Mom Day: Honors Mothers and Motherhood

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Mothersday is coming. What is your most beautiful or happiest memory with her?

Rasberry Cheescake for Mothersday?

Why is Mother’s Day different?

Why do we celebrate Mother’s Day?

What is Mother’s Day about?

Where did the tradition of Mother’s Day come from?

What is the history of Mother’s Day?

Which is date of Mother’s Day?

Is today a Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day is a gala for the glorification of mums. It is special occasion [su_highlight]to show our love respect and esteem admiration to motherhood,[/su_highlight] caring bonds, and the guidance of mothers in society. This event is celebrated on various days in many countries of the world but most generally in between March & May. We have similar celebrations honoring other family relations such as Father’s Day, Women Day, and Grandparents Day.

  • Celebrate Mother’s Day: Make sure to celebrate Mother’s Day and show appreciation for all the hard work and love that mothers put into raising their children.
  • Plan a special day: Plan a special day for your mother, whether it’s a day trip, a spa day or a special meal.
  • Show appreciation: Show appreciation for your mother through small gestures like leaving notes of appreciation, doing chores without being asked, or buying her a small gift.
  • Give back: Give back to mothers in need by volunteering at a women’s shelter, donating to a charity that supports mothers, or reaching out to a mother who may be struggling.
  • Share stories: Share stories about motherhood and the positive impact that mothers have on their children’s lives.
  • Share motherhood quotes and messages: Share motherhood quotes and messages on social media to remind others of the importance of motherhood and the role that mothers play in our lives.
  • Support mothers in your community: Support mothers in your community by offering to help with carpooling, babysitting or other tasks that can make their lives easier.

Let’s get into the history of the start of this special MOM DAY.In the US, festivity of Mom’s Day commenced in the early 20th century. It is not connected to the numerous festivities of moms and motherhood that have occurred throughout the world over several eras, like the Greek culture to Cybele, the Roman jubilee of Hilaria, or the Christian Mothering Sunday. Nevertheless, in many countries, Mommy’s Day has become identical of these older traditions.

With this modern age of technology and social media, new modernized version of Momma’s Day has become much commercialized, especially by innocent liberals.

In many nations, Mamma’s Day has got more importance with the attachment of holiday as it has progressed in the United States over the period of time, promoted by firms after seeing a lot of commercial positive impact so they have put all their energies making it popular. So it is rapidly accepted by other countries and cultures. This special Mother’s Day Holiday has different sanities associated with different events like historical, religious or legendary.

Religious Mothers Day

Roman Catholic Church: The Mothers holiday is connected with worshipping the Virgin Mary. In many Catholic homes, families build a special memorial dedicated to the Holy Virgin Mary. Where as in many Eastern Catholic and Eastern Traditional Churches, a special plea service is held in honor of the Virgin Mary

Islam: In Islam there is no concept of relating single day to mums and celebrate as Mother’s Day, but all the days of the year hold the same importance to all family relations as such one mother’s or father’s day hold. [su_highlight]In fact in Islam Mothers have the highest degree of respect and reverence than any other religion or in culture.[/su_highlight] According to teaching of Islam, Heaven or Paradise is said to be under mother’s feet. This means that anyone can get into paradise if he/she will take care of mother and never showed a single notion of disrespectful towards parents especially mother no matter what the situation is.

Hindu tradition: In Hindu custom Mum’s Day is called “Mata Tirtha Aunshi” which can be translated into English as “[su_highlight]Mother Pilgrimage fortnight[/su_highlight]”. It is renowned in countries with a Hindu population, especially in India and Nepal. In the month of April or May with the new moon or month of Baisakh this Holiday is observed. This festivity is established with Hindu religion.

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MOM’S DAY 2023 Quotes

  • Mothers are Always Special No Matter What…
  • Moms Have been Protecting us over their Lives… We Cant Repay
  • Her Love for Kids is Unconditional and Matchless in this World.Even God Compares His Love to Mankind as the 70 times of Mom’s Love.
  • Family is incomplete without Mom
  • Great Mothers give us Great Nations. Thanks Your Moms for being Great Nation
  • Mothers Taught us What We are Today and What Ever Man Kind has Achieved
  • Heaven is under the feet of Mother. So earn it


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Mums, what do you REALLY want for Mother’s day?
I’ve tried to second guess this for so long without asking straight from the source. there’s a lot guff on the internet surrounding the standard chocolates and flowers etc… I was wondering if these were wide of the mark and there were some things that Mums REALLY want.

Details are here on Reddit Community.