Sleeping Issues, Disorders and Solution with Infographic

Sleep problems and solutions
Sleep issues and solutions

What is Sleep?

Sleep is state of body and condition of mind in which normally all intentionally controlled motor parts of living things become inactive with the relaxation of nervous system. Like eyes closed, arms and legs are relaxed. It is a form of mind in which consciousness nearly suspended and helps the muscles and organs to ease after hours of utilization.

Sleep Issues:

In generally we can easily categories sleep issues under following Sleep DISORDERS:

List of sleep disorders:

Sleep Deprivation
Hypersomnia: Excessive Daytime Sleepiness
Sleep Apnea
Trouble Falling Asleep
Night Sweats
Sleep Paralysis
Talking in Your Sleep
Excessive Sleeping
REM Sleep Disorder

How can I solve my sleeping problems?
How can I fix sleeping problems?
What should you do if you can’t sleep?
What are the most common types of sleep disorders?
What is Kleine Levin Syndrome?
Why do I keep waking up after 4 hours of sleep?
Can you be tired but not sleepy?
How do you fall asleep in 5 minutes?
What makes you fall asleep fast?
What is the 4 7 8 breathing technique?
Can you be too tired to go to sleep?
How can I sleep better naturally?

Writing helps

Does Writing Help You Sleep Better?

The common reason for the inability to fall asleep at night is worry. Worry keeps us awake. We cannot stop thinking about the unpaid bills, project deadlines and other unfinished work. This leads to inability to sleep and stressful sleep. Studies suggest that there is an effective solution to this problem. If you maintain a journal about your night time thoughts, it helps you to get a lot of stress out of your mind and helps you to have a sound sleep. Writing has a deep connection with lessening stress and anxiety.

What should you write about in your night journal?
Should it be your accomplishments or your pending works?

Psychologists think that people, who write their to-do lists at night, fall asleep earlier than those who write about their achieved tasks of the day. We have a lot of thoughts circling our minds throughout the day. Physically writing those thoughts of paper have a magical way to reduce that load a bit. It helps your mind to relax and offload a little bit. This offloading clears your mind of pressurizing thoughts and helps you fall asleep.

When you have tasks that are unfinished, they occupy more space in your mind than tasks that are completed. When you think about it, you often remember your to-do lists more than your accomplishments. These to-do lists are a source of stress that keeps you awake at night. They bug you consistently than your completed tasks. This pile of unfinished schedule is difficult to set aside especially at night when your mind replays all the thoughts of the day. When you write these thoughts down, they get off your mind for the night and help you relax and fall asleep.
Writing down a list of your unachieved tasks not only help you fall asleep earlier but it also lessens the number of times you wake up at night. When you have got a lot on your mind you keep waking up at odd times at night and also tend to wake up earlier in the morning. A writing journal helps you have a sound sleep throughout the night and make you sleep a little bit longer. This strategy if true for the days when you have a lot on your plate. But certainly there will be times when your to do list is a bit shorter than usual. This list encourages and motivates you to complete your tasks the next day without delay. It also helps to improve your memory and freshens your mind for the next day.
When you sleep tired, you wake up tired. And this tiredness affects all your next day’s work and prevents you from performing well in your work. Bedtime writing has a deep connection with sound sleep. If you cannot practice it daily, practice it often. Relieve your mind of these stressful thoughts. It is good for your overall health too. You will not only fall asleep earlier but will wake up the next morning fresh and competent to face your next challenges.



sleep issues and solutions
sleeping problems solutions


Solution to all the sleep problems:

1- Before going to bed wash hands, face, neck, arms till elbow and feet.
2- Start your Sleep on the right side
3- Plan next day routine in mind

That’s it you are already in sleep

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