How to Rid Our Schools of Bullying? Bullying Problems and Solutions

Bullying problems and solutions for high schools

How to stop bullying facts


Bullying is an intensive and intractable problem of every nation. Every state that wants to get rid of bullying in schools realizes that it is much serious problem than it looks. And the solution of bullying has rarely been found.

The latest trend to stop kids from being bullied is to change their schools from public to private. The most recent example can be of the state of Florida where parents of the bullied kids are seeking the government’s help to get their kids transferred to private schools on public expense. This is all due to a scholarship program initiated for the bullied kids that facilitates the transfer of kids from public schools to save them from bullying.

Some people criticize this stance by saying that this program will be heavy on the budget as there are at least two bullied kids in every classroom, and if each one of them wants a transfer then this will cost a fortune for the government. Because every parent whose child is being bullied will immediately want a transfer for his child instead of finding a solution to stop the bullying. No one will be willing to look for a solution when they can easily get enrolled in a private school. Rather this will make parents to dramatize the situation of their kids just to get the transfer.

Is Change of School Really Beneficial?

But the question here arises that is private school really the solution to stop bullying? Do the children in private schools never get bullied? There are many examples of kids being bullied in private schools too. Many private schools have hired a therapist to deal with the bullying problem in their schools. If private schools really have the secret to stop bullying, it is advisable for them to share their secret with the rest of the schools to forever end the menace of bullying.  It is in some cases true that a change of school does help the bullied kid. But this change does not necessarily have to be from a public to a private school only. Change will be beneficial even if it is to another public school too. There is no survey or research done yet to determine that private schools do not have bullying issues. But who would not like their kids to study in a private school especially when such an option is available. In my opinion, simply transferring a bullied kid to another class within the school does the trick. This will stop the school and the parents from getting into the hassle of change of school. There are instances that some children get bullied in every school they attend may it be public or private. Where will you transfer the child then?

There are always one or two students in every classroom who are being teased and bullied because people in all age groups like to have scapegoats. And if a bullied child is transferred to another school, will it stop the bullying? No it will not. It will continue. Another child will take his place to getting bullied then. We cannot transfer every child to private school in the hope that one day bullying will stop at public schools.

Does Zero-tolerance Actually Work?

The bullying problem is being handled very wrongly. Change of school may help an individual, but it does not address the problem altogether. Bullying is still there. And when the school takes an action against bullying, it is more likely to get worse. When teachers and school staff implement policies of zero-tolerance against bullying and want to investigate and protect the victimized child, he gets more haunted by his oppressors and even gets death threats. Every bullying case ever reported shows that the matter got serious when the school decided to take anti bullying measures. Despite of this fact, every researcher or therapist always proposes zero-tolerance to deal with this menace when they know of the intensified consequences it brings. Hence, anti-bullying laws and zero tolerance does not work.

The Ultimate Solution

Bullying will continue to occur as it has always occurred in the past because it is in out nature. It will happen at school level and also in government offices that formulate the bullying laws. But to start with, lets first get rid of these anti-bullying laws that have made the problem much worse for the schools and the children and parents alike. Similarly a change of school is not always the solution, there are children who get bullied in every school they attend.

The solution hence lies in equipping children with the skills and techniques to handle social difficulties themselves. Only this will help to put an end to the bullying problem for good. They must be taught by a trained member of the school who delivers lectures to the children to employ self-help. He must be available to provide individual help also when needed. The amount the state spends on transferring children to private schools will help every child in the state to get lessons and protect himself from bullying.

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