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Digital Parenting Blog Momy Dady loves to present the Idea of fighting bullying together whether it is bullying and harassment at workplace or at school or in the ground. We can only overcome this big parenting challenge by making ourselves more knowledgeable of this subject matter and hence trained ourselves to face it positively.

[su_highlight]Momy Dady Digital Expertise Program[/su_highlight]

Today’s Parents have been trying their best to be highly connected with their kids despite alot multifaceted life.
kids are advanced Internet users, they also take great safety risks and participate in digital bullying. To enhance online safety and fight bullying, Momy Dady runs the special outreach program. Through This Digital Parenting platform MomyDady, we are empowering parents to take part in office where workplace bullying prevention can be addressed and also in their children’s digital lives. In 2018 we are increasing our efforts to double our impact towards 2020

Idea for making internet safer for parents and kids is to use technology aggressively in such a way that we get maximum benefit out of it by eradicating digital bullying.

[su_highlight]Using 4G/LTE, 5G and Virtual Reality (VR) gaming to fight digital bullying![/su_highlight]

In order to eradicate digital bullying we believe people need to experience it. One idea is to let people try out all the different roles of bullying (the bully, the victim, the reinforcers, the bystanders and the defenders) through a VR game, which enables them to act upon it, take a stand, and create an output to share in the classroom/with family/in social media.

What is the service?

The VR-game (app) will be available online. Pupils should be given their own copy of Google Cardboards, so they can share with family and friends. The experience should be updated yearly as new technology comes into play. Its positive impact was huge if should be introduced in the high schools.

Who are the early adopters?

Kids and youth along with parents. Kids aged 10-17 most are already much aware of VR and are eager to use it in many different ways.

Why will this service be much better when delivered over LTE / 5G?

LTE/5G in general will thrive on VR. The amount of data/filesize for such an experience is going to be huge. Having the ability to quickly download this via LTE/5G on a mobile device will be a big benefit for end-users not connected to WiFi, especially since we target the experience for mobile.

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