Best Board Games For The Family To Play At Home In 2024

best board game 2020

Board games are a great way for families to spend quality time together, and there are many options available that are suitable for players of all ages. In 2024, some popular board games for families include:

  1. Ticket to Ride: This game is great for families as it is easy to learn and can be enjoyed by players of all ages. It is a game of strategy and skill that challenges players to build train routes across North America.
  2. Codenames: This game is a great option for families with older children as it requires a bit more critical thinking and strategy. It is a word-guessing game that challenges players to identify the correct words from a grid of possibilities.
  3. Pandemic: This game is perfect for families who enjoy working together to solve problems. It is a cooperative game where players work together to save the world from a deadly virus outbreak.
  4. Carcassonne: This game is a great option for families who enjoy strategy and building games. Players take turns placing tiles to create a medieval landscape and placing their pieces on the board to claim ownership.
  5. Catan: This is a classic game that’s perfect for families with older children. It’s a game of strategy, negotiation, and trade as players gather resources and compete to build the most successful settlements.

Ultimately, the best board game for your family will depend on your individual preferences and interests. It’s always a good idea to read reviews and check the recommended age range before purchasing a game to ensure it will be appropriate for your family.

There is no question that the best board game is a matter of taste and not every good board game appeals to everyone. However, there are certain criteria that make a good game. Unfortunately, you can only find these out when you are playing. If the research is too complex for you to filter out a good game from the wide range, our purchase recommendation will surely help you further, because we have already done the research for you, so that you can find a good board game with little effort. So we can see the legends of Andor from Kosmos, we recommend as a cooperative game, because not only the detailed game material is convincing, but also the game itself, which offers many complex tasks that require strategic decisions, so that it plays like a living novel. Alternatively, the lovingly designed strategy game Kingdom Builder by Queen Games is highly recommended, in which the luck factor is pushed as far as possible into the background, which makes the game play always exciting and the fun to play.Here are the best 2-player and above board games for teenagers,couples and adults to play at home together when they are bored.


best board game 2020
The Legends of Andor,
Cooperative fantasy board game from 10 years

The legends of Andor was the best cooperative board game because it is suitable for the whole family, since children from the age of 10 can play it. The processing of the materials is very high quality, the start of the game is very easy thanks to the lottery instructions and the story that the game tells while immersing yourself in the characters is captivating and exciting.


When playing the game, you have to be prepared for a game time of 2 hours or sometimes more. If you don’t like fantasy stories, you may not get your money’s worth in the game.


The bottom line is an exciting and extraordinary cooperation game for families with older children or adults, which can convince with good workmanship, a beautiful story and a well thought-out concept.



best board gamesQueen Games 6083 – Kingdom Builder, Game of the Year 2012



Kingdom Builder is a complex and fascinating game because it tries to suppress the luck factor as much as possible so that it becomes a pure strategy game. The games are relatively fast and the rules are so simple that children can play from the age of 8. The processing of the game materials can also convince in the test, so the game is highly recommended.


Since the factor of luck hardly plays a role and it is a pure strategy game, it is certainly not to everyone’s taste. The game does not fill the evening either, since the games are quite fast, but entertaining.


If you are looking for a pure strateg board game that can be learned quickly and still captivating, then Kingdom Builder is the place for you. The game is well made, plays quickly and even children from 8 years old can already play.



game of thrones the iron throne board game
The Iron Throne, 2nd Edition



The Iron Throne in the 2nd edition is a very successful board game for adults, which is located in the fantasy area, because it is based on the novel “the song of ice and fire”, which was filmed as a Game of Thrones. In the standard version it can already be played with up to six players and the game material is very extensive. For strategy players, the full-length game is definitely worth it.


Due to the complex and extensive rules, it takes a little longer to learn the game and it is unsuitable for children under the age of 14. It is also not playable in pairs and you can expect a game length of up to four hours.


Anyone looking for a Game of Thrones board game will definitely find what they are looking for with the strategy game The One Throne. The game fills an entire evening, requires a high degree of strategic thinking and is recommended for everyone who plays board games frequently.

Board Games Buying Guide

Which game can be described as the best board game is difficult to answer. If you are looking for a new board game, you usually have your own methods when making a purchase decision. In the test, the most popular games of the past few years were examined and evaluated in terms of complexity, game flow, simplicity of instructions and, of course, the factor “fun”. The result is the top 5 list of the best board games. However, there are a few things you should consider before comparing prices or making a purchase so that you are not disappointed with your purchase later. Therefore, below you will find a brief overview of what you should pay attention to when buying a new board game.

board game


Clues As To Which Games Are Worth Your Money

The range of games is huge and new games are constantly being added. It is only possible for fans and connoisseurs to keep an overview and to be able to make solid decisions about which game suits their taste. If you only buy games occasionally, it is all the more important that you enjoy the game afterwards.

Most people choose a game if it has been recommended to them by friends or friends. The internet makes it a little easier here, because you can quickly get a first impression of the quality of a game if you look at the reviews of other buyers. Of course, it is always a matter of taste whether a game really appeals to you in retrospect, but a cross-section of the ratings is nevertheless a fairly solid indicator of the quality and fun factor of the game.

The price itself has very little meaning. Most of the time, newer games are a little more expensive, but a cheap board game doesn’t have to be inferior to a very expensive version in terms of features and, of course, fun. In addition to topicality, factors such as materials, scope and publisher also have an impact on the price.

Another good clue is a game price. The prestigious “Game of the Year” industry award, which is awarded annually, does not have to mean that you really like the game, but the game has at least proven to a broad jury that it is balanced, offers a high level of fun and more than one has good facilities. As a rule, the games of the year have a very high long-term motivation and appeal to a wide range of players. They are often quick and easy to learn, but not always suitable for children. For this reason, a few years ago the “Kennerspiel des Jahres” prize was awarded, which recognizes more complex board games – usually for older children and adults – separately. The children’s game of the year award is also given to the little ones. These games have a very simple guide and a game round is usually finished relatively quickly and does not last for hours. If you choose a game with an award, chances are good that the game will deliver what it promises later.

What You Should Pay Attention To When Buying

In addition to ratings, an award or good equipment, you should also consider that no game is fun if you don’t have any other players. That means you should always keep your friends, family members and acquaintances in mind – so ask yourself the question: Who is playing the game with me? This sounds banal, but it should play a big role in the purchase that the game also appeals to your potential teammates.

You should also consider factors such as game duration, minimum age and type of game. As a rule, you can assume that a board game from 12 years of age is significantly more complex than a board game from 6 years of age, has a longer game time and has a topic that is more aimed at older players and adults. If you are looking for an entertaining game in between, the game duration should be specified with a maximum of 20 minutes. Experience has shown that more complex board games in which the playing time is 45 minutes or 1.5 hours can also take several hours. Consider the well-known examples of risk or monopoly.

You should also refrain from games in which the topic does not suit you or the basic type of game does not suit you. For example, some players generally do not like games of chance such as Humans Do Not Annoy You, or are averse to relatively simple board games such as Game of Life or Monopoly, in which the luck of the dice plays a major role. You can usually find clues about the game principle when you look at the back of the packaging. Often there are diagrams of how the game factors luck, tactics, cooperation etc. are distributed in relation to each other.

best board game 2020


Price Range

As a rule, the price as well as the release date play a major role in how complex or complicated the game is. Because with complexity, the need for game material (dice, figures, cards, game plans) often increases. A cheap board game with manageable material and a relatively short game time should not cost more than 25 euros. More elaborate board games, which are extensively equipped and can sometimes last for several hours, are usually between 20 and 50 euros. Very large board games for many players and with very lush or high-quality game materials can sometimes cost over 50 euros, but this is rather the exception.

The basic recommendation is that you shouldn’t set a fixed budget when buying games, because a pure price comparison between different types of board games makes little sense. Rather rely on ratings, recommendations, awards, and when in doubt, your own feelings when you buy a new game. A good help when making a purchase decision can be the top 5 list of the best board games. If you are new to one or more of these games, you should take a close look at them. Chances are that one of them will appeal to you.


5 Best Board Games


You like to play board games and would like to get to know new board games again, but cannot really decide which board games for adults could captivate and inspire you?

The most popular games of the past few years were put under the microscope in the test and rated in terms of fun, long-term motivation and price-performance ratio. The result is the top 5 best board games recommended by reddit. These include both games of the year, fantasy board games, and strategy board games. All tested games have a complex gameplay in which not only luck is important, but also your planning skills play a major role. So if you do not know one of the test winners, it is definitely worth buying the game.



1. The Legends of Andor Board Game 2024


1-cosmos-691745The best board game, the Kenner game of 2013 – the legends of Andor – from KOSMOS was able to prevail.

In the cooperative fantasy game for 2 to 4 players, all players are drawn into the game by the atmospherically designed and detailed game material. The easy entry into the game was particularly well received, so that no complicated rules have to be studied before starting the game, but entry into the game is relatively easy for newcomers. This is achieved through the “Lotspielanleitung”, which leads through the entire process in the form of a test game. The players slip into the role of different characters and have to bundle and use the respective skills to pass the upcoming adventures and trials. The players follow the story and the world of Andor continues to open up as the game progresses.

The complex tasks require creative and strategically good decisions by the individual players so that the increasingly complex challenges can be mastered. The excellent and lovingly designed and extensive game material rounds off the entire package and makes “The Legends of Andor” a very successful fantasy game that presents the players with unusual challenges. Children from the age of 10 can also take part in the game, but plan for 1 to 2 hours of play for a complete game.

It’s not for nothing that the test winner among the best board games of 2024 is a cooperative game, because it met all the criteria that a good board game should meet in the test. You can weigh up whether the game is interesting for you based on the advantages and disadvantages of the review.



The game has an excellent atmosphere and has detailed and well-made game material.


The rules are very well explained in the introductory section and have proven to be straightforward and logical.


The game can only be won if the players play cleverly and well together. This is certainly ideal for a good board game.


It was not without reason that the jury for the game of the year said “a game like a book”. The gameplay is told alive and interesting.

Playing time:

Experience with the board game has shown that a game usually does not last longer than two hours, which most find ideal.



A fantasy game is certainly not for everyone. There should be a little enthusiasm for the topic.

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2. Queen Games 6083 Kingdom Builder Board Game For Family 2024


2 queen games 6083The inexpensive board game from Queen Games particularly delights strategists. The game of the year 2012 is characterized by the fact that it works without dice and reduces the luck factor relatively far, so that there is good equality of opportunity between the players. The test was also well received by many players in the fact that the duration of the game is limited to less than an hour in most games, so that, unlike many other strategy games, it is not completely full-length or several games can be played in the evening.

As the game progresses, players create their own kingdom of settlements and collect gold. The richest player wins the game at the end and children from the age of 8 can also play, as the instructions are clear and relatively simple.

Between 2 and 4 players can compete against each other in Kingdom Builder. The game materials are lovingly designed, the settlement stones are made of wood, so that there is an overall very good price-performance ratio. Due to the very low price combined with the great fun and good long-term motivation that encourages you to play several games, the purchase is worthwhile for all game lovers and the game should not be missing in any collection.

If you are still undecided whether a strategy game is the right one for you, comparing the strengths and weaknesses may help you with your decision.



The high-quality workmanship combined with the good price structure results in a good price-performance ratio.


The game works without dice and the luck factor plays almost no role. In addition, it is easy to play several games in a row.

From 8 years:

Even though it is a strategy game, it can already be played by children from the age of 8.


The instructions are well structured and well thought out so that you can quickly find your way into the game.


The game materials are lovingly and high quality, because many elements are made of wood.


Short Game:

The games are relatively short, so it is not a full-length parlor game.

Strategy Factor high:

The luck factor plays almost no role, so the game only makes sense for strategically interested players.

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3. The Iron Throne Board Game 2024 2nd Edition


3-heidelberger-spieleverlag-he416The very complex and extensive fantasy strategy game from the Heidelberg game publisher is a real game for adults. Children over the age of 14 can follow the rules, but the moves and the whole process require a high degree of strategic thinking. The game is usually too complex for the average player. But if you are looking for a high-quality evening experience, you should definitely take a look at the iron throne in the second edition.

The entire game is based on the novel series “The Song of Ice and Fire” by George RR Martin, on which the successful fantasy series Game of Thrones is based. The game is not only a real game enjoyment for Game of Thrones fans, but is aimed at all friends of the complex strategy game, which builds an exciting and great gaming experience over hours.

Compared to the first edition, the game has been expanded with some innovations and previous extensions of the successful game have been integrated directly. The game material is very extensive and well processed and 3 – 6 players can take part in the game. There is also a variant for two players, but this was not really convincing, so it only pays off if there are three or more players to invest the two to four hours for a complete game. If you get involved with the game, you can fill an entire evening with the game and let yourself be captivated by this great adventure game.

The Game of Thrones board game delighted not only die-hard fans, but also board game fans in general. You can weigh up whether the purchase is also worthwhile for your next game night by comparing the advantages and disadvantages.



The game is very complex and requires a lot of strategic thinking.

Gaming Experience:

The game itself offers an evening-filling and very nice gaming experience.

Game Material:

The game material is very extensive and of high quality. Earlier extensions to the game are already included in the 2nd edition.


Since it is an adventure game, it plays like a story. The game can cast a spell over you.



The rules are relatively complex and extensive, so getting started for the first time can be difficult.

From 14:

The game is only partially playable for children under 14 because it is too complex.

For die-hard board game fans only:

The game is too extensive and complex for casual gamers, also with regard to the playing time of two to four hours.

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4. Catan The Board Strategy Game New edition


4-cosmos-catanWith the new edition of the game “The Settlers of Catan”, which has been translated into over 20 languages ​​and sold 22 million copies, Kosmos has a classic in its program that every board game fan should really have at home. The game thrills children from 10 years and adults alike and offers a 1 to 2 hour first-class gaming experience. Unfortunately, in the new edition, the well-known wooden figures were dispensed with and instead plastic was used. However, the game has also become cheaper, so there is no reason not to buy it.

In the new version there is also app support for iOS, which can be used to intervene directly in the game using the robber figure, but which can also be used to start the game directly without reading the instructions beforehand. This makes entry for newcomers particularly easy and self-explanatory.

The game, which is about conquering an island, collecting raw materials and building settlements, cities and streets, depends on trading skills, strategy and luck on the dice, so that the outcome of each game is completely open at the beginning. In the course of the game, alliances or trade contracts may even be formed between the 3 to 4 players. For anyone who doesn’t know the game yet, it’s high time to try it out. But if you already own the classic version from 1995, it is not worth buying the new edition, because it is the same game.

If you do not yet own the Catan settlers, but are considering purchasing and are still undecided, a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of the game may help you decide.



Catan is a classic game that every board and board game fan should know.

Family Game:

The game is particularly interesting as a family game with children from the age of 10.

App Addition:

The app compatibility brings more movement into play and it enables a quick start.

Game Principle:

The gameplay of conquering the island and building settlements and trade routes is still convincing.


Game Material:

In the new edition there are no wooden figures anymore, these have been replaced by plastic.

Not Playable for two:

You need at least 3 people to play.

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5. Civilization The Board Game For Family Friends In LockDown


5-heidelberger-spieleverlag-335The very extensive and extremely complex game Civilization is a board game implementation of the popular and eponymous strategy game for PC.

It is designed for two to four players and, due to its complexity, not suitable for children under the age of 14.

The two to four hour long full board game lets players lead a complete civilization across all ages and technology, economy, culture and military of the peoples have to be used and combined cleverly to lead their own civilization to true greatness.

Cities and buildings are erected, battles are fought and technical innovations are researched using a modular playing field.

If you are looking for a highly complex and excellently implemented strategy game, you shouldn’t miss out on Civilization.

Whether the purchase of the board game implementation of the PC game is worthwhile for you depends on your expectations. Possibly comparing the strengths and weaknesses can make your purchase decision easier.



The game material is very extensive and the game itself is very complex.


The game is very complex, the instructions are correspondingly complicated.

Game Principle:

Building a complete civilization across all ages is exciting and interesting and well implemented in the board game.


14 Years and older:

Due to the high level of complexity, it is only of limited interest for children under the age of 14.

Playing Time:

The game can take up to four hours, which is certainly not for everyone.

For die-hard board game fans only:

The highly complex strategy game is certainly only of limited use for beginners.

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These were 21 best top rated board games for adults who like to party with friends and families.We hope you like this 2024 list of the best board games of all time for two players or more.Please comment below your feedback.Stay Home & Have Fun With Family.

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