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Say Goodbye to Pet Hair Woes: Top Vacuum Cleaners for Animal Hair of 2023 Revealed!”

Animal Hair Vacuum Cleaners – Comparison & Buying Guide

If you are looking for the best vacuum cleaner for animal hair, you will find that the selection is not only very large, but that the models also differ in essential features such as suction power, functions and features. In order to be able to make a good purchase decision, you have to do extensive research, because not all essential properties are immediately recognizable. If you do not have the time, but still want to make a good decision, you can also follow our recommendation, because we have already done the research for you. So we can use the Shark APEX Upright Vacuum cleaner recommend because it not only convinces with very good cleaning results and easy handling, but also with good performance and universal usability. Alternatively, we can also recommend the model BISSELL Cleanview Vacuum Cleaner. Because the compact teat is very suitable for allergy sufferers, offers good performance and has useful extras.

Best Animal Hair Vacuum Cleaner Comparison: 


Shark APEX Upright Vacuum Cleaner:

best vaccum cleaner

  • DuoClean for Carpet and HardFloor Cleaning 
  • Zero-M Anti-Hair Wrap,
  • Powered Lift-Away with Hand Vacuum (AZ1002)
  • LED Light
  • 30ft cord length
  • Dust cup capacity 1.5 quarts

The shark vacuum cleaner was able to convince across the board with the good cleaning results. Thanks to the HEPA filter, the exhaust air is also very clean and it is equally suitable for hard floors and carpets. The handling is comfortable, the performance is good and thanks to the advanced system there are no follow-up costs.Best cat dog hair vacuum cleaner for couch, carpet and wood.


The price of the model is at a high level. As a result, the price-performance ratio is certainly not perfect and, of course, not everyone is willing to invest so much money for a vacuum cleaner.


If you are looking for an excellent animal hair teat that is also suitable for allergy sufferers, you will find it here. The cleaning results are equally impressive on carpets and smooth floors, performance and handling are also good, and he also works with a HEPA filter.The Best Vacuum cleaner under $300

  • Swivel Steering
  • Upright Bagless
  • Dirt Cup Capacity 1.0L
  • Auto cord rewind
  • Smartseal Allergen System

The model is an efficient and powerful bagless cyclone vacuum cleaner, which thanks to the good filters is also ideal for allergy sufferers. The included nozzles are very good, the cleaning performance is very neat and the price-performance ratio is very good due to the low price.


The maneuvering options are somewhat limited due to the large roles.


Overall, the model convinces in terms of price-performance, efficiency and workmanship across the board. The cleaning performance is very good thanks to the excellent nozzles, the exhaust air is very clean and the construction is solid, so it is worth buying.The best vacuum cleaner under $150.


Eureka PowerSpeed Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

best vacuum cleaner

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  • Bagless
  • Upright
  • Dust Cup Capacity 2.7L
  • Cord Length 18ft
  • Auto Cord Rewind
  • LED Headlight

The animal hair teat by Eureka and Family works with water or anther, which is particularly interesting for allergy sufferers. Despite the very strong power of 1,700 watts, it remains relatively quiet and at the same time ensures very good cleaning results. The scope of delivery is also convincing, because there are many different nozzles included.


Cord length is short as compared to top rated vacuum cleaners under $100.


Overall, the vacuum cleaner can convince with good cleaning results, a good scope of delivery and a very clean exhaust air during water operation, making it particularly interesting for allergy sufferers. Despite its high performance, it works relatively quietly and the bottom line is highly recommended.Best priced pet hair vacuum cleaner under 100.

Buying Guide For Animal Hair Vacuum Cleaner 

The best vacuum cleaners for pet hair in 2023 are, of course, sometimes not special vacuums, but household vacuum cleaners that have proven particularly efficient against pet hair in the test. This applies in particular to vacuuming on carpets, because the test winners achieve all very good recommendations on smooth floors. Therefore, before buying, you should note that the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair should be ahead of a conventional model in terms of suction power and the filter system used. The various models that manufacturers offer specifically for the removal of animal hair also often offer useful attachments and accessories that make it easier to vacuum up hair.

Both factors should play a primary role in the buying decision before comparing the suction cups.

Suction Power and Filter Technology

In terms of suction power, the cyclone vacuum cleaners did the best in the test. In comparison, a cheap vacuum cleaner for pet hair creates stubborn dirt worse and significantly more hair remains with a suction movement. However, models with cyclone technology are also significantly more expensive than conventional vacuum cleaners with dust bags.

The cyclone models also perform significantly better in a direct comparison of the suction power in relation to the wattage. A cyclone vacuum cleaner could keep up to 600 to 800 watts in terms of suction power with a conventional 2,000 watt model, but it was significantly quieter, more energy efficient and more efficient. Certainly, this does not apply to every cyclone vacuum cleaner model, because here too there are cheap variants that do worse in terms of performance.

When it comes to filter technology, both designs don’t take much. If you are sensitive to house dust, it is worth using a HEPA 13 filter if you want to buy a vacuum cleaner. This recommendation also applies to conventional vacuum cleaners, since you remove a large part of the fine particles from the sucked-in air.

However, models with a water filter were also tested in the test, which also performed well when it comes to the emission of allergens and small dust particles in the exhaust air. The advantage of this technology is that there is no need for time-consuming cleaning or the subsequent purchase of a corresponding filter, which significantly reduces the follow-up costs. However, these models are also significantly more expensive than conventional vacuum cleaners.

Salient Features

Models that are explicitly advertised as animal hair teats often have specially tailored attachments that are intended to make it easier to vacuum hair in hard-to-reach places. This is particularly useful if brushes are included in the scope of delivery that are suitable for cleaning upholstered furniture. Because there, in particular, normal vacuum cleaners have big problems. Combined with good suction power, these jets can work wonders. But also a special animal hair attachment for the floor can be useful, because the usual attachments are mostly combination models for hard and carpeted floors, which do not work perfectly on both surfaces, but offer a good compromise. But since especially fine animal hair is a real challenge for a vacuum cleaner, the brush and the filter, all components should work in harmony and be well coordinated. Only then can good results be achieved. Special turbo busts for animal hair not only suck better, they also don’t clog as easily as simple floor nozzles.

Of course, you can also prevent something and comb the pets regularly and thus reduce the hair in the apartment. This also makes sense insofar as many models tend to cope less well with large amounts of hair than with isolated ones. For this reason, you should, if necessary, vacuum the appropriate places where there is a lot of hair several times a week.

Since you tend to use a pet hair model more often than a regular vacuum cleaner, you should also make sure when buying that the model is agile and light. Optimally, it still has a correspondingly long cable, so that you do not have to constantly switch back and forth between different sockets. The maneuverability and ease of use largely result from the processing of the rollers and the structure of the handpiece or flexible hose. If you suck with a long attachment, you should be able to do it standing up. In addition, as with a normal vacuum cleaner, the flexible hose should be long enough and not too thick so that you can easily clean hard-to-reach areas.



Prices and Budget

If you are looking for a simple vacuum cleaner that should not be too expensive, but copes well with animal hair, then you should rely on a vacuum cleaner with a bag that has a decent suction power of at least 1,200 watts and has good nozzles. A corresponding device with good suction power for animal hair costs around $100.

The more you want to use the model or if you want it to replace your normal vacuum cleaner entirely, the higher the vacuum cleaner should be. This is where all criteria such as filter technology, suction power and quality of the floor nozzles come into play. The better the device performs in all categories, the sooner you can use it for all other household cleaning tasks. The test winners in particular are also suitable for all other suction work and at the same time offer maximum flexibility and cleaning performance. However, for a correspondingly high-quality model, you also have to quickly dig deeper into your pocket and invest between 150 – 320 USD. However, you also have a real all-rounder in the house.

Types of Vacuum Cleaners and Their Advantages

There are a variety of different models on the market, all of which have both advantages and disadvantages. Below you will find a brief overview of the available offer. However, it must be anticipated that there is no model that, as the best vacuum cleaner, is always perfectly suitable for all purposes. You should therefore choose the perfect vacuum cleaner for your needs carefully according to your requirements and your budget.

There are essentially two variants of the best-selling models for the household. Bagless canister and bagged vacuums The advantages and disadvantages of these variants are therefore discussed separately in the second section. You should also consider in advance whether you want to buy a device with or without a battery. This criterion is also examined in more detail in the second section.

In addition to these main categories, you can buy many other special models that are better adapted to different requirements. These include the following models:

Handheld vacuum cleaner

These are compact, portable models that are well suited, among other things, to clean upholstery sets or cars quickly and quickly. Within this group there are various sub-groups such as special car vacuums, animal hair vacuums, table vacuum cleaners or cordless compact vacuums .

Water filter vacuum cleaner

These models work with a water filter system that filters the dust through a water tank. This leads to a very clean exhaust air, however, the models are usually quite expensive and somewhat impractical to use. An overturn is sometimes a moderate disaster if the water tanks are not completely sealed. This filter category should not be confused with wet vacuum cleaners that are also able to absorb water.

Allergy-free vacuum cleaner

There are several different variants in this category. It is more a question of equipment than of category. Allergy-free vacuum cleaners generally have a better filter system and let fewer particles escape, so that the exhaust air is very clean.

Industrial vacuum cleaners

These are stronger devices mostly with a large container. Also fireplace suckers fall into this category. There are also many different versions here. Within this group there are both wet vacuum cleaners and bagless vacuum cleaners or vacuum cleaners with bags.

Vacuum cleaner robot

The self-steering small robots are actually not a separate sub-group of vacuum cleaners, but belong to a separate category. Most of the time they work like a mixture of sweeper and vacuum. They work autonomously and can therefore independently vacuum areas of the apartment.


Bagless Vacuum Cleaner  Vs Bag Vacuum Cleaner – Wired Vacuum Cleaner Vs Battery Operated Vacuum Cleaner

Ideally, a vacuum cleaner should be cheap, efficient, absorbent, and also energy-saving and compact. But there is no such vacuum cleaner. When it comes to a low purchase price, vacuum cleaners with bags are clearly ahead. However, these are associated with higher follow-up costs, since bags always have to be bought later. Bagless vacuum cleaners (cyclone vacuum cleaners are most often used here) are more expensive to buy, however – with the exception of electricity costs for operation – there are no further follow-up costs. Therefore, with bagless models, you save money in the long run.

In terms of cleaning, the devices with a bag are also at the front, since removing the bag is more hygienic and easier than cleaning the filter with a bagless system. Therefore, as an allergy sufferer, you should tend to use a bagged system. The exception to this are special bagless allergy-free vacuum cleaners. Here the problems of cleaning and filter performance are better solved and adapted to the needs of allergy sufferers. However, a simple and inexpensive vacuum cleaner without a bag usually does not meet this criterion.

With regard to the nominal suction power, vacuum cleaners with bags are also at the front, but they usually work somewhat less efficiently than bagless models and therefore require more electricity. The bags also have the disadvantage that the suction power increases with increasing filling.

When deciding between a battery-operated and a wired model, you should orientate yourself to your needs. Wired devices are stronger and thus achieve a better cleaning effect. Devices equipped with a rechargeable battery, on the other hand, are more compact and practical because they are not tied to an electrical outlet. Deep-seated dirt is sometimes more difficult to remove. It can also happen that the battery is empty while vacuuming and you have to take a break. But if you are looking for a model that is quickly ready for use and is not tied to sockets, buying a cordless vacuum can be worthwhile. Especially if you want to vacuum more often, but have less stubborn dirt to remove. Battery-operated variants are also popular in the field of compact vacuum cleaners.





6 Best Vacuum Cleaners For Pet Hair (Test) 2024


Everyone who keeps animals at home in the home knows the problem of removing pet hair. Long-haired animals in particular can lead to considerable additional effort when cleaning the floor. The worst thing is: Not all vacuum cleaners have enough power to reliably remove hair – especially from carpets. Therefore, the best models have been extensively tested for you and summarized in the form of the top 5 best vacuum cleaners for pet hair in 2024. The test winners have particularly strong turbo nozzles that are able to remove animal hair much better than conventional vacuum cleaners.

Pet Hair Tsunami? Reddit Unleashes the Vacuum Kings (Shedding Season Shudders No More!)

1. Philips FC9922 / 09 bagless vacuum cleaner PowerPro Ultimate
2.Philips bagless vacuum cleaner PowerPro Compact FC9332 / 09
3. Thomas Pet and Family Aqua + dust and washing vacuum cleaner
4. Eureka NEN110A Whirlwind Bagless  Vacuum Cleaner
5. Bissell Zing Canister Vacuum Cleaner bagless

1. Philips FC9922 / 09 bagless vacuum cleaner PowerPro Ultimate


1.Philips PowerProUltimate Animal FC9922 09The FC9922 / 09 from Philips was the best vacuum cleaner for animal hair. At the same time, the vacuum cleaner was also the most expensive in the test. But rightly so, because he achieved the best cleaning results and was able to reliably remove stubborn hair. In addition, he achieved very good results on hard floors and got all his hair in one go without having to be vacuumed over one spot several times.

The HEPA 13 filter also ensures good air filtering and the integrated AirSeal ensures very good dust absorption. This makes the exhaust air allergy-friendly. The radius of action is very generously dimensioned at approx. 10 meters, which in combination with the large rubberized rollers leads to an overall very good handling.

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With a weight of 6 kg and dimensions of 60 x 40 x 35 cm, the vacuum cleaner is very compact and easy to handle. It works with 650 watts and has a capacity of 2.2 liters. This means that the vacuum cleaner can easily go through several cleaning processes without having to be emptied. It works without a vacuum cleaner bag and emptying is very quick and easy. The control from the handle also turned out to be very comfortable in the test, because the suction power can be regulated without having to bend down and the device can be switched on and off.

The bottom line was that the device was convincing across the board, as it not only achieves very good suction power, but also runs very economically and quietly at 650 watts. The Philips model was able to top the list despite the relatively high price.

The test winner among the best vacuum cleaners for pet hair 2020 convinced with a good performance, but it is also in the upper price range, so that it is certainly not for everyone. The following comparison shows how the advantages and disadvantages are.

Cleaning results:

The cleaning is very good and reliable and animal hair can also be removed from carpets. Good air filtering is achieved with the HEPA filter.

For hard floors and carpets:

Good results can be achieved on both hard floors and carpets.


Thanks to rubberized wheels and a good working radius, handling is very good overall.


With 650 watts and good efficiency, the overall performance is good and it also works very economically.


Thanks to the bagless technology, there are no follow-up costs apart from the electricity costs.


Due to the relatively high price, the overall price-performance ratio is not optimal, but due to the good overall package it is still at an acceptable level.


2.Philips bagless vacuum cleaner PowerPro Compact FC9332 / 09


The FC9332 / 09 from Philips is a relatively inexpensive cyclone vacuum cleaner without a bag. It convinces with a very good floor nozzle, which was able to achieve very good results in the test, especially on hard floors. It is individually adjustable and removes even fine dust and animal hair very well. The vacuum cleaner is economical and therefore very efficient (efficiency class A). It has a compact design and thanks to an additional allergy filter, the exhaust air is also very clean, because 99.9% of all particles are caught by the filter. The collecting container is very easy to remove and clean and the long handle allows you to work ergonomically with the device.

In addition to the 3-in-1 multi-function nozzle, an additional hard floor nozzle is also included. There is also an upholstery nozzle on the handle, which is always ready to hand. In addition, a small additional nozzle can be attached to the handle to clean narrow gaps. The wheels are very large and equipped with rubber so that they roll very well. The radius of action is also very neat at 9 meters. Although the device is not explicitly designed as an animal hair vacuum cleaner, the test achieved excellent results overall, so that it was still one of the best vacuum cleaners against animal hair. However, it works relatively loud and can reach up to 76 dB. This is significantly more than some other models. In addition, it is not always ideally ranked,

The bottom line is the FC9332 / 09 is a very good vacuum cleaner for animal hair, which was particularly convincing due to the very good price-performance ratio. We have summarized the advantages and disadvantages of the test report for you again below.


Despite the supposedly low output of 600 watts, the device works very efficiently and well. Thanks to energy efficiency class A, the device works very efficiently.

Suitable for allergy sufferers:

Thanks to the good filter technology and clean exhaust air, the device is also ideal for allergy sufferers.


The construction is solid, the castors roll very well on hard floors and carpeting and the device is very durable overall.


The device is very well equipped, because it comes with a hard floor nozzle and an upholstery nozzle is attached to the handle, which is always ready to hand. In addition, the cyclone vacuum works without a bag.

Cleaning performance:

Thanks to the very good nozzle and the additional brush, the cleaning performance is very good.


The vacuum cleaner is relatively cheap and therefore offers a very good price-performance ratio.


The device is relatively loud with up to 76 dB.


Due to the larger rollers and the design, it is not always so easy to pull the vacuum cleaner behind you.


3. Thomas Pet and Family Aqua + dust and washing vacuum cleaner


3. Thomas Pet and Family AquaThe very quiet vacuum cleaner from Thomas with 72 dB was able to convince with a very good filter system, which binds dust either in the water or in the dust bag. In addition, the vacuum cleaner allows you to vacuum both wet and dry, the accessories for both versions are included.

The Aqua + system allows additional cleaning of the air when vacuuming dry without a bag, since all dust is bound in the water with no odor.

For the removal of animal hair, he has a special animal hair nozzle, which was able to bring very good results in the test with the 1,700 watt device. With a weight of 8 kilograms and a size of 48.6 x 31.8 x 30.6 cm, it is somewhat unwieldy than most other devices, but can be moved very well thanks to the good, large wheels. Thanks to the almost 11 meter radius of action, it is still very flexible and easy to use.

In addition to the carpet nozzle, the scope of delivery also includes a turbo nozzle, a special pet hair nozzle, a special carpet and hard floor nozzle and an upholstery nozzle. Thanks to this extensive package and the option of wet and dry vacuuming, the Pet and Family is a real all-rounder with very good suction and cleaning properties thanks to the option of vacuum cleaning. Unfortunately, this makes the model a little more expensive and it copes with a lot of animal hair a little less well than the competition, as these sometimes get caught in the nozzle and have to be removed manually. It is also a little inconvenient that when wiping, the container spills over if you want to carry the vacuum up stairs and don’t pay attention.

The model specially designed for pets by Thomas offers many advantages, but also has a few weaknesses. You can quickly weigh up whether the purchase is worthwhile for your purposes by comparing the advantages and disadvantages:


The motor works with only 72 dB and is therefore very quiet.

Filter system:

The vacuum cleaner can be operated with water or an anther. The water filter is particularly beneficial for allergy sufferers.


The performance is very good thanks to 1,700 watts in connection with the many different nozzles overall on different surfaces.

Scope of delivery:

In addition to the main nozzle, there is also a turbo nozzle and a special animal hair nozzle as well as a carpet and hard floor nozzle and an upholstery nozzle.


Compared to other models, the suction cup is slightly larger and heavier, which makes handling a little more difficult.


Especially when the water filter is used, handling is more cumbersome than with a conventional vacuum cleaner.

Animal hair removal:

Compared to other animal hair suckers, the model works a little good


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4. Eureka NEN110A Whirlwind Bagless  Vacuum Cleaner:

top rated vacuum cleanerAs a cheap vacuum cleaner for animal hair, the device from Eureka NEN110A was able to collect points in the test. Thanks to the extensive accessories such as upholstery brush, mattress nozzle, crevice nozzle and drilling nozzle, the device is equipped for many areas of application. The HEPA filter works well and provides clean exhaust air.

The radius of action of the 7lbs, 1,400 watt device is just under 10 meters. The vacuum cleaner is operated with dust bags with a large volume of 4 liters. The overall performance is very good and the removal of animal hair worked reliably and well. Only the overall processing of the device is somewhat weaker than that of the competition and the handling itself is not quite as pleasant, since the nozzles and the device are somewhat bulky and sometimes difficult to move. At around 77dB, the volume is still at a good level, so the VSZ31455 was convincing overall due to the good price structure.

The cheap vacuum cleaner from Eureka NEN110A offers a good price-performance ratio and convinced with a good suction power, especially for animal hair. However, you also have to accept one or two weaknesses if you decide on the cheap model. You can weigh up whether the vacuum cleaner is still an option for you by comparing the strengths and weaknesses.


In terms of price, the model is in the entry-level area and is therefore very suitable as an everyday device.

Action radius:

With 10 meters, the model offers a large radius of action and is therefore easy to handle.


With 1,400 watts, the device offers good performance and has proven to be very effective, especially when vacuuming animal hair.Best for dog hair vacuum for couch and carpet.

Scope of delivery:

The scope of delivery is very good overall, because in addition to the device itself, many additional nozzles and a HEPA filter are included.


Very Light weight of 7lbs


Buy from Amazon


5. Bissell Zing Canister Vacuum Cleaner bagless


best vacuum cleaner

The very cheap vacuum cleaner without bag from Bissell Zing works with 1,200 watts and was able to show quite good results in the removal of animal hair with the turbo nozzle.

There is also a crevice and upholstery nozzle in addition to the standard attachment so that the device is well equipped overall. It is also very handy and light with less than 1 kg, but with 82 dB the loudest vacuum cleaner among the top models.

In the case of carpets heavily covered with animal hair, the nozzle became blocked very quickly, so it is advisable to sweep the carpet first. Unfortunately, the suction power cannot be regulated, so that light carpets are difficult to suck due to the suction.

Overall, the device convinced as an all-rounder with still good suction power and operation at a good price-performance ratio.

The Vampyr model from Bissell Zing has a fairly balanced ratio of strengths and weaknesses. Depending on your requirements, the purchase can be worthwhile for you. Below you will find a comparison of the strengths and weaknesses.


Since the device does not require a bag, there are no follow-up costs.

Turbo nozzle:

The nozzle was able to convince in the test with a good performance in the removal of animal hair.One of the best electric pet cat dog vacuum fur cleaner hair remover available in 2020.

Very compact:

With a weight of only about one kilogram, the device is very compact and handy.


Overall, the processing of the device and the supplied accessories are good, which results in a long shelf life.

As compared to other features like suction power, working on wooden floor etc, its versatility has less rating.

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6. Bissell Deluxe Canister Vacuum – 1161


best vacuum cleaner to buy


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The Bissell Deluxe vacuum cleaner was able to assert itself in the medium price range, because it was able to achieve very good results for the animal hair removal with the testers thanks to the mini turbo nozzle. In conjunction with the very good filter, it is also ideal for allergy sufferers and, thanks to the soft rollers and 360 ° motion technology, was very easy and comfortable to handle and move. The device works with bags that have to be purchased, the volume of 3.5 liters per bag being generous.

The construction is very compact at 43.8 x 29.3 x 23.8 cm with a weight of only 4 kg. The device works with only 600 watts and is therefore very economical in use, but with 77 dB it is somewhat louder than most expensive models.

Compared to conventional vacuum cleaners, the PowerForce from Bissell Deluxe can easily keep up with the suction power even with devices with significantly higher output (2000 watts and more), so that overall very good results can be achieved.

Weaknesses were only apparent in the model with the hard floor nozzle, because it does not always glide 100% scratch-free over sensitive floors. You should definitely consider this before you buy the vacuum cleaner. Otherwise, it offers a good price-performance structure with an action radius of approx. 9 meters, low noise emissions and overall very good results on in category of cat hair vacuum cleaner.

As a good vacuum cleaner for animal hair in the medium price range, the Bissell Deluxe model was able to place high up in the ranking. In the test, it convinced with a good price-performance ratio, but you also have to accept one or the other disadvantage if you choose the model. You can quickly weigh up whether the purchase is worthwhile for you by comparing the advantages and disadvantages.


With 600 watts and the mini turbo nozzle, the device achieves good results in removing animal hair and offers good suction power overall.

Suitable for allergy sufferers:

The filter works well so that the exhaust air is almost free of allergenic substances.

Compact Design:

With a weight of only 4 kilograms and a size of 43.8 x 29.3 x 23.8 centimeters, the device is small and compact.


Thanks to the large operating radius and 360 ° motion technology, the vacuum cleaner can be easily operated and handled.

Hard Floor Nozzle:

Miele Complete C3 Marin Canister HEPA Canister Vacuum Cleaner:

Best Vaccum cleaner brand on market at the moment.It has SEB236 Powerhead Bundle with Performance Pack 16 Type GN AirClean Genuine FilterBags and Genuine AH50 HEPA Filter.

top vaccum cleaner

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User Review:

I love to vacuum. This vacuum is the best one I have ever used, and I used to have an electrolux. My only issue with this vacuum is that because the on/off and cord rewind buttons are large and on top, I sometimes hit them with the hose when I’m maneuvering it around. That is annoying but for all the other features, I highly recommend it!

Experience with the vacuum cleaner for animal hair has shown that the hard floor nozzle is not well suited for sensitive floors.

So these are overall 8 best selling and top rated vacuum cleaner pet hair carpet and wood floor, with bag and bagless with cord and cordless under $100, under $150 and upto $400.

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