3 Ways to Balance Kids Screen Time for Positive Parent Child Relationships.

how much screen time is healthy for adults

Kids Screen Time Recommendations

In this rapidly growing technological world, electronics have taken over a great part of our time. Most of our time is spent in front of screens. It is estimated that children from age five to eight spend around three hours a day in front of screens. Similarly, parents spend around nine hours in front of screens for work and social purposes. This relationship with screens has greatly decreased face to face communication and physical activity among children. It has also reduced meaningful, quality relationships and social interactions.

Balancing Kids Screen Time is Art of Positive Parenting

Parents who want their children to have optimized times in front of screens, must first also put down their screens if using them at excess . Children copy every behavior that their parents do. They must find family activities and play games together to reduce screen time this holiday season.

Following are the ways in which parents can engage their children in healthy activities and stop them from having much screen times.

  1. Whenever you are with your kids, leave your phones, laptops and tablets down. Go for a nature walk. Spend time in a walk, some exercise, talk with your kids and listen to them and connect with them on a deeper level. Even avoid bringing a camera with you and indulge in the moment.
  2. Plan your weekends with some indoor board games by the fire. Switch off your electronics and spend quality family time together. This is the ideal way to bring family members together and engage them in a healthy activity. Playing games together helps children to develop social interaction skills and teach them cooperation and togetherness. This shared experience teaches your kids problem solving skills and implementing the right decisions at the right time.
  3. Make time for your kids. Go to their games and play areas. Go for swimming together. Do cycling with your child. Involve them with you in cooking or baking. Take them to a flower exhibition or pet show. Invest time in your kids. These are activities that are sure to make you and kid so indulged that you will forget your screens for good and will never regret this time spent together.

Technology has many benefits. And it is essential to make your kids familiar with the new technology and trends. Do not ban your kids’ screen time. Rather make a time for everything. There should be a little screen time and more family time together. So that parents and children get to know each other and develop positive social behaviors and family bonding. If you force them out of their tech space, they will surely resist. Deal this with tact and not force. Exhibit in front of them the behavior you want to inculcate in them. The parents must make time for outdoor activities and family gatherings to set positive examples for their children.

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