Best Mattress Topper in 2024 Which Is Right For You?

Comfort doesn’t need to be complicated and expensive. Mattress Topper is a comfortable and affordable way to rejuvenate an old mattress, soften a hard mattress, and prolong mattress life to have better sleep experience.

Why Buy a mattress topper ? Are Latex

Mattress Toppers Any good?

Mattresses made of latex are characterized by their long-lasting properties. Furthermore, they are very popular with allergy sufferers who have problems with conventional mattresses. Nevertheless, the latex mattresses are less well known than other mattresses made from cold foam. This guide presents the most important properties and the associated advantages of latex mattresses in more detail.Latex mattress toppers with many different firmness ranges are available on the market.Every latex mattress has different feel. A soft latex topper  come up with comfort and pressure relief. A firm latex mattress topper is good for additional support and provides better fitness for back or stomach sleepers.

What different types of latex mattress and How to choose the

right Latex Mattress Topper for your body ?

Latex is not just latex. The durable material is created when rubber is foamed. In general, two different types of latex can be distinguished from one another: the natural latex made of natural rubber and the synthetic latex, which is obtained from synthetic rubber. Natural latex, as the name suggests, is a natural product made from the sap of the rubber tree ( Hevea brasiliensi).

There are different kinds of latex mattress toppers for college, shoulder pain, back pain or neck pain uner $100. Soft , Firm and from size point of view we have 1,2,3 and 4 inch latex mattress toppers.How to pick the right latex mattress topper? Well we have soft latex as well as medium latex. So latex toppers come in thicknesses one inch two inch three inch and four inch.Generally when you’re using a one inch or two inch if you want just a little bit of improvement in your comfort that’s going to be pretty good for you. But if you want more or substantial amounts of improvement, you’re going to go for a three inch or four inch. If you are for example a back sleeper a one inch or two inch will grad create a gradual increase in comfort in your mattress but if you’re a side sleeper what happens when you’re on your side ? You generally tend to sort of penetrate in more and so you’re going to need more foam to create that greater amount of comfort. So for a side sleeper three inch or four inch.

Next important point is what density, hardness, resilience & weight Of Latex Mattresses do you need?

Different densities that it comes in.In the market brands offer five densities most commonly people use soft or medium to soften a mattress the firm density is good if you’re trying to fix a sagging mattress and you want to get a few more years of life out of it. Keep in mind it will still sort of take the shape of the SAG but it at least give you quite a bit more support.

Next in line is easily removable and washable cover for latex mattress zippered on three sides so that easy to put it on on off. Better particular cover should be 100% organic cotton cover and inside you can see there’s a piece of the natural latex.

The latex is made from the extracted rubber portion of the latex milk, the core of which is foamed, removed from the mold, washed, spun and then dried using stabilizers. The finished product is a unique one-off, which in turn is subject to fluctuations in quality from the growing area.

The washing process must be carried out precisely and carefully, as otherwise there are protein residues in the mattress that can cause allergies.

The synthetic latex, on the other hand, is petrochemical and can be obtained from petroleum. The production is similar to the process of natural latex, with the synthetic latex being about 10 percent stronger. It can often be mixed with natural latex, so that a mattress made of synthetic latex often consists largely of natural latex. Financially, the production of latex mattresses is very expensive because a separate form of production is used for each size.

How Latex mattresses are manufactured ?

Every latex mattress is equipped with a stable core, which is connected to large and small longitudinal and transverse channels. These channels ensure that the core of the mattress is adequately ventilated and remains firm. The denser and larger the rubber content in the core, the firmer the mattress as such. There is an elastic cover around the core, which makes the core even more adaptable and flexible. In addition to the “normal” latex mattresses, there are stronger mattresses that consist of several layers and are particularly suitable for people who are overweight or who need a firmer latex mattress.

For whom the latex mattresses are particularly suitable

Latex is a flexible material that adapts ideally to the human body. For this reason, the following people in particular benefit from the latex mattresses:

  • Back, stomach and side sleepers
  • Allergy sufferers who are sensitive to dust mites
  • Slightly freezing people

Latex allergy sufferers should definitely switch to another type of mattress, such as a cold foam mattress.

An overview of the many advantages of a latex mattress

characteristics benefits
Elastic point A latex mattress gives way in the desired places and therefore ensures a comfortable lying position.
adaptable A latex mattress adapts to the contours of the body and can therefore also be used as a slatted frame.
Low noise A latex mattress makes no cracking or squeaking noises.
Good air exchange Thanks to its porous structure, the mattress is well ventilated and thus ensures a pleasant indoor climate.
Washable The covers of this mattress are easily washable.
Suitable for allergy sufferers Allergy sufferers who react to dust mites, for example, benefit from the latex mattress.
Hygienic Research has shown that a latex mattress is more hygienic than a conventional mattress. This is because this type of mattress repels the moisture that a person subconsciously releases at night when sleeping , instead of absorbing it.
Durable Depending on the manufacturer and quality, mattresses made of latex last at least ten years.

Are there any disadvantages to a latex mattress?

Basically, in contrast to synthetic latex, natural latex has far fewer disadvantages. Initially, such a mattress can give off a rubber odor that takes some getting used to, which was caused by production. In such a case, it is advisable to allow the mattress to air out on the balcony or in a ventilated room for a few hours or days before it is used. Furthermore, latex mattresses weigh more than conventional cold foam mattresses and tend to form mold if only a small proportion of natural latex is used in the mattress. The fact that the mattresses are of high quality is reflected in the price. They are more expensive than other types of mattresses.

Natural Latex Benefits

  • No voc’s or harmful chemicals.
  • No synthetic latex or fillers.
  • Naturally hypoallergenic.
  • Naturally anti-microbial.
  • Naturally dust mite resistant.
  • Doesn’t flatten out.
  • 100% Vegan

It is important to pay attention to these aspects before buying a latex mattress

Many latex mattresses cost a lot of money when bought new. In order not to accept a bad investment, it is worthwhile to determine in advance whether there is a latex allergy. It is also worth checking the old mattress and in particular the slatted frame used previously. Since the latex mattresses are very flexible, they can be combined with some slatted frames that are closely arranged, springy and arched. Another subjectively assessable factor that plays a role when buying a latex mattress is the degree of hardness .

Latex mattresses are available in hardness levels H1 to H3. The degree of hardness H1 is suitable for people with a low body weight of less than 60 kilograms. H2 mattresses are suitable for people weighing between 60 and 80 kilograms, while the H3 hardness suits people with a body weight of more than 80 kilograms. How high the latex mattress should be depends on personal preferences. A height of up to 16 centimeters is sufficient for normal-weight people, middle-weight or higher-weight people should opt for a mattress from 16 centimeters high.

There are different references to the latex mattress. Natural, chemical-free cotton fabrics are well tolerated as bedding for most people. Breathable climate fibers, on the other hand, often consist of polyacrylic.

Tips for the care of a latex mattress

A latex mattress lasts longer if it is properly cared for. It should be cleaned several times a year with a damp cloth or treated with a special latex care. After a certain time, the mattress can be rotated in order to load the upper and lower sides evenly, as the mattress wears out over time due to the “lying in”. It is best to store the latex mattress in an open bed box. There is no harm in occasionally letting them air out on the balcony or with the window open, and the mattress must not get dirty or damp.

A mattress topper is an accessory for a mattress. The term is quite broad. These can be different variants of a protective cover , which we would like to introduce to you in the following article.

Which mattress pad do you need for your bed? We took a close look at the common mattress topper tests and used them to create a buying guide. Read everything you need to know in this post to find the perfect underlay for your bed. Get answers to your questions on the topic from us and get a compact guide to buying mattresses.

Buying Advice on the Mattress Topper

  • The mattress is subjected to very great stress during its lifespan. It has to absorb moisture, balance body weight and also survive contamination. A mattress pad protects the mattress and can extend its lifespan.
  • The term mattress topper is very broad. It can be a topper, a lower bed, a thin bed cover or a water-repellent mattress cover. In this article we present the properties of the individual documents.
  • You can use a mattress topper for different purposes. It can increase sleeping comfort and soften a mattress that is too hard. The mattress protector can also compensate for a visitor’s crack and protect the mattress from dirt.


A mattress topper can save a lot of money. One of the most common use cases is a mattress purchase. If, for example, a consumer has opted for a mattress that is too hard and can no longer be exchanged, the mattress topper increases comfort and saves money for the new purchase of the mattress.

Such a protective cover is also ideal in the hotel industry, where many people sleep one after the other in the same bed to ensure their hygienic requirements. Instead of having the entire mattress cleaned, only the mattress topper has to be washed . You can even take your own schooner with you on vacation to feel more comfortable on a foreign mattress.

In this article we have put together all the information on the subject of “mattress toppers” and answer any questions that might arise. We also looked at the latest mattress topper tests to find out which was the best mattress topper. Based on the most important purchase criteria, you have a basis for decision-making and in this way find the right mattress topper for your bed.

1. There are different versions of a mattress topper

In view of the large number of different manufacturers and brands that deal with the topic of mattress toppers, it is almost impossible to decide immediately on a suitable product. Since you would like to invest 3-digit amounts for the purchase, you should consider the individual variants of mattress toppers in advance. Below you will find an overview with the essential properties.

Type Characteristics
Thin mattress topper
  • Made of cotton or microfiber
  • Protection against dirt and wear
  • Breathable and moisture regulating
  • No positive or negative influence on the feeling of lying down
Thick mattress topper
  • Are attached to the mattress with rubber at the corners
  • Material: cotton, microfiber or sheep’s wool
  • More warmth in winter
  • Increase lying comfort
  • Max 5cm height
  • Breathable and moisture regulating
Waterproof mattress topper
  • Protects mattress from sweat, urine and moisture
  • No positive or negative influence on the feeling of lying down
  • Waterproof mattress topper ideal for children’s beds
  • No climate regulation

Tip: A mattress should be replaced approximately every 7 to 10 years. This also applies to the mattress protector, because direct contact with the skin collects mite residues that cannot be completely removed even during washing.

1.1. The topper: a special form of mattress topper

mattress pad-topper

A topper is a special form of mattress topper that not only serves as protection, but also increases lying comfort.

The mattress topper (topper) is much higher than the other mattress toppers and something like a second mini mattress. The topper is also used to protect the mattress, but is primarily intended to increase lying comfort. Toppers are made of different materials depending on the area of ​​application.

1.2. Mattress topper made of cold foam

Cold foam is very adaptable and can optimally store body heat. In winter you have it comfortably warm and cozy on this mattress pad. In addition, the material is breathable and inspires with optimal moisture regulation. Moisture caused by sweating can be absorbed very well.

1.3. Viscose elastic mattress topper

A visco mattress topper reacts to warmth. The material becomes elastic through body heat and adapts to the body. A topper made of viscose foam offers optimal lying comfort for people with back pain. However, the material returns to its original shape a little faster than the cold foam. However, if the ambient temperature falls below 18 ° C, this schooner loses its elasticity.

1.4. Mattress underlay made of gel foam

This mattress topper is very soft and combines the advantages of cold foam and viscose foam. It reacts immediately to pressure and can therefore adapt to any silhouette. Below is a small overview of the advantages and disadvantages of mattress pads made of gel foam :


  • Protects the mattress and increases its lifespan
  • Improves lying comfort
  • Degree of hardness can be selected individually


  • High price
  • Can only be used with a fitted sheet

1.5. The Molton mattress pad for the baby bed

Molton is washable at 95 ° C

Molton distinguishes between thermal molton and simple molton. Simple Molton cloths can be easily washed in the washing machine at 95 ° C. This means that no mites survive and you can easily reuse the mattress topper.

Molton is a fabric made from pure cotton. It is roughened on both sides and therefore holds very well on the mattress. As a mattress topper, molton is soft and cozy, but above all absorbent. Therefore, the Molton mattress pad is standard for bedding for babies and children.

Molton can also be used to protect and protect the mattress as a mattress pad 140 × 200 cm, as a mattress pad 160 × 200 cm or as a mattress pad 180 × 200 cm. It is best to choose the 90 × 200 mattress pad for baby beds and the 120 × 200 mattress pad for children’s beds.

bed pad

Always buy the mattress protector in the exact size of the mattress.


2. How do I find the right size for the mattress topper?

Mattress toppers are available in various standard sizes for children, single and double beds:

  • Mattress topper 90 × 200 (cot)
  • Mattress pads 120 × 200 (cot, single bed)
  • Mattress topper 120 × 200 (cot, single bed)
  • Mattress topper 140 × 200 (single bed, double bed)
  • Mattress topper 160 × 200 (double bed)
  • Mattress topper 180 × 200 (double bed)

The mattress topper should be neither smaller nor larger than the mattress itself. If it is smaller, pressure points can occur. If it is too large, it will slip slightly. Choose the size of the mattress topper that matches the size of the mattress itself.

Attention: Never buy a mattress pad for a cold foam mattress . The core of this mattress is divided into different teeth, which optimally distribute the weight of the body and have different pressure points. This function would be lost if you put on a topper.

3. You should keep this in mind when buying a mattress topper

Various criteria are used in the mattress topper tests in order to ultimately select a mattress topper test winner . These properties are also the most important purchase criteria. Please find attached our buying advice on mattress purchase.

3.1. measures in cm

As explained in the previous chapter, the mattress topper must be the same size as the mattress itself. You can usually choose between different sizes. The IKEA mattress topper has five different sizes to choose from.

3.2. Overall height in cm

There is a wide range here. While a Molton cloth is only a few millimeters high, the Badenia pad makes it a full 5cm.

3.3. allergic

If you are allergic, please pay attention to the label “Suitable for allergy sufferers”. Mattress toppers for allergy sufferers are made of natural latex, for example.

3.4. Density in kg / m³

This size is a very important evaluation criterion in the mattress topper tests. It is a measure of the longevity of a mattress. A density of less than 30 is an indication of a rather inferior quality of the mattress. All values ​​over 40 testify to excellent quality.

3.5. Cover material

The material and the washability of the cover are particularly important with a mattress topper, in order to be able to use it hygienically over a longer period of time. The body sweats during sleep and secretes not only moisture but also dander. The mattress topper should therefore be washed regularly and ideally withstand a washing temperature of 60 ° C.

4. Who is the test winner in the mattress topper tests?

buying advice

When buying the mattress topper, pay attention not only to the height and size, but also to the washability of the cover.

5. Here we answer your most important question about mattress toppers

5.1. How should you put the mattress topper?

Some schooners can be used on both sides . This includes, for example, the Molton mattress pad. With this protective cover, both sides are roughened so that there is no front and no back. If the two sides are different, the manufacturers usually label the top with an emblem.

5.2. How often should I wash the mattress topper?

How often a mattress protector has to be washed is also largely dependent on the season. People who sweat a lot in summer should wash the mattress pad as needed, about every 1 to 2 weeks . In winter it is sufficient to wash the pad every 2-3 months. However, if you suffer from a house dust allergy, you will have to wash the protective cover yourself more often. To do this, remove the inner foam core – it cannot be washed. The cover is usually washable at 40 to 60 ° C – pay attention to the information provided by the manufacturer. As a rule, you should also avoid drying the cover in the dryer.

What is the price range for the mattress topper models?

It depends on your budget whether you choose the cheapest mattress topper for $60 or the most expensive mattress topper for $500.

5 Best Mattress Toppers Under $150 and

Under $300 in 2023

So based on consumer buyer review, quality, durability, price and more we’ve included options for every person. So if you’re looking for the best latex mattress topper product money can buy then this section is particularly for you. Are you just sick of your mattress? It’s too soft? It’s too firm? It

just doesn’t feel right? Well a mattress topper may be a great way to update your mattress and we think there are five that really stand out among the rest so we want to talk about all five and who did
the best fit for which one’s the best fit for you let’s get started
What mattress topper 200+ lbs ?
First off you have any specific questions you want to pursue recommendation just leave a comment
below we do respond to all questions but what do you look for? If you’re getting a mattress topper ?well what field do you like ? You like something slower-moving, maybe look at something with memory foam. You like something a little bit more balanced a little more responsive consider something with latex off of that what kind of firmness. Do you want something to actually make your mattress firmer or do you want something to make it softer and if you’re thinking about that what position do you sleep in so if you sleep on your back, You want a balance of comfort and support so something not too firm not too soft you sleep on your side you want something much softer. For extra pressure relief you sleep on your stomach you want some to actually make the mattress firmer off of that to think about durability.
These $50 Upgrade Will Have You Sleeping Like a Baby

1)- Pure Green 100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper – Soft – 2

inch – Queen Size

The Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress Topper

mattress topper 2020

Experience The Comfort of Pure Green Natural Latex! VIEW ON AMAZON

In 2013 they brought a challenge to our Sri Lankan latex foam factory.  They wanted to produce the highest quality natural latex foam that the world had ever seen.

It had to be made with only 100% natural latex, no synthetic latex.  It had to carry several internationally recognized health and environmental certifications.  It had to comply with several difficult performance and aesthetic standards that they set.  They delivered and the result is Pure Green Natural Latex Foam. It is best mattress topper for college dorm beds.

The Soft Topper is our most popular firmness and the ideal choice for anyone looking to add additional softness to the surface of their mattress.  It adds softness but still provides enough support to prevent the feel of sinking into the mattress.  It is perfect for side sleepers who are suffering from hip and shoulder pain on a mattress which is too firm. They also offer Medium and Firm firmness versions of this topper.

Our Soft Topper is:

  • 20 ILD (A Measurement of Firmness)
  • 4 Lbs / Cubic Ft (Density)

Why Choose a Natural Latex Mattress Topper?

Comfort and Support – Our natural latex foam reacts instantly to provide perfect comfort and support.  Unlike memory foam, you’ll never experience any sinking as the night goes by.  Our topper will maintain contoured support throughout the night.

Durability – Pure Green Natural Latex Foam is one of the most durable bedding materials on the planet.  Natural latex foam is far more durable than polyurethane foam or memory foam.  Our latex foam scored a 99/100 on the LGA physical properties test for exhibiting extraordinary performance and durability.  The bottom line… our mattress topper will probably last longer than the mattress you use it on top of.

Breathability – Pure Green Natural Latex Foam is heat neutral.  It will not absorb body heat or change firmness depending on the temperature.  Latex foam is an open-celled foam and contains tiny air chambers that run throughout the foam.  These air chambers allow the air to flow freely though the topper.  While a latex foam topper can not always make a bed cooler, a 2″-3″ topper can serve as a great buffer between your body and a hot memory foam (or polyurethane foam) mattress.

Why choose a Pure Green Latex Mattress Topper?

topper 2020

100% Natural Latex.  They never use any synthetic latex in our foam.  

The natural latex used in our mattress toppers is harvested in Sri Lanka, nearby our factory.  Synthetic latex is produced from petrochemicals.  Natural latex provides the highest quality latex foam experience.  It provides liveliness, support and durability that is unmatched by synthetic latex foam. Unfortunately, synthetic latex is often blended with a small amount of Natural Latex and subsequently marketed as “natural latex.”

They never use any fillers.  

Fillers “water-down” the quality of latex foam by taking up space in the foam, but taking away from the inherent performance qualities of latex foam.

Extensively Tested and Safe.  

Pure Green Latex Mattress Toppers have been extensively tested by several internationally recognized laboratories and have been found to comply with the strictest recongnized VOC standards in the world.

Aesthetic & Performance Standards

In our quest to create the perfect latex foam, They came across many versions of latex foam that had individual elements of the aesthetic and performance standards that they were looking for. It wasn’t until they started working with our Sri Lankan factory that they were able to create a product that combined all of these elements into one product.

Superior Production Process

They make our foam through the dunlop process which results in foam that is springy, but not “bouncy” like latex foam made through the talalay process.  Pure Green Latex Foam is made in moulds.  Moulded latex foam is vastly superior to “continuous pour” latex foam, which lacks the spring of moulded latex foam and is usually made with synthetic latex and/or fillers.

What thickness mattress topper is best ? Choose Your Thickness

topper1″ Mattress Topper

Our 1″ toppers are great for adding a subtle change to the surface of a mattress without adding much additional height.  While it will not provide a drastic change a 1″ topper can be used to tweak surface feel of the mattress.

mattress topper2″ Mattress Topper

Our 2″ toppers are the most popular topper height they sell.  They are great for adding a significant change to the surface of the mattress while still retaining the general support of the mattress underneath.

mattress topper3″ Mattress Topper

Our 3″ toppers will provide a “mattress makeover”.  They dominate the feel of the mattress to revitalize and reinvigorate an old mattress.  They can also be used to create large changes in the firmness of a mattress.

Buyer Review:

Reviewed in the United States 

Size: 2″ QueenVerified Purchase
I decided to buy a new mattress from Beautyrest, a silver pillow top plush with no knowledge of the mattress scam. If you didn’t know all 4 major brands are from the same factory, memory foam and other inferior forms of foam are hot and leave you sleeping in a hole on one of these mattresses after as little as a month.
I am 125 lbs and 5’7, partner is 5’11,150 lbs, we already had indentations in our mattress after 1 month. I read up on the whole pillow top mattress scam and how memory foam is really crap, how people went though multiple Beautyrest blacks, and Tempurpedics only to find out each one failed in the same way. Extreme sagging.
Well, I did my research and now I have this on top of my one month old Beautyrest and it is a godsend.
You will never sleep on what feels like hot sand again, like on memory foam, the latex is so soft and it’s not toxic like memory foam.(I got the 2′ soft).
This is dunlop not talalay and I assure you talalay is NOT softer than dunlop, This topper is Firmness rating 20 ILD (soft). I find it plush, perfect for a top layer. I would use a firmer rating for the second and third layers as they do when they make pure latex mattress.
What I am trying to say is if Zen Heaven or whomever is trying to tell you talalay is so much better than dunlop they are lying, they are just trying to charge you more money.
This product is perfect, I just wish I had known about it before I bought an expensive innerspring. If your innerspring is really in bad shape you can even flip it over and throw one of these toppers on it, I hear it works like a charm. Stay away from memory foam, it really is crap.
So hopefully I have saved my 1 month old Beautyrest silver from what others have gone though, and added a few years to it, because the way it was going it was bound for the dumpster in 6 months max. it’s very comfortable now with this plush latex layer that is not hot on top of the Beautyrest crap pillow top that slept so hot I woke up sweating multiple Xs a night, plus is as softer than my Beautyrest rated a 7 for super softness and NO SAGGING.
I recommend a firmer 3 inch if you have a more serious sagging problem than I did, but if you buy this you will not be sorry and it will outlast your mattress. I will report back in 3 months and let you know how it’s holding up.
Edit: I flipped over the Beautyrest innerspring because it already had such sagging on the pillowtop I wanted to rip off after just a month of buying it, it was too much. It continued to sag under the topper, so I took the plunge, flipped it, and now there is zero sagging and a 2” plush latex on top under my sheet, with the protector on the mattress because the latex sleeps so cool, I love it! I sleep like the dead and have no pain or ever wake up sweating, same with my husband who use to sweat puddles on memory foam. I saved a ton of money and my sheets still fit, I have always bought king for my queen.
So, don’t hesitate on a sagging pillowtop innersping and wake in pain. Flip it and add a few inches of latex, support AND plush comfort or firm support W/E, choose the one or layers that fit your needs. When this gives out this company has my lifelong business, I hear they make a great mattress and if I had more cash I would have bought one already, but this is working so perfectly so I have zero reason to spend more money. Couldn’t be happier.

2)-Ultimate Dreams Twin Extra Long 3″ Talalay Latex Medium

Mattress Topper

topper 2020

View On Amazon

Need improved comfort and support for your existing mattress? Our 3 inch blended latex topper may be the perfect solution to give your mattress a magnificent feel. They offer three different firmness options in their latex topper line. By adding one of toppers to your bed you are adding a layer of one of the highest quality foam in the mattress industry. These toppers are completely encased in a natural bamboo fabric. This topper will go directly on top of your current mattress.

Soft latex topper is going to be a 19 ILD Latex topper. This will add a nice layer of softness to your bed.

The medium latex topper is going to be 28 ILD latex. This topper is great when you are trying to add a little bit of softness but mainly trying to achieve pressure point relief.

The firm latex topper is going to add a layer of pressure point relief without adding any softness to the bed.

Latex is one of the most durable products in the mattress industry. It provides unbeatable support and comfort without the sinking feeling. Latex toppers provide the perfect balance of comfort and support so you can enjoy deep, sound sleep night after night. Latex instantaneously conforms to the shape of your body, gently supporting and comforting you all night long, with up to 33% more pressure relief than other foam bedding. Talalay latex is 4x more breathable than polyurethane, memory foam or Dunlop process latex.

3)- ViscoSoft 4 Inch Pillow Top Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Queen | Serene Lux Dual Layer Mattress Pad

mattress topper

View On Amazon

  • Transform your Sleep Until you’ve slept on the Serene 4” high density, pressure-relieving topper you won’t know how far we go for comfort. Made from 2.5 inches of temperature neutral gel memory foam and 1.5 inches of fluffy down alternative adds a plush layer of pressure-relieving comfort. A mattress topper + pad that gives any mattress a 5-star luxury feel night after night.
  • Relieve Your Pain & Soreness Using thousands of testing hours and hundreds of reviews, we’ve designed the Serene dual layer mattress topper to balance softness & support. Relieve back, hip, and other bodily pains and general soreness associated with a firm mattress or worn-down support of your existing mattress.
  • Smell of Memory Foam We’ve gone above and beyond to address the complaints around the smell of foam when you open it. Recent changes to our formula have reduced the smell to almost nothing so you don’t have to endure the “new car” smell. As always, we use exhaustive testing from labs such as SGS, ITS, TüV, to ensure not just compliance but go above and beyond regarding quality.
  • Removable & Washing Cover Pad Designed with both comfort and convenience our dual layer has been exhaustively tested at a level of 5 washings for shrinkage, piling, appearance, and other standards to ensure durability and lasting comfort. Please follow care instructions when laundering the cover.
  • 60-Day [No Hassle] Money Back Guarantee As a leading USA-based brand, we stand behind everything we make 100% and are committed to providing you with premium products for improving your quality of life. In the unlikely event you change your mind, you’re welcome to return your topper for a FULL refund within the first 60 days after purchase. All ViscoSoft toppers are backed by our outstanding 5-year warranty for manufacturing defects.

Revive Your Mattress, Experience Refreshing Sleep.

Your Sleep is Our Obsession

Regardless of whether your current mattress is new or old, nothing is worse than sleeping on a bed that doesn’t provide the support and comfort that you need to get a good night’s rest. Giving your sleep space new life with a premium ViscoSoft 4 Inch Dual Layer Mattress Topper is the perfect upgrade no matter if you have an old mattress that is no longer supportive or you just want to add an extra layer of cushy support.

  • Scientifically-tested to balance Comfort & Support
  • CertiPUR-US Premium American-Made Materials
  • Fits easily on top of existing mattresses
  • Ships conveniently to your door

Buyer Review:

I’ve always been a little leery about purchasing a memory foam topper since I’m a walking space heater and my least favorite thing is sweating in my sleep. There’s literally nothing worse than dreaming of swimming in your Beverly Hills mansion backyard pool, enjoying the spoils of being rich and famous…and then waking up to realize your Beverly Hills mansion is your sad two bedroom apartment and your pool is nothing more than the sagging part of your old mattress filled with a quarter inch of perspiration.

However, this beautiful sleep spongecake helps keeps me comfy and cool all night. This mattress topper is my magic carpet that’s delivering me to a whole new world of comfort.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t help me stay cool in any other aspect of my life, like when I’m trying to talk to women. Still need some help there. Hit me up if you come up with a product for that.

TL; DR – This helped turn my everyday nothing-special-whatsoever sad sack of a bed into a comfortable, luxurious fancy-pants bed fit for someone who can afford to add guac to their carnitas bowl.

4)-Sleep Innovations Gel Memory Foam 4-inch Dual Layer

Mattress Topper King, Made in the USA with a 10-Year


Does the idea of sleeping on a puffy cloud sound heavenly to you? This two-layer mattress topper adds 2 inches of fluffy fiber-fill in a soft quilted cover to 2 inches of cooling gel memory foam, for unbeatable comfort combined with gentle, pressure-relieving support. Don’t be surprised if you sleep through your alarm. And did we mention that the cover is easy to remove and completely washer and dryer safe? Create a luxurious bed for a price you can afford. NOTE:The foam is compressed and rolled in a white sleeve and the cover is folded in a clear poly bag.It is one of the best mattress topper for side sleepers with back pain.

mattress topper

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  • KING MATTRESS TOPPER: This 4-inch mattress topper features a dual layer of quilted fiber fill and gel memory foam. Personalized, luxurious comfort for all night support. For side, back or stomach sleepers. Always holds its shape
  • TWICE THE COMFORT: For the ultimate upgrade, get twice as comfortable. Enjoy the pillow-y comfort and lightness of 2-inches of quilted fiber fill, plus the all-over support of a second 2-inch layer of gel memory foam.
  • COOLING GEL MEMORY FOAM: Our gel memory foam is specially designed to ensure you stay cool all night. Drawing heat away keeps you at an optimal temperature for a full night of undisturbed sleep.Best Mattress topper for heavy person.
  • WASHABLE COVER: Comfort that’s convenient – our easily removable, machine washable cover means your topper stays clean. And the snug fit holds everything in place.
  • MADE IN THE USA: This Sleep Innovations mattress topper is proudly made in the USA and comes with a 10-year limited warranty. Conveniently vacuum packed for shipping and easy handling. From box to bed, set up couldn’t be easier.

Buyer Review:

I am using this product on my bed. The mattress is really comfortable and we fall asleep quickly. I am able to sleep on my sides again with very little pain or pressure. The only thing I didn’t like was that it came in two pieces. I was concerned that the two pieces would slide around on the bed and be difficult to deal with. I didn’t want to be constantly shifting the two around on my bed but so far I have not had that problem at all. I have had the topper for two months now. I really like my mattress topper.

5)-Subrtex 3 Inch Gel-Infused Memory Foam Bed Mattress Topper High Density Cooling Pad Removable Fitted Bamboo Cover Ventilated Design-10 Years Warranty


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  • Inner memory foam: Subrtex gel-infused memory foam mattress topper will bring new life to your current mattress. The ventilated gel-infused mattress topper allows more air flow, eliminates motion transfer and helps regulate sleeping temperature. Our foam contains no formaldehyde, harmful phthalates. This mattress does not contain synthetic or natural Latex of any kind.
  • Removable bamboo cover: Our mattress topper is removable and washable for easy cleaning. The bamboo cover is equipped with anti-slip mesh backing to prevent sliding and premium metal zipper for easy removal and washing.
  • Improve sleep quality: Subrtex 3” memory mattress topper conforms to the curves of your body to relieve pressure, allows Air flow and provide a Great night sleep. We use 3. 5 pound density memory foam to ensure the longevity of our mattress toppers.
  • Advanced shipping: Our technology allows Our mattresses to be compressed, rolled and shipped in a box right to your door. Once received, unrolled and opened, allow the foam mattress to fully expand for the next 48 hours to 72 hours.Best mattress topper for hip pain. 
  • Ten-year: we are confident with our mattress topper and Our will provide peace of mind for your purchase. Buy with Confidence. If you have any issues within 10 years of your purchase, Contact us and we will find make it right.

Buyer Review:

This mattress pad arrived yesterday – on time, as expected. I unboxed it and left it inflate as instructed. I slept on it last night and I can honestly say it was so very comfortable. I went to bed at 10 PM and didn’t wake up until 4 AM. I don’t think I moved at all to turn over during that time because when I woke, my ear actually hurt from being pressed into my pillow. With my other foam pad, I was awake every few hours to turn into a new position – I was too hot, uncomfortable, etc. Last night, I was just the right temperature. I highly recommend this foam pad. 🙂


  • A mattress topper is an additional layer of cushioning that is placed on top of a mattress to provide extra comfort and support. There are several reasons why someone might need a mattress topper, including:
  • To improve the comfort of an old or worn-out mattress: A mattress topper can help to revitalize an old or worn-out mattress by adding extra cushioning and support.
  • To provide additional support for people with back pain or other health issues: A mattress topper can help to provide additional support for people with back pain or other health issues by redistributing pressure points and providing extra cushioning.
  • To provide extra warmth: Some mattress toppers are designed to provide extra warmth, making them ideal for people who are sensitive to cold temperatures.
  • To improve the overall sleep experience: A mattress topper can help to improve the overall sleep experience by providing extra comfort and support, which can lead to better sleep and improved overall health.
  • To provide a more luxurious feel: Mattress toppers can provide a more luxurious feel to a mattress, making it feel more like a high-end hotel bed.

Although a latex mattress may initially seem expensive and cost-intensive, its antibacterial and long-lasting properties make it a profitable investment for allergy sufferers, freezing people and sleepers who are looking for a climate-friendly alternative to conventional mattresses.

Sleep Healthy, Sleep Comfy, Rest Assured

So this is our list of Best Mattress Toppers – Please let us know which Is Right For You? If you love this article then please share it with friends and family and help them out.


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