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best bedit 2020

Best Bidet Toilet Spray Seat Attachment – Reddit Recommended 2024

If you are looking for the best bidet sprayer toilet seat, you should consider some important criteria before buying, because the quality and function differences are sometimes considerable. We recommend that you first think about the respective areas of application before buying, before you deal with the different types of bidets (health faucet) and the features or functions. If this is too time-consuming for you and you prefer to make a quick, yet good decision, you can follow our buy recommendation, because we have already done the research for you. The Veken Non-Electric Bidet Self-Cleaning in particular is highly recommended because the hot water bidet is cheap, does not require electricity and is easy to use. Alternatively we can give you the model Highly recommend BioBidet and Boss because the powerful bidet has many programs, is comfortable, heated and easy to install.

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Comparison Among Best Toilet Bidet



The easy-to-clean and made of ABS plastic from Veken does not need a power supply because it is connected directly to the hot and cold water supply. Overall, the processing is solid, the operation is uncomplicated and the price-performance ratio is very good due to the low price.


A pipe or system separator should definitely be retrofitted.


If you are looking for a cheap bidet that can be connected directly to the hot water, you will get your money’s worth with the model.Dual Nozzle (Frontal /Feminine Wash), Fresh Water Spray Bidet for Toilet with Adjustable Water Pressure Switch.


best bedit toilet seat 2020

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Luxe Bidet Neo Non-Electric Bidet Toilet Attachment


The luxe bidet is supplied with glasses and a lid and offers extensive setting and adjustment options. The performance is very decent, there are various programs and a drying system is included with the integrated hair dryer. Installation is very simple and the price-performance ratio is very good.


Need care full installation to work properly.


If you are looking for a very good and individually adjustable complete bidet system including a lid, you will get your money’s worth with the easy-to-use model.Self-cleaning Dual Nozzle and Easy Water Pressure Adjustment for Sanitary and Feminine Wash.


best bedit seat hot cold 2020

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BioBidet Bliss BB2000 Elongated White Bidet Smart Toilet Seat


The model is a very affordable bidet that is simply installed under the toilet seat. Thanks to the self-cleaning function and hot water connection, the equipment is good and of course there are various setting options for the intensity and temperature. The price performance ratio is very good.


The processing is quite simple and the hoses are not ideally made.


If you are looking for a cheap bidet that can still convince with good functionality and features, you will get your money’s worth with the model.

Best Bidets Buying Guide (Step By Step) 

If you want to buy a french bidet for your bathroom, our recommendation is to look at the different types of bidets before comparing them before making a decision. Since the offer is so large, it makes sense to first check whether a bidet is the right one for the particular area of ​​application. Because even the best bidet will bring you little benefit if you expected something different. You should also choose a design and only then compare the equipment and functionality. In order to make decision-making even easier for you, we finally summarized the best bidets of 2024, which we determined in the test.

Benefits and Scope

Ultimately, a bidet is nothing more than a seat washbasin that is installed relatively low. Compared to the shower toilet, a bidet is traditionally a tool used separately in the bathroom, which is installed in addition to the toilet or shower. However, there are now supplementary sets for the toilet, so you can also use it as a bidet.

Basically, a bidet is used to wash the intimate area and the anus comfortably, quickly and easily. In a permanently installed bidet, for example, the feet can also be washed very well, so that it is ultimately a multifunctional bathroom accessory that is being installed in more and more households and new properties. Visually, most of the permanently installed models resemble a mixture of toilet and sink. The shape comes from the toilet bowl, but there is a drain like in the sink. It is a bit different with the supplementary sets, which can be integrated into the toilet as a cheap bidet.

By the Way:

While the bidet is very common in countries like Italy or France, it is still a rarity in US today, although it is being used more and more. Many Americans still don’t know how to use a bidet. But that will change in the next few years, because in terms of personal hygiene it is a very sensible and above all practical sanitary facility for your bathroom.

Types of Bidets

First of all, you should choose one that you prefer as a bidet. First of all, consider whether you prefer a bidet that works like a bowl and is used to wash the external genitals, or whether you prefer a variant that works more like the shower principle, where the water sprays from below. In addition, you should know the three basic types of construction between which you can choose. With this pre-selection, the total range of bidets on the market can be narrowed down quickly so that you can make a decision more quickly.

Bidet Extension For The Toilet:

This inexpensive variant is particularly suitable if you have little space in the bathroom. But with such a supplementary set you save not only space, but also money, because the installation is much easier than the installation of a fixed bidet. Depending on the model, the connection is either only via cold water and electricity or a battery is required for operation; Or there are models that have a hot and cold water connection.

Fixed Bidet:

These models are connected directly to the water pipe and are often freely suspended on the wall, like many toilets or wash basins. However, the installation effort is much greater here than with supplementary sets or with seated bathrooms that do not have to be installed at all. Here you need a hot and cold water connection for most models.

Hip Bath:

A hip bath is basically a very cheap bidet that works without a water connection and without electricity. Ultimately, it’s a bowl that works as a simple bidet. It is portable and can therefore be used in different bathrooms or in the shower.

Equipment And Accessories

Depending on the model, the equipment can be very different. So there are classic bidets that are very rudimentary and only offer a spout and a tap to let water run. They only fulfill the function of a hip bath, but otherwise offer no further comfort. There are also variants here that are also equipped with a pull-out hose shower. This makes cleaning very easy and is also felt by most to be more pleasant.

In particular, the extension sets for mounting under the toilet seat or under the toilet seat are often equipped with various extras. Different settings can be made, there are sometimes additional wellness functions such as an integrated hair dryer or self-cleaning. Some models have a separate toilet lid, while others have to be installed under the existing lid.

Which cleaning options you can use with the bidet also depends on the model. In some variants, you can set the intensity, temperature and type of water jet precisely, while in other models there are no setting options. Therefore, take a close look at the various functions before buying and only then make your decision. Ultimately, of course, personal preference also plays a major role in decision-making.

Top 6 Bidet Test Winners

Not every household in US has a bidet, but in France and other European countries the pool for intimate hygiene is common. And with us, too, the market in the area of ​​sanitary facilities offers several options so that you too can install self-cleaning with water in your bathroom. The bidet is often used for the toilet and sometimes comes with a flexible hand shower or other practical extras.

If you want to buy a bidet, take a look at the five products on our leader board and make your selection using our comparison test of the best bidets.

Best Rated Suggested Products By Experts:

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Here is 6 Best Bidet Toilet Seats Of 2024 – Reddit Experts Bidet Reviews:

1)-Veken Non-Electric Bidet Self-Cleaning
2)-Luxe Bidet Neo Series
3)-BioBidet Bliss BB2000 Elongated White Bidet Smart Toilet Seat
4)-Tibbers Self-Cleaning Nozzle and Non-Electric Bidet Toilet Attachment
5)-Bio Bidet Ultimate BB-600 Advanced Bidet Toilet Seat
6)-Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment by BOSS

1)-Veken Non-Electric Bidet Self-Cleaning


best toildet bidet seat 2020

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The hot water bidet from Veken Non-Electric Bidet Self-Cleaning won the test and was therefore the best bidet. It is very cheap, can be connected directly to the hot water connection and does not require electricity. The cleaning results are very good, the product itself is also easy to clean because it can be easily removed from the toilet seat and it is also made from a robust ABS plastic.

Due to the low price, the price-performance ratio is very good, it is completely leak-proof, since the entire inner mechanism consists of one piece of brass. The matching stainless steel hoses are already included in the delivery and they also make the entire model very durable. Operation is convenient and uncomplicated, because the temperature can be continuously adjusted on one controller and the other controller is used to adjust the amount of water. The attachment under the toilet seat is very easy, the connections are 3/8 inch thread and the matching hoses also have a proper length of 2 meters.

In addition, two T-pieces and good instructions are included. The model works with micro air bubbles, which further improves the cleaning effect and the nozzle always remained clean and free even in the long-term test. However, what is a sticking point is the fact that this type of connection to drinking water is actually not permitted in US, because there is no intermediate valve. It is therefore strongly recommended to install such a system separator or pipe separator to prevent bacteria from spreading!This is in a nutshell best bidet toilet seat on the market.

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2)-Luxe Bidet Neo Series

best bedit 2020

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Thanks to a decent output of 850 watts, three different washing programs and even an integrated seat heater, this bidet is also highly recommended. It is a modern Japanese style toilet that belongs to the newer generation of toilets and always ensures fresh cleanliness and intimate hygiene.

The toilet seat has a comfortable seat with heated seats. The water temperature can be set in three levels, whereby the highest level is almost too warm for daily use. The integrated hair dryer then ensures reliable drying – with 250 watts, of course, maximum performance should not be expected, but the use of dry toilet paper is unnecessary. It is definitely a feature that not every bidet can offer. Therefore, we still give full marks.Installation is very easy and you can use the many functions immediately. However, you should take a look at the dimensions beforehand and, for example, make sure that the control is permanently installed in the housing, so it cannot be built on the other side for reasons of space.

And the price is also unbeatable for a new sanitary technology like the Luxe- all in all a clear purchase recommendation.

3)-BioBidet Bliss BB2000 Elongated White Bidet Smart Toilet Seat


best bedit


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This is Premier Class, Unlimited Warm Water, Self Cleaning Hydroflush and Hybrid Heating smart seat. With wireless remote control inviting nightlight vortex wash model is easily attached under the toilet seat and can already score with its easy assembly.

There is an additional water jet for feminine intimate hygiene. No electricity is required to heat the water, which significantly reduces the continuous cost factor for this bidet. A self-cleaning function, in which both water jet attachments are rinsed with clear water, is also integrated. The only drawback is that the bidet is not designed for longevity and in the long term there were also leaks in the test. Especially the plastic hoses are rather thin and have to be shortened and plugged in again with the knife included in the scope of delivery.

It’s not the best bidet, but for a mid-range model, the BioBidet comes with all the criteria – and a little more. So a really good average product made of sturdy plastic that was convincing in almost all respects.

4)-Tibbers Self-Cleaning Nozzle and Non-Electric Bidet Toilet Attachment

best bidet for healthy ladies 2020

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The manufacturer Tibbers offers the affordable bidet or hip bath with a very good price-performance ratio. With dimensions L x W x H: 42 x 36 x 11 cm, the plastic insert fits into almost every toilet and fulfills its purpose in an uncomplicated manner. No attachment is required. Unfortunately, the buyer has to pay for a possible return, so you should inform yourself in advance about the dimensions of your toilet. The product can hardly be used without a toilet, as it is designed to rest on the edge of the toilet and thus only maintains its stability.

Impact-resistant plastic (polypropylene) is used as the material, which makes the model very robust. You can use the pool not only for intimate hygiene, but also for healing hip baths. Little extra: an integrated soap dish.

By the way, you protect the environment because you use a lot less water for your hip bath than in a conventional bathtub – a maximum of 2-3 liters fit in the bidet, but this is completely sufficient for maintenance.

5)-Bio Bidet Ultimate BB-600 Advanced Bidet Toilet Seat

best bio bedit of 2020


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Bio Bidet Ultimate BB-600 is advanced bidet toilet seat.It is elongated white with elegant look. Easy DIY Installation with luxury features from side panel.This smart toilet seat bidet has adjustable heated water. Prefect with dual nozzle and has Posterior and Feminine Wash.

This high-quality bidet, which comes closest to the original from France, has also made it into our top 5. With its simple look, the coated surface and the practical installation on the wall, it was convincing across the board.

In comparison to other models, such as the toilet attachments or a plastic hip bath, the price is many times higher. Best in case you know exactly what you expect from a bidet and don’t want to compromise on quality, functionality and appearance. Of course, you also invest long-term with such a model.

Maybe you want to replace an old, broken wall bidet? Then the Bio Bidet model is just right for you. When it comes to installation, you may need to call in a specialist if you yourself have no manual experience in the field of sanitary facilities. Once everything is properly attached, however, this bidet qualitatively meets the expectations of most test subjects.This is best bidet toilet seat in smart category for smart homes.

6)-Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment by BOSS


best bidet toilet seat 2020

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The intelligent model from Boss has everything you need for intimate hygiene. Nevertheless, it is a very cheap bidet that can be placed on almost every toilet. So you can also bring the “French bidet” into your rental apartment. The test subjects were largely very satisfied and we can recommend the product without reservation and at a low price.

An additional hand shower enables flexible cleaning and a retractable nozzle ensures that this bidet also cleans itself with clear water. Water pressure and temperature can be easily adjusted and adapted to individual needs.

The assembly is very simple and can be done in a few minutes and without manual knowledge. When buying, however, you should make sure that you have the right connections to use the bidet and not to be disappointed with the delivery. However, you can send the product back without restriction if you don’t like it.

The cost of bidets can vary greatly depending on the brand, features, and quality of the product. A basic bidet attachment for a toilet can cost around $50 to $90, while a standalone bidet can range from $150 to $500. High-end, luxury bidets can cost upwards of $1000. It’s important to consider the features and functionality you need, as well as your budget, when deciding on a bidet to purchase.

  1. Type of Bidet: Consider whether you want a standalone bidet, a bidet attachment, or a bidet toilet seat. Standalone bidets are the most traditional option, but they take up more space and can be more expensive. Bidet attachments are more affordable and easy to install, but they may not be as durable as standalone bidets. Bidet toilet seats are the most convenient option, as they can be easily installed on your existing toilet and take up less space.
  2. Features: Consider the features you want in a bidet, such as a heated seat, warm water, air dryer, and adjustable water pressure. These features will add to the cost of the bidet, but they can greatly enhance your overall experience.
  3. Size: Consider the size of your bathroom and the space you have available for a bidet. Standalone bidets take up more space than bidet attachments or bidet toilet seats.
  4. Brand: Research different brands and read reviews to see which brands have the best reputation for quality and customer service.
  5. Price: Consider your budget and choose a bidet that fits your needs and budget. Keep in mind that a higher price does not always guarantee better quality.
  6. Installation: Consider whether you want to hire a professional to install your bidet or if you want to do it yourself. Some bidet attachments and bidet toilet seats are easier to install than others.
  7. Warranty: Look for a bidet with a warranty that covers any defects or malfunctions. This will give you peace of mind knowing that you are covered in case anything goes wrong with your bidet.

What is the most comfortable bidet toilet seat?

The most comfortable bidet toilet seat will vary for each individual, as comfort is subjective. However, some features that may contribute to a comfortable bidet toilet seat include:

  • Adjustable water temperature and pressure: This allows for a customizable cleansing experience that is tailored to the user’s preferences.
  • Heated seat: This feature can help keep the user warm and comfortable while sitting on the toilet.
  • Adjustable nozzle position: This allows for more precise cleaning and better coverage of the user’s body.
  • Air dryer: This feature can help the user feel dry and clean after using the bidet.
  • Remote control: This allows for easy operation and adjustments of the bidet seat’s features.
  • Soft-close lid: This feature can prevent slamming of the lid and add extra comfort during usage.

2024 buyer’s feedback suggests “Tushy Classic 3.0 Bidet Attachment is the best”  

Ultimately, the best bidet toilet seat for you will depend on your personal needs and preferences. It’s always best to do research and read reviews before making a purchase.

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