Baby Clothing Haul Organic & Stylish! Made of Cotton: Why and What Advice for MotherCare

organic clothing for babies

Every parent wants their baby to grow up healthy and therefore tries to protect him as much as possible. Because the skin of the little ones is very sensitive, the parents must choose the clothes with which they will dress the little one correctly.

Specialists claim that babies must wear 100% cotton clothes because this material gives the child all the comfort. Because the skin of the newborn is very sensitive and fine, you need to pay special attention to the things your baby comes into contact with.

Moisturizing cream, shower gel and detergent used to wash clothes should be specially designed for babies. In addition, the baby’s clothes should be rinsed twice, so that no trace of detergent will remain on them. Also pay attention to the perfume you use because it may cause an allergic reaction to the little one.

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Why should you buy cotton clothes?

If you want to give the best to your baby, then buy 100% cotton clothes, because this material does not cause allergies and does not irritate the skin. Being soft and super absorbent, cotton is excellent for the fine skin of babies.

Also, contrary to “myths, children’s cotton clothing is quite accessible to everyone. See here the offers on children’s cotton clothing and the discounts we made for

100% cotton clothes are much more comfortable

By dressing the little one in cotton clothes, you make sure he feels comfortable. Bearing in mind that the little ones sleep more and more, being dressed in clothes they will develop harmoniously. In addition, because the cotton is molded on the body, your little one can move freely.

Cotton clothing protects the skin

Unlike other fabrics, cotton is not toxic at all. Synthetic fibers, on the other hand, release toxic substances on the skin of the baby, because they are treated with chemicals. In addition, cotton clothing absorbs the fluid and keeps the baby’s skin dry.

Why Organic Cotton Is Best For Your Baby?

Your baby is the most precious man in your life. Naturally, you will want to do everything in your power to make sure that it has some of the best in life.

You may have already switched to organic food to make sure the little one is healthy on the inside, but have you thought that the clothes you wear must be organic too?

Baby clothes and products made of organic cotton have become very popular in recent years. More and more parents are opting for organic items instead of those full of chemicals.

Organic cotton vs. conventional cotton: what’s the difference?

The difference between organic and conventional cotton is given by the way they are produced and the amount of chemicals used in this process.

Baby clothes and sheets are made from conventional cotton that uses a large amount of toxic and chemical pesticides during the growing process. Then it is strongly bleached and colored with toxic dyes during the tissue process.

GMO seeds are often used for growing cotton balls, which are then sprayed with insecticides. A machine is then used to choose cotton.

Here’s how organic cotton is made:

  • It is gently harvested with the help of natural cotton seeds.
  • There are no chemicals on the soil used.
  • Farmers use only rainwater to grow the crop.
  • No chemicals or pesticides are sprayed at any stage of the process.
  • Cotton balls are chosen by hand and are never bleached or painted with toxic chemicals.
  • If dyes are used, they are usually non-toxic herbal dyes.

For these reasons, contrary to common perception, organic cotton is better than Egyptian cotton.

Now that you know the difference between organic and conventional cotton, here are 6 reasons why you should only buy baby clothes and organic cotton linens.

Resist more

Unlike conventional cotton, organic cotton lasts longer. Instead of buying one set of pajamas each month, invest the money in a quality pajamas that will last for years.

This is due to the fact that the fibers resistant to organic cotton were not damaged by the chemicals during the growth and weaving process.

Therefore, the quality of organic cotton is superior. No matter how many times you wash it, it will look just as good.

Contains no toxic substances

We have already talked about the chemicals used in growing and processing conventional cotton. It is extremely important for your baby to sleep in sheets and clothes without chemicals, because his skin is 5 times thinner, more absorbent and more sensitive than an adult.

Therefore, the skin of a baby absorbs toxic substances faster and can develop skin irritation and allergies.

If dressed in conventional cotton, babies inhale chemical residues from fibers while they sleep. But when they are dressed in organic clothes, the children rest better, and you are quieter knowing that they do not inhale anything toxic.

Organic cotton is softer and more comfortable

Organic cotton is naturally a very soft fiber. But when it is full of chemicals it loses its property and becomes harsh, causing discomfort.

When a child feels itching, he becomes restless. By switching to organic cotton, give your child maximum comfort and make sure he feels well dressed in soft clothes.

When properly cared for, organic cotton becomes softer with each wash.

It is better for baby’s skin

Organic cotton is soft and delicate with the child’s skin. Because the material is soft and contains no chemicals, your child is less likely to develop skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis and allergies.

Because organic cotton always maintains its natural state, it is more resistant to mold and microbes.

It is better for the environment

Lately, people have become concerned about the environment. Currently, there are numerous organizations that run campaigns and invite people to take part in saving the planet.

You can start today from using organic clothes, especially if you have a child in the house. Simply using organic cotton clothes brings many benefits to the environment.

Conventional cotton harms plants and wildlife. It also wastes huge amounts of water.

As pesticides and insecticides are sprayed, residues leak into rivers, trees and local vegetation from which wild animals feed and hydrate to survive.

Treated cotton seeds are often ingested by animals that eventually become ill and then die.

On the other hand, organic cotton is much better for the environment and for wildlife. No chemicals are used, and farmers recycle rainwater.

It is better for farmers

Organic cotton is not only good for the baby’s health and the environment, but also for the farmers who grow cotton.

Farmers are not exposed to harmful chemicals and do not inhale pesticides and insecticides. Also, they are not required to borrow to buy expensive GMO seeds. This means that they are much more excited to grow organic cotton.

Choose wisely and buy only organic cotton clothes and linens for your child.

Baby Clothing Haul -Organic & Stylish! 2020

Clothes or baby things I have a bunch of cute little things for a newborn or I usually get zero to three month stuff just because it’s really big at first but you know same thing a tiny baby and I also just wanted to tell you guys a little bit about this company they’re super super cool and I recently found out about them and now I am obsessed so let me show you first I have all these clothes and I’m going to show you in a second but um when I got my package in the mail I had a little handwritten note which is super sweet and a little congratulations like card I don’t know it’s super cute and then these are the boxes that it came in up there and everything was really nicely wrapped
inside but I took it out because I couldn’t wait so yeah I’m gonna go through and show you the clothes but I also want to say that everything that they make is organic cotton and a bamboo
blend so it’s super super soft and safe for baby skin and it’s also all ethically made in Turkey so it’s a super super cool company they have like mainly basics they don’t have a huge range of
things which personally that’s like the kind of store that I prefer um what else oh and they also have a really cool subscription service which is kind of like these boxes I’ll tell you a little bit more towards the end because I know you guys probably just want to see some clothes
um but yeah they are based in the okay I have a free shipping coupon code for you guys which is amazing because I think it’s usually ten pounds for shipping to the US which is like what
fifteen bucks or something like that so have a free shipping code for you guys which is amazing because nobody likes to pay for shipping so I will link that down there I will link everything else
down there and yeah I’m gonna jump into the clothes that I got so if you guys could feel these it would make me so happy because it’s one of those things where it’s just like ah you know like
you feel a fabric and you’re like I want that you know like I want that on my body or on my baby’s body so the first couple things I’ll show you are just two little basic hats but they’re so so cute
just have yeah that is a sticker just have a little white one and then they have their little let me see if I can get it to focus mm-hmm little tiny unobtrusive logo right there and yeah like I said I got the zero to three month right size and everything where is that yeah zero to three months I’ve been didn’t had a really big head so I don’t know how this baby will be but hopefully this will fit good and then I also got a little like light heather gray one is it real no it’s for baby you have other hats and they’re much bigger okay and then to go along with those or just separate I got two little sleepers so I got the grey one they have really cool options for their sleepers and I’ll show you the other kind in a second but these ones are the front snap ones so they’re like the the standard ones have a little pocket here and then at the bottoms they do have the little flip down you know hand coverings for when their
fingernails are really sharp even on the zero to three month once which makes me really happy I think they might have them on the three to six also I’m not sure but I don’t like it when it’s just
the newborn ones because I mean you could have a newborn with crazy fingernails and they’re like wearing this size and they also have the feet so yeah that’s what this one looks like I love sleepers for when they’re little even when they do have cloth diapers on just because like there is room here
it’s not like there’s a tiny waistband and a bunch of other stuff so yeah I got the gray one and then I also got wait wait where is it ha the white one as well I probably should have showed
you guys the details on this one I feel like it’s a little easier to see but yeah just a cute little basic sleeper pick and I know a lot of people like the sleepers with the zippers but I don’t because they’re usually not covered on the inside and so like the zipper is going against like your baby and I just
feel like that would be uncomfortable so anyway here’s the other types of sleepers and I got two of these as well I’m not sure if you’re gonna be able to see this but I’m gonna try to show you the texture of the fabric let’s see come on camera there you can see it okay you see how like it’s like it has those little dots I don’t know why I like that so much but I really do it just makes it
seem like it’s a really quality fabric and I don’t know why it like stirs up images of like really cozy blankets in my mind but it does so yeah that’s what
all these fabrics are like I’m not sure
what that’s actually called but you know
the little dots I’m getting short of
breath again I don’t like pregnancy where this reason
okay so these are the sleepers but these
are called the back back I don’t know
what they’re called yeah they are they
open in the back and you’ll see them if
you go on the website so they have these
three snaps somebody is not a nut
listening move today okay um so their
sleepers let me show you the whole thing
first they have the feet they have this
little pocket right here they also have
the little fold-over myths but they open
up in the back which is what I’m saying
you definitely need some sort of opening
weather front or back to get this over
the head of a baby and I just love that
these don’t look like the traditional
ones you know they don’t have the
buttons all the way down but they’re
still easy to get on and I have one more
of those where is it ah-ha I have a
white one I have a white one too just
plain white except for the little grey
pocket has the feet has the mittens and then has the three
buttons down the back so super super
cute and soft and basic and amazing and
I love everything from here oh if I
could have every single piece on their
website I would um these are basically
like the colors they have they have the
gray the white and then these ones which
I’m gonna show you which are the bluish
kind of it’s like a nice blue grey it’s
not super bright or anything um and I
think even though it’s like a blue it’s
totally gender neutral and it doesn’t
scream like I’m a boy you know and then
they also have this which is like a
yellowy baiji color and then the gray
and the white did I already say that
okay so let me show you those more in
detail these I got two little cardigan
so they’re basically long sleeve tees
but they have buttons all the way down
the middle two pockets so cute oh my
goodness and yeah that’s what this one
looks like it’s just the the yellow one
and then I got a blue one also so these
can be worn with obviously anything if
you did want to put it over a sleeper
they could totally coordinate or just
like with some other pants or some wool
pants some cozy little pants anyway this
is the blue stripe you won the cardigan
house well there’s the detail okay and
then oh I have one more cardigan – I
forgot I got the gray cardigan with the
two little white pocket so yeah and then
the last two things that I got our pants
now if you are a cloth diapering mama
then sometimes especially when they’re
really really little like newborn or
zero to three month pants they’re like
really hard to get that diaper in but
these ones that they have are called
yoga pants so if you guys can kind of
see like the crotch drops quite low so
you can totally stuff a diaper bum in
there no problem so these are the blue
ones again it’s kind of hard to see cuz
my lighting is a little bit weird right
now but there that’s kind of accurate
and then on the back on the bum it just
has one little white pocket with the
logo and that’s what those look like the
waistband is also super super stretchy
as well as the fabric the whole thing is
like got a lot of stretch in it trying
to get hot okay and the last thing that
I have are the yoga pants again
but these are the yellow ones and they
just have those sweet little white
stripes and then the white pocket on the
back there so so freakin cute okay so I
just wanted to show you guys all the
stuff that I got from there I hope that
it’s a new discovery for a lot of you
guys and you can go check them out as
well don’t forget to use the coupon code
and oh the subscription boxes so I don’t
know offhand like the prices or I think
it’s like every month but I think the
deal is you can purchase a gift
subscription for somebody else or for
yourself and basically you can choose
like one item I think this I’m double
check on the website or two items or the
bigger box which he has taken apart
which would be this all of these are
cool also because they fit through a
little standard like slot in your door
for mail which I don’t have but if you
did have it you know mailman could just
slide it on in there and basically they
like send you a few pieces one two or
three I think for like the size that
your baby will be at that point like
this season that it’s in and yeah it’s
just like three months of cute little
clothes minimalistic basics that are
super super soft and yeah so um
when you also when you do this
subscription you save money as opposed
to just buying everything individually
anyway I’m gonna go but I hope that you guys
like this I’m really excited I think oh
these are perfect and neutral and soft
and squishy and yeah okay I hope you’re
getting well okay bye guys

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