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good manners for adults

How to raise a good child

Whenever parents are asked about how they want their children to become when they grow up, they always say that they want them to become ‘good’ children. Here the question arises that what exactly is the definition of a ‘good’ person. According to psychologists a good child is the one who exhibits prosocial behaviors. Good manners at home are the mandatory requirement for this purpose. Let’s see what good manners are for kids.

Definition of a Good Child

The prosocial behavior that defines a good child according to psychologists is described as a person who behaves in generous, helpful and caring ways around people. They have some distinguished characteristics,

  1. A prosocial person possesses esteemed values that have positive influences on people and make the world a better place with their lasting impressions. Such a person always thinks about his behavior with others and how he can be influencing and motivating for those around him. He always strives to make his life better according to his esteemed values and communicates those values to others around him.
  2. They have a knack for empathy. They care enough to understand how the people around them are feeling. They are sensitive to the emotions of others. They possess moral courage and emotional connection with others and try their utmost to get to the people in need. They are mostly involved in social awareness programs and activities that highlight the issues of the oppressed in the society and try their utmost to be of good use to the people.
  3. Good Mannered kids have the ability and skill to look at life from another person’s perspective. Most of us do not have a heart to see someone in suffering, may it be a person on begging on the roadside or a t.v. commercial related to abused animals. When we start to see the matter from another person’s perspective, we start to feel their pain and suffering. If the oppressor starts to feel the pain of the oppressed, there will be no more victims left in the world. A good person learns what it is like to feel pain of the victim because he is able to connect his heart and soul into the matter.
  4. A good child possess mature reasoning. He is able to mold his actions according his values. He is empathetic and has a justified behavior with respect to his ideals. He is in a constant struggle to live an ethical life and eventually his behavior and values create an alignment.

Generally speaking about people of different age groups, when they are asked to help another person in need. Children are more willing to help another person if they find it fun and play. Whereas adults are more concerned about what other people think. They will only help another if they are sure they will not feel guilty or others will not talk bad about him.

Regardless of the above mentioned definitions and characteristic, it is not wrong to say that you are the first role model for your child. You are the first source to develop his inner morals and consciousness of his surroundings. If you are always available and willing to help other people in need, your child will sure follow your example. If you are empathetic and considerate towards the feeling of others, your child will make sure to spreads love and kindness in the society. If you take initiatives for the victims and the oppressed, your child will raise awareness campaigns with you. And if you always make efforts to exhibit your esteemed values through your behavior and actions, your child has all the guidelines he needs to be that good child.

Children are reflections of their parents. The strengths of the parents become the strengths of the children. Their fears are shared, their weaknesses are similar, their likes and dislikes are alike, and so is their goodness. If parents want to raise ‘good children’, they must first themselves develop pro social behaviors so that their children may follow and set an example.

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