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Newborn baby and mother care:

It’s very tough situation when woman becomes a mother and tougher situation if it’s her first time. She doesn’t know much about what to do because she hasn’t any experience. She has to do a lot of sacrifices, a lot of hard work and other things to take care of her new born baby.

Following stats are self explanatory in realizing the importance of getting knowledge about newborn and mother health.


Newborn baby and mother care 1st month

Tips for new moms with newborn :

If you are searching for advice for first time mom, you are on the right tract to get the tips and advice. Kept in my mind all the issues and problems that happened with first time mother I from my experience is going to share with you about 1st month newborn baby and mother care.

  • Don’t be quite while baby is sleeping:

You don’t need to be quite and make silence all the time when your baby is sleeping, as you may know that the womb from where the baby grows up to 9 month, he listen every type of noise.

In simple works he came out from the place which is always loud so he/she is used to noise. He/she will have good sleep if you maintain the environment before and after his/her birth. Your baby will be more peaceful if you do all the works you did before his birth when he was in the womb.

  • Relax her when she cries:

When your baby start crying and you don’t know what to do, you should pat backing a heartbeat-like rhythm, in this way your baby will get comfort.  This method relaxes him very quickly if he is crying from insecurity.

If it doesn’t work, try other things like swaddling, shushing, holding her on her side, swinging her or letting her sucking. Sometime a single method works but sometimes it takes al these to relax your baby. This is the second tip for 1st month newborn baby and mother care.

  • Use shield to help your baby in latching:

If you have a latch-on issue, use breast shield to make it easy for your baby, when breastfeeding him/her. Use those shields for the entire month till your baby can latch on the nipple by his own.

  • Get everything prepared for your baby:

Be active and try to prepare everything means food for your baby even if it is at night. After 3 weeks the days and nights of babies becomes more predictable.

If you want to be relaxed, ready everything that you will need to feed your baby.  When your baby is done with feeding; start preparing the next feeding when the previous feeding is over.

In this way you can take advantage to workout, shower or using social media while he is taking a nap.

  • Keep him alert while feeding him:

When your baby is eating slowly and sleepily, Do massage his/her cheeks to awake him/her to eat faster. In this way your baby will eat efficiently.

The reason of doing this is when the baby is full he/she fall for sleep for longer which means you and your husband can take rest too.

  • Get your baby interacted with dad:

Make sure your baby spend much time with his dad. His voice and touch are different from you and your baby will start making bond with him as well.

In this way if you are busy in something else your husband can handle the baby. Your child will learn that there is someone else from whom he can receive comfort. These were tips for 1st month newborn baby and mother care.


An Experience of a New Mom Once: 

As a mom of two little boys I wanted to share my BEST newborn baby hacks and tricks! This is great advice if you want to know how to care for a newborn infant. I learned so much from Emily Norris about this when I was a new mom so I hope my tips help you.

“Hi everyone married here welcome to my website today I have a newborn hacks for you guys I am the mother of two little boys. A two and a half year old and a newborn it was actually very shortly growing out of the newborn stage. He’s almost three months two and a half so I figured that would be a perfect time to write about it because we are right in the midst of it and soon growing out of it.
If you hear his little cues he’s right over there so he’ll probably be in this article lol. It’s just a minute I hope you guys like it if you do please make sure to give it a big thumbs up and I would love it if you
subscribe to my site.
I write this article about being a Jewish mom and I upload on
Mondays and Thursdays okay so let’s jump into the Hat okay so let’s jump into the Hat so the first tips I want to talk about are sleep because newborns are not wired to sleep through the night and is a very hard Justin when you come home to baby waking up every few hours but that’s totally normal so what I’m talking about some tips that help with newborn sleep the first tip I have is a white noise machine this one is sleep sheep and that’s what we call them yes that is his name and it’s just a white noise machine it has a few different noises whale sounds bird rainbow etc so I really recommend one of these products you’ll notice that babies sleep really well when you’re out and about like at a restaurant at a party like where there’s tons of loud noise or just ambient noise
going on and it really helps to have one of these at home really just muffles those like minor sounds that comes up when babies sleep and it teaches them to not have to be in a 100% totally quiet space to sleep the next if I have is when you’re feeding at night to swaddle before you feed so this is my favorite swaddle blanket I will talk more about it in a little bit it’s from even in an
eye but basically when you’re feeding at night you just want that baby to go right back to bed when you’re done so what I recommend is when they wake up change their diaper settle them down and then fill in their swaddle and then feed them and hopefully you can put them right back down in their crib afterwards without having to swaddle that much wakes them up a lot by the way this
right here is the snoo I have a whole separate review on it i 100% recommend it for sleep we have a two month old Corey who is now sleeping through the night with is truly a miracle and the swaddling for this new is super easy because we’re on the topic of sleep I’ll just mention it if you are struggling with newborns sleep you might want to think about buying one of these or even just renting one but it comes with its own swaddle so you just zip the baby and it’s called the five-second swaddle it’s really nice but if you don’t have this new using this and just following the baby before
you start to feed them at night I think really helps the transition speaking of helping your sanity for sleep I also want to show you guys where they keep right over there and next to the bed so
at night next to my bed every night I just put a handful of diapers some wipes
and again one of these cloths even though we don’t swallow our baby in it I use this to change his diaper all that I do is I do not take him over to the changing table in the middle of the night I just put this on my lap on top of the sheets and change his diaper right in front of me I’ve got the wipes
the diapers right there I literally don’t move from the bed as you can see
if he’s got a poop explosion or something of course that’s a different case but generally at night it’s just pee it’s just an easy diaper change so I do it right on my lap sitting in bed I put the dirty diaper in a little trash can over there and that’s it I’m done it makes nighttime changes so much easier and I think it’s much less disturbing for the baby which helps them get back to sleep right.
Afterwards my next few tips are for crying babies cry it’s just one of the things they do but I want to show you guys how I like to convey bees down so this is my baby Cory and we’re gonna demonstrate some baby holds for you the first one is the colic hold it looks like this you put your arm in front of the baby’s chest and your hand right under their bottom and you just hold them like this in a slightly downwards position and it really helps soothe them you can also pat their stomach this can be great position for burping as well I found this is the best one for just walking around the house and calming them down the next position that works great you might have seen this one online
it’s famously touted as the position that makes every baby stop crying you want to be a little bit careful before they can hold their head up but you want to place your hand right there on their
chest and then put your other hand under their bottom lean them for it a little bit and you shake their tush like this it’s super strange right boy it’s super strange but it really does work to just calm them down yeah but again you just want to have your hand here and be careful before they can support their neck the next if I have for crying and calming baby is this a giant exercise ball not only is this a great investment when you’re pregnant because it really helps to sit while you’re pregnant on this and to get labor started and during labor but it also is great to calm a baby sometimes they really need that bouncing motion to calm them down now he’s like you started double with me don’t put you down again another great tip for helping a baby calm down is to go outside if your baby is just screaming and in one of those like can’t take it anymore moods sometimes the best thing you can do for them is just step outside of your house even if it’s cold outside or really hot outside that sudden change in the ambient air and temperature and just feel sometimes is enough to just startle them and get them to calm down for a minute and it’s just very soothing for a baby to be outside.
I find babies ought to be a lot calmer when they’re outdoors than indoors and the last recommendation I have for a crying baby, wear
him all the time and it is really really
nice.Corey is a super calm baby watch
she’s gonna start crying now but I think
a lot of that is because I spend a lot
of time wearing him which is very
comforting for him also if you’re going
out to a restaurant or something like
that it really helps to have to wear the
baby.I find cor if I want to make sure you go
straight to sleep when we’re out in
outdoor when we’re out in public if I
put him in the sling he just drops off
and it’s so nice okay my next tip is for
bath time you might not know this but
babies especially newborns are not good
at retaining their body temperature so a
bath can be a really tough transition
experience for them so one of the things
that helps is to place a cloth of warm
water right over their chest which is
generally the exposed part of their body
on a bath and to just keep warming that
cloth up with warm water you can just
splash warm water on top of it and it
really helps to keep them warm and
maintain their warm body temperature
while you’re doing the bath which you
should keep pretty short especially for
a newborn also right to the bath the best thing for them is
skin-to-skin contact just take off your
shirt put them on your chest and then
nurse them that’s the best way for them
to get their body temperature back up
and to calm them after the bath even if
they enjoy the bath experience that’s
the best my next step is a little bit of
a money-saving one newborns are born
with really sharp fingernails and it’s
really hard to keep them not sharp so
it’s really nice to have a pair of
newborn mittens so that they don’t
scratch their face or anything or their
eye when they’re upset generally I use
these for car rides when I have a
newborn because that’s the time where
they might be crying for a few minutes
and I’m not going to be able to pick
them up straight away so I always put
new mittens on my baby when we’re in the
car or if he’s upset however newborn mittens get lost they’re
not that expensive but they’re just an
extra thing you have to buy so what I
tend to use instead is newborn locks
it’s always nice to have an extra sock
pair of socks with you anyways because
the ones on their feet tend to fall off
so I love having newborn socks to put on
their hands when we’re in the car when I
want to cover up their hands because
then they have an extra pair of socks
and I don’t have to invest in a ton of
newborn mittens my next hack for you
guys is to buy onesies with zippers so
this is a perfect one this is one of my
favorite ones from the gap and it just
has a zipper to take on and off from the
baby as you saw that took me point two
seconds to do versus something like this
which is an adorable outfit but this is
buttons I seriously don’t know why these
snap buttons were even invented for
baby’s clothing you’ll see they’re all
over the place but they are so hard to
do I swear like can we time me buttoning
this up and there’s not even that baby
in it wiggling around okay so it’s
probably been about five seconds I’m not
even halfway there and I haven’t even
done the tough part which is around the
diaper area if you see clothes with
snaps all the way up and down do not buy
them people my next tip is for nursing
it is a very hard to remember when you
last ours to baby which side you nursed
amant etc and there are tons of apps
online that will do this for you however
I find that none
are exactly what I need so I just used
the note section in my phone I’ll show
you guys how I do it and the reason I do
it this way is because it’s totally
customizable to what I want and not what
some app tells me I should want so this
is a little screenshot from one of the
first days when Corrie was born and I
just have the time if he had a if I
nursed him if he pooped if he peed etc
and it’s all just like that I can see it
really clearly and it’s exactly what I
want to mark down how I want to mark it
now these two months old I’m not
recording every dirty diaper he has but
I do still record the nursing times
because I tend to forget so I just used
this I’ve got my cymbals of like the mom
being like I don’t know or the bottle if
I pumped milk etc and sometimes I’ll put
his nap time in there if I just want to
remember like how long his naps were if
I’m trying to see what his schedule like
etc so again I just use the note section
on my phone and different emojis because
it’s fun and easy to see and I don’t
worry about any of those apps so the
last thing I want to talk about is just
how to have a calm and peaceful
household with a newborn so I tend to
think that our home is pretty calm even
with two dogs and two kids running
around and I think that’s because I try
to have a calm attitude in the home and
one of the ways I achieved this is just
to understand that it’s okay
for a baby to cry babies cry that’s what
they do I’m in no way recommending that
you let your baby just cry and be upset
without you attending to them if they
need them etc but for example if you’re
in the shower you’ve got your conditioner in you can
see your baby and all of a sudden they
start crying but they’re totally safe
and fine it’s okay to finish washing
your hair and let the baby cry for a
minute or two while you get out of the
shower dry off put on your robe etc when
I was a brand-new mom I would have just
ran out of the shower with my wet hair
and then just been totally stuck trying
to like nurse a baby without any clothes
on with my hair conditioner etc it’s
totally fine to take an extra 30 seconds
and pull yourself together before you
attend to the baby again this is with
the caveat that they’re safe they don’t
that they’re not in any danger and said
and that you’re not letting them cry for
a long period of time I’m not suggesting
that at all I’m just saying take a few
extra seconds to let yourself be pulled
together before you tend to the baby the
next tip I have in terms of mindset is
just to remind yourself it’s a phase
when my older son didn’t sleep and that
was a long phase I kept saying to myself
at night it’s just a phase when he’s an
18 year old teenager you see me sleeping
all day I’m sure these newborn days are
really short they truly fly by when
you’re in the midst of the baby crying
and trying to comfort them and swaddle
them at nursing it kind of feels like
this will never end and it’s just so
hard but the truth of the matter is in
just a few short days sometimes that
phase will be done so I just really keep
that mindset when it’s a tough day that
it’s just a really short phase and
things will change so soon
so I mentioned this blanket this is one
of my top tips I call this the does it
all blanket I’ll show you guys so for
example of course it’s a blanket it’s a
swaddle I like to tie the two ends
together and use it as a nursing cover a
tie it first and I’ll slip it over my
head you’ve got nursing cover I also use it
as a car seat cover a stroller cover and
then just to clean up messes and I
change the baby on it if it’s at night
like I showed you or somewhere where I
don’t have a changing pad etc so again
this is a does it all blanket you all
need to carry this one you don’t eat a
hundred other things with you and yeah
definitely recommend one of these so my
next tip it’s for germs practice saying
this with me have you washed your hands
yet this is something I say whenever
anybody ask to hold the baby I just say
oh have you washed your hands yet like
it’s just a natural thing that comes out
of my mouth I’ll say it to family
friends my husband anyone it’s just good
to get in that habit of reminding people
to wash their hands before they pick up
a newborn and to not make it a big deal
and not make it awkward it’s not because
you don’t love them or trust them it’s
just because they probably haven’t
washed their hands that recently and
it’s best to keep those germs away from
a newborn the next thing you should feel
very empowered to say is oh his
pediatrician recommended X if there’s
anything that you want or don’t want
like you don’t people coming up to the
baby and sniffing it or touching it etc
or you don’t want the baby to go out at
a certain time or you
don’t want to do something all you have
to say is oh the previa Trisha
recommended that we do X and nobody’s
gonna question you so feel fully
empowered to use that line but in all
honesty don’t even feel the need to do
that you’re the mom now you’re in charge
do it you want what you feel is best for
your baby so those are all my newborn
tips for you guys I hope that you found
them useful if you did please make sure
to give this article a big thumbs up and
subscribe my website down below to see
more and I’ll see you in the next one.”

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