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best wheel stabilizer

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wheel stabilizerYou love to have adventures like camping and spending time in your RV or motor home. Normally you want to take everything along which makes your tour enjoyable but how about safety and stability of your RV? You never know when and where you will have to park your RV or motor home on an inclined or soft surface. Do you still believe that having couple of wedged wheel chocks made of plastic or rubber will serve you in any terrain or under all circumstances? If yes you are sadly mistaken and it’s the time to think of owning a pair of strong metallic X chock wheel stabilizers.

best rv wheel stabilizerThe gadget is equally good for parked RVs, motor homes and trailers. Wedged wheel chocks are not enough to tackle with the wiggle, wobble and lateral rocking of your vehicle and you actually need to upgrade to X chocks. Especially if you intend to stay out longer traditional wheel chocks might fail but metallic X Jacks s will surely prove to be a great addition to avoid that back and forth rocking motion. So don’t wait for a disaster and let others’ experience drive your decision of having these.

Why X Chocks are Better than Wedge Shaped Traditional Wheel Chocks?

Let me share a brief comparison of why X Jacks are better than traditional wedge shaped wheel chocks.

Plastic and Rubber Withers, Metals never:

wheel chockTraditional Wheel chocks are either made up of plastic or rubber both of which undergo wear and tear due to exposure of sun, rain, dust and periodic strains over the course of time resulting into an accidental wither and hence ruining your adventurous tour by compromising the safety and stability of your RV or might bring about a damage to your fragile electronics loaded in the parked trailer. When it comes to X Jack, metal will never let you down and will keep serving you much longer than plastic or rubber.

Muddy parking might be problematic:

wheel chock 2020Parking choices are normally limited and if you are forced to go for a muddy or soft parking area your wedged wheel chocks might sink into mud over the camping weekend. Not only this brings rocking motion to the RV but also it becomes very tedious to get them out. You will need a hammer to pull them out. So in such a scenario X Chocks will look you after and will get down as easily as it was to fix them.

Graveled Parking can bring disaster:

wheel chock to buyYou are out to enjoy and not to merely sleep in the RV. So you will roam around in your vehicle. If you have to park your motor home or RV on a graveled track, traditional wheel chocks might slip over quite easily bringing you an unplanned and unforeseen disaster. You might end up spoiling your tour or even damaging your vehicle and belongings with a serious injury. But with X chocks ground conditions rarely matter may it be gravel or anything else.

Wet Parking can be troublesome:

best chock for wheelPlastic and rubber can slip on wet and greasy surfaces.Even if you tried to avoid such a parking rainy terrains can always create such a situation. So relying merely on wedged wheel chocks can really put you in trouble by unwanted movement of the vehicle especially if you are putting up on an incline. X Chock wheel stabilizers will make you as much comfortable in such terrain as they were anywhere else.

Icy tracks can never be trustworthy:

wheel chock 2020 on iceIf you are out on a tour to an icy terrain or you park your trailer on an icy road, wedged wheel chocks are highly untrustworthy and unreliable as blizzards are a normal feature. Anytime the ice might melt or get displaced due to your in-vehicle movements hence sliding your vehicle into a place you never longed for or damaging valuables in your trailer. Once again X chocks are the solution.


Even very smooth roads are risky:

wheel chock 2020 on highwayMotor homes and RVs are meant to enjoy and walk around but this enjoyment nevertheless produces slight and periodic wiggles and lateral jerks and in case the road is of super good quality this may result into a crisis by slipping your traditional plastic wheel chocks. X jacks are free of such worries and best rated among solutions of wheel immobilizers & chocks.


X Chock RV Stopper is The Ultimate Solution For Best Wheel Stabilizer:

best x cross wheel stabilizer

Definitely who would not desire for a harmless and disaster free ride. Therefore X chock RV stabilizer brings an ultimate solution to all your worries and concerns.It is one of the best wheel immobilizer & chock solutions. It will simply fit into the tyres and whatever type of terrain or conditions your vehicle is parked in you will not be bothered at all. A pair of nicely fixed X chocks will provide a firm grip and stability to your RV/ trailer hence preventing tyre shifting or rocking. You might go for a complete package by using both wheel chocks and X chocks to ensure additional safety and precautionary measure.

How to use X Chock RV Stabilizers:

Many think these X Jacks are tedious to assemble and loosen but actually they are not that tricky to handle. They may take a little more time to fix but your safety, stability, RV’s immobility and mainly family’s enjoyment warrants this much of effort and time.

Let me briefly summarize how to fix these X Chocks:

  • Make sure the RV is leveled:

Try to find as leveled and horizontal parking as possible and then ensure the rest of leveling with the help of levelers (if required) to avoid vertical rocking. Your RV is now ready to have X Chocks put on.

  • Put the X Chocks on and Stretch:

Place the X chocks gently between the tyres of your RV/ Motor home and with the help of in-box ratchet tighten the nut on X jack’s upper edge until its gets fixed in between the tyres. Re-check to make sure it is as firm as is necessary.

  • Unscrew to disassemble:

Once you are done with your camping tour just unscrew the jacks by turning the same nut in reverse direction and have your metallic jacks removed as good and clean as they were before.

best wheel stabilizer

How to Use X Chock RV Stabilizers

But which X Chock RV stabilizer to buy?

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Let us now introduce you to the best X Chock RV stabilizers available based on the experience and recommendations on Reddit travel and camping experts:

Top 6 Best RV Wheel Chocks 2024

  1. BAL – 28012-X-Chock Wheel Stabilizer – Pair – Best Overall Wheel Stabilizer
  2. BAL -28014-X-Chock Tire Lock– Extended – Best for Trailers Wheel Stabilizer
  3. BAL- 28005 Deluxe Tire Chock – Best for Medium applications
  4. Ultra-Fab -21-001095 Super Grip Chock (X-Large,2 Pack)- Best Light Weight
  5. Ultra-Fab- 21-001091 Super Grip Chock (2 Pack) – Best for Small applications
  6. Cynder- Wheel Stop Chock-N-Lock -Large 2 Pack – Best for Motor Homes

Say Goodbye to RV Rollback! These Chocks Are So Strong, They’ll Anchor Your Rig to a Black Hole!

1)- BAL – 28012-X-Chock Wheel Stabilizer – Pair – Best Overall

best wheel stabilizerCheck Price On Amazon

Key Features:

  • Ensures additional stability and avoids wiggles and wobbles
  • Easily fits in tightest gaps, minimum width is 1.3 inches
  • Provides stability with double natural movement of tyres unlike traditional chocks
  • Rust resistant coat
  • Single chock also available with model no 28010

Buyer’s Feedback:

Reviewers have simply fallen in love with the product and say they won’t be switching to anything else. Many happy campers have recommended others to buy this X Jack without any hesitation. Users found it really hard, reliable and easy to put on and off. Now campers feel trouble free with no rocking movements inspite of children running around in the RV. The back and forth shaking problems of all users have been excellently addressed by this small piece of steel. All buyers claim it to be a smart and reliable choice. Having security holes for locks is a cool added option. It is simply the best selling product of its kind with highest reviewers’ rankings.

Product Description:

This BAL X-Chock wheel stabilizer is smarter in performance and slimmer in size. It provides an enormous stopping force to both the tyres in contact and ensures stability and avoidance of any rocking or shifting motion of RV/ trailer. Made up of a strong metal and coated with a corrosion resistant material, this pair of X Jacks is durable till years and years. Its wide opening range makes it perfect for vehicles having as small wheel gaps as 1.3 inches and as wide as 11 inches. This BAL X Chock pair comes with a strong steel ratchet having a rubber padding providing easy, firm and harmless grip for fixing and removing the jacks. This product is simply the one you are actually looking for.


  • Brand – BAL
  • Model – 28012
  • Color – Multicolor (mainly silver)
  • Weight – 10 lbs
  • Overall Dimensions – 16×7.5×4.5 inches
  • Quantity – 2 x Jacks


2)- BAL -28014-X-Chock Tire Lock– Extended – Best for Trailers

x chock tire lock

Check Price On Amazon For Best Buy

Key Features:

  • Provides excellent stability in long trailers and other wide applications
  • No wobbling and rocking even with single Jack
  • Long yet light weight
  • Hard ratchet with rubber grip included
  • Rust free coating on hard steel
  • Pair also available as single product with model no 28024

Buyer’s Feedback:

Many campers and holders and trailer drivers declared this to be a must item while on a ride and rate it among best 5th wheel stabilizers. Users were found highly impressed to find it so easy to use. All reviewers found the quality of the product just as advertised. The locking feature is an added benefit for many to avoid theft. Many said to have observed a remarkable difference with this piece of metal between the tyres. In short buyers are more than happy to have this product with them and strongly recommend it for others looking for X chocks.This is winner in the category of “x chocks wheel stabilizer for travel trailers extended”.

Product Description:

This BAL X-Chock wheel stabilizer fits into a large number of axle applications as it can stretch upto 17 inches. It is best for larger RVs and long trailers which normally have a wheel spacing of around 15 inches and beyond. It is lockable hence giving you added security. The jack is made from solid steel and coated with rust free material to promise you durability over years to come. The handel with the chock is light weight but very hard and easy to use due its rubber padding which gives a good grip.


  • Brand – BAL
  • Model – 28014
  • Color – Multicolor (mainly metallic)
  • Weight – 8.4 lbs
  • Overall Dimensions – 22 x 5.5 x 5.5 inches
  • Quantity – 1 x Jack

3)-BAL- 28005 Deluxe Tire Chock – Best for Medium applications

best x chock

Check Price On Amazon For Best Buy

Key Features:

  • Provides reliable stability to RVs and trailers
  • Light weight and handy
  • Fits in as small application as 2.5 inches
  • Provides superior durability and longevity
  • Comes with locking feature

Buyer’s Feedback:

Campers said that their shaking world has come to a quiet and peaceful point with these X Chocks even with entire family on board. Almost all users grade it much better than traditional wheel chocks and are really happy to have this product. Buyers said they have observed a glaring difference after using it, the RV now feels static and one can walk around with confidence and no worries. They have strongly recommended it for others too.

Product Description:

This BAL X-Chock deluxe wheel stabilizer is a class in itself. It’s scissor shaped locking pads makes it perfect to give you the stability you pay for. It is such a meticulous product which you will live longer with due to high tensile steel and rust free material. Once bought, you will love to have more for your dear ones as well. A decent range of jack opening from 2.5 inches minimum to 12 inches maximum makes it an equally good choice for RVs and trailers. It is simply a smart and wise pick amongst X chock family.


  • Brand – BAL
  • Model – 28005
  • Color – Metal/ silver
  • Weight – 7.2 lbs
  • Overall Dimensions – 13.2 x 5 x 3.8 inches
  • Quantity – 1 x Jack

4)-Ultra-Fab -21-001095 Super Grip Chock (X-Large,2 Pack)- Best Light Weight

best chock for wheelCheck Price On Amazon To Buy

Key Features:

  • Big yet ultra light weight
  • Excellent anchoring between tyres
  • Fits in as small application as 3.5 inches
  • Elegant design
  • Comes with locking feature
  • Equally good for medium and heavy duty vehicle

Buyer’s Feedback:

Camping lovers and trailer drives are both enjoying the product for its elegant design and reliability. Buyers found a dramatic difference when compared its performance with traditional wheel chocks. Their Big RVs with 6 to 7 people on board just came to its ultimate static position with no rolling movements at all. Those who drive small RVs and long trailers alternatively found it equally good for both and recommend the product with peace of mind.

Product Description:

These X cocks will sit in both tandem wheels to make you get rid of all those wavy and rolling vibrations of your RV or trailer at once. It has a vast adjustable range between 3.5 inches minimum to 17 inches maximum. Made from corrosion resistant material and solid steel this X chock is surely going to serve you longer than your expectation. This product is good for RVs with large wheel gaps and trailers.


  • Brand – Ultra-Fab Products
  • Model – 21-001095
  • Color – Metal/ silver
  • Weight – 5 lbs
  • Overall Dimensions – 22 x 9.5 x 5.5 inches
  • Quantity – 2 x Jacks


5)-Ultra-Fab- 21-001091 Super Grip Chock (2 Pack) – Best for Small applications

super grip chock

Check Price On Amazon

Key Features:

  • Stylish and light weight
  • Perfect for extremely small wheel gaps i-e 1 inch
  • Corrosion free coating
  • Comes with locking feature
  • Comes with easy handle to grip while fixing

Buyer’s Feedback:

Buyers are extremely happy to have this pair of X chocks. Those having RVs with small wheel gaps were rejoicing to have something really applicable to them now. With a minimum adjustable setting of 1 inch this product turned out to be a breathe taker for them. Compared to the standard wheel chocks users found it matchless. A few say ratchet should have been more comfortable but overall it is praised by all.

Product Description:

This X chock is extremely good for small applications with as small wheel gaps as 1 inch and can expand upto 10.5 inches. Made from solid and rust free metal, this is simple a wise pick up for campers. The large footpads give you a perfect grip and there is no chance of slipping. The jack is strong enough to pick a weight of 3000 pounds. Those worried for having small wheel gaps are now at their liberty to get this X chock.


  • Brand – Ultra-Fab Products
  • Model – 21-001091
  • Color – Metal/ silver
  • Weight – 11.16 lbs
  • Overall Dimensions – 16 x 8.3 x 5.3 inches
  • Quantity – 2 x Jacks

6)- Cynder- Wheel Stop Chock-N-Lock -Large 2 Pack – Best for Motor Homes

best wheel stopper chockCheck Price On Amazon

Key Features:

  • Louvre body to provide additional grip
  • No rocking movements at all
  • Comes with 2 locks for extra security
  • Comes with a double sided ratchet
  • Ultra strong body
  • Fits in applications as narrow as 3 inches

Buyer’s Feedback:

Buyers are enjoying the stability this pair of X chocks has provided and graded it as best 5th wheel stabilizer. The price paid for it is really worth it. Some claim it to be the most stable and secure X chocks they have ever used. The difference between stability earlier and now was clearly noticeable. Usage of heavy duty metal and louvers on surface makes it have extra good grip on tyres.They grade it high against many wheel immobilizers & chocks.

Product Description:

This pair of X chocks provides you the stability you have always longed for in your vehicle while camping out. The jacks can provide a range of jaws openings from 3 inches minimum to 10 inches maximum. This comes with 2 locks to offer you extra security. A dual faced ratchet gives you an additional tool side if in case one gets loosened/ damaged. A strong and solid metal easily handles all those shaking movements of your motor homes.


  • Brand – Cynder
  • Model – Cynder
  • Color – Metal
  • Weight – 13.23 lbs
  • Overall Dimensions – 15 x 8.2 x 4.4 inches
  • Quantity – 2 x Jacks



How many X Chocks do I need?
One X Chock Wheel Stabilizer can serve the purpose but since many manufacturers offer products in pairs better go for 2 on both sides of the vehicle.

What if I have lost my ratchet?
No worries, you can use any wrench or spanner of required size.

How tight can I crank the X Chocks?
Keep rotating the ratchet till the time you observe tyres being pressed inwards. After a few hours you might re check for any further tightening cushion created.

Can I use both wheel chocks and X Chocks simultaneously?
“More is better” applies here too. You can have multiple safety layers by using both Wheel chocks and X chocks at a time.

Are X Chocks really reliable?
Since they are made of hard metals they promise you reliability and longevity.


X Chocks have brought an ultimate and ever lasting solution to the campers and trailer drivers. Camping with safety and stability and hence peace of mind is merely possible without these. The shaking and lateral wobbling issues of RVs and motor homes with traditional wheel chocks finally found an end.X Chock RV wheel stabilizers are used to help keep the vehicle level and stable while parked, especially on uneven surfaces. They provide additional support to the wheels and help prevent movement or rocking of the RV, improving overall stability and safety. Additionally, they also help to prevent wear and tear on the tires, suspension and other components caused by the RV being parked on an uneven surface for extended periods of time.

All 6 models listed as best wheel stabilizer which are top selling products in this category and you have to decide on the basis of your vehicle axle spacing and definitely budget.

Hope this wheel stabilizer guide would be very helpful for campers. Happy camping and please don’t forget to leave a feedback.

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