How to Bond With Your Newborn 2020

when do babies get attached to mom

Bonding with Baby after Birth:

New Dad… Baby Bonding advice.. When did you first really start Reddit ?

What are ways babies bond or make attachments ? Have I bonded with my baby ? When do babies get attached to mom and dad ? These are frequently asked queries by new parents. Lets see what Medical science and psychology says recommend us.

Parenting does not come with a manual and neither does children. Children are like sponges, they absorb everything from their surroundings. They are dependent on their care givers for love and support. The bonding of the initial months is very important. A child can understand through his instincts if he is safe and in hands she can trust. This natural ability allows them to form a bond with their parents or care givers shortly after birth.

[su_highlight]It is however very unfortunate to know that not all infants are able to form a secure attachment with their parents after birth[/su_highlight]. These infants feel fear and distrust in the first few months of life. This may be because most parents do not know how to develop this bonding with their child and help them grow. The contributing factors can be poverty, ignorance and stress. The parents are too busy in their own lives and problems that they are unable to handle their new born.Momy Dady should have a prior knowledge of signs of secure attachment in babies.

The [su_highlight]simplest way to bond with your child[/su_highlight] is to simply hold him when he cries. The child needs to feel safe and secure and needs to know that there is someone to take care of him. He needs to feel the warmth and presence of the parents. This small step reduces the anxiety of the infant and helps him to bond with you.

[su_highlight]Children who are attached and bonded with their parents become self-reliant and self-esteemed adults[/su_highlight]. They are independent and perform well in social gatherings as well as at school. They are confident about themselves and their environment and experience less depression and stress. However children who have not bonded well in infancy, suffer their whole lives to compensate for the loss. They feel that they are unlovable and always need reassurances from others. They are not confident about who they are. They have a hard time getting along with others and often live an unsettled life. They think themselves as inadequate and always seek confirmations from others that they are lovable. They are unable to open themselves to others and are highly insecure. They greatly dread intimacy and rejection.

To avoid your child from such a devastating future, bond and attach to him in infancy. Make him feel loved and secure. [su_highlight]Hold him when he cries. Stroke him gently. Comfort him especially during the first six months of its life.[/su_highlight]  That is when the bonding develops. Most of the bonding problems arise due to the negligence of the parents. But six months is not a long time. Caress your child and you will raise a confident adult who is able to take on the world.

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