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First Time Mom advises

First time mom advice:

It’s very hard being a first time mom. You will enter a life-changing stage without knowing your life is actually changing. You have to prepare yourself to accept those changes. You have to sacrifices and do a lot of care and hard work for the sake of your first baby.

If there was a ‘’learn on the job’’, parenthood would be that job. That doesn’t mean anything that you are entering into motherhood but you have to find better ways to avoid the mistakes most moms do.  Here are must have yet

untold advises for first time mom:



  • Rest and Relax:

One of the best practices pregnant women can do for their unborn child is to relax, Says John Medina, Biologist and Author of Brain Rules for Baby.

It is a strange time to stress so much when you actually need to rest instead. Rest and relaxing are the two main important things a first time mom should do.

You might thing why these are important? The reason is rest allows your body to work properly. No rest at all will increase stress and which will in turn increase complications.

  • Sleep when the baby also fall asleep:

This is the best time to sleep and my common advice to first time mothers, because the rest of the time you will have to hold the baby all the time and you won’t have even 5 minutes to sleep.

If you don’t act cleverly you will get sleep deprivation. When baby naps, make a plan to complete one task in half time and sleep in the other half time. This is the 2nd untold advice for first time mom.

  • Accept that Life changes:

This means that your life before and after the baby put a big difference. It might happen because may be she notices a sudden change and sacrifice in her life that she isn’t prepared for.

It’s very important to accept that life after baby will be different. Life may go back on the same tract but not on the spot, it will take some time.

  • Nurse your baby whenever he needs:

Swaddling and rocking isn’t the only solution to make your baby fall asleep but some thinks that nursing him will also play an important role but this actually doesn’t work at all. Beside this, nursing the baby after sleep is a good idea that really works.

After eating he will begin his playing and won’t torture you. After playing, he will get tired and will fall asleep, then after waking continue the cycle of feeding him.

  • Make time for other relationships as well:

Mostly, every first time mom cuts off from her other relationship because of her engaging with her new child. BUT you should give time to other relations as well.

Give time to partner, family, and friends and even to yourself. Don’t engage so much with your child that you forget your relatives and yourself.

Your social life won’t be the same and you may don’t have so much time to date with your partner but to give time to them and bring that energy back to your life.

  • Think your stress is temporary:

Don’t think that you are under depression because you have alot of responsibilities. This is a part of life and no stress remains permanent but it’s temporary.

Compromise with your child and he won’t torture you when he grows up. Your depression will end at some point and you can turn to your normal life. Hope, you get some knowledge from these 6 untold advices for first time mom.

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