How Should Parents Have Achievable New Year’s Resolutions?

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6 Achievable Parents New Year’s Resolutions

We all make New Year’s Resolutions. Some we are able to achieve, other we drag till the next year and some we forget about. Everyone wants to make changes in the parts of their lives where they feel dissatisfied or unaccomplished. Some want to adopt a healthy diet, others want to work on relationships and some want to enhance their living situation. But what is the key to make all your new year’s resolutions achievable.

The solution is to be gentle to yourself. Be firm in your aspirations but love yourself all the same. Setting hard targets for yourself will only tire you and compel you to deviate from your goal. Listen to the voice inside your head. It will motivate you and discipline you like a parent does. Go easy on yourself and if your targets seem unachievable, adjust them to match your timetable.

Here are some ways you can have achievable New Year’s resolutions,

  1. Recognize the small accomplishments you make and praise yourself often. Tell yourself that this is just the beginning and you will get better with time. Pamper yourself and love yourself.
  2. Encourage yourself to move forward despite of the obstacles and difficulties. Provide yourself comfort and support. Call a friend to cheer you up and treat yourself to a good party often.
  3. Always see the best in yourself and forgive yourself often. Love yourself and be kind to yourself. If you achieve your goal, celebrate. If you fail, console yourself. Take a break to refresh yourself and try again.
  4. Change is good but it is not easy. Give time to the events to unfold slowly. Practice patience. Good things always take time.
  5. Set realistic and achievable goals. Check yourself if you are meeting your goals on time or not. And if not, then make adjustments in your time table and try to get back on track as fast as you can. Redirect yourself with an aim to perform better this time than the last time.
  6. Be flexible in your approach. Change your strategy if new situations arise. Adapt to change and do not be stubborn. If one thing did not work, try a different approach and be persistent.

The best bet is to be kind and loving to yourself just as the mother is with her child. Even when there are disappointments and delays, remind yourself that you are the most important thing. Resolutions can be adjusted and goals can be met. All that matters is that you enjoy what you do rather than take it as a burden and annoy yourself.

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