10 MINUTES to PAWfect Your Plan! The ULTIMATE Do’s & Don’ts for Take Your Pet Day

dog at work policy
dog at work policy 2018

Bring Your Dog To Work Day (BYDTWDay) or Take Your Dog to Work Day (TYDTWDay) is an event that was first celebrated by PSI (Pet Sitters International) back in 1999.

Why was this day observed internationally starting from USA, Canada, UK and Australia every year ? The purpose of the #TYDTWDay to encourage people especially in corporate sector show and encourage the great companionship of humans and Dogs.

How this day is being celebrated ? On this lovely day Pet Owners to allow dogs in the workplace for one Friday each year to celebrate the great friendship love and loyalty dogs make and promote their adoptions from rescue shelter houses and humane societies.

With this event many dog-less co-workers will be encouraged to adopt dogs when they witness the beautiful human-animal bond.As per previous years stats on this day many people go to dog rescue houses and adopt puppy, raise them with care and love.


What are bring your dog to work policy and rules ?

What is pets in the workplace law ?

How to be able to bring your dog to work ?

What are 2018 Do’s And Don’ts Of Take Your Dog To Work Day ?

Here are the answers of the above queries

10 Tips For a Successful Take Your Pet to

Work Day

Secret Memo LEAKED! Your Pet Could COST You Your JOB This Take Your Pet Day!

Ready for Take Your Pet to Work Day? It’s going to be pawsome! Here are 10 tips to make it the best day ever:

  1. Get Permission:
    Ask your parents or guardians if it’s okay to bring your pet to work. We want everyone to be happy with our furry friends!
  2. Pack Essentials:
    Bring your pet’s favorite things—like their bed, toys, and snacks. It’s like bringing a piece of home to the office.
  3. Visit the Vet:
    Make sure your pet is healthy and ready for a day of fun. A quick vet visit can help keep them feeling great.
  4. Friendly Pets Only:
    Some pets may be shy or not like other animals. If your pet is friendly, that’s awesome! If not, it might be better to leave them at home.
  5. Quiet and Calm:
    Help your pet stay chill. Bring things that make them calm and happy, so everyone can focus on their work.
  6. Potty Breaks:
    Take your pet for bathroom breaks and walks. We want to keep the office clean and your pet happy!
  7. Respect Others:
    Not everyone may love pets as much as you do. Be respectful of your coworkers and their space.
  8. Listen to the Boss:
    Follow any rules your boss or supervisor has about bringing pets. They know what’s best for the workplace.
  9. Share the Love:
    Let your friends and coworkers meet your pet. Share the love and joy that pets bring!
  10. Have Fun:
    Most importantly, have a blast! Enjoy spending the day with your furry friend and making memories at work.

Take Your Pet/Dog to Work Day is a wonderful opportunity to bring your furry friend to the office and show off their charming personalities to your coworkers. However, it’s important to remember that not all dogs are well-suited for this type of setting and it’s essential to make sure your dog is comfortable and well-behaved before bringing them to work. To help you make the most out of this special day, we’ve put together a list of do’s and don’ts to keep in mind.


  • Make sure your dog is up to date on their vaccinations and is healthy enough to be around other dogs and people.
  • Choose a dog that is well-behaved and well-trained. This is not the day to bring your new puppy who is still in the process of learning basic obedience commands.
  • Get your dog used to being around people and other dogs before the big day. Take them to the park or to doggy daycare to socialize them.
  • Bring plenty of treats and toys to keep your dog entertained and comfortable throughout the day.
  • Make sure your office is dog-friendly and that you have permission from your boss to bring your dog to work.


  • Bring a dog that is aggressive or has a history of biting. This can create a dangerous situation for everyone in the office.
  • Leave your dog alone in the office while you are in meetings or out of the office. This can cause them to become anxious and stressed.
  • Bring a dog that is not potty trained or is prone to accidents. This can create a messy situation for everyone.
  • Forget to clean up after your dog. Bring poop bags and clean up after them if they use the bathroom while at work.
  • Overwhelm your dog with too much attention from coworkers. Give them a quiet space to rest if they need it.

By following these do’s and don’ts, you can ensure that you and your furry friend have a great time on Take Your Dog to Work Day. Not only will you be able to bond with your dog, but you’ll also have the opportunity to show off your best friend to your coworkers. Remember to take plenty of pictures and have fun!


Bring your Dog to work policy
Bring your Dog to work Day

So, get ready to bring your pet to work and make it a day to remember! ????✨

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