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5 Most Common Parenting Mistakes:

Parenting is never easy and never comes with instruction manual. These words are hardly ever used in the same sentence. Similarly there is no definition of a perfect parent or a perfect child. Despite of this, the parent child relationship is a journey full of thankful moments, fun and unlimited joy. In the same way, being parented is also an equally difficult task filled with beautiful or sometimes complicated moments.

There is no perfect manual ever written on how to be that perfect and immaculate parent. Though there are many books published on parenting, none can match the temperament of your home. The writer naturally does not know the environment and priorities of your home. The circumstances you are facing may not be the concern of the parental guide. Only you can know the type of relationship going on between you and your child. But you are not alone. Parents all over the world have complications and different sorts of struggles going on with their child at some point in life.

The common parenting mistakes that you may be making unknowingly with your child are listed here. They are only to give you an idea about certain actions on part of the parent that hinders them in becoming the best parent ever.

  1. The level of involvement of the parent in the child’s life is an important issue. Parents are either overly involved in their kid’s life of under involved. This all depends on the type of life the parent has spent as a child. Sometimes parents promise themselves not to treat their children the way they were treated by their parents. This may be because their parents were extremely strict, and this makes them become overly permissive with their child. Or they somehow spent a financially unstable or deprived life, this makes the parents become over indulgent in their child’s life. Though the parents start all this with fairly good intentions but the results turn out to be on the contrary. When you are overly permissive, you make your child an easy prey to a number of vile actions and deeds. This is like letting your child play with bath water alone. Parents need to understand that there is a time to be strict and a time to be permissive. Some situations do demand the parents to be strict and assertive. When you become over indulgent in your child’s life, they start to expect a lot from you and become incapable of making their own life decisions.
  2. Thinking that you know your kid better that the kid knows himself is yet another matter of serious concern. How can someone know you better than your own self. But this is the most heard of assumption of the parents. They assume that their child will behave in a certain way because they behaved like that when they were that age. Similarly, if your daughter looks like you, it does not mean that she will behave like you too. You do not have to assume your child’s actions and behaviors. You have to listen to them. Listen to them again and again. Make sure that they discuss their powers and fears with you. Only this will make you know your child, rather than making self-assumptions.
  3. Being overly worried about your child will never prevent him from harm. It never leads to anything good. You should show a concern about your child’s life but worrying prevents them from learning important skills in life. This behavior on part of the parents makes their child think that the parents neither trust them nor the world. This leads them to develop emotional insecurities, fear, anxiety, withdrawal and avoidance.
  4. Maintaining very high or very low expectations from your child. You make a comparison of your kids among themselves and unknowingly make them believe that they are only good at one thing while the other is good at another. This happens when you label every child differently as smart, attractive and social e.t.c. The technique on the other hand should be to tell your children that each one of them possess different good qualities to varying levels.
  5. You are not being the best role model for your child. If you spend all your time and energy in worrying about your children and fulfilling their interests by sacrificing your own, it will give your child the impression that adulthood is all about focusing on others and not yourself. This children hence believe that adult hood is all about sacrifices and not fun. What you can rather do is to focus some of your time on your own pleasure and self care too.

So these are the five most common parenting mistakes. The parents should consider making adjustments to avoid them and become the best parents for their children.

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