Mom Artwork: Raising Emotionally Intelligent Child with Art Work (Drawing, Painting, Animation)

emotional intelligence for kids

The Importance of Art in Developing Kids


We have heard a lot, people sayings “Why should we study art or why children should emphasis on arts? Mostly parents believe that children should mainly focus on mathematics, Science or Commerce etc. in schools and art is just an enjoyment time for little brains. Art is useless won’t get you anywhere and so on.

There are many schools where now a day’s situation of the school board planning is to reduce energy and time for arts in schools. Based on recent wave of technological mindset and thinking process that students won’t do well in their future technical education if diverted towards other fields. Well we would be surprised to know that, now science and psychology proved that [su_highlight]Art is mandatory ingredient in developing creativity in kids! [/su_highlight]Art makes a huge positive and innovative impact in our lives!

Now the questions rise, [su_highlight]what is Art? What are the different types of art?[/su_highlight]

Art is a mean of reflecting or expressing imagination in any form like drawing, animation, painting, architecture, calligraphy, computer graphic design, illuminated manuscript, photography or video creations etc.

Arts Education likes Poetry and the Visual Arts, Develop Emotional Intelligence drastically especially in children when they are more curious to learn everything as a normal human brain learning cycle.


emotional intelligence parenting


Art is helping millions of other people you want to see how?

6 Reasons Why the Arts Are Important In Our


  1. Arts develop innovative skills.
  2. Arts improve analytical thinking skills.
  3. Arts release stress and boost emotional intelligence.
  4. Arts boost self-confidence and positivity.
  5. Arts help us to express our emotions beautifully
  6. Arts foster new ideas which is required for leadership

Why kids must be encouraged to do painting?

Our little dreamers love to express what’s in their mind. This visual colorful way of articulating is the easy one they love.  Painting is not only a simple activity but it’s much more than that. It opens up mind’s ability to create, to ponder, to find answers of the queries hence increasing utilizing of right part of the brain which is primarily designed for creativity and innovation by nature. It is a technique for children to show themselves in their own special way. Painting also assists kids to use their senses, explore ideas, and express emotions in colors. The paintbrush develops self-confidence in artist when they get appreciation. When a child does painting, both sides of his / her brain get involved, establishing the linking between two hemispheres.

From now on when your child brings a self-painted picture at home, Not to forget involve in it , ask questions from the painting and appreciate. Remember Art is a language and that painting is one type of art that helps children grow emotionally, mentally, physiologically, and spiritually.

emotional intelligence for children


Now when we have come to know that [su_highlight]the biggest benefit of Art or painting is development of Emotional Intelligence especially in kids. [/su_highlight]So lets see this

What is emotional intelligence (EQ) and why it

is important?


EQ is the capability to be conscious aware of knowing emotions, get control over their expressions and to handle beautifully interpersonal relationships sensibly and compassionately. We can improve our emotional intelligence, make our relationships awesome, and accomplish our career goals. That’s what every parent want for their children to develop soft skills such that their kids become integral part of successful society with key positive contributing roles.

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is one known the most important traits of one’s personality. Just imagine if parents would be able to raise their kids with high EQ by using drawing, painting or other visual, non-visual Arts right from the beginning.  Following three skills also improve with EQ.

Knowing Yourself: Parents who are self-awaked and have strong intellect of self-awareness, they can raise great kids who can lead the nations in future as those parents understand their own strengths and weaknesses, as well as how their upbringing should be. Parents who are self-aware can normally handle situations better and learn from surroundings especially constructive criticism than who are not.

Self-regulation: After self-awareness one trait that is differentiator between great parents and just being parents is self-regulation. It is such an effective skill that parents and kids can use to increase overall performance, regardless of capability. Self-regulation is a skill developed after a lot of practice and self-actualization by that we become responsible of our own knowledge seeking, observing our behavior, advancement and making amendments from idea to implementation.

Motivation: It is observed that all parents who are self-motivated they also have ability of Emotional intelligence. Such parents are not motivated just by title or money rather they show strength and hopefulness even during difficult situations.

[su_highlight]In This Life, Emotional Intelligence Rules and

That is Fostered by Art[/su_highlight]

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