adjustable range between 3.5 inches minimum to 17 inches maximum. Made from corrosion resistant material and solid steel this X chock is surely going to serve you longer than your expectation. This product is good for RVs with large wheel gaps and trailers.


    • Brand – Ultra-Fab Products
    • Model – 21-001095
    • Color – Metal/ silver
    • Weight – 5 lbs
    • Overall Dimensions – 22 x 9.5 x 5.5 inches
    • Quantity – 2 x Jacks


    5)-Ultra-Fab- 21-001091 Super Grip Chock (2 Pack) – Best for Small applications

    super grip chock

    Check Price On Amazon

    Key Features:

    • Stylish and light weight
    • Perfect for extremely small wheel gaps i-e 1 inch
    • Corrosion free coating
    • Comes with locking feature
    • Comes with easy handle to grip while fixing

    Buyer’s Feedback:

    Buyers are extremely happy to have this pair of X chocks. Those having RVs with small wheel gaps were rejoicing to have something really applicable to them now. With a minimum adjustable setting of 1 inch this product turned out to be a breathe taker for them. Compared to the standard wheel chocks users found it matchless. A few say ratchet should have been more comfortable but overall it is praised by all.

    Product Description:

    This X chock is extremely good for small applications with as small wheel gaps as 1 inch and can expand upto 10.5 inches. Made from solid and rust free metal, this is simple a wise pick up for campers. The large footpads give you a perfect grip and there is no chance of slipping. The jack is strong enough to pick a weight of 3000 pounds. Those worried for having small wheel gaps are now at their liberty to get this X chock.


    • Brand – Ultra-Fab Products
    • Model – 21-001091
    • Color – Metal/ silver
    • Weight – 11.16 lbs
    • Overall Dimensions – 16 x 8.3 x 5.3 inches
    • Quantity – 2 x Jacks

    6)- Cynder- Wheel Stop Chock-N-Lock -Large 2 Pack – Best for Motor Homes

    best wheel stopper chockCheck Price On Amazon

    Key Features:

    • Louvre body to provide additional grip
    • No rocking movements at all
    • Comes with 2 locks for extra security
    • Comes with a double sided ratchet
    • Ultra strong body
    • Fits in applications as narrow as 3 inches

    Buyer’s Feedback:

    Buyers are enjoying the stability this pair of X chocks has provided and graded it as best 5th wheel stabilizer. The price paid for it is really worth it. Some claim it to be the most stable and secure X chocks they have ever used. The difference between stability earlier and now was clearly noticeable. Usage of heavy duty metal and louvers on surface makes it have extra good grip on tyres.They grade it high against many wheel immobilizers & chocks.

    Product Description:

    This pair of X chocks provides you the stability you have always longed for in your vehicle while camping out. The jacks can provide a range of jaws openings from 3 inches minimum to 10 inches maximum. This comes with 2 locks to offer you extra security. A dual faced ratchet gives you an additional tool side if in case one gets loosened/ damaged. A strong and solid metal easily handles all those shaking movements of your motor homes.


    • Brand – Cynder
    • Model – Cynder
    • Color – Metal
    • Weight – 13.23 lbs
    • Overall Dimensions – 15 x 8.2 x 4.4 inches
    • Quantity – 2 x Jacks



    How many X Chocks do I need?
    One X Chock Wheel Stabilizer can serve the purpose but since many manufacturers offer products in pairs better go for 2 on both sides of the vehicle.

    What if I have lost my ratchet?
    No worries, you can use any wrench or spanner of required size.

    How tight can I crank the X Chocks?
    Keep rotating the ratchet till the time you observe tyres being pressed inwards. After a few hours you might re check for any further tightening cushion created.

    Can I use both wheel chocks and X Chocks simultaneously?
    “More is better” applies here too. You can have multiple safety layers by using both Wheel chocks and X chocks at a time.

    Are X Chocks really reliable?
    Since they are made of hard metals they promise you reliability and longevity.


    X Chocks have brought an ultimate and ever lasting solution to the campers and trailer drivers. Camping with safety and stability and hence peace of mind is merely possible without these. The shaking and lateral wobbling issues of RVs and motor homes with traditional wheel chocks finally found an end. All 6 models listed as best wheel stabilizer which are top selling products in this category and you have to decide on the basis of your vehicle axle spacing and definitely budget.

    Hope this wheel stabilizer guide would be very helpful for campers. Happy camping and please don’t forget to leave a feedback.

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    Top 22 Best Mother’s Day 2020 Gifts Under $30

    best gift in 30$

    Mother unquestionably deserves the unsurpassed but finding a best gift for your mother always seems very challenging, because for you she is probably the dearest of all beings on the planet and determining the most suitable present for mom definitely is a thought provoking process. But let’s think out of the box now. Moms are not always meant to be presented a bunch of flowers or kitchen wares. If you have a mother around, you stand amongst the luckiest people and its now the time to illustrate your love and affection by presenting an exquisite and memorable surprise to your mom on the forthcoming mother’s day on Sunday, May 10, 2020. The decision process is however always tedious because you have to consider the following while selecting a gift for your gorgeous mother:

    • Budget constraints
    • Mother’s and undoubtedly your age bracket
    • Utility and usefulness of the gift you are planning for
    • Uniqueness of the gift
    • Mother’s choice; a major concern
    • Something you know she needs or loves

    Although your mom will love to receive anything you present her but if you are still confused what to choose for her this year, following guide will make your decision very easy and effective.What to buy a 45,50,60 and 65 year old woman for her birthday or on mum day ?What can I buy for Mother’s Day cheap? What is best gift for Doctor? What is a good Mother’s Day gift?What is a good thank you gift for your mother doctor? These are most frequently asked questions we have from sons, daughters and husbands.So we have come up with affordable and unique presents for mom to help you out.

    Here you go with the finest yet cheap and personalized mother’s day gifts under $25 enlisted with details:

    Gifts for Mom Under $30 Dollars

    1)- I love My Gigi – Farm House Decor Vintage Photo frame:

    Mothers day gifts

    Check Deal Price On Amazon

    This is meaningful mothers day gift.A hand-made photo frame with vintage farm house decor and rustic texture having her picture fixed would be going to a lovely addition in your mom’s bed room. The frame dimensions are 8”x 8” and it can hold picture of size upto 4”x6”.

    2)- Put Away Your Laundry or I will punch U in your face- Love Mom:

    mom love gifts 2020

    Check Price On Amazon

    Meaningful mother’s day gifts from daughter.The words will surely take mom’s heart and bring a smile on her face conveying warmth of your love and affection. This hand made elegant frame is 12”x14” in size and can easily be placed on any surface. A cost effective, simple and beautiful gift to be picked up for mother’s day.


    3)-Scented Candle- Love knows no distance:

    mum love gifts 2020

    View Price On Amazon

    This would be a perfect gift for moms living away from children. It is made up of hand pour soy candle and the scent will speak your love for her and will say the unsaid. The lid is customizable and the package includes a red “LOVE” matchbox, A “Miss You” ceramic coffee mug and a “Reasons why I love you” notepad of size 4”x5.5” having 50 pages.


    4)-Laundry Room- Farm house look Home Decor:

    best mom love gifts

    Check Price On Amazon 

    Laundry is probably the most tiring and boring job for your mom right? If you cannot help her atleast make her smile while going for this chore. The article comes with a laundry sign and 2 saw tooth hangers.This is one of the trendy new mom gifts.


    5)-Dog Lover- Flower/ plant Pot:

    Mothers Day 2020

    View On Amazon

    Cheap last minute mother’s day gift.If your mom is a dog lover this handmade wool felt pot is the best you can gift her for keeping her flowers or mini succulents. It comes in 28 colors. 7 cm in diameter and 5 cm high pot of wool felt having winking puppy will definitely add a touch of fun to your table.

    6)-Wooden Cook book/ Tablet Stand:

    best gift for mom at 50Check Price On Amazon

    Now start helping your mom in kitchen with this self supported wooden cook book and tablet stand. It comes in 2 sizes i-e 12”x7” or 16”x11”. You can mention any thing to be engraved on it while placing order. It can easily carry the weight of a tablet or can keep your mom’s cook book open and upright.Enjoy this unique gifts under $20 dollars.


    7)-Glass Heart Plate:

    Gifts for Mum

    Check Price On Amazon

    This is cheap thoughtful mother’s day gift.Kitchen wares are always moms’ ultimate desire so why not add a blend of love to your mom’s crockery. A fused glass plate with red or blue hearts on it and clear background can be used as normal crockery item or as a room decore item. Rounded edges makes it an elegant piece of art and can be used to serve dry fruits or even as a soap case.

    7)-Moms Ring Dish:

    mothers gift

    Check Price On Amazon

    This is also cheap and easy mother’s day gift.This hand-made trinket dish is a marvelous gift to be picked for mother’s day. This piece of handcraft can be used a decoration or keeping jewelry/ misc items. Having a diameter of 3.25” and made with polymer clay this dish can be personalized as per your desires.

    8)-Quarantine and Chill Candle:

    funny gift

    Check Price On Amazon

    Your mom is getting bored home due to the current COVID-19 situation all around? So it’s the time to light up her mood with such a funny and excellent piece of handicraft. This 8 ounce soy candle lavender placed on your mother’s side rack will nonetheless bring a smile on her face every time she gets a sight of it.Select for unique mom gift who has everything.

    9)-Mouth Watering Desserts Candle:


    best mum gift 2021

    Check Price On Amazon

    This master piece consisting of 4 soy candle will surely be loved by any mother. A candle of 4 ounces each having a different dessert flavor will not only add color to mom’s side table but to her mood as well.This is best gift for elderly mom who has everything.


    10)-Coral Lace Photo Album:

    gift mum for 50

    Check Price On Amazon

    This soft and multicolored wooden album is a classic gift for mothers.This handicraft is made up of laces, satin flowers and beads. It has 12 pockets to accommodate 24 photos of size 4” x 6”. This is undoubtedly an eye catchy and handy album to save the captured moments of your loved ones as a gift under $20. The best is to gift this to your mom filled with her childhood pictures. In simple you will be presenting her an entire past life of your mom on mothers day.

    11)-Mom Est 2020 Candle:

    best gift for mum

    Check Price On Amazon

    This will surely turn out to be a meaningful and funny gift for someone who has or is about to become a mother in 2020. Either she is going to be a new mother or giving/ given birth to a baby in 2020 this is something really made for such a mom. This scented candle is made of 100 percent pure soy wax and is completely smoke free. It weighs 9 ounces and total burning time is 60 hours approximately. The writing on jar is customizable as per your choice.This is one of the best cheap meaningful and thoughtful mothers day gifts.


    12)-Personalized Moms’ Cushions:

    Best gifts for mother under 30

    Check Price On Amazon

    The softness and warmth of this cushion will surely make her heart beat faster for you. Made from perfect polyester and linen, these cushions are totally customizable. Size of the cushion is 18”x18”. It can speak your heart or anything funny.Best gift for mom from son and daughter.

    13)-Rose Gold Marble Water Bottle:

    gift under 30Check Price On Amazon

    A best gift for working moms and those who love to travel. Both surfaces are efficiently insulated so that the water or any drinks stays cool for longer time. The bottle can be customized according to your likings. It is made of stainless steel and weighs 20 ounces.Enjoy mother’s day gifts for mom under 10.


    14)-Flower Rose Bear:

    best gift in 30$Check Price On Amazon For Best Buy

    This handmade piece of craft is an excellent choice for your mother due to its attractive design and longliveness. This unique bear cub will add color to your mom’ side table and smile to her eyes every time she will get a sight of it. The roses are artificial so so can use it as long as you want. Height of the box is 10 inches. Various colors are available.

    15)-Heart Ring Dish:

    best gift for mum under 50

    Check Price On Amazon

    It is like a love at first sight gift for mothers. An all rounder dish made up of polymer clay with actual clay color and no paint coating is more than an awesome item to your house. It has been finished with a blend of shimmer and glitter with 18K gold lining. The size is 3.5 inches across which makes it an easy to fit item and one can put her rings, beads or dry arrangements in it. The base is engraved with word LOVE written in a heart. This dish is not microwave safe, not made for food and must not be immersed in water.

    16)-All rounder Three Tier Stand:

    gift for mum

    Check Price On Amazon

    This can really prove to be an all rounder household item for your mother.This is one of the best gifts for 50 to 60 year old mom who has everything. She can use it to put her jewelry, cake, desserts or appetizer tidbits. Size of bottom plate is 10.5”, middle 7.5” and top 6.5”. The height of the entire assembled arrangement is 15”. It can find its uses in drawing room, kitchen or even in bathroom.


    17)-Aukey Sensor Table Lamp:

    gift for mom

    Check Price On Amazon

    For moms who are fond of book reading this is one of the best gifts for the upcoming mother’s day. The lamp comes with wide range of selectable colors which makes it flexible according to your mood and interior and can be used in rooms and modern offices. The lamp has 3 adjustable illumination levels so you are free to switch between reading, relaxing and sleeping lighting conditions.


    18)- Mother of Dragons Tumbler:

    best git for mothers 2020Check Price On Amazon

    Totally customizable with names this is going to be a smart and funny choice from a mischievous child for mummy. This is made up of stainless steel and comes with a clear push up lid and matching straw. It weighs 20 ounces and has laser etched writing on it. Keeps liquids cool for 24 hours easily due to double insulation. A vast variety of colors is available.


    19)-Personalized Wooden Cutting Board:

    gifts for mum

    Check Price On Amazon For Best Buy

    Your mummy will surely love it if she is a steak or BBQ lover. You can order for any personalization on the board. This engraved board is perfect to be gifted to mothers. You can express your heart or anything funny on either or both sides of the board.


    20)-The Great Toilet Paper of 2020:

    best gift for mom

    Check Price On Amazon To Buy

    This mug will surely make you mummy laugh not only in 2020 but for many years. It Is equally good for tea, coffee or beverages. A big handle offers you an easy grip. A permanent print on both sides that will not get fade or wear out.


    21)-Nurse or Doctor Mothers Personalized Tumbler:

    mom dr gift

    Check Best Buy Price On Amazon

    This is undoubtedly made for mummy’s who are nurses or doctors. A finest quality vinyl has been used in making this stethoscope and heart label. Made of shatter and rust proof stainless steel, this tumbler weighs 20 ounces. It comes with a lid and matching straw, ideal for working ladies.

    22)- Owl Statue Decor

    best gift

    Check Price On Amazon

    Your mom can place it in lounge, besides TV, book shelf, table, kids’ room or anywhere. A best gift for bird loving mummies, this 4.5 inches tall owl ornament will surely make her smile every times she looks at it.This is really meaningful mother’s day gift from daughter.



    So these are inexpensive mother’s day gift ideas and presents.Son, daughter and husbands are loving above listed cheap mothers day gifts for wife and mum.We hope you love these, quick and cheap last minute presents for 2020. Please share your feedback on it. Stay safe and connected.

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    Propane Gas Grill vs Electric Grill Comparison Guide 2020

    electric grill vs gas grill

    Gas or electric grill? In this article, we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of gas or electric grills to help you decide which one for your patio, balcony, trailer, or wherever you need a grill.

    Before deciding on a grill, it is important to know which type is best for you and your needs.

    What is Gas Grill ?

    They run on propane or natural gas and use one or more burners to grill food over an open flame. The food rests on a grill over the flame and regulates the intensity of the fire up and down to control the temperature.

    The best gas grills offer a real flame-cooking experience without coal pollution. Instead, you just have to make sure you have a constant gas supply.

    This means buying propane tanks, usually 9-10 kilos, or connecting them to a natural gas line to ensure uninterrupted fuel flow.

    gas grill 2020

    View On Amazon

    What is Electric Grill?

    Unlike all other types of grills, electric grills do not use combustion to cook food. Grilling on one is more like using an electric grill inside.

    Simply plug the device into an electrical outlet and instead of heating the grill and the space around the food with fire, the electricity does the job.

    You will still get grilling marks from raised ridges on the surface. What you don’t get are shoots that burn your food. They are very easy to use and deliver consistent results right from the start.

    best gift for mom

    View On Amazon

    Gas Grill or Electric Grill: Comparison Table 2020

    Characteristics Electric Grill Gas Grill
    Fuel Electricity Natural Gas or Propane
    Size Small worktops or table tops are available that supply 2 to 6 people at the same time. There are also large ones available for the outdoor or inner courtyard that cater for 12 to 15 people at the same time. Gas grills are available in sizes from small, single steak grills to large ones. Industry-sized restaurant grills can feed a hundred or more people.
    Space requirements It can be used indoors or outdoors; Not much space is needed. Preferably outside; Most gas grills take up a lot of space and must not be placed too close to flammable materials.
    Temperature range About 120 ° – 260 °

    The electric grill generates intense radiant heat and then switches its heating coils off and on again after a certain time or when the temperature drops. Searing thicker foods may not be possible as this requires intense heat over a long period of time.

    About 120 ° – 260 °

    In a gas grill, you can control the heat at a constant temperature. Gas grills are difficult to maintain at low temperatures (~ 225-250F), especially over long periods of time.

    Cleaning The heating element of an electric grill cannot be immersed in water and must be disconnected from the mains when cleaning. All removable parts can be cleaned. All washable parts of the grill, including removable hot plates, grids and fat trays, can be washed thoroughly with hot water.
    User Friendliness Very easy to use; little or no learning curve It is not difficult to use, but not as easy as an electric grill.
    Weatherproof It cannot be used outdoors in rain or snow. It can be used in any weather
    Running costs Low; about 0.13 – 0.25 kWh. Depending on the local electricity tariffs Natural gas approx. 5 – 6 cents kWh; Propane approx.0.50 – 0.55 $ / hour
    Price Lowest average entry price Large price range, but more expensive averages for decent quality.
    Taste Electric grills do not offer the same authenticity as gas or coal grills. Grilled appearance; little or no smoky taste Food tastes better with gas grills than with electric grills, but not comparable to coal. Some smoke and charcoal taste possible.
    Popularity Electric grills are not very popular. Gas barbecues are very popular and there is a lot more variety.

    Gas or Electric Grill Aspects

    It is time to address some important issues to consider when choosing a perfect gas or electric grill:

    Electric or Gas Grill Ease of Use

    Electric grills are extremely user-friendly and can be configured wherever there is a power supply. Anyone who has used an electric cooker or iron will have no problem using any of these useful devices.

    The temperature can be set quickly, easily and precisely by turning the rotary knob.

    Gas grills light up immediately with a built-in ignition system (or with a match if necessary).

    As with electricity, you can set the temperature with just a few turns of a button. However, it may take some time to find the right settings for different types of grilling.

    While both offer greater ease of use and convenience in front of the charcoal grill, the electric grills gain the simplicity of the competition over gas.

    Electric or Gas Grill Versatility

    If you feel like using your grill creatively, you will find that your electric grill is very limited. Yes, you can give good security to foods with high heat capacities and they grill your food to the point you want. But that’s all.

    However, a gas grill offers many more options, especially if you have 2 or more burners available. Those who want to get the most out of their grill will soon learn how to grill with 2 zones, where your dishes are grilled in the hot zone and finished in the cooler area.

    You can also fry or add a smokehouse for smoking under the lid.

    For everything beyond the simplest grill, gas is the way to go.

    Electric or Gas Grill Temperature Range

    A wide temperature range opens up more options for grilling. A typical electric grill has a low setting of approx. 120 ° C. This is ideal for warming up food or cooking delicate items such as fish, fruits and vegetables. You can also hold it thanks to the internal thermostat.

    High temperatures on an electric grill can really vary. Some very good models reach 300 ° C or more, which is incredible for searing. However, on average, expect a temperature of 250 ° C, which is still good enough to sear meat.

    A gas grill has a similar bottom end, but it can be more difficult to keep it there because the flames keep coming up. You need to learn 2-zone grilling for good grilling at low temperature. For the lower end, expect the maximum temperature to be between 250 ° C and 290 ° C. If you want to reach the highest temperatures, you should look for a gas infrared burner that offers temperatures well over 370 ° C and even over 480 ° C and more.

    We will take advantage of electricity for constant heat, but the gas grill for the potential as we can reach higher temperatures.

    Gas or Electric Grill Size and Space Requirements

    Most electric grills are rather small, with the largest approaching the smallest gas grills. It may only take 2 square feet for one, possibly a little more to include a stand with wheels and side shelves.

    However, gas grills can range from small to monstrous. The little ones only need a few meters on each side. An average size 3-4 burner grill may take up more space. You can also opt for an outdoor kitchen appliance with a length of 2.5 m or more, which contains side burners and workstations.

    Electric or Gas Grill Capacity

    The larger electric grills are still pretty small as the grills advance. Don’t expect to find more than 240 square inches of grill space. This is fine for a couple, a very small family, or maybe a couple of friends to camp with. However, don’t expect to organize a BBQ with electricity in the neighborhood backyard.

    On the other hand, there are gas grills in different sizes, from very small to very, very large. You can get compact units or ones that are good for a small family, just like electrical ones. However, if you need more than 600 square inches of grill space (think of 20 hamburgers at the same time), gas is your grill.

    Gas or Electric Grill Reliability

    This category is reduced to “You get what you pay for”. There are some reputable companies that make electric grills, including George Foreman, Weber and Cuisinart. We don’t expect many problems with such names.

    The same applies to gas grills. Choose a good grill company and you will minimize the likelihood that something is wrong with your grill.

    If something goes wrong (and that’s always a possibility, no matter what you buy), it’s much cheaper and easier to fix your gas grill.

    The parts are easy to get and can usually be replaced by the owner. Electric grills are not that easy to repair, especially if a thermostat or electronic component is broken.

    Electric or Gas Grill Depending on Weather

    Honestly, you can’t use an outside grill in bad weather. Precipitation and electrification should not belong together and electronic components are also not designed for extreme cold.

    However, what you can do is bring your electric grill to the garage or even the kitchen as many models can be used indoors as they don’t emit harmful gases and produce a minimum of smoke.

    Gas grills can be used in any weather you want to endure. While they may have trouble warming up when the outside temperature drops, it is possible to grill all year round, except in arctic climates. The same applies to rain and snow: if you can stand it, you can grill.

    Remember to clean moisture before covering it again to avoid oxidation.

    It’s hard to say if any of them are the winners here, but in general we prefer the idea to grill outside in any weather.

    Gas or Electric Grill Maintenance

    Maintaining an electric grill is a breeze. Keep it dry and clean the grill surfaces. Many have a non-stick coating to make it easier to remove dirt and you can even completely remove the frame.

    A gas grill is not difficult to maintain, but it requires more attention. You should burn and scrape food scraps, clean the moisture, check the gas connections, make sure the burners are safe and intact, monitor the oxidation and even the spider webs in the pipes (seriously).

    It seems like a lot, but it’s not a big problem, however, it’s more than you’re dealing with an electric grill.

    Electric or Gas Grill Purchase Cost

    There are some good electric grills at really low prices, some for less than 100 euros. Even some of the best on the market will make sure it’s nothing more than a decent gas grill. There are some super high-end commercial models that cost up to $ 1000, but very few of us need this type of equipment.

    The low level for gas grills is slightly higher than that for electric grills, but there are many more options. Of course, you can spend thousands of dollars on a gas grill, but most of us don’t.

    We give the advantage for the purchase price to the electrical systems, but we will not call this a decisive factor.

    Gas or Electric Grill Running Costs

    The operating costs of your electric grill depend on how much you pay for electricity. For example, if you operate solar panels, this will cost you absolutely nothing. Very cute!

    Now we have to pay for plugging in the network. If you have an average grill and pay 15 cents per kWh (kilowatt hour), this will cost about $ 0.25 / hour. While grilling, this is not that bad.

    Depending on how far the pipe has to run, the installation of a natural gas connection can be moderate to very expensive. Once inside, the fuel doesn’t cost much. Expect to pay around 0.15 $ / hour.

    Propane is the most expensive of the three options. The actual values ​​depend on your BTUs, but are around $ 0.60 / hour. It is a reasonable estimate.

    None of this is a large sum, but natural gas is the most economical if you ignore the installation costs.

    Electric or Gas Grill Quality and Consistency of the Dishes

    Since it is easy to maintain a certain temperature and there are few or no outbreaks, grilling with an electric grill is very consistent. You can also grill any kind of food without any problems. For example, a firm and non-stick grill area is ideal for fish, so there is no need for a grill cage to protect sensitive meat.

    As soon as you master it, a gas grill also delivers consistent results. However, they require more work because the heat fluctuates and fat drops can cause breakouts.

    In terms of quality, however, there is no comparison if you enjoy the taste of the grill. A gas grill uses real and open flames to heat the grill, air, and food. Drip juices produce some smoke (not as much as coal, but something), and charred fat and sauces improve the taste significantly.

    Unfortunately, an electric model offers little or nothing of this kind of friendliness.

    For a really delicious barbecue that tastes like barbecue, a gas grill model always outperforms an electric one.

    Gas or Electric Grill Popularity

    Electric grills are on the rise thanks to their convenience and the way they fit into a modern lifestyle. No yard? No problem. However, there is almost no community or resources to support your trip. But considering how easy they are to use, maybe that doesn’t matter?

    However, gas grills are very popular. They come in all shapes and sizes and are ideal for everyone, from singles to large families. There are many groups and websites where you can find support, encouragement and advice.

    Electric Grill Summary

    indoor grill smokeless non stick electric

    View On Amazon

    Electric Grill Advantages and Disadvantages


    • Fuel never runs out (Except in the event of a power failure)
    • Running costs low
    • Easy to use and clean
    • Indoor use possible


    • You can’t grill without electricity
    • You cannot create a really smoky taste
    • A large grill area is difficult to find
    • It is not possible to grill in 2 zones

    What are Electric Grill Suitable For?

    • Casual grills
    • People with disabilities (apartments, condos, townhouses)
    • People who don’t like the taste of smoke or coal

    You May Prefer a Gas Grill if …

    • You prefer a smoky taste
    • You want more options
    • They like to grill for a crowd

    Gas Grill Summary

    best gas grill

    View On Amazon

    Gas Grill Advantages and Disadvantages


    • It heats up quickly
    • Many other grill options (e.g. grilling in 2 zones)
    • Add real smoke and grilled aroma
    • You can grill outside in any weather


    • The propane is running low and needs to be replaced
    • The connection of natural gas is expensive
    • Further maintenance is required
    • It’s not usually as portable as electric grills

    What are Gas Grills for ?

    • People with an existing gas connection
    • Who likes the real grill taste
    • Large families or groups

    You may Prefer an Electric Grill if …

    • You are not allowed to grill with gas where you live
    • You prefer a “cleaner” taste for your food
    • Sometimes like to grill indoors

    Gas Grill or Electric Grill Conclusion

    Whether gas or electric grill, both types offer a unique grill experience, but if we had the option, we would always choose gas!

    The quality of the food, which we consider the most important factor, is much better than that of an electric grill. If you are fenced and have space for safe use, we recommend a gas grill over an electric one.

    Keep in mind that an electric grill can be a worthwhile investment if gas is out of the question or if you really want to be able to grill carefree outdoors. For some, this may be the best or even the only option. Of course we choose the electric grill between the electric grill and no grill!


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    Mom Day: Honors Mothers and Motherhood

    mom days

    Why is Mother’s Day different?

    Why do we celebrate Mother’s Day?

    What is Mother’s Day about?

    Where did the tradition of Mother’s Day come from?

    What is the history of Mother’s Day?

    Which is date of Mother’s Day?

    Is today a Mother’s Day?

    Mother’s Day is a gala for the glorification of mums. It is special occasion [su_highlight]to show our love respect and esteem admiration to motherhood,[/su_highlight] caring bonds, and the guidance of mothers in society. This event is celebrated on various days in many countries of the world but most generally in between March & May. We have similar celebrations honoring other family relations such as Father’s Day, Women Day, and Grandparents Day.

    Let’s get into the history of the start of this special MOM DAY.In the US, festivity of Mom’s Day commenced in the early 20th century. It is not connected to the numerous festivities of moms and motherhood that have occurred throughout the world over several eras, like the Greek culture to Cybele, the Roman jubilee of Hilaria, or the Christian Mothering Sunday. Nevertheless, in many countries, Mommy’s Day has become identical of these older traditions.

    With this modern age of technology and social media, new modernized version of Momma’s Day has become much commercialized, especially by innocent liberals.

    In many nations, Mamma’s Day has got more importance with the attachment of holiday as it has progressed in the United States over the period of time, promoted by firms after seeing a lot of commercial positive impact so they have put all their energies making it popular. So it is rapidly accepted by other countries and cultures. This special Mother’s Day Holiday has different sanities associated with different events like historical, religious or legendary.

    Religious Mothers Day

    Roman Catholic Church: The Mothers holiday is connected with worshipping the Virgin Mary. In many Catholic homes, families build a special memorial dedicated to the Holy Virgin Mary. Where as in many Eastern Catholic and Eastern Traditional Churches, a special plea service is held in honor of the Virgin Mary

    Islam: In Islam there is no concept of relating single day to mums and celebrate as Mother’s Day, but all the days of the year hold the same importance to all family relations as such one mother’s or father’s day hold. [su_highlight]In fact in Islam Mothers have the highest degree of respect and reverence than any other religion or in culture.[/su_highlight] According to teaching of Islam, Heaven or Paradise is said to be under mother’s feet. This means that anyone can get into paradise if he/she will take care of mother and never showed a single notion of disrespectful towards parents especially mother no matter what the situation is.

    Hindu tradition: In Hindu custom Mum’s Day is called “Mata Tirtha Aunshi” which can be translated into English as “[su_highlight]Mother Pilgrimage fortnight[/su_highlight]”. It is renowned in countries with a Hindu population, especially in India and Nepal. In the month of April or May with the new moon or month of Baisakh this Holiday is observed. This festivity is established with Hindu religion.

    mothers day

    MOM’S DAY 2020 Quotes

    • Mothers are Always Special No Matter What…
    • Moms Have been Protecting us over their Lives… We Cant Repay
    • Her Love for Kids is Unconditional and Matchless in this World.Even God Compares His Love to Mankind as the 70 times of Mom’s Love.
    • Family is incomplete without Mom
    • Great Mothers give us Great Nations. Thanks Your Moms for being Great Nation
    • Mothers Taught us What We are Today and What Ever Man Kind has Achieved
    • Heaven is under the feet of Mother. So earn it


    2020 Mother’s Day Tweets From Past




    Top 31 best Mother’s Day Gifts in 2020 Under

    $30 – 50$

    1-Cook Book / Tablet Stand:

    You know she loves cooking and spends plenty of time in kitchen. So here is perfect chance to assist her in holding her cook books. A stand weighing 1.17 lbs and having dimensions 1.20″x9.75″x12″ with customizable engraving option will be a permanent addition to mom’s kitchen inventory. It can hold her cook book upright or tablet for watching recipes in real time.


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    2-Jack and Sally Wine bottle Decor:

    You know your mom always love to have home decor items so a 12” tall room decor bottle with, ribbon on top, inbuilt LED lights and battery included is all you actually need. The light gives a frosted look to the bottle with Jack and Sally made with Vinyl.