Best Top Loading Washing Machines to Buy in 2024

best auto washer

Top Rated Portable Fully Automatic Washing Machines

You are living in 2024, the era of cutting edge technology but are you still not hauling out maximum of it and living with your semi automatic washing machine? Then either you are free enough to keep playing with your machine by visiting it number of times for separate washing and spinning cycles or you have plenty of water to waste. You have other things to do, let technology do a few for you. I know you are looking for an all in one solution for one or more of the following issues:

  • You are a working lady and don’t have much time to operate a manual or semi automatic washing machine.
  • Water being valuable, you want an efficient and minimal utilization of it.
  • You have a bad or ache prone back and can’t work harder with a manual washing machine.
  • You are fretful about your skin and don’t want a longer interaction with detergent to avoid your tone going dull.
  • You want to avoid visiting your machine multiple times to shift your load between washer and dryer and for water intakes.

To achieve efficiency in all above fields all you need is a fully automatic machine. But which one out of many will add value to your buck? This guide will easily and straightforwardly take you to the point of decision. Let’s have an overview of the finest fully automatic washing machines around you.

Reddit Users Are OBSESSED With This $200 “Laundry Miracle” Machine (Is It Too Good To Be True?)

So according to reddit cleaning appliance experts, here is our list of best seller fully automatic washing machines in combination washers & dryers for 2024.

  1. Best Overall Washing Machine:  GIANTEX Full Automatic Washing Machine
  2. Best Top Load Washer & Dryer:  ZENSTYLE Portable Compact Washing Machine
  3. Best Compact Washing Machine:  Panda Top Load Cloth Washing Machine
  4. Best Washer & Dryer w.r.t Price-Performance Ratio:  hOmeLabs Portable Washing Machine
  5. Best Laundry Load Capacity Washer:  GIANTEX Portable Clothes Washing Machine

1- GIANTEX 9.9 lbs Load Fully Automatic Compact Portable 8 Selectable Water levels 10 Programs Washing Machine

best portable washer

Key Features:

  • Portable compact with 8 user selectable water levels and 10 programs
  • Child lock on Control panel
  • Automatic feet adjustment to maintain balance
  • Adjustable detergent intake available
  • Top Load washer with see through lid
  • 2 water pipes
  • Saves water and electrical energy

Buyers’ Feedback:

Reviewers found the product as per their expectations and highly recommend it for those living in dorms and apartments and have small to medium sized loads. Its smooth and yet powerful spin takes care of the users peace. User adjustable water and detergent levels just added to users’ comfort. Child lock feature added further value to the product. A longer inlet hose and power chord was praised by many in 2024.

Product Description:

This compact, portable and fully automatic machine is best for small families and bachelors living in hostels/ dorms. With least user’s dictation and intervention it performs washing and drying job quite efficiently. A smart LED display control panel with 8 water levels and 10 user selectable programs offers you ease and comfort simultaneously. A translucent top view gives freedom to examine water level and adjust accordingly without opening the lid. 2 water pipes, automatic drainage pump and auto adjustable foot is all you need from a fully automatic machine.This washer is topping our list of small portable washing machine with spin dryer.


  • Brand – Giantex
  • Color – Gray
  • Access – Top Load
  • Tub Capacity – 9.92 lbs (washer & spinner)
  • Voltage – 110V / 60Hz
  • Inlet pipe Length – 39.4”
  • Drainage pipe Length – 78.8”
  • Water Level Options – 23 Litres to 46 Litres (8 steps)
  • Weight – 51 lbs
  • Overall Dimensions – 19.7’’x 19.8’’x 33.6’’

2- ZENSTYLE 10 lbs Portable Compact 8 Water Levels 10 Programs Fully Automatic Washing Machine

best auto washer

Key Features:

  • Lightweight and compact with large tub
  • 8 user selectable water levels and 10 programs
  • Powerful 1300RPM motor
  • Efficient in space, time, energy, effort, detergent and water
  • Long power cord and inlet hose
  • Very user friendly and smart control panel

Buyers’ Feedback:

Buyers name it as their best recent investment. It worked outstandingly well for all types of fabrics. A super powerful and yet quiet motor with no whining noise is a heart winning feature which made it very suitable for small living areas. It proved to be a game changer for those who don’t want much time to be spent on washing chores and never compromise on quality too. Its 10 user selectable programs and 8 adjustable water levels made the buyers much comfortable and many found to recommend it to others too.

Product Description:

A portable, light weight and powerful fully automatic machine which comes with a powerful yet a quiet motor with no irritating noise. 10 in-built programs and 8 selectable water levels bring you the ease and freedom you actually pay for. A bigger tub of 10 lbs minimizes your effort, time and electricity consumption. The machine is ideal for small to medium sized families. A long power wire and inlet hose offer you freedom of placement in your bathroom or laundry line. It is simply the smartest solution to your problems.


  • Brand – ZENSTYLE
  • Color – Off White/ Gray
  • Access – Top Load
  • Tub Capacity – 10 lbs (washer & spinner)
  • Voltage – 110V / 60Hz
  • Power Rating – Washer 240W, Spinner 210 W
  • Water Level Options – 16 Litre, 23 Litres to 30 Litres
  • Inlet Pipe Length – 6.57 Ft
  • Power Wire Length – 5.74 Ft
  • Weight – 48.5 lbs
  • Overall Dimensions – 33.58″x19.80″x19.69″

3- Panda PAN56MGP3 10 lbs Portable Compact 5 Water Levels 10 Programs Fully Automatic Washing Machine

best port able washer

Key Features:

  • Perfect for apartment or dorms
  • Best for a second machine to your house
  • 5 user selectable water levels and 10 programs
  • Stainless steel rust free drum
  • Very easy and smart control panel
  • Noiseless Motor
  • Small washing machine fully automatic top load

Buyers’ Feedback:

Reviewers were happy for its compactness and space efficient nature especially those having space constraints. Many buyers were found contended for its funky colors and compact size. Others just labeled this washing machine as an awesome product and excellent investment. A few claimed that you need to pay attention to confirm its working as its motor is nearly soundless. The dryer does maximum of the job leaving a minimum of moisture to be hung later on.Over all it is declared best cheap portable washer and dryer combo for apartments

Product Description:

An awesome product to be added to your home inventory if you are living in small areas i-e dorms or studio apartment. Panda washing machine is very economical in running cost with minimal electricity consumption. A nearly transparent top lid gives you freedom of monitoring the water levels and cleaning status of load while it is working. One may choose it as a second washing machine for smaller loads on need basis. 10 user selectable programs meets your choice effectively. One might find a small plastic piece in the package which is just to safeguard the motor in shipment and that is not part of the machine.


  • Brand – Panda
  • Color – Light Gray & Purple
  • Access – Top Load
  • Tub Capacity – 10 lbs (washer & spinner)
  • Voltage – 110V / 60Hz
  • Power Rating – 310W
  • Inlet Pipe Length – 3.3 Ft
  • Power Wire Length – 4.6 Ft
  • Weight – 59 lbs
  • Overall Dimensions – 20”x19”x34”

4- GIANTEX 8 lbs Compact Portable 3 Water levels 5 programs Fully Automatic Washing Machine

best cheap washer

Key Features:

  • Portable compact and light weight
  • 3 user selectable water levels and 5 programs
  • Automatic Drainage with built in pump
  • Fully autonomous cleaning
  • Smart control panel

Buyers’ Feedback:

Those who bought the product have fallen in love with it and strongly recommend others to go for it. Reviewers grade it very high for its powerful and quiet washer / spinner motor and price compatibility. Many have plans to buy another unit for future use. A number of users are happy for its minimal usage of detergent/ soap. In simple it is a complete package for small families and singles.Indeed it is best portable small washing machine and spinner dryer.

Product Description:

This washing machine is cheap in price, light weight, portable and compact automatic machine is a best choice for singles and small families having small to medium sized loads. It facilitates users with 5 programs of washing and drying sequences and 3 selectable water levels according to the targeted loads. It needs everything in small quantities may it be space in your washroom or laundry line, detergent, water, your time or intervention. An automatic drainage pump makes your job even easier. It is very easy to operate and does not require any sort of pre installation.We receive queries about “What is the best cheapest washing machine of 2020 but having quality at the same time?”. So this washing machine is the answer.


  • Brand – Giantex
  • Color – White
  • Tub Capacity – 8 lbs (washer & spinner)
  • Access – Top Load
  • Voltage – 110V / 60Hz
  • Water Level Options – 16 Litre, 23 Litres to 30 Litres
  • Weight – 37.4 lbs
  • Overall Dimensions – 31.5”x19.2”x18.9”

5- hOmelabs 6 lbs Portable Compact 5 Wash Cycles Fully Automatic Washing Machine

best washer of 2020

Key Features:

  • Ideal for small livings i-e RVs, hostels, apartments
  • Rust free stainless steel drum
  • 5 wash cycles and 3 water levels
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Adjustable legs and carry handle
  • Electricity efficient and quiet motor

Buyers’ Feedback:

Buyer’s were found more than satisfied to have this compact and powerful fully automatic machine especially those living in small areas label it a perfect item. A few however expected a longer inlet pipe but that is a replaceable item therefore overall it was graded high by them. All the functions wash, rinse and soak are excellent. User’s have tried it for jeans and comforters and found it quite good for all types of loads.

Product Description:

This is a compact, lightweight and yet powerful machine which works equally good for all types of loads. It is most suitable for singles and small families. 3 selectable water levels give a freedom to opt according to your load. A top load 6 lbs tub size machine equipped with a strong and energy efficient motor. A transparent top lid clearly helps to monitor water and detergent levels along with an idea of its cleaning power. Adjustable legs and carry handle further gives you flexibility to operate and commute. It is simply a smart solution to your washing chores.


  • Brand – hOmelabs
  • Color – White
  • Access – Top Load
  • Tub Capacity – 6 lbs (washer & spinner)
  • Voltage – 110V / 60Hz
  • Power Rating – 200W
  • Weight – 44.1 lbs
  • Overall Dimensions – 17.7”x18.1”x31.5”

How to select best portable fully automatic washing machine?

Load/ Tub Capacity:

You are looking for an all in one package in the form of a portable, compact and fully automatic washing machine. But when it comes to portability, tub size or capacity is of primary concern. You need to ask yourselves how big or how small will serve you according to your domestic needs. Is tub size really your actual worry or you a bachelor who needs a smaller and quieter machine with efficient washer and dryer. So the decision must be taken wisely keeping in consideration all the features offered by the machine along with the tub size.

Selectable Water Levels:

You are the best judge of how much and what type of loads you are going to put in your desired fully automated washing machine. A smaller number of water levels may do better for you if cost and variability of loads suit you more relevantly.

Selectable Programs:

A higher number of available programs never means a better choice. You need to think over it with respect to your utility. The versatility of your loads will definitely drive this decision.

Noise Level:

You have all the rights to enjoy your efficient washing machine but ask yourself if that enjoyment is at the cost of yours and your side neighbor’s peace. People living in close areas i-e dorms and hostels need to make this decision very carefully. A powerful motor may serve you better but having headache pills after washing chores or cutting on social relations is never advisable.

Detergent efficient:

Fully automatic machines are of vast variety but all does not offer this feature. You have to cut your cost not only in terms of time, effort and electricity but also detergent/ soap. So you need to read the description for this feature before you opt one.

Access Location:

If you have a bad back or often suffer from backaches consider this feature before you actually decide for buying a machine. A top load machine in such a scenario will serve you better with such a medical condition.


What should be the size and weight of a portable fully automatic washing machine?

It normally weighs upto 60 lbs and dimensions are around 30”x 20” x 20”.

Why a newly delivered machine is often wet?

Good manufacturers normally try the machine to check for any manufacturing faults and this quality checks definitely needs water to be poured in. So if you get a slightly wet machine you should be rather happy to have one.

Do automatic washing machines consume larger quantities of water?

The answer in precision is YES, they do take in more water as compared to a semi automatic washing machine. But wait. Aren’t you comparing between two different species? A fully automatic washing machine is always to be compared with its competitors from within the same species and yes different machines come with different water level options. So you are to decide amongst the options available.

Do automatic machines really save time and effort?

Yes, they definitely do. All you need is to select the water level and program in the very beginning and leave rest of it to the master piece you have paid for.

Are top loaders better than front loaders?

There is a trade off. If you are healthy enough to bend and pour in your loads you may opt a front load machine but those having poor backs and aged ladies must opt for top load machines. Front load machines normally consume comparatively less water but they are price wise on higher side.


You are going to pay your hard earned buck for a fully automatic washing machine. So this investment must be done very wisely. When it says auto it must offer something to cut your effort and time. Our top 5 list of the best top-loading washing machines offers you an overview of recommended models from different price ranges,features and sizes.Buy one to serve you rather than making you busy.
We are quite hopeful that this best washing machine buying guide would have helped you in making your decision easier in adding the best suitable item in your inventory list.

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